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Games with ties to movies usually stink, but few adventure games can even begin to approach Blade Runner in terms of gameplay, production level, and respect for source material. You play the part of Blade Runner Ray McCoy, traveling throughout the Los Angeles of 2019 to gather clues and question suspects as you try to follow the threads of a series of interwoven crimes.

Blade Runner is unusual in the amount of freedom it gives players. Theoretically it is your job as a Blade Runner to eliminate any Replicants you encounter in the course of your investigations. (For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, Replicants are synthetic humans banned from Earth due to their unpredictable nature). You can choose to sympathize with their cause, however, and all the choices you make in the game have a dynamic impact on the way things will turn out in one of the multiple endings.

Blade Runner has some of the most impressive and dramatic visuals ever to grace a computer monitor. The title's low resolution is more than compensated for by the myriad animations on each screen, the stunning detail present in every image, and the atmospheric lighting effects. Still shots do not do this game justice.

The game is also notable for its high-quality sounds and music. It is rare to find a game with voice acting that doesn't elicit chuckles, but the hours of voice recordings in Blade Runner are almost universally superb. The diverse characters speak in a variety of accents that rarely sound hokey, and the overall quality of sounds does much to make players feel like they are actively participating in a movie.

No game is without some problems, and Blade Runner has its share. Puzzles sometimes devolve into hunt-the-pixel searches where you try for minutes to find the exact spot to put the mouse cursor so you can pick up an object. Some of the time-based events, like trying to outrun a bomb explosion, are just plain frustrating. However, if you can live with the pixel hunts and have the discipline to save often, prepare to enjoy one of the best adventure games ever produced. Just be aware that the R-rated language and violence make for a game that is strictly for adults. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Stunning attention to detail in both graphics and audio
  • Outstanding voice acting--especially for a computer game
  • Captures the atmosphere and style of the movie with aplomb
  • Puzzles are sometimes more cheap than challenging

Armed with your investigative skills and the tools of the Blade Runner trade, you'll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with breakthrough lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive will be put to the test.

Customer Reviews:

  • Blade Runner game
    It's an old game by todays standards but well worth the 6 bucks I paid for it! ...more info
  • Repeat after me....WOW!!!
    I borrowed this game from a friend, and was quickly impressed. At first I was expecting much, from what he told me, it was only a few minutes distraction, but after fifteen minutes of playing, I became immersed in the world of Roy McCoy, Blade Runner.

    The thing I love most about this game is that it's practically never teh same game twice. I got captured by some baddies, but my friend said that never happened to him. Actions you take determine the future of the game. In reality, it's like those books where you pick what decision you take and turn to a page.

    The sound and music is awesome! You become caught up in Los Angeles, 2019. The characters are pretty cool, not perfect, but cool. I played the game twice, and each play is so different, that not even they stay the same.

    If you love Blade Runner, get this game. You WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT be disappointed....more info

  • Average game that's incredibly immersive.
    There are two things to think about when talking about this game. One is the game mechanics themselves and one is the execution of the look and feel of the game. On the former the game lacks, but as far as the way the game looks and sounds you will be hard pressed to find a computer game that puts you this deeply into a franchise. Blade Runner is this kind of game.

    Westwood Studios decided to take a stab at the Blade Runner franchise and make a game so true to the movie that you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I think they succeeded in this. They do it in three ways: Plot or story structure, visuals and sound. All of which holds onto an important credo: be true to the source material.

    The plot itself puts you in the Blade Runner world as a Rep Detec (a Blade Runner) on the hunt for a group fugitive replicants. Apparently this is all happening at the exact same time as the movie events as well (kinda like two different cases going on in the department). The mood and manner of the story is well done and they brought in a wealth of talent to do with voice acting, including a few from the original movie (Sean Young, Brion James, William Sanderson and more). Add some really nice cut scenes and you get a pretty theatrical experience. One "scene" where you walk out of your apartment balcony so see the city streets and skyline is almost worth playing the game alone.

