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Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $239.99

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Product Description

Don't let its compact size fool you. The award-winning Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table makes use of a unique forward offset router location and the dual-position ProFence to provide as much usable work surface as most full-size router tables. Designed to be durable, easy to move around the job site, and ready to accept any router, it provides the versatility, stability, and guidance you need to complete precision projects safely.

The ProTop Contractor Benchtop Table adds versatility and precision to your router setup. View larger.
Versatile Design for Precision Work
Whether you're a professional craftsperson or a serious do-it-yourselfer, a router table like the ProTop Contractor lets you tackle jobs that would be difficult or impossible to complete precisely with a handheld router.

A top-quality fence is critical to the performance of any router table system, and this system relies on the feature-loaded ProFence. Its heavy-duty, one-piece aluminum frame is fully machined on the front and bottom surfaces to ensure it's flat, true, and square. Easy-adjust sub-fences and bit guard are also included.

The ProTop Contractor provides a flexible setup that can be adjusted to project-specific needs, with an aluminum miter accessory track that is adjustable to fit all standard miter gauges, plus accessory T-slots on both the table and fence that are perfect for mounting featherboards, stops, fence risers, and switches. This allows you to accommodate the full range of router applications, from cutting dadoes and slots to crafting precise joints. For work with large panels, this table also offers dual fence slots, so you can flip the fence around quickly and easily.

An integrated 2-1/2-inch dust port fits standard shop vac hoses to help keep your work area clear of debris for safety, visibility, and operator comfort.

Dependable Construction for Tough Jobs
The non-marring laminate top is built using stress-skin construction for strength and flatness, and it measures 24 x 16 inches to provide a large work area. Exclusive twin steel rails support your router, while the enclosed birch plywood cabinet reduces dust and noise, and its solid panel construction makes it stronger than cheap plastic or stamped steel stands. The cabinet's rubber feet prevent table slippage and double as isolation mounts for dramatically reduced vibration.

This table's setup will accept any router, and the included router plate is predrilled to make installation extra-easy for most popular routers from leading brands like Craftsman, DeWalt, Fein, Hitachi, Makita, Ryobi, and Skil. The 15-inch inside-cabinet height provides plenty of space for whatever router you use, plus room for Bench Dog's ProLift and other accessories (not included).

This portable router table weighs just 40 pounds, and it requires assembly. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Bench Dog
Bench Dog offers a growing line of router tables, safety accessories, and tools for everyone from building and woodworking professionals to schools and serious beginners.

The company began in 1995 with Norston Fontaine, Karen Slatter, and the simple idea that great tools are the result of great design and solid engineering. Since then, Bench Dog tools have received an enthusiastic response from customers, trade publications, and the woodworking community at large.

What's in the Box
Table top, fence, dust port, bit guard, miter track, pre-drilled router insert plate, mounting screws, and cabinet.

  • Ample 16-by-22-inch router table with plastic laminate top
  • Clear acrylic insert accepts most routers; melamine cabinet
  • Extruded aluminum fence with T-slots
  • All necessary hardware and assembly instructions included
  • Limited 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • The FINEST Benchtop router table at ANY price!
    I just bought the ProTop Contractor Router Table as a second table that I could set atop one of my workbenches in my woodshop at home. I figured "Hey, for a quick round over, or a second set-up in multi-step operation this would be great. I'm happy to say this has far exceeded my expectations. Allow me to brag-on for just a "bit" (no pun intended).

    Why a small quality table even if you're NOT a contractor?

    The price point of this unit is so attractive that I thought I'd be nuts to not have a second table. The only thing a serious home woodworker lacks is "multiple" machine setups like an industrial shop. I invested almost $1,700 in my first table with a sophisticated permanent lift, a sleek table with just the holes drilled for my router, and of course extremely well machined parts for accuracy with an awesome fence. All this is great, but it still needs to be setup for each and every operation, this takes time.

    For many of us we have multiple routers, generally sitting in their cases until used. I thought this was just the reason to put one of them to better use.

    A small table is more useful than I would have thought. I mean most of the time you're only routing smaller boards, rails, stiles, etc. These sizes are quite manageable on a small table, and I find myself using this little table more and more.

