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I Spy Junior
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Product Description

Unique learning fun! I Spy Junior features charming picture riddles, fun puzzles, and multi-leveled games that strengthen early-learning skills and encourage creative play.

This CD-ROM game is based on the award-winning I Spy book series. The game engages children with clever and colorful scenarios and builds learning skills through riddles, puzzles, and games.

  • Presents children with more than 70 rhyming picture riddles, puzzles, and games
  • Strengthens early reading, thinking, problem solving, logic, and math skills
  • Children can use the built-in magnifying glass to find hidden riddle objects
  • Oops Hoops! presents challenging object-classification games
  • For ages 3 through 5

Customer Reviews:

  • I Spy Junior
    My son is a few months shy of three, and his loves I Spy Junior. There are enough different games to play to keep him interested for an extended length of time (up to 30 minutes), and he wants to play it again the next day. He has not tired of it yet and we have had it for 2 months (a long time at this age). It has improved his concentration, eye-hand coordination, color and number recognition and how to follow directions. It keeps an adult's interest, too....more info
  • Great educational game for a pre schooler
    Our 4 year old son really likes I Spy books and this CD is a great transition to more challenging activities. He mastered the seek and find section immediately, but still finds the concept of grouping like things a challenge (these are Venn Diagrams I remember being introduced to in 3rd or 4th grade). There is also a section on patterns, which is an area he has studied at preschool earlier this year, but he still finds some of the patterns a challenge, without getting discouraged. I definitely recommend this CD, especially if your preschooler has enjoyed I Spy Books in the past....more info
  • Won't run on XP
    Out of the box this box crashes on Windows XP. After following the advice from Scholastic to run it in compatibility mode, it no longer crashes, but just presents me with a black screen. Calling this "XP compatible" is a joke, if you have to rely on luck to get it to run at all....more info
  • Great game for preschoolers
    My 3 yr odl daughter loves this game. Great educational value. She really enjoys it and it is easy to navigate for little ones....more info
  • Great computer introduction game
    This is a great first game to introduce the computer and teach kids how to use a mouse. We started with this game when my son was 3 and he caught on pretty quickly. There are several levels of various difficulty but the easiest ones are easy to do. Now that he is 4 he still enjoys playing this but is moving on to more pre-k learning games (I highly recommend Dr. Seuss Kindergarten too for age 4!!!)

    Overall though, this is a great way for really young kids to learn how to use a computer!!!...more info