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  • Quake 2 Rules!
    Hey, Quake 2 is the best game in the whole world! It is so fun! All I do is play multiplayer. I play against my friends and clan members...My favorite mod is Weapons Of Destruction....more info
  • Oldie but still kickin ass
    Alsome game and still holds up to todays FPS, Halo and HALO 2 are just stupid games and really are easy to beat even on legenay, now quake 2 nine years old and still very alsome, and I play it on a windows xp and no problems at all....more info
  • A very good first-person shooter
    I love first-person shooters, but recently I've had a few disappointments. The "Wheel of Time," for example, needs some well muscled computer hardware to run decently, and my computer is just too wimpy. Also, Wheel of Time features a story with cut scenes that seems to detract from the game rather than enhance it.

    Quake II was no disappointment, however. It runs well on my Pentium 266. Also, it's a good, old-fashioned shooter that allows the player to blast and blow up one's enemies in a way that's almost artistic. The enemies are powerful but conquerable, and the levels are interesting with pretty fair graphics.

    To sum, Quake II is a very good game that deserves it popularity....more info

  • Best online multiplayer game ever
    Yes this game is old..1998 I believe. However this PC classic still holds its on with the games of today..better some say. Quake 2 was the next step in the Doom/1st Person evolution and brought online multiplayer to the masses. The grahics are still superb even today. The weapons offer a perfect selection, achieve almost perfect parity with one another, and as fellow Quakers can atest are incredibly fun to use. As I heard another reviewer mention, Quake 2 can definitely steal your day or weekend before you know it. For the younger folks out there - I urge you not to turn your nose up at this one - get this game and you will be pleasantly surprised. I can promise that....more info
  • Amazing Value
    I have been a Duke Nukem loyalist for years. Quake II gives Duke a run for his money. My 4 yr. old plays this game up to the third level. Sometimes I forget some of those parts and he tutors me on how to get around. This game consumes my interest. Now it is available for under $1? I'm not ready to upgrade anytime soom to Wii or others.......more info
  • cool
    this game iz very good and i reccomend it to snyone who liked the first one. but i have a question how do u play multiplayer on the internet? if anyone can tell me i will be very thankful!...more info
  • Excellent game, even surpasses Quake3 Arena on some fronts
    What can I say but, wow. First off, for all you potential buyers worried about your specs, don't. I'm running a pentium 166 MHZ MMX with 128M of ram, and while it clips somewhat at higher resolutions, this game still runs smoothly and efficiently.

    And as for the game itself, a true marvel. The single player cops (and improves on) the Hexen idea of doing away with the "gets-old-fast" linear function of kill monsters, find key, open door, move to next level. And as for creepiness? Definitely not in as high supply as in the original, where the music alone had you ever on the lookout for a fiend jumping out of a window ready to lob your head off. But who can't feel when you enter the processing plant, and walk past the machinery where your comrades are being dropped into the bio-vats, and you hear there screams, just a little sickened, and a renewed rage to complete the game and bring down the Makron? The weapons are standard fare, my personal favorite being the return of the BFG (I thought sadly missing from the original Quake). And kudos to iD for softening the power of the rockets. It infinitely increases the fairness of deathmatch, knowing that you aren't at the ultimate mercy of some highly trained eye w/a weapon that will always kill you from 100 health with 1 shot dead on. And as for deathmatch improvements over the last quake, superb... definitely more evenly matched and more interesting (especially with actual weapon models now, as opposed to just 1 weapon model and the axe in the original)

    My only complaint is that certain enemies have (on rare occasions) malfunctioned, they stop going after the player and just run in place, or back and forth, and even shooting them doesn't get them after you again....but as I said, this happens once in a blue moon, so not a real detractor. And they DO have a much more evolved AI. In some levels, they're even set to run away from you at first and lay ambush at a later spot, in the sneakiest of ways. And as for excelling over Quake 3 arena, the mission based style, while minorly cliched (the "Save the human race from the horrifyingly cruel aliens" routine), is far better than some boring slugfest with a bunch of bots, which is all Quake 3 provides, showing that id has extended its middle finger to single player gamers and given multiplayer fanatics all the cards. Shameful.

    Even so, Quake 2 is worth the money, and great for all those who don't have a system to meet Quake 3's EXCESSIVELY demanding requirements...more info

  • a quake-ing good time
    With all due respect to the PC version, I believe the Playstation One version of Quake II is the ultimate version. Yes, the Playstation version has loading times, but they're not THAT big of a deal. They're extremely short and hardly an inconvenience. Also, the rooms were more colorful and it was easier to see what was in front of you in the Playstation version.

