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Bucket Boss 01056 Bucket Boss 56 Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $19.95

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Product Description

Constructed of durable, rip-proof fabric, the new 56-pocket organizer from Bucket Boss improves on what was already a great idea. Unlike the toolboxes of old, the Bucket Boss organizer stores tools where they're visible and easy to access. And, with 38 exterior pockets and 18 more on the inside, the Bucket Boss really does have a place for just about everything. We've loaded ours down with wrenches, handsaws, screwdrivers, hammers, pry bars, pencils, utility knives, pliers, and drill bit sets. There's even a padded pocket for your cordless drill. We quickly discovered, however, that depending on how you load it, the Bucket Boss can get a little top-heavy. After ours tipped over in the back of our truck, we reloaded it with our hammerheads down, and it hasn't tipped since. We recommend the Bucket Boss 56 for remodelers, carpenters, electricians, repair people, or any other professional who brings a lot of hand tools to the job; it also makes the perfect tool kit for do-it-yourselfers moving through the house from room to room and project to project. --Jon Groebner

  • Bucket tool organizer with 56 pockets for handy tool storage and easy access
  • 38 outside pockets and 18 inside; padded cordless drill holster
  • Constructed of durable polyester
  • Elastic strap for long-handled tools--bucket not included
  • 10 by 2 by 14 inches; 2.2 pounds; lifetime manufacturing defect warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Bucket Boss
    My husband LOVES the Bucket Boss! We bought this one for a friend of ours!...more info
  • boss bucket
    great item prompt ship...more info
  • Bucket Boss
    I am using this bucket boss to carry my pottery supplies and books to and from class. It is study, a great price, and able to accommodate all of my materials. ...more info
  • Perfect for essential tools
    Tough construction, endless pockets, quality stiching. Wish they sold it with a bucket included, and w/ holes to allow for a sturdy carrying handle. Then it would be perfect....more info
  • Bucket Boss 01056 Buckey Boox 56 56 Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer
    Handy tool organizer to have. Works great and well made. ...more info
  • Can't go Wrong
    What a wonderful contraption! Should have bought three types--very handy, easy to use, and great construction brought a smile to my face. Be aware, you must have the bucket, or purchase the bucket...I happened to have one....score!...more info
  • Get a holds a lot
    Great layout, plenty of pockets for everything you need for the do it yourselfer or tradesmen. I have probably 50lbs of tools in the bucket and still have room for more. One suggestion is a handle for the bucket. Take some foam (pipe foam,like the stuff in bicycle pads, pipe insulation) and cut it to length then zip tie both ends and cover with duct tape. I would give it 5 stars if it had a second tape ring and a second hammer loop and a cover. UPDATE: Its been a year and its still holding up strong. If you take your tools job to job like I do strap the bucket down because if it falls it is a big mess. I have looked at other bucket organizers and found one that maybe better. HUSKY brand at HD has one with more pockets that looks like a better layout but I don't ownthe Husky brand. I can tell you though I have owned 10 plus Bucket Boss brand items and everyone is worth the money. ...more info
  • Husband Loves It!
    Very few times have I purchased a surprise for my husband that he actually likes. This was one of them....more info
  • Fairly Impressed
    This is a Made In China item but I am fairly impressed with it's construction. I would have liked to seen more heavy duty stitching but I haven't broken any yet. As advertised, there are numerous pockets of varying sizes and shapes. There are pockets that will fit larger tools, such as hammers, pipe wrenches, etc. on the inside part of the bucket, but become useless for those larger tools if you insert one or more of the tote trays that are made to fit and stack inside a five gallon bucket. In other words, don't buy the tote trays if you need the inside large pockets. Overall, it's a good system....more info
  • Please Don't Buy This.
    This thing is terrible. Please don't waist your money. Also be aware that it doesn't come with the bucket, so you'll have to go out and buy your own....more info
  • Where have you been all my life?
    I'm the most unorganized person I know, and when it comes time to get a set of pliers, a hammer, a drill, drill bits, etc... I have about 10 places to look ranging from the kitchen drawers to the bathroom drawers to a shelf in the basement, etc... After buying this I never have any doubts where anything is at, and it was so easy to drape over a 5 gallon bucket. Great buy!...more info
  • Not just for tools!
    This is a great product! I bought it when I was teaching middle school as the "toy bucket" it held small imaginative items that we used to "play" with, each pocket was perfect for some small thing and showed enough of each item that the class loved to see the bucket come out!

    Then I used it at the high school to store all of our theater supplies. Gaff Tape, tape measures, swatch books, discs, climbing rope, caribiners, etc... Easy for even the smallest freshman to haul and keep all our junk together.

    Then I left teaching and used it to store my art supplies, and after a recent move it is now being used to actually hold our household tools! What a cool gadget!!!!

    It still looks like brand new, and it has been hauled and mauled by dozens of preteens and teens and dragged, and dropped and had things pushed, shoved and pulled through it, in it and on it...

    If that doesn't describe durable, I don't know what does... I highly recommend this item!...more info
  • It's great for kids art supplies, too.
    We have 2.5 yrs old ds and 1 yr old dd, and it seems like crayons, marker, paint brush etc always on the race around the house.

    I bought this organizer. What a lifesaver! though it didn't design to store kids stuff, those pockets are much better than the plastic container, which my son always dump the whole content just to get his favorite marker!

