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Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Upgrade
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Product Description

The Microsoft Windows 98 operating system is the upgrade to Windows that makes your computer work better and play better. It works better by making it simple to access the Internet and by providing better system performance along with easier system diagnostics and maintenance. With Windows 98, your system plays better as well, with support for the latest graphics, sound, and multimedia technologies; offers the ability to easily add and remove peripheral devices with support for universal serial bus (USB); and enables you to watch TV on your PC.

Customer Reviews:

  • Big improvement over 95, if you need it.
    If you have Win95 and you are happy, you can probably skip this upgrade. But if you are running low in disk space, or want better driver support, USB support, more stability, 98 is a good choice. 2000 isn't here yet and should be considered a replacement for Win 9x not an upgrade. As for the 'experts', the statement that 98 is just 95 with Internet Explorer is plain wrong. If your system clock falls behind, you have a hardware problem....more info
  • Kudos to
    Hi out there;
    Recently, I wrote a negative review about my negative experiences with MS products over the years. To my amazement (my apologies to Amazon) it was published on the Amazon web site on the customer review list associated with the MS XP OS. I was a poor little David with my little slingshot attacking Goliath ... (The richest man in the world)one bill gates, featured in the movie; "Pirates of Silicon Valley".
    To my ,pleased, amazement the following occurred;
    Days after my review published Customer reviews of 5 stars to XP numbering over 800 obscured the negative customer reviews already onsite. Highly suspicious, eh?
    I replied with a review that my decision not to buy XP was based on the negative customer reviews of XP, rather than the avalanch of phoney 5 star reviews then on site. I was feeling used rather than "User".
    Soon after the XP software was no longer featured on neither was ME nor 2000, they disappeared along with my negative reviews.
    Now, featured is Win 98SE upgrade (It's unclear if this is an upgrade of Win 98SE or what and would'nt it be clearer if it was called Win 98 third edition). Also WinSE upgrade is selling at a 25% increase in the usual upgrade price an obvious display of immense gall.
    Throughout all this where was Running quietly in the background doing what a responsible business does ... objectively reporting even to the extent of referring a customer to an other vendor to satisfy that customer's needs. I recently ordered a book from and added another book to that order based only on Amazon's "Other customers also bought". OK it was a small order but it was an order made with confidence. has taught me over the years to trust them. How sad for MS that they as yet don't understand that simple basic process.
    To those of you out there that feel your voices are too small to be heard, I encourage you to speak up and let's together make this world the place it ought to be.
    Again Thank You we love ya!
    As always Sincerely
    John King AKA info
  • Don't waste your money!
    If you must go with Windows, wait for Windows 2000. I bought this Win 98 2nd Edition to fix the bugs in Win 98 1st addition, and I still have some of the same bugs. I leave my computer on all the time and my system clock always falls behind. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!...more info
  • Freeze up 98; Second edition.
    This product is great; if you want your computer to freeze up every 5 seconds....more info
  • Good for home use but not for businesses.
    This Version of Windows 98 certainly gives me headaches when I hibernate with my computer. That is because sometimes it never comes back to it's original state. My computer always crashes, plus I get a lot of error messages. It's high speed, and has a lot of good features including some bug fixes. In other words, this is just for home use and not for business....more info
  • Windows 95 bug patch
    Yum... yet another OS from Microsoft that is buggy, unreliable, and causes your system to crash randomly. I can't believe that I actually paid Microsoft for this product - they should be paying me if they want to do their beta testing on customers.

    Well, horrible architecture aside, the good things about Windows 98 is that it now has USB support, so not all of your dollars went to waste. Oh, and it includes another version of Internet Explorer - a very good product, by the way. Aside from that, if you have to use Windows to play your games, you were warned. I opted out, too frustrated from having to reboot constantly and now vow not to use another OS by this company ever again....more info