    The visuals are stunning for when the game was made. Actually they still are. The backgrounds are pre-rendered with some interaction here and there. While that sounds like it makes a rather static game it does mean when you walk into a familar Blade Runner movie location you REALLY feel it. Down to the little details the background visuals really inspire.

    While the visuals are great I think what really makes the difference in this game is the sound. I think this game takes full advantage of having 32 channels of audio, and if it doesn't it sure does sound like it. Every location you go to is filled with environmental sounds. This more than anything else sucks you into the setting. Add to that the occasional cues from the Vangelis soundtrack (which mixes in perfectly by the way), PLUS the incredible voice acting, and the audio experience in breathtaking. Even with two speakers it's incredible. Add some surround sound and you will get lost in the game.

    Okay that's all the good stuff about the game, but I did say the actual game play was merely average. I meant that. The game is incredibly static. While you can travel all over the place and see the beautiful sites and sounds (which is a good thing if you think about it) the game will not progress until you take a specific action or interview a specific person. You play a detective in the game, but since the game is so linear you really don't get a chance to stretch your detecting skills much.

    Also while the backgrounds and static images or animations are incredible Westwood made a compromise and decided to reduce the resolution of the items that are more dynamic so more people with "average" systems at the time could enjoy the game. The end result is you are a very pixelated character and the characters you interact with are just as pixellated. While shading is not too bad on your pixelled self any time you compare with the backgrounds the difference is painfully obvious.

    So the game had pixelled characters and VERY linear gameplay. That's not the reason to get it. The reason to buy Blade Runner is to get yourself immersed in the Blade Runner universe. This, more than anything else, is what the accomplishes in spades. ...more info
  • The only game that's better than the movie??
    As a long time fan of the movie I was somewhat astonished when rewatching the movie after having solved the game, and discovered that the game was more emotional than the movie itself. I don't know how they achieved it. The dialogue in the movie is very compact, perhaps the game gives more room for dialogue and gives the replicants time to show their side of things. It gives anyway a very marked contrast to Steele. Although some of the animated movements are primitive by today's standards, other animations show a body language that's amazingly emotional.. - The only small disappointment after rewatching the movie, was that I remembered the differences in the movie and the game to be larger - to span out the Blade Runner universe a bit more. - And with regards to spanning it out; perhaps it's time to make a sequel? What about something based on "The Edge of Human"? And with a consumer target group beyond male nerds below twenty.....more info
  • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
    Bladerunner is one of the few adventure games that has survived through the 'new era' of 3d gaming.
    Althought following a story similar to that in the film/book, the character 'Roy McCoy' is new to the game.
    This classic game allow gamers to be immersed into the world of bladerunner, and actually hunt replicants for themselves. However there may be a few hard choices on the way.
    Play this and you may be able to answer the question, "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"....more info
  • If not for the ending(s), it would be a 5 star game.....
    This game is really great, despite one or two "little" problems. The plot, the characters, the vision of the future... One of the few movie sequel-type games that uses its name to the fullest. Even if you haven't seen the movie, this game's well worth the $$ for anyone who likes a well-formed adventure story. This game claims to be real time, but it's not really (at least in the sense of The Last Express and other well-formed real time adventure games). Still, it's really fun, and you usually do things at your own pace. This makes this particular game more fun and enjoyable than its real time counterpart could ever be. I think the only major mistake this game has is that it's too darn hard to get any of the endings you haven't already seen. After you've seen one, you've probably seen all of the ones you can reasonably access without changing your playing habits way too much. And, some of the prerolled aspects of the game (i.e., who's a Replicant and who's not) are completely random (obviously, they're **prerolled**), and therefore you could get the same ending over and over and **over** again without knowing why. And, no, this is not an exaggeration. I've probably played the game five times, and I've only seen three of (supposedly) seven endings. One of these endings was so revolting I couldn't bear to watch it (not violence wise, more... plain old disgusting wise; you'll know it when you see it). All three of these endings were available through different paths the first time I played, so I just saved and saw them all the **first** stinking time. Anyway, I keep playing it again and again to see the other endings, and, frankly, it gets old.

