Universal Level-Ett DM101 Ladder Stabilizer
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Product Description

The Universal Level-Ett ladder stabilizer eliminates the use of dangerous leveling items such as boards or bricks. It extends aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders up to a maximum of 9-1/2 inches. The stabilizer attaches quickly and easily with eight bolts (included), and features lever-pins, which allow easy height adjustment, and anti-slip feet for added safety. This ladder stabilizer meets ANSI and OSHA standards.

  • Ladder stabilizer eliminates the use of dangerous leveling items such as boards or bricks
  • Lever pins allow easy height adjustment
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Anti-slip feet for added safety
  • Extends aluminum and fiberglass extension ladder up to maximum of 9-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Buy
    This is an excellent product that was easy to install and safe to use. The price was right....more info
    I bought this product primarily to paint the side walls of a high stairwell without using bricks, concrete blocks or a makeshift wooden platform. It turned out that I had to use a single concrete block in addition to the leveler but I'm still happy with it. The leveler would work for this task if your stair tread is over half as wide as your ladder plus a couple of inches. If the treads are not that wide then you end up with one leg of the ladder on one step and the other leg out too far for the leveler to rest on the next step down. The 9-1/2" reach of the leveler is too short to reach the next step down. However, a single concrete block on that next step gave a good, solid platform for the leveler and it made the painting a snap.

    The levelers were very simple to install on an alumnium ladder--took the old feet off, drilled four holes in each leg, and bolted the levelers on with the supplied hardware. Less that an hour job!

    This is a very good product and I have no doubt that it will last a long time and provide good service. The legs are sturdy and the feet are wide enough to give a good solid base. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone as long as they realize that it's not quite perfect for use on stairs. I'm sure it'll be great when I'm using it on sloping ground this summer....more info
  • I am very pleased
    I was a little concerned that the ladder stabilizer did not look larger (I associate size with strength). But after reading other reviews I decide to buy them. I was very pleased at how strong they are. It took me about 50 minutes to do the install. They attach very firmly, and adjust very easily....more info
  • Ladder Levelers
    These ladder levelers are great and were very easy to install. I installed them on a Werner aluminum extension ladder and they work great. Very few tools required to install these. Total installation time was 30 minutes. I like these levelers better than the Werner brand made for this ladder. The fit was perfect....more info
  • Solid - Easy to Use & Install
    These work great. They are solid, well built attachments. The flip feet give you the choice of rubber pads or dirt spikes and both work well. I bought my first pair about three years ago and now have three sets. I use them all the time and have never had any problems - what more can I say?...more info
  • Ladder Stabilizer
    Quality product that works well. Attached to extension ladder and solved my problem with house repairs on a sloping street (Slope 1:3).
    Excellant value for price....more info
  • Level Stabilizers
    These stabilizers make it so easy and safe to use a ladder on uneven ground. An excellent product....more info
  • Outstanding item!
    These units are outstanding- Solidly made of high quality aluminum extrusions (and made in the USA Too!), Easy to install, and easy to use. Used together with a top stabilizer they provide a feeling of ladder security that allows me to feel comfortable atop my 24ft extension ladder for the first time. I was concerned about adding more weight (about 3-4 pounds I estimate)to my ladder, but I find that with the extra 10" of height they give, I can separate my extension ladder to give effectively a 13ft straight ladder with adjustable feet that is long enough for most jobs and only about 24 pounds. Since the feet dont interfere with the ability to recombine the ladder to the extension mode, I can do so for the few times I need to go higher. While the combined ladder is 3-4 pounds heavier, the additional safety, convenience and height is well worth the extra weight. At age 74 I finally have the best of all ladder worlds. I'm sorry I didn't buy these 30 years ago!
    PS- like almost everything from Amazon, they came quickly even with free shipping. I wonder why Amazon doesn't reduce their shipping estimate to the more normal time that they usually deliver in. I have sometimes hesitated to buy from Amazon because of the long shipping times quoted- but I have never been unhappy with the actual shipping time....more info
  • Pleased with results
    I used my ladder yesterday to clean out some gutters and was pleased with the results of the Universal Level Stabilizer. I will agree with the other reviews in that it takes a bit of work to mount them on the ladder, especially if you have a Costco extension ladder such as I did. Installation took about 1 1/2 hours. The only reason I gave this 3 stars and not 4 was because of the installation. Other than that the product made leveling the ladder much safer than using boards, rocks or other items that a do it yourselfer normally grabs for....more info
  • Wouldn't Do Without
    If you have unlevel surfaces you need to work with a ladder this is a must have. I must use a ladder to trim my hedges with alot of uneven surfaces and I wouldn't do it without these stabilizers....more info
  • Works great on my 32' extension
    I had a ladder on which one of the stock feet had broken off, and this leveling system attached in such a way that it allowed me to repair the ladder, while adding leveling capabilities.

    It works great, is easy to use, strong and very stable. ...more info
  • good product
    this produt is good, but to get the most extension, you need to remove the feet off of the ladder before installing these extensions. Since I was hoping to use this on 2 ladders, that was a problem. Easy to adjuest, must bolt on so must drill holes in ladder....more info
  • Great safety, and stability item for your ladder
    My back yard is on a slight grade, and I always dreaded cleaning the gutters, etc. I used to put flat stones or wood under the right leg, to make up the difference, and it was never exactly the proper hight. These stabilizers are great, they adjust to compensate perfectly for un-level ground. I had to drill out the rivets of the original feet on my ladder, to remove them. But drilling & installing the stabilizers was fairly easy. The instructions were pretty good. I wish I knew about these a long time ago....more info
  • ladder stabilizers
    The installation was simple and only took about 25 minutes. They adjust to different lengths easily and remain sturdy even when fully extended. I wish that I had purchased these years ago instead of using boards under one leg to plumb the ladder....more info
  • A bit difficult to install, but works well
    Kind of hard to install, my ladder's legs were riveted on so not easily removed. A drill press would come in handy because you need to be completely straight for the holes to line up. I had to keep rounding out the holes and had to buy longer bolts for it to fit right. But once finished (about 2 1/2 hours) the thing worked great!...more info
  • Safety First
    Half an hour to install ( very easy ) work great,1000 times better than boards,use rocks to throw at cars,not to put under ladders! Wish I purchased sooner....more info
  • great product
    it works great the only thing is that I had to re drill the holes to fit it on my ladder ...more info
  • No more ladder crashes!
    This ladder add-on was easy to install on my 25-year-old aluminum extension ladder--just make sure you have a reasonably sharp 1/4" drill bit (and figure it won't be sharp anymore when you're done). The supports may look spindly in the photo, but they are very solid/sturdy. The adjustment mechanism for moving the legs to new positions is really well designed and works even more easily than I expected. The feet have nice thick, rubbery pads that should hold well on both vinyl and carpeting, plus a toothed leading edge for anchoring firmly in sod. I haven't had the opportunity to use the ladder on my stairs yet, but it seems like it ought to do a darned good job. Nice example of excellent American engineering and manufacturing! ...more info
  • great product
    This product is great. Easy to install and very stable. My property is on a slope and this is a "life saver"....more info
  • Universal Level-Ett Ladder leveler
    After years of leveling my ladder with pieces of wood, and never really producing a stable base, I broke down and purchased a pair of these Level-Ett ladder levelers. Definitely worth the money. The push pin allows you to set your ladder to level quickly and securely. Considering how many people are hurt each year falling off ladders, these Level-Etts are well worth the money....more info