    Fast, easy and accurate use. Let's be honest. It's nice to have the micro-fine adjustments of the higher end tables with a great lift. But, a good router today sells with an above-the-table adjustment tool. So it's entirely possible to get 1/64th adjustments with the turn of a $20 accessory!

    So what impressed me the most about the ProTop unit?

    1. Everything, and I mean everything fit perfectly the first time

    2. The instructions - if followed, are accurate and well done.

    3. There are extra parts in case you loose one - hurray! (I must admit though, I called tech support wondering why I was left with 4 lock washers, my answer was "we threw them in with the previous version, so don't worry about it you won't need them".

    4. The price! Who cares if it took me a few hours to put together this little wonder, I didn't want to spend another $1,700 like I did on the last table. The most time consuming element is getting the router plate "just right".

    5. It looks great when assembled, and the finish is really first class for any shop.

    6. Even the doggone decals look great. (I normally would never put these things on)

    7. This is even more embarrassing, I bought two "orange" feather-locs" by Benchdog since they match so nicely! (They also work great, too)

    8. The "Lighted" Power Switch (option) also matches nicely and is SO practical and safe by being able to put it ON top of the fence.

    9. This thing is quiet.

    10. The table is flat.

    11. The engineering is an elegant use of simple concepts to achieve the fit, the flatness, and it's square, true fence.

    10. The fence is smooth AND SIMPLE TO USE

    11.It works with lots of options. I simply got a different plate, drilled it out and viola! I had my above the table micro-fine adjustment tool put to work - I HAD NEVER USED THAT THING UNTIL NOW!! I wonder if I'm the only woodworker who buys these gadgets but doesn't actually use them for months?

    12. The aluminum extrusions are true and flat, and really are the finishing touch for making a great table and fence at any price.

    This thing will do you proud. If you're a woodworker, you'll wish you had developed this thing. It's a beautiful piece to just look at, not to mention a joy to use.
    ...more info
  • Worth the wait. Order one now.
    It's everything Bench Dog claims and more. Assembly was simple and took less than an hour. Instructions were complete and detailed, all parts were included. The pre-drilled phenolic plate matched my Makita fixed router base perfectly. This is the perfect router table for my tiny garage/driveway "shop". A simple, well made product. No wonder Bench Dog is having trouble meeting demand; Every woodworker will want one of these.

    This thing works great too. I hauled it out to the patio, set it on top of the picnic table and had four perfect cabinet doors in no time flat. Solid as a rock and simple to set up....more info
  • Rock Solid
    I bought mine off from amazon and instead of the 3 week wait to ship I had it in 5 days. I shopped around quite a bit and I am very happy I made the Bench Dog purchase. Assembly of is pretty straight forward but make certain you do as the directions say with respect to leaving some screws a bit loose at some steps. It makes it much easier to line up holes for the miter track. Be paitient adjusting the hinges for the door, they can be a bit tricky at first. The completed unit is solid (and good looking) and holds my bosch 1617evs router without any deflection. Everything seems well thought out and its a great unit for the home handyman. ...more info
  • Long wait, good product
    I originally ordered this item on June 19, 2004. Despite being listed as shipping in 1-2 days, it arrived over one month from my order date.

    Since it arrived, I've used it for several projects. I've been very happy with the results. It's not too heavy to move around, but is beefy enough to run a large bit without any noticeable vibration. I've been able to get very clean edges on rail & stile doors and rounding edges.

    One thing to be aware of is that the router insert plate does not accept rings or templets, and can't be used with larger bits. Combine that with the fact that the router insert plate is smaller than the "standard" plate size, and you'll find that the insert plate is the only weak point in this otherwise great router table....more info
    I received the Bench Dog Router Table last week from Tyler Tools (they shipped the product the next business day and I received it two days later! - instead of waiting for 1-2 weeks for shipment from Amazon and at the same price). It took two hours to assemble and route my first piece of wood. After a few adjustments I was doing perfect dovetails, v-cuts, chamfers, dados, etc. Not bad for someone who has never used a router before! I put the Bench Dog table on my workmate bench. It is heavy (44 pounds without the router) and is very stable during operations. Of course, I clamped the table to the bench for safety. The fence is easy to adjust and one side can be offset for joinery cuts. The tabletop had predrilled holes for all types of routers - I used the Dewalt 616 router.