    To conclude, it's a good game, and, if you can bear playing it about a billion times, you can take advantage of all the annoyingly hard to get endings....more info

  • Surprised
    I have to admit that I'm not much of a gamer, but I LOVE Blade Runner (the film). I bought this game 10 years after it was released (I just got it a couple of months ago). Man, was I surprised! Being an "old" game, I thought it might be cheesy and outdated, but was I ever wrong!

    This game captures the very ESSENCE of Blade Runner. The scenery is stupendous, the story is incredible (much closer and faithful to the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" than the movie itself was!)and the music was (almost) a direct copy of the original soundtrack (which, IMHO, was at least 50% resposnsible for giving the film & the game its glorious, dark, moody, and evocative atmosphere).

    The ONLY critique I have is that the characters themselves appeared blurry and sluggish (except for the cut-scenes). Oh, well. What can you expect from a video game that is 10 years old?

    Despite that, Blade Runner is an excellent mystery/adventure game. The wonderful thing about it is that you can play it 10 times in a row and you'll never play the same game twice (there are multiple endings that depend on what your character does throughout the game)!

    Fans of Blade Runner should have this game. Fans of mystery or adventure games should have this game. One word of caution, though. Once you get started, you may not be able to stop. It's addictive!

    ...more info
  • Badass RPG that is amazingly fun
    the immersive gameplay will impress you within five minutes, and the views of urban life and the action are great. whip out your blaster on cooks, sucky standup comedians or erotic dancers. excellent graphics, sound and speach, with a very good story. has anyone seen deckard?...more info
  • Amazing and ahead of its time.
    This game was and still is amazing. if your a fan of the movie and have always wished for a sequel this is the closest thing to it.(next to the sequel novels of course) Its an amzing story and keeps you quessing till the end. It also has like 3 different endings. Fan of the movie? Youll love this game!!!...more info
  • Excellent Game!
    This game version of the popular sci-fi movie is excellent. The graphics, music and gameplay are first rate. As an added bonus, you can replay the game many times, as the endings vary.

    For fans of the film, this is a must buy. For adventure gamers it is a game you will keep and play again and again....more info

  • The Future is Now...
    I'm a huge Blade Runner fan, first and for most. When I bought The game, I was astonished. The plot beautifully done. You play BR dectective Ray McCoy (Sorry fans, but you can't play Rick Deckard in this. But he does show up in a picture you recieve. Plus, on the training maze, it shows his top score). You're first assignment for the day is an animal murder of a fancy pet shop (in the future, animals are very rare, so they made bad fake ones). Once getting your hands on a picture of several replicants, the perps that Blade Runners chase, the real story begins.

    What also makes this game really neat is how you chose the ending, and your fate; you can be a replicant killer and kill all the replicants in the story, or you can be a replicant helper and help the replicants escape. The music is straight from the film, even though Vangelis didn't do the job. Most of the stars from the film, (Sean Young, Joe Turkel, William Sanderson, ect.) return to their charecters' voices, exept for Ruger Hauer, Harrison Ford and Daryl Hannah. Some people think that Gaff in the game (yes, he is) is played by, none other, than Edward James Olmos; this is false. EJO is way to great of an actor to be played in a video game. Most of the charecters in the game replicate the ones in the movie, (for example, Ray is supposed to be Deckard, Roy Baty is replaced by a rep. named Clovis and Cap. Bryant is replaced by a fat, sleazebag named Guzza). Even one of the endings, in which Ray drives off with a girl replicant, is a copy of the original ending for the movie! This game is the best. You'll like it even if your not a BR fan. Enjoy!...more info