  • Stick with Windows95 if you can
    Windoze98 upgrade from 95 made my computer much worse. I needed the 98 version because 95 has poor USB support. My experience is that many applications run a magnitude slower under 98. There are also frequent freeze-ups of the system, sometimes I can't power down the system through Windoze (I have to unplug it), and sometimes the system refuses to recognize peripherals (depending on what software was being ran). If you don't need USB support, my advice is to stay with Windows95. There are far less bugs....more info
    This was the worst thing I could have installed. Once installed, my DVD player no longer worked. I can play CDs but not DVDs. I tried uninstalling SE, but it leaves residual files that CANNOT be removed. If you do attempt the uninstall, then the DVD worked, but other programs don't. Microsoft and Gateway refuse to help with the issue. Gateway claims I purchased it 3rd party from Mircosoft (! ) and Microsoft says it's Gateway's responsibility. So now I have a $3000 machine with a useless DVD. Take my advice: DO NOT use this software. The testing was poor, and the changes that do work are not worth the effort. Unless you want to FTP from Explorer, you don't need IE5. And at least your equipment will continue to work....more info
  • Upgrades are never as good
    Generally speaking, to get the best performance from any operating system a clean install of a full version is recommended. The best choice is to choose a full version of the product and enjoy the benefits of not being left with artifacts and leftover's of your previous operating system which can lead to instability in certain cases. I would only buy this on a limited budget....more info
  • Another Example of Microsoft Bungling!
    I would not recommend this product to anyone. It does nothing but cause my system to crash and other problems to numerous to mention. I am having to convert to another OS in order to resolve this!...more info
  • Beware
    The description of this item incorrectly states "Platform: Windows 95/Me/98". This is incorrect. The software in question is an upgrade to Windows 98SE from Windows 3.x and 95 *only*. If you are running Windows 98 or ME, you *cannot* use it to upgrade to Windows 98SE. So beware and get the exactly correct version. ...more info
  • This Software Does NOT work
    My company purchased this upgrade. We installed it on 5 of our PCs. On 2 of the PCs it kept duplicating and creating Temporary Internet subfolders and the cookies inside the folders exponentially locking up the PCs. On the other 3 if you went into explorer and tried to move folders the contents of the folders vanished. They were not in the delete file. They were just gone. On all 5 PCs you may be working and out of the blue you would get a message that said "You have performed an illegal operation!" and then the whole PC would lock up and would not respond to the mouse or any of the keys. If your work was not "saved" when this happened it was "lost." I personally never purchased this upgrade for home use and I never will. It's nothing but trouble....more info
  • Agree with others that Win98 is Less Stable than Win95
    If you have Win95 don't upgrade to Win98 - It is less stable and many of the programs for Win95 just plain do not work. Maybe WinME is better but it is still based on DOS - Microsoft is always announcing that their next version is going to be better -Well, we're are still waiting....more info
  • So So, look before you leap
    points to ponder: 1 - if you have a windows system now you should go to microsofts website before you buy any thing and see if they give it to you for free 2- the package has alot more drivers so it is easier to install hardware 3- If you are on LAN or might be sending a kid off to school with one GET it, win3.1 can't easily be networked, and win95 can be fussy sometimes too 4- I've been running it since aug and I have had to reformat my hard drive 3 times since, that is alot of lost data, I never had to reformat win 95 running the same programs 5- BEWARE OF REMOVING SYSTEM COMPONATES even with the CD ROM and they are opational removing desktop themes resulted in my computer denying the existance of my CD ROM DRIVE (above was for win98 in general) as for the second edition update: * IF YOUR COMPUTER IS RUNNING FINE DON'T MESS WITH IT! YOU DO NOT WHAT TO ANGER THE COMPUTER GODS THEY ARE MEAN AND VENGEFUL **

    after purchacing a computer with 98 secondedition 2000 update i recieved another update in the mail. Installing that was the cause of reformat number two. My system ran much slower and just would not to open some programs. Nor would it let me shut down and it would not start again the first time through.

    Although it is OK (knock wood) now with the orginal software

    so as I said do not blindly change your operating system....more info

  • Ripped Off
    I ordered this and it was to be filled by American Computer. It is advertised as guaranteed to be new and would have the product key. I received an illegally copied cd. It was a generic cd that had been recorded. The label affixed to the cd and the label that was inserted into the case were both printed on an ink jet printer. There was no product key. This was a scam. Totally useless software. I immediately contacted Amazon.Com and they referred me to American Computer. Amazon.Com is now processing a credit for me. ...more info
  • windows 98 upgrade
    I tried to install the 98 upgrade second edition. My windows 95 system would not accept it reading "must have a 98 system." I need to get the complete 98 system, I guess.. Help! Help!Anybody...more info
  • Don't wait for Windows 2000... unless you use NT now.
    I use Windows NT, 95, and 98 in varying work and leisure activities and find there are definite advantages to having 98 available when it comes to adding and configuring certain devices, especially USB and certain 3D cards. If you're a gamer and want to keep playing the leading 3D games, Windows 2000 won't treat you any better than Windows NT. Of course there are exceptions. Like Quake II in Open GL with my Voodoo Banshee. But for most popular games you will still need Windows 98. Upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows 2000 and expecting to be able to use all the same software on your system, is like expecting the same thing out of Windows NT 4. That's because Windows 2000 IS Windows NT. Remember, it WAS called WIndows NT 5.0.

    Windows 98 makes it easier to operate in today's market with the newer software and devices that are becoming available. Remember, if the system requirements on that software you are buying don't state that it will work on NT, it probably won't work on Windows 2000 either....more info

  • 98 BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. XP2 is stable but insecure.
    Running Windows 95 and that means Windows 98 is illegal in your country and you are in the land of needing a new computer fast, feeling that you might have a box that looks like it is running windows 3.1 and to be honest now is your chance to move to Windows 2000 for a more solid operating system. Even NT users found more stability in Windows 2000, 98 users mostly gamers or downloaders, seeing the blue screen of death often, while Win 2K users doing something a little more software intensive like multimedia, graphics and servers that 98 could not manage. So came the day of the duel-processor, having an NT Dual 500mhz, upgrading to Win2K and you still had a fast machine, 64mb and 128mb games cards never really impressing you that much to get a better machine, a games console maybe cheaper and better, XP a little slow for you and besides, 2K was compatible with nearly everything and you could duel boot linux for fun. The only reason to buy a computer between the release of XP and now was if you did not have one and even then plenty of second hand units going around.