    If you are looking for a router table, look no further!...more info

  • Context people, context!
    I read all the 3 star and below reviews here and I think they aren't to be taken as accurate or fair. (P.S. It is not particle board, it is finished plywood, actually nicer than I expected). This is a $200 router table okay. Let's say it again, a $200 router table. Have you seen $700 - $1000 router tables, like the Jessem? You should. This is not that table and can't be compared. It can't handle the match in features, size or materials. However, taking that all into account it is a great deal and if you are just getting into routing this is probably the best low cost router table you could get. Kreg, Freud, Bosch, Pinnacle... none match this little gem. It has a great fence and even comes with a jointing feature that works well with a good bit. It is solid, has very good dust management. The top is nice and though you probably shouldn't profile an 8 foot long board on it, you can do a lot - you can even flip the fence for a larger working area and wider pieces (it's in the manual). Sure, putting it together had shades of Christmas Eve - the instructions weren't perfect and I admit it, I put the feet on the wrong side of the bottom panel due to a lousy picture and cursed a little while I switched them.

    If you are looking for a router for this, the Porter Cable 690 fits very well. I take the motor down to prevent any sag in the plate. Why push it? It only takes a minute. Again, if I had a $1000 table with a steel or phenolic plate and a lift, then okay, but I don't.

    When all was said and done I have used this table and it is great. Everything I make with it turns out very well. No, I am not making raised panel doors. This isn't the router for that, but if you have a home shop and wanted a router table, get this. Maybe you will go on and buy something else or make your own. Great, but while you use this table you will make nice things all while learning what you may or may not need in your ultimate dream table. ...more info
  • Benchtop Router Table
    Amazon clearly states in the description that the unit comes with a miter gauge; it does NOT, if it did as stated I would have given it a 5 rating. The company's description doesn't mention a miter gage, so I believe it is Amazon's error. While I could re-write the assembly directions and save at least 15 min. assembly time; everything went together very well. The unit is very well manufactured, good construction; and the fence is great. I have assembled several door fronts and panels and the unit worked well. I did purchase the additional panel hold down accessory. ...more info
  • Dog Takes A Bite Out of Work
    I built router table and purchased three others and this table is by far the best one yet. The instructions for assembly were clear, the bench set up quickly and within a couple of hours there was sawdust. The four star review is for two minor reasons: although the factory gave me extra parts, I was shy one washer for the rear fence assembly, but performance is not affected. The second reason is while my shop vacum picks up everything, the inside of the box gets filled with sawdust quickly, so have anything in there absent. While working the bench is steady, does not chatter, and solid. I find this table to be worth it. I am not a patient man, but Amazon won my admiration with the speed of delivery....more info
  • Nothing better for the price
    This is a high quality router table that can be transported without great difficulty. The instructions for assembly are almost idiot proof but be sure to check the parts list against what is delivered. Missing parts were promptly sent by the company. I would by another if I needed another one. ...more info
  • Supposed to be nice ...if they would ever ship it.
    Don't expect this anytime soon if you order from Amazon. I've been waiting almost a month and they just keep moving my shipping date back. So if you actually need one sometime soon, head to Woodcrafters or another store with units in stock. If you just want it by the end of Summer Amazon might get the job done....more info
  • Bench Dog Router Table
    I find this product to be a well built and designed product. The only setback that I can see is when cutting slots in the middle of a board that the clear vacuum attachment on the top of the table is pretty useless. Most of the chip fall down into the cabinet and if you are storing cutters, rulers or anything else then you have to remove them to clean it out. An extra hole (3" midway toward the base in the cabinet itself, on the side, would help to clear out the falling chips. I added one to my cabinet and it works fine for this problem. Just don't vacuum up your tools inside, keep them to one side. ...more info
  • Weekend home remodeler and new router user.
    I was going to build my own router table as many experienced carpenters recommend, but could not justify it when I spotted this table. I would spend almost as much on materials to build a nicely equipped table. Plus, since I am just develping my skills as a carpenter, I am not sure it would come out well

    The fence and quality of materials of this table are usually found on much more expensive pieces. The cabnet is made from 7 (or more) layers of birch face ply finished very nicely. (No, it's not chip board as another writer mentioned.) The plate that came with it is of the quality sold for $40 alone. It was drilled perfectly for my PC router.