    I love this product and thanks for previous helpful reviews!...more info
  • Great for Handyman!
    Item came as promised. It is a great gift for someone who is handy around the house. It's also great for carrying multiple items around, plus keeping everything organized....more info
  • Great Deal
    Bucket Boss is a real winner. They have come up with a great idea and they keep improving and adding to their great idea. With Amazon's prices, it makes for the best tool carrier you can have. And with the cover/seat -- what a handy, helpful part of the Bucket Boss line. You will not regret this purchase....more info
  • Its decent tool holder box....
    Well I bought this one and it is decent no doubt they vary with how many pockets the other brands have but this has many pockets and is sturdy. I think this is comparable to home depot husky to be honest they are almost the same I have both if you dont have a HD around you order it otherwise just get the husky brand which I think may even be a bit thicker canvass, to save on shipping if you dont have to buy it online....more info
  • Holds Everything I Need
    No, the bucket is not included, but I had a stack of them to get rid of anyway. This thing holds just about anything I can think of, to the point that I can hardly carry it. The only suggestion I have is that some of the outside pockets could be deeper, but for under $20, what do you want? It's made of tough material as well and I expect it will last a very long time....more info
  • It really does do the job!
    I received one of these at an electrical supply house because I spent more than $250.00. It sat in my truck for about a year and then in my garage for another two years before I even considered it. One day with trouble lights, extension cords, and other miscellaneous tools rolling around I had a eureka moment and got out my dusty bucket boss. Lo and behold the clutter began to dissappear. It does a great job stowing items you don't necessarily want to have in your tool tote. I would prefer to have more of the larger pockets to store wire nuts but I definitely can't complain. Klein makes their version which is very nice but about $40.00 more. A good addition to your garage or work van. Anybody with tool clutter can use one....more info
  • LOVE it, such a lifesaver
    I bought this for my husband last Christmas and it's been so great! Now, whenever we need a hammer, tape measure, whatever, we just grab the bucket. It's been great to have everything so easily organized. Very durable too....more info
  • Great product.
    This Bucket Boss is very well made and has places for everything from your electric drill to your duct tape. It was a great gift for my son....more info
  • Great for crafts too!
    I got this one and a similar one for scrapbooking tools and supplies. It is not a pretty pastel like the purpose craft totes but it does not cost $29.99 either. If you do not mind the drab green/canvas color and prefer to spend your cash on other items, this is a great tote!...more info
  • Great for knocking out the Honey-Do list
    I have a nice rolling tool box in my basement, but when doing household projects I couldn't count on bringing up everything I'd need to complete the task. Enter, the Bucket Boss, which holds an insane amount of stuff, with room to spare for post-project cleanup. Now I just load up the bucket and don't spend time running up and down stairs.

    Note - if you put the loaded bucket down on wood floors, be careful. With all that weight and a potentially rough plastic bucket's bottom rim, you can mar floors quickly....more info
  • worth the price
    For you DYIers this is handy to have to organize your regularly used household tools. I like this better than a small toolbox because everything is in sight and easy to get to. Helps in not misplacing small tools when you finish using it,just put it back in the bucket....more info
  • Love it.
    I bought one for my son also, and he likes it. For a 16 year old kid to like something from his dad? Come on, it has to be good.

    I also have the bigger one with more pockets, but like another reviewer said, the pockets are too small.

    I also have a cheaper knock off, but you lose some street cred with a piece of junk. It did not have the tape holder or the pocket spacing. ...more info
  • Bucket Boss

    What really caught my eye was the price. When I received the order the first thing I checked was the quality.I was very pleased with what I saw. I was in the market for this item so I checked it out at one of my local supply houses.I picked it up, I saw the $44.00 price,and I promptly put it down......need I say more? I intend to purchase them for my whole crew. I couldn't be more pleased.

    David Andrews
    D.L. Andrews A/C Service LLC
    Manassas, VA

    ...more info
  • DH loves this!
    Got this for the DIY hubby for his birthday and he loves it. Bought a foam-grip bucket to go with it and the man likes it way better than toting a toolbox. He's even asking what projects I have lined up for him and his Bucket Boss. I should of bought this thing a long time ago if I'd known it would inspire this reaction!...more info
  • Big Hit
    Bought 5 tool organizers for my sons, son-in-laws and husband. Each one appeared to be very pleased with their gift. I enjoyed consolidating my husbands tools and removing them from many of my kitchen drawers. He has a very convenient tool "box" and I got back a few kitchen drawers. ...more info
  • Good, but Tipsy
    As other reviewers have said, it is rugged and has more pockets than you will need. However, for five stars, it would need to have more-flexible pockets (trying to cram something into some of the small pockets can be ridiculous) and created be such that the center of balance is lower on the bucket. Unless you keep something heavy in bottom of the bucket, the bucket is quite easy to tip over unless you are careful enough to balance the tools around the bucket, which I am not.

    I got my Bucket Boss stolen full of tools as a "Welcome Home From 2 Years in the Peace Corps" gift, and am now trying to replace everything. Got my dad the Bucket Boss Gatemouth bag four years ago and he loves it. Going to go that route myself instead of another bucket....more info
  • Bucket Boss
    The Bucket Boss is great. It's very sturdy and fits into several buckets nicely...not like the cheaper versions of the same product. ...more info
  • Perfect gift for guys with tools
    We love this product. It is just so cool. Hubby leaves his tools all over the house all the time and the Bucket Boss has that nice big bucket in the middle so I can collect them all up and put them in the bucket and he can organize them later but at least he knows where they are now. I may buy a couple more of them because he really has a lot of stuff. Wonderful product, nice big handle so that even I can carry it when it is loaded down. ...more info
  • Stay organized!
    A simple but highly effective product. This is a definite must for the DIYer. Prior to the bucket boss, I would spend needless time looking for my tools. Now everything is conveniently located in one place. Note, you need to purchase bucket separately. Home Depot sells buckets for five bucks....more info
  • Truly the Boss
    As a director of facilities I try to get my guys the right tool for the job. Everyone now uses the Boss, their tool bags sit in the locker room. Everyone loves this product. We have several of them and the guys fight over them. Guess I'll be buying some more....more info