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Disney's Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa
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Product Description

This typing tutorial for children teaches essential typing habits while having fun. Learn all this and more as you progress through five exciting and challenging activities. Throughout your typing adventure, get private lessons from Rafiki, and plenty of laughs from wild and wacky Timon and Pumbaa. Fun activities build essential typing skills!

Gentle jungle murmurings overlaid with Robert Guillaume's gleeful voice give this solid, well-conceived typing program an unusual degree of appeal and staying power. While smacking bugs, catching grubs, and tearing away from dangerous enemies, kids are actually practicing the same fundamental skill-based keyboard activities as covered by such adult titles as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Some terrific components of this program include shadows that display which finger should be used to hit each key, a clock ticker that counts the seconds in each two-minute game, and the blissful fact that hitting the space bar will fast-forward you past the opening and closing credits. The mysterious, leafy jungle setting is delightfully alive, yet you'll likely need to turn the brightness on your monitor way up to see all the vital buttons hidden in the dark corners of the scene. Be forewarned: to truly conquer touch-typing, you need to drive those keyboard strokes deep into the body's muscular memory. Endless repetition is the only proven method for this. That means that while this program boasts five unique activities (for example, Rafiki gives "lessons" while Timon and Pumbaa play "games"), it is all keyboard practice, again and again. Kids receive encouragement with an enticing visual environment, progress reports, certificates, and frequent enthusiastic comments from Guillaume, but it is ultimately going to fall upon the parents to see that their children continue with this when the going gets, well, boring. Don't expect your child to see this through without your support. Stay involved, and they will. (Ages 6-10) --Jean Lenihan

Lion King favorites Timon and Pumbaa are featured throughout the interactive adventures, customized private lessons, and dozens of activities that progressively challenge varying skill levels.

Customer Reviews:

    My wife (Ettin Cub) wrote a review today and was a little unfair. If you go to the Disney Interactive website you can download a patch for free which will resolve any issues the program may have with windows XP.
    That said, it's an excellent program. Our children are begging to play, and are getting to be almost as fast as typing as we are. Well, maybe not as fast as I am. ...more info
  • A bit dull
    It's probably more fun than any other typing game, but its still repetitive and boring, which I suppose, is what learning typing is like. Not recommended for young users less than 6 years old who have already played Humongous games, because they will ask to play Freddi Fish after the novelty of this game wears off....more info
  • Great...if you can get it to work
    Excellent program. Fun, and kids actually LEARN! However, it's full of bugs - no pun intended. It is a big disappointment when it doesn't work....more info
  • Warning! Read this first before you buy this software!
    Don't buy this software if you have telephony software or multiple sound drivers installed on your computer!

    The product will not operate without selecting the "game" sound driver thereby disabling your software!

    My nine year old could make this change each time she wants to play but what's the fun in that?

    The software is flawed and now we another rather expensive "toy" cd to play with, including the 2nd day air!

    This error is generated when the program queries the system for the sound card (primary sound device) but finds another sound device driver (Voice Modem, Intel Virtual Wave Device, KA Virtual Wave) instead. The program requires a sound card that supports Stereo (2 channels) at 22,050 Hz 16 bit. These incompatible device drivers cause the conflict because the program finds that the device driver on the voice modem or other device does not support the 22,050 Hz 16 bit required by the program, resulting in the error message. The error can be eliminated by changing the preferred sound device or by disabling the driver that is causing the conflict. Refer to the procedures below so the program can be run properly without displaying the error. Some of the most common drivers that experience this issue follow:

    Voice Modem Serial Wave Driver TAM Audio Driver KA Virtual Sound Driver

    A. Change the preferred device to "Game Compatible"

    B. Disable the Voice Modem Serial Wave Driver

    C. Disable the KA Virtual Sound Driver

    D. Disable the 'Intel Virtual Wave Device' driver...more info

  • Great game, tons of fun!!!!!!
    This game includes four fun-filled levels. It's great for kids of all ages. But I am sorry that it is SO difficult to find in stores. I recomend this item to anyone who is looking for a very, very fun learn to type game for children....more info
  • This is the best...
    This is the best typing program ever!! I loved that they used Timon and Pumbaa. It was so fun and entertaining for us kids, well still teaching us. I learned to type in a week or two because I could not stop playing it, it was so fun!!...more info
  • Unhappy
    I have had a terrible time getting this program to run. It constantly shuts down or comes up with errors. It was a total waste of money as far as I am concerned....more info
  • Disney's Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa
    This program has been the most successful program I have used with children who are early school age and who need to learn to type due to writing difficulties. It is very colorful and seems to hold the interest of the children. I recommend it to parents all the time and I am sorry that it is so hard to find....more info
  • Only runs under Windows 9x
    While Disney's MathQuest and MathReader say they are only for Win 95/98, they do install and Run for NT 4.0 (sayings its NT 3.0 and they don't support NT)

    But Typing will not install on NT 4.0 at all....more info

  • Doesn't work for XP, but nice program
    I couldn't get it to run at all in XP, but I have Windows 95 installed within Windows XP, and this game ran well in Windows 95. Beautiful graphics. The typing bores my 5 year old very quickly, but I encourage him to work on it with the promise of a reward. So far he is only in the beginning, and there is only one game to play (besides the standard drill). I think there will be more games available as he progresses. If you can't downgrade easily, however, this game is probably not worth buying.

    [...]...more info
  • thrilled to death
    You are crazy not to buy this. I got it for my six year old grandson, whom has been labeled with dyslexia and he sat right down and was typing 80% correct within minutes and loved it. I am thrilled to death....more info
  • Great for a very reluctant typist
    The last thing my son wanted to do over the Summer is learn typing. But his handwriting leaves a lot to be desired, and they allow lap tops in his school so they want the kids to know how to type... and this program appeals to his sense of humor and fun. He doesn't mind doing the lessons even though they are quite challenging once you get into it. There are certificates to be earned and lots of encouragement from Rafiki. I recommend it. Even though my son is 11, and older than the recommended ages, it's still a lot of fun. He's also ADHD, but it manages to hold his attention!...more info