    I am not sure why others had problems, because it went together perfectly. I just followed the directions, leaving everyhting lose until the end. I am very excited by this product. ...more info
  • Very pleased....
    The prior reviews of this product are exemplary, and this one will be no exception. My expectations were high as a result, and in fact were exceeded. The table arrived in 3 days, and took an hour to assemble. How refreshing to have EXTRA pieces of hardware supplied, rather than the more typical missing screw or washer. Went together like clockwork, and is as solid as a rock. A few scuffs on my side panels, but heck, this is a tool, not a showpiece. This router table exudes quality, both in terms of its components, and its design.

    You will not be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • Beats the BORG Offerings Hands Down
    My expectations were high after reading the other reviews here. The Bench Dog ProTop didn't disappoint. Delivery took the full 7 days, so I was chomping at the bit to get this router table assembled.

    UNPACKING - took a full 20 minutes to get all the (many) parts arranged for inventory. One of the side panels had a slight mar in the finish. Happy? No. But it's a tool that's going to get a workout and will probably get a bit banged up in regular use. So no biggie, no deductions.

    INVENTORY - once the parts were logically arrayed, inventory took 15 minutes. And as others have noted, there were extra parts. Generally, I don't like having extra parts but forewarned is forearmed, and better to have extras than a shortage. No deductions.

    ASSEMBLY - presented no difficulties, but there *are* a lot of parts/steps, so it took 1:40 more to get it fully assembled (before router installation). Leveling the plate wasn't easy, but with patience, not overly difficult. And my Ryobi router matched the holes so no modifications were necessary. So, from receiving to full assembly, it took about 3 hours for assembly. Instructions, although fairly extensive, were clear & concise.

    SURPRISES - I bought the (Amazon) recommended featherboard with the unit -- which arrived with the table. Grizzly threw in an extra featherboard...nice. The table comes with jointer bars for jointing narrower extra I hadn't counted on...nice. The jointer bars fit in slots on the outfeed fence behind the MDF facepiece.

    The unit is, at once, not too heavy to lift but heavy enough for solid operation. For me, made in USA, was a plus, and the table is much nicer than comparable models I've seen at HD & Lowes.

    Dust collection isn't too bad with the standard fence port, but plenty of dust gets down into the cabinet below, so tool storage there isn't a good idea. However I've found that placing the vacuum nozzle at the electrical plug cutout does an adequate job of clearing the interior of dust without having to remove the jointer bars and router collet wrench.

    For the price, you won't go wrong buying this router table....more info
  • Excellent but assembly times vary
    The end product is quite convincing and sturdy. The table is very solid with my Bosch 2.25 hp router mounted, and it is light enough to easily stow when not in use. The levelling screws tend to vibrate loose, so I check and tighten each time I use it.

    This table took me four hours to assemble. There are over 150 components that must be assembled. Sort all the hardware first. That helps but it still takes awhile. I was short one required nut which I bought at my hardware store for $.31.

    Although there are some uber-assemblers out there who will throw this together in an hour, I think this is a substantial project for the average hobby woodworker; however, the steps are clear and the components fit together beatifully.

    Overall this seems like a good product at a good price. I do wish Bench Dog would be as precise in putting together their hardware bags as they are in cutting the pieces though. ...more info
  • Good Equipment
    Shipped quickly, easy to assemble, and works fine. Glad I bought it....more info
  • Save money and time
    For the price, it can't be beat. If you wanted to make a table of the same quality from off-the-shelf parts and birch-ply lumber, you'd spend more than $200. And you'd have to spend some time duplicating the simplicity and rigidity of its one-piece extruded aluminum fence. After shopping around for all the parts, I decided to save time and money buying it all in one neat package.