  • Incredible gaming experience
    This game sets itself apart from other games in the adventure genre, mainly due to the fact that it is so realistic. Gameplay is anything but linear and the sound of the character voices and environments is great. Good cut scenes as well. Most importantly, the game has multiple endings, so replay value is high. Don't miss out on this classic, which does the movie and the book proud....more info
  • This shouldn't be considered a game
    I had high expectations when I bought this game. However, I was extremely disappointed to find out that it's hardly a game at all. Minimal skill and effort is required to get from scene to scene. I can only assume that all the good reviews for this game are from the people who had an obsession with the movie and are just excited to now own the computer-game version. I wish I'd never spent my money on this, it is the single worst computer game purchase I have ever made....more info
  • Outstanding
    This adventure balances perfectly great atmosphere with not-too-difficult and relevant puzzles, a very hard to find combo I played the game and I had few memories of the movie, which I watched in the '80s. Made me want to watch it again-what an incredible flick. The atmosphere is very, very immersing-as good as the movie, I promise. Some parts of the game are truly scary too, like the doll house-be ready sergeant!...more info
  • An engrossing story that will draw you in completely
    I picked this game up about a year ago, having never seen the movie. I did not know what to expect. What I got though, was a completely thought provoking, psychologicially challenging, intuitive, breathtaking and mezmorizing game that left me clutched to my computer for days.

    The story is unlike any other. It follows the locations of the movie, and if you have seen it, you'll recognize many of the scenes. Cut scenes in games usually are a let down; here, they excell. The gameplay never dips, unless you get stuck and are pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do next. But that is how murder mysteries are supposed to be. This isn't a game that you will finish in 3 hours. Heck, when I play it over, it still takes me awhile.

    The main drawing point to this game is the numerous paths that you can take. It is an adventure game in REAL time. So if you are lolly-gagging around in one area for a long time just doing nothing, you'll miss something later and the game will change. You can ALWAYS beat the game, but the path you take is what makes the game so outstanding. Are you a good guy? A Bad guy? Who are you? It all depends on the decisions that you make and the people/replicants that you enteract with.

    If you are a hardcore adventure gamer and don't have this one, you should be ashamed. As for everyone else, you are without excuse as well. Buy it now....more info

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott was a strange sci-fi movie. I thought that it is funny how people in the 80's have viewed the Los Angeles in 2019. We know that nothing like that is going to happen. Genetically engineered superhumans used for slavery in not likely to happen in the near future. I thought is was also funny how Harrison Ford was supposed to discard of the Androids but instead he falls in love with one of them. I never did understand why she did not die when the others did. They are only supposed to live life half of what we do. This movie also makes you think. Like at the end when he was talking about the android that saved him. He said that they were searching for the same answers that we are. Like why are we here, what is our purpose, ect. Doesn't that make you wonder. And another thing that puzzles me about the movie is, why did the android save his life?...more info
  • Has problems with Windows XP
    It is really a shame that this game was never updated for windows XP. You can run most of the features, but the practice shooting range no longer works and this is an important feature. You need to practice to do well in solving the puzzles. I wrote to them a while back but they showed no interest in providing a fix. I guess they made their money and don't care....more info
  • One of the better adventure games
    Bladerunner is no Grim Fandango but it's got a lot going for it.

    Rather than base the game entirely on the film they created a new character in the Blade Runner world to take on a host of bad guys who show some similarities to the replicants in the film.

    The game recreates the atmosphere from the film extremely well down to the music, constant rain and general tech noir/cyberpunk feel. Also, they sprinkle in elements of the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" to give the story a bit more flavor.

    Blade Runner is not too tough and not too long, which is a good thing. You won't find endlessly frustrating puzzles and the pixel hunting is kept to a minimum.

    The voice acting is a mixed bag. From a technical standpoint (clarity, editing, etc) it's top notch. As for the voice acting itself, the voice of the main character sounded way too "goody goody" for what's supposed to be a grim future sci-fi story.

    Lastly, the graphics are gorgeous, but unfortunately they run at a fixed resolution and that resolution is pretty low. On a 15" monitor, which was standard fare when the game came out, it looks fine. On a 20" widescreen it's quite blocky and pixelated.

