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Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E 6 to 36-percent Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter
List Price: $120.00

Our Price: $104.99

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Product Description

The Lignomat Mini-Ligno E 6-to-36-Percent Wood Moisture Meter gives instant accurate moisture readings between 6 and 36-percent indicated by bright red lights. The meter can be used for lumber (hardwood and softwood), veneer fiberboard, hardboard, and more. Wood moisture content is one of the critical factors determining the quality and usefulness of wood.

  • Small and accurate wood moisture meter
  • Accurate moisture readings between 6- and 36-percent
  • Bright red light indicators
  • Measures both hardwoods and softwoods
  • Weighs only 8-ounces; easily fits in a shirt pocket

Customer Reviews:

  • Moisture Meters are a must
    If you are buying wood, working with wood or selling wood, you must have a moisture meter and this introductory version is the best way to start out. High moisture content in wood is a big defect and must be monitored....more info
  • Accurate Moisture Detection - Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E 6-36%
    Working in the Jungles of South America & Asia, I have found the Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E to be one of my most valued tools. It is easy to use and to calibrate. You can use it on hardwoods and softwoods. I use it to determine accurate levels of seasoning on higher value woods. We use the Ligomat MINI-LIGNO E to purchase lumber all over the world. I highly recommend the Lignomat line of moisture detectors.

    R. Lynn Forsberg, President Forsberg Forest Products & Consulting Vancouver, Washington...more info

  • An easy to use moisture meter.
    I was very impressed with this meter. I works right out of the box without any problems. The charts you get with the tool are easy to understand and use. The design is user friendly and the pins insert with little pressure because of the design of the tool. I wish I'd have bought mine sooner!...more info
  • Too Complicated!
    My 87-year-old father is a woodworker. I bought this meter for him at his request. It was too complicated for him to use, and didn't measure moisture in small enough increments. I'm returning the item....more info