    Assembly is clear and straightforward. The miter track has an integrated T-track for mounting featherboards - as does the top of the fence. Jointing setup (2 preset depths) uses a couple of aluminum bars that slide behind the outfeed fence.

    The router plate accomodates many of the most common brands (no Festool, though) but does not use inserts. Just a hole in the middle of the plate. There is also no accomodation for a pin for freehand routing.

    I'd bet that more than 90% of ordinary routing duties can be handled by this setup....more info
  • Quality Product, Greater Value!
    THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST PORTABLE ROUTER TABLE YOU WILL FIND! - The design and construction is very well thought out, using quality and solid materials. This is why as soon as a new inventory of this item is received, it is quickly depleted. Good woodworkers know a good thing. Buy one now before they are out of stock again!

    FOR THE PRICE, THIS IS A STEAL! - Versatile, portable, solid cabinet, adjustable miter track, accessory t-slot, dust extraction hood, sturdy and adjustable fence, smooth/flat high-quality laminate top - what more do you need?!

    You will find similar portable router tables (Bosch Benchtop Router Table, Bosch Deluxe Router Table, Porter-Cable Router Table, Rousseau Folding Router Table to name a few), but all are inferior to the ProTop and will cost you much more. If you were to build just your own top, with the same quality parts, features and functionality it will cost you more than this entire rig.

    FOR SHOP OR PORTABLE USE - If you need more table space, the ProTop can be easily incorporated in the shop. Simply build a station or stand with your existing table saw or workbench. When needed, it can be readily removed from the station for portability.

    RECOMMENDED ADDITION - Although this is a quality product at a great value, there is one recommendation. To ensure safety, an external power switch should be added. For minimal cost, you can easily add a router table or workbench power switch.

    Note the only negative comments posted about this product appear to be from novice users with non-credible feedback....more info
  • quality product
    First, bravo to Amazon for these reviews. Because of being able to read other customer reviews i have been able to buy the right tools.

    Quality product. Table is level. Assembly is straighforward, though takes some time. Very impressive. After months of research before buying it is clear to me Bench Dog makes the best router tables on the market. Also is capable of acting as a jointer if you do not have one. i am thrilled with this purchase.

    ---Continue reading for details---

    As you are shopping for a router table i will start with some choices. For router tables there seems to be two catagories. The really cheapo stuff, and the high quality items. i narrowed my choice down to tables made by Bench Dog, Rockler, and model G0528 by Grizzley.

    Since this review is for the Protop Contractor i will begin:

    The box/packing of this product is excellent and capable of surviving shipping intact. It is well packed and insulated (where needed). Mine came in perfect working order.

    Claims of any less than an hour are hard to believe. It took me a few hours to assemble. i am not that mechnically inclined, but found assembly very straight forward. The instructions are excellent, the pictures clear. There was a earlier customer review that said the pictures were hard to see. The company monitors this site, because a rep from the company posted here saying they had corrected that problem. How is that for customer service!

    The claim of extra assembly parts was true in my instance (i really did assemble everything 100%). i mounted a Porter Cable 690LRVS. My Bench Dog came with a set of 3 longer screws to mount this router (690 series). i assume many of the extra screws in that bag were for mounting the other routers this product supports.

    QA after the installation:
    Table is flat, flat, flat. Fence to table alignment is true. Router to miter track alignment is true. My Grizzly miter gauge works like a champ. As a related sidenote, Rockler sells a miter gauge bar for about 13$ that fits as well and can be used to make jigs.

    Misc. Stuff:
    * It is a pain to open the door to turn on and off the router so you will want to buy an after market power switch. Rockler makes one (63026) for 24$ that is very nice and easily mounts to the table and cheaper than the one sold by Bench Dog.

    * i was confused by a number of reviews for various router products that suugested that it was necessary to buy a router lift to use to set bit height and change bits. While these products are nice they are not essential.

    It is very easy to remove the motor of my 690 from the table to change the bits. Also it is easy to raise and lower the bit and measure height using a router measuring gauge or other measuring tool.

