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Product Description

SimSafari lets you develop a balanced ecosystem by creating a park filled with diverse African plants and animals. Team up with a neighboring village and build a flourishing safari camp. You can place selected animals and plants in your park, as well as modify the terrain with a bulldozer and water tools. But remember, adding water costs money. And keep in mind that animals need food, so make sure grass-eating animals have grasses and shrubs. Carnivores will require other animals to eat for food. It's your job to make sure the delicate balance of nature is maintained.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, but...
    Sim Safari is a very fun game, but it's very monotonous. You do pretty much the same things over and over and over again. BUT, I was addicted to it for about 6 whole months, so that's got to be worth something. Overall, a very kind game and piece of equipment. Call now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Still playing this in 2004
    I don't have many Sim games, and you're bound to find a problem with all of them. By far, none of them are absoulute perfection. Sim Safari is not perfection, but the graphics are. There really is little to do once you set up your camp, you can maintain by hiring, placing more cars or whatever, but the Safari park is where all your attention will stay.

    The animals are great, and I love creating them with the click of a button. I like seeing them herd and eat the grass and the birds fly. Again, the graphics are top notch.

    I don't know any cheats, but I'm sure some are out there. I play this game on a flat panel imac G4 in OS 9.2 and it has worked fine for me. No crashes ever.

    However, with all the Sim games, we should be able to see a lot more for the prices these games cost. For example, we should be able to see the campers drive through the safari instead of hearing them cheer off screen when you get to five stars. We should be able to zoom in through the camp, we should be able go inside the little houses we build for them, and the Sims should react more realistically. In the camp, most of them just walk back and forth aimlessly. Why don't they carry anything? Talk to each other? Something!

    Electronic Arts, Maxis and Microsoft have the technology to give us all of this, especially if they want to charge $50 a game. Please.

    I say, with all the Sim games, get them cheap off ebay or somewhere, never buy them brand new because they're not worth it because you do get bored, you just can't help it. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars, because we should be able to control the Sims down to the last detail and watch them anywhere and everywhere. If it's a god game, I want to zoom in and be able to watch them pee, eat and sleep.

    Sim games are fantastic, but just get them cheap somewhere else, especially if you're buying for mac, prices for mac games are insane....more info

  • Great program and Excellent user Interface
    I thought this game was really excellent, it was lodas of funand easy to use. An especially fun game for 9 to 13 year olds......more info
  • Still a great game. :)
    I got this game years ago and I still play it sometimes, which is saying a lot! The graphics are fantastic. The sound is great. Gameplay is relatively easy, but you can change settings and add disasters to make it more challenging. When it comes to keeping the campgrounds and the village in check, it is always easy. The safari itself is harder to manage because it's easy for the food web to get out of whack. Things seem to be going great until you notice that your elephants have killed like all of your trees and that one corner of your park is overrun by tons of monitor lizards or something. The game is also fun to watch. You can see the animals eating, chasing each other, and getting into herds. It's one of the best old sim games. It's cheap and its a fun diversion, so if you can get your hands on it, do!...more info