    Is it worth the $10 it costs to buy this game these days? Absolutely. If you enjoy adventure games you will love this one....more info
  • A great game
    First of all, I'd like to say when I bought this game I was amazed at how complicated it was. It was hard for me personally, so I had to go on line and get hints. After I started to get a little better at it I soon got addicted to it. If you like solving mysteries there's no doubt you'll like this game. It has pretty good graphics and runs smoothly. Every once in a while a bug comes up, but other than that, there's no freezing or anything. This game takes place in the future in L.A. You play police detective Ray McCoy. Lateley there's been signs of outer world activity,A.K.A.[Nexus 6's]. Your main objective is simple, find them and kill them. At some points the game can turn in to a scavenger hunt because you look for lots of clues. That's usually the case in lots of games that you play a detective, cop, FBI agent,ect. Overall the game is good. There could be more action, but because you look for lots of clues so it's limited. You should buy this game if your up for a challenge and like mystery games. Just be aware that there's no cheats for this game....more info
  • I like it
    Looking at the cover of this game I would have assumed it to be more bang-bang and low on plot. I was pleasently surprised. You take on the role of the main character, flying, running and interacting with the environment at a speed that you desire. It doesn't have the graphic beauty of say Myst, but it is dark, futuristic and sexy non the less (some scenes are a little adult). It's easy to get addicted to this game, and look forward to whats around the corner. Solving this game is not super difficult I would rate it's difficulty as low to medium. It does the movie justice and is alot of fun....more info
  • Great game, and serves the purpose of a sequel.
    Alright everyone, you can stop bothering Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott about a Blade Runner sequel. Look no further than your local software store. BR: The Game effectively recreates the world of L.A.- 2019, and, though you don't play as Rick Deckard, does include many of the movie's characters. The environment in which a player is immeresed is designed beautifully, and gives the same forlorn-city feel as the film. It's great that the humans/replicants aren't constant from game to game, providing multiple outcomes and new surprises. However, there are only four stars up there, not five. My reason is that this game is less of a detective adventure as walking around, talking, and picking things up. It doesn't require much deduction on the player's part. Despite that, Blade Runner is certainly worth it's price, and has great scenery, without needing graphics acceleration. Replicants are walking the streets... find them!...more info
  • Closer to the book than the film was!!
    More than anything, I am amazed at this game's respect for its source material. Ridley Scott's universe is recreated, expanded on and given new life by the good people at Westwood. The voiceovers by Ray McCoy are better than the voiceovers in the 1982 version of the film! The graphics are a sheer joy to watch; just walking around in the cyberpunkish streets is marvellous. The weather changes from rainy and dark to, well, dry and dark (it's always dark, because of the radiation.)
    Furthermore, this game pays many homages to Philip K Dick's original book, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?". It is amazing to hear PKD's original Voigt-Kampff questions recorded specially for the game; the use of pet animals to promote humanity is used; and the creepy bit from the novel where Deckard cannot tell if he has been dreaming since Chapter 1 is included here, for a real Phildickian reality shift halfway through.
    Unfortunately, the game is very far from being a "great" game if one goes beyond graphics and storyline.
    First, the puzzles are VERY simplistic. A point and click is very limited; not much brainteasing goes into playing this game.
    Second, some parts are far more unpolished than others. The second half of the game seems suspiciously rushed; the graphics, sophistication and plot begin to wear down (a bit like a Philip K Dick novel, really...).
    Third, the game is very very easy. The touted "Real Time" nature of the game is embarrassingly badly used; basically not used to advantage at all. It degenerates into a shooting match with giant rodents as McCoy goes out into the Kipple.
    Overall, the game will probably strongly appeal to fans of the movie, or fans of movies in general. I like the storyline, acting and graphics a lot; they make the game worth purchasing as an interactive "sequel" to the film.
    To nonfans of Blade Runner, the profusion of guest appearances will be puzzling; the puzzles will be hilariously simple; and the game generally will fail to please.
    However, one proviso: when I originally played the game, I was a non-Bladerunner fan; I knew nothing of the film. This game turned me into a great fan of the film, and also a fan of Philip K Dick. So maybe non-fans would still get something out of this delicious piece of fanfiction eyecandy....more info