    * Table top offers plenty of work area.

    * Table is relatively light, making it very portable if this is a desired feature.

    * This product comes with two shims. The fence can be used to do jointing! i have a jointer so it is not a big deal for me, but may be for you.

    One minor suggestion to enhance. The plate opening size is fixed. It would be nice to insert fittings more formed to the actual size of the router bit. Similar to what Craftsman does. Do not view this as a big deal as you should not be routing pieces that small where the opening would be an issue.

    Thanks to Amazon for this site. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to thoughtfully post their experience with this and other products. They are invaluable to me in making buying decisions.

    ...more info
  • Outstanding Product
    Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, this one of the best tools in my shop. Due to their popularity, it takes a while to find the router table, but it is worth the effort. I had to pay full list price.

    The packing is excellent and mine did not have a mark on it. The directions were complete and it was easy to assemble....nothing was missing.

    The fit,finish and the overall quality make this tool a "must have".

    Best of all it is Made in America....more info
  • What a great unit!! My VERY large Crafstman router fit perfectly!
    I love this thing. No complaints, AND it's price is VERY competitive. I initially set it up with a large Craftsman 3 1/4 HP router. I had no isses fitting it in the cabinet (I bought mine in Feb. 2004, and I believe they had increased the interior height by that point...don't quote me on that). I've used it for the standard edging applications and also for edge jointing. It actually works quite well for edge jointing!!! It takes some practice setting it up, but I used Digital Calipers to measure variances, and then move the in or out-feed fence accordingly. Once you get a method, it's only a 5 minute set-up. Not having a long bed makes jointing trickier, but hey, it's a router table. It is no jointer, but for the time being it is allowing me to get by without a jointer (that'll be my next purchase).

    I've just bought a Hitachi M12V, so can't wait to mount that in there!!...more info
  • High Quality Table -Assembly takes patience.
    There are enough glowing reviews of this product already, and I agree that this is an excellent quality product. I have nothing but praise for the quality and value of this table. I bought it for the portability factor for jobsite use. I got mine from a retail vendor and not amazon. So I paid a bit more but was glad I was able to walk out of the store with it and not have to wait for amazon to ship.

    It does require some patience to assemble it. There is no way you can do it 15 minutes as one reviewer suggests. Just making sure you have all the parts will take nearly that long. I think I am a pretty handy guy and it took me almost 3 hours of fussing to get it completely set up and ready for use. If Bench Dog sent them out assembled I would be willing to fork out a little more for one of these. They would still be a good deal.

    One gripe:I found that 2 of the mounting bracket holes were a bit off which created a gap between the miter slot and the table. No matter how much I tweaked the other bolts I could not eliminate the gap as the directions tell you. I ended up drilling out the holes slightly bigger and that took care of it.

    ...more info
  • Decent item, tiring assembly
    The reviewer who claims it took him 20minutes to assemble this was being somewhat economical with the truth
    or the sawdust has been getting to his brain. It took me the better part of 3 hours and I had extra screws left over which made me a bit confused. Sturdy and strong item but I found it tricky to level the plate so everytime the wood passes over it gets stuck. Need to fine tune that somehow.
    Dust port is pretty poorly designed and my chips go everywhere. Otherwise a cool piece. If you cannot stand assembly don't buy it....more info
  • Rock Solid, Made in the USA,
    I just recently purchased this router table from amazon. First, you cannot beat free shipping and no tax. (Means a lot when you live in NY that taxes the creepers out of you).
    Table Pros:
    1) Rock Solid - An earlier review said this table was made out of chipboard. (False) This table is made with laminated ply, which is probably just as solid as solid wood. (You probably wont come across a table made of solid wood these days..the reviewer needs a trip back from cloud 9.
    2) MADE IN THE USA - This is a HUGE plus for me..if you're reading this from the US it should be a huge plus for YOU.
    3) Directions - The directions weren't the best I have seen, but I was able to get the box built in about an hour. I am network security professional, not a carpenter. If your a carpenter, and cant put this box together in under an hour, lets just say I wont be hiring you to build my next house.
    4) Ordered the unit on a Monday, had it within 4 days. (Not bad for free shipping)
    5) Good luck trying to find a better product at home depot, Lowes, or sears.
    1) This unit could use a means of measurement. Nothing that a good imagination couldn't fix.
    2) Miter gauge?? I thought I read somewhere that this unit came with a miter gauge. (It doesn't)