    The PC version misses out on those things, but it does make up for that by having better animations from enemies and bosses. But the controls aren't as good as the Playstation controller either (sorry, I need a controller for a video game console because that's what I've grown up with). The PC version also has some more rooms to explore, so that's nice as well.

    Overall, either version is a good purchase, but I personally like the Playstation version more....more info
  • The door for multiplayer worlds
    Ive owned this game for many years and still play it everyday. The single player action is a bore, but the multiplayer is like being addicted to coke. Now I play many multiplayer games in appreciation. I also recomend Unreal Tournament and Half-Life....more info
  • Best shooter game out ::Surpasses Quake 3::
    This is one action packed game. I have played all three Quakes, and this one seems to stand out more than the rest. The accuall game set aside from the multiplayer is one of the best formated ones yet. The villans keep coming back for more to give you a more action packed game.

    Now, if you have a older computer, with a low Mhz...then I advise you to go out and get Quake, it isn't nearly as good as Quake 2, or 3, but still you get the same formatted game. Or if you have a modern computer size, with a good or great Mhz size, please try this game, it will be one thing you will never forget. Now for Quake 3, I could go on and on about how it is all wrong. For one, you need a High Speed Connection (Cable, DSL, ISDN, T1, or even a T3 modem for exellent playing). Plus the requirements are EXTENCIVE.

    Now in Multiplayer, this is one action packed game when you are looking for a good multiplayer. You play against other people on the internet (if you have internet access). There are so many clans (groups) that are really fun to play with. Im in a clan myself and it's a fun time when you have friends that you can play with.

    I am so confident that you will love this game...here is what i have bought due to the game.... DSL Modem, 3Dfx Voodoo3 2000 Video Driver, and a NEW COMPUTER...trust me when I say you'll LOVE THIS GAME....more info

  • W O W
    This game is increadably fun. I find my dad playing it. My mom even likes to watch me play it! (despite her hate for "splatter games".) i have spent hours and hours playing this ever since i got it. nothing compares. this game is an idle for all those other crappy clones of this. let me put it this way: the day i got this game, my grades have dropped atleast 1 or 2 grades because of it. its all worth it trust me. its also funny when 2 guys are shooting at you and one of the guys bullets hits the other guy and they start killing each other its way cool and i have seen battles taken place by the enemies. the AI is great and the guns in this game are way cool. I WONT EVEN START ON MULTIPLAYER! it is so fun that u just have to giggle to yourself. when my friends come over for sleepovers we stay up all night playing this game on the internet. it supports 32 players per game and.......wow! buy this game! but i warn you, your grades will drop! :)...more info
  • Quake, oldie but a goodie
    Quake 2 is a fantastic game because it's a solid first person shooter with a decent networking component. I'm currently in college on a big network so i am able to play this game with a bunch of people on my network. The single player is kind of lame and the graphic aren't that hot but when it comes down to it, the game play should be all that matters. This game is a gem and should be considered by anyone who enjoys other FPS's....more info
  • Creepy eerie action packed fun
    IF you have a very powerful computer (for specs see a more nerdlike review) then this game is well worth the time. Don't miss any of the secret levels - you can find out how to get to them via QuakeWorld or the Strategy guide. Either way, it's very exciting bloody fun....more info
  • Not as good as the first
    I was a little disappointed in this game. I love the ambience of the first Quake, and Quake2 just doesn't have that frightening, creepy aspect. Also the first Quake is much harder. I beat this game's butt in less than 2 weeks on the HARD difficulty setting. A word of advice: after installing the game, immediately download the patch from ID software. Otherwise, games in progress will be unplayable after you install the patch. Like I said, all this and I STILL beat the game in less than 2 weeks. Friend, I'd skip this one and go for Half-Life....more info
  • Quake Forever
    Wow man, that's a cool game. A first-class game. Better than Quake3, better than Quake, better than Unreal. That's The Game - the one and only 3d-shooter which managed to keep me in front of the monitor for an entire day. And neither parents, nor friends, not even my unbearable grandmother could distract me. The graphics are a bit old-fashioned, but the VIOLENCE is superb. It's real fun watching the bad idiots who have had the bravery to confront you die in agony! It's real fun watching the walls repainted in red after you've shot with your BFG in a tightly inhabited room. It's real fun smashing your friends in a deathmatch game. Wow, man! Don't lose precious time reading this. Just run to the nearest shop as fast as you can and buy Quake2!...more info