    Year: 2005
    256mb graphics cards, LCD monitors on the cheap, DVD-R media, Broadband, now is the time to upgrade your machine. AMD have some nice chips but the hyperthreading Intel P4 3.0GHz is a killer chip. 1GB of RAM, no problem. A pimpin' fast graphics card and you have a machine that can play Half-Life 2 on full resolution. The best games of the 21st century were released before Christmas this year, with 2005 bringing lots more to come. Broadband on the increase, DVD-R media and life might get less expensive if you are into computers and certainly a whole pile better.

    Why not Linux? Well XP2 has the games and Linux not, so we can stop there. For speed on an OS, well Linux is a much faster, but XP2 is not bad on a system with half the ram of the above and a 1 GHz processor. If you are programming or doing fundamental computer work then do check out Linux because it might be what you need and learning Linux is like DOS with a bit of windows with all the free fundamental software you could want. Why not Apple? Well the same as above, but you have a better selection of stuff and to be honest multimedia applications work well on an apple, and why shouldn't they since Apple is industry standard for that kind of design work, so what does XP2 have to offer?

    Obviously stability (not to be confused with security). XP2 is a very stable operating system. It is more stable than Windows 2000. For that reason, I made the upgrade. I have not found XP2 doing much annoying or something that I could not fix with Google. Installing is a big deal because you need Internet for verification; however it is fast on a high end system. There are obvious things you must do after you install it like download Firefox and use it instead of IE and try to use realplayer instead of mediaplayer, use Microsoft's AntiSpyware, don't use the firewall, use zonelarm free instead, spend on a good anti-virus software package, turn off the preview pane in Internet Outlook mail or try to find a free mail browser, make sure you get all the latest windows updates, careful what you put into your machine or extract, careful what mail you open, change passwords every week, and you can achieve a secure on-line machine that can do anything most computers can do right now with a company that has admitted that it has a security problem that will be addressed with future updates, but overall one should be impressed with the OS for stability, not speed or security, but for not crashing, as long as there are no hardware configuration conflicts, that do happen, get someone else to build your machine and blame them when it doesn't come together (and it wont come together because things are now cutting edge so get it done elsewhere; if your task bar hangs this is because of routers or USB hubs that are not compatible). The machine like the above is a 5 star experience but God help those who don't address security issues the moment they go on-line with it which is a bit like just driving your car off a cliff. Expect to loose everything to a virus and have your address details stolen with all your VISA card info.

    XP2 PRO is 5 stars if you visit a place on the web called Gibson research incorporated, a highly respected individual in the security community who developed a way that people can test the vulnerability of their PC on-line. He developed a series of a security fixes for XP1 and XP2 problems. Bookmark that page and use it to have a somewhat secure and stable XP2.

    Also remember, forget the HOME EDITION, go PRO....more info
  • "The Little Bill That Can't"
    I am a desktop support professional, and after seeing just how many machines can get hosed by Windows 98 and SE, I recommend that no one purchase any more '98 until Microsoft can learn how to write softwares....more info
  • Par for the course
    As usual, Microsoft dropped the ball. Using Windows 98 is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. As a web designer I find that Windows 98 costs me more in lost time (hangups, lockups, etc.) than is worth while. Stick with Windows 95. Win 98 is barely a patch program - much less an "upgrade". Don't let Billion Dollar Bill Gates rob you again!...more info
  • What a load of crap
    I'm a computer builder/repairman. I would not pay for this. If it was as revolutionary as Win95 was over win3.1 then it would be worth it. is a high price to pay for a couple bug fixes. I only hope the law eventually catches up the the master con-man that is Bill Gates. If you have Win95, then you will see a world of improvement, and you will probably think it's worth it. But not because you want it, but because that's the way Bill likes it....more info
  • Excellent product. Very stable.
    I installed Windows 98 as an upgrade from 3.1 What a difference! Win 98 found all of my hardware and installed the device drivers without any intervention on my part. After running it for a month, the system has not crashed once, although Internet Explorer 5.0 did hang up when the telephone connection was lost. Even then, I simply shut down the dead program and Win 98 kept going without so much as a blink. The interface is very intuitive and I can usually do what I need without consulting Help. If I like it so much, why not 5 stars? For one thing, I feel trapped into using the FAT16 file system and am therefore limited to drive sizes of 2GB each; splitting my hard drive into pieces. Microsoft provides a utility to convert to FAT32 which lets me have much larger drives. However, if after converting to FAT32 I want to repartition the drive, I will lose all of the data on my hard drive and will need to re-install everything. (I have seen a utility for $70 that will repartition the drive without losing the data.) Second, I have found several references to Frontpage Express in the online Help that is supposed to be included with the other Internet applications. However, Frontpage Express is nowhere to be found, either on the CD or as part of the install procedure. Microsoft's web site has been no help either. All in all, I am very happy with Windows 98. I would not switch to Linux if they gave it to me. Actually, they do give it away and I still will not change. (I had to get that in after reading all the Window-bashing reviews.)...more info