    ALL in ALL this is a great unit. Made of rock solid laminated wood, not chip board, or china tin foil. I would recommend this unit to anyone who is interested in a router table....more info
  • Great table, not so good instructions, and no customer service
    I recently purchased this table from amazon and the shipping was quick and it arrived timely and in great shape. There are plenty of good reviews here to read so I won't go into a lot of detail about the table itself. It is well built and is a very good table for the $.

    I will just share my experience with the table since it arrived. First, the instructions are not accurate. There are several steps in which the picture does not match the parts. Particularly, the bit guard in the box does not match the one listed in the manual and the subfence construction is completely different. Its like they updated or changed parts on this model and didn't bother changing the instructions. Nothing wrong with the subfence itself, it just doesn't match the book and makes it unclear how to put it together.

    Most importantly, there were a couple parts missing from the box I received. The hex wrenches that are supposedly supplied were not included; no big deal since I had plenty. The dust port was missing as well as the whole set of bolts used to attach the router plate to the router. So I emailed benchdog from their website requesting the missing parts and also included some suggestions for the manual. Its been a week now and I have yet to hear anything from them at all.

    All in all, this is a great table if you don't have to deal with benchdog and you actually get all the parts that are supposed to be included. This may be an isolated incident for all I know but I just wanted to share my experience for what it's worth. ...more info
  • If you need a miter gauge for this table...
    Just received & assembled this puppy. Looks great, haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Just one relatively minor gripe regarding Amazon's Product Description (as of March 8, 2007) for it. Amazon states (twice) that a miter gauge is included with this unit. It is NOT. The enclosed assembly instructions in the box even state specifically that the miter gauge is not included. The aluminum track for the miter gauge is included, but not the gauge itself. Had to order one separately after the fact. This isn't a deal breaker, and no fault on Bench Dog's part (their included hardware documentation is accurate). My 4-star rating for this item would be 5-stars otherwise. Just thought other shoppers might like to know to buy a miter gauge separately, if they don't already have one. Aside from this, I'm looking forward to using this thing. Looks like it'll be nice.

    I've submitted feedback to Amazon to correct their Product Description info.
    ...more info
  • great addition to the workshop
    I ordered this a week after the Bosch 1617EVSPK router combo it. It arrived within a couple of days and took about 2.5 hours to assemble. There are a lot of screw, nuts, bolt etc so I think it is worth the time to lay them out at the beginning like the diagram of the parts included, this speeds up finding the parts significantly when assembly begins. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and everything lined up great. The finish router table looks wonderful, I could probably put it in my lounge as it would be the nicest furniture I own, kind of a shame to get it dusty.
    My router took a month to arrive so I was eager to hook it up. The 1617EVS fixed base router fits directly to the table inserts predrilled hole so no drilling was necessary and there is enough clearance in the cabinet to make all the necessary adjustments without having to remove the router. The fence adjustment is easy but I have not found the best way to make multiple parrallel routes, I am currently using a square running along the fence and squaring it to the cabinet top, the instruction says use a square against the miter which I do not have yet. I could see this as the one benefit of having a router table attachment on a table saw, you can use the table saw fence to truley square up the workpiece effortlessly.
    So very happy with the purchase and hope to get many years worth of fun out it it....more info
  • Great product - Great Customer Service!!
    Bought the router table a couple of weeks ago. I received my order within 3 days from Amazon. Upon opening the box, found the table to be a quality product - good quality materials, well engineered, and most importantly, a well written instruction manual. I put the table together in less than 2 hours, and did not rush by any means. By far the most difficult and time-consuming part was leveling the router plate, and that only took about 30 minutes. After I used it the first time, I discovered that the aluminum fence was slightly bent/warped. I wasn't too concerned, as this is the sort of thing that seems to happen to me (oh the stories!), and I called Bench Dog directly. I left a message and received a call within an hour. I took some photos of the extrusion later that evening and e-mailed them. I received a reply the next morning that they would be sending a replacement, and I had it two days later. The extrusion was perfectly straight; however, I was most impressed with the quick response from Bench Dog, as in my experience that is rare. Please note that it is my opinion the warped extrusion was just bad luck and not sign of a faulty product. Their service has made me a cutomer for life.

    C. Everett...more info
  • Great Product.
    Quick and easy set-up (90 minutes). High quality construction and materials. I would recommend it for anyone. ...more info
  • Top dog from Bench dog
    Small and looks flimsy. However, this router table is very impressive. Fence is sturdy and is as much flat as 0.002". Table is also super flat and does not bend even when 50 Lb board is sliding over it. I integrated this table within large homemade one, bought Woodpecker's router lift and now long and wide boards can be routed easily and accurate.
    Finally, this table obviously will not match Incra systems; but it is good enough for literally every type of routing, except generation of complicated joints such as box, dovetail and so on.
    ...more info
  • Exceptional Compact Router Table
    Ordered on Sunday, received it on Thursday with the free shipping. After far too many months of research and "thinking" about it, I finally made the choice to go with the ProTop Contractor for its size and cost. Good decision. The quality is exceptional. Took a couple of hours and a couple of beers to assemble, but even that was a pleasure. The instructions were clear and everything fit and aligned perfectly. The laminated plywood construction is sound and finish better than I expected. The top is suitably flat and the plate leveled out perfectly without much effort at all.

    No complaints, but a couple of suggestions for Bench Dog and other buyers...
    1. I really wish the router plate had a larger opening with inserts to adjust the size down to zero clearance.
    2. I'd prefer the dust collection outlet to have a fitting to attach the suction hose rather than the simple hole.
    3. While easy enough to add, I'd have paid another $20 for an integrated (side mounted) power switch.

    All that said, I am now an enthusiastic Bench Dog fan and customer. This is absolutely the best small router table you can buy for this price....more info
  • Dust Collection Port Issue
    Have to say it took a little bit of time to put together but nothing too hard or too vague. Mine didn't include hex wrenches but they were standard and I had them so no big deal. What is a bigger deal is the dust collection port.

    I plan on doing dust collection via shop vac. Mine has a standard 2 1/2 inch hose which according to Bench Dog is supposed to fit their dust collection port. It does not. I took the port with me to The Home Depot, Lowes and Sears but could not find a 2 1/2 inch hose that would fit it. So much for standard. I called Bench Dog support and it seems they have been acquired by Rockler. Rockler has revised the port and while I had the newer one some were made with a smaller ID. Seems like someone forgot to tell mfg that the wall thickness was supposed to go on the outside and not the inside of the opening. They sent me the revised one. That took two weeks because the first time the order didn't go out. After waiting the normal time to call, they said oh, gee it didn't ship so will try again. They included a free set of hold downs as compensation and this time it did ship. But it still doesn't fit any hose I could find. The ID is exactly 2 1/4 inches. That is what a standard 2 1/2 inch hose fitting is supposed to be apparently. However it is actually about 2 5/16 with most being fitted into a 2 3/8 coupling. So if the Rockler people would have made this at least 2 5/16 or 2 3/8 things would be fine. I ended up buying a 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 adapter, cutting the 1 1/4 part off and duct taping the rest to the dust port. Works fine. I suppose I could have sanded my hose end down some as well.

    The table works fine. Nice and solid, etc. Would have been nice if they would have included an external switch as it is obviously unsafe to open the door to turn off the router. Using a Triton router and had to drill holes to mount. Bench Dog includes a paper template with the proper hole spacing. These were accurate so that was a non-event to do.

    I would give the table a 5 if this review was just confined to that part. Having to fool with the dust port because they can't check the fit on a hose by buying and trying a few before spec'ing and the lack of an external switch makes this just average for the cost. Even Bosch on a less expensive table includes a switch and presumably a dust port that fits a shop vac hose....more info