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DEWALT DW7080 Extension System, for DW703, DW706, and DW708
List Price: $46.75

Our Price: $24.95

You Save: $21.80 (47%)


Product Description

Secure your DEWALT DW703, DW706, and DW708 miter saws with the DW7080 extension system. With the innovative flat top, this extension provides more stability than the traditional curved bar. Its easy to collapse by simply moving it underneath the saw base and includes self tapping screws for security. The DW7080 comes with a pair of 20 in rods, an end plate, and hardware to mount.

Customer Reviews:

  • These are fine but the saw is lame when using them
    I bought two of these but Dewalt designed them and the saw poorly.
    Holes on both sides of the saw are in the exact same place so when you put in both, they can only be pushed in half way, so they stick out.

    They also fit sloppy, not something I would expect from Dewalt.

    What they should have done is offset the holes so they could be pushed in for storage. Other saws do this, its not hard.

    Other than that, they work fine....more info
  • Nice extension -- but buy 2.
    This is a very nice, high-quality extension. It is wider, and has a flat top on the support (opposed to the curved bar on most miter-saw extensions). In addition, it is longer than the extensions you typically receive with a 10" miter saw. The screws to secure it are self-tapping, which is explained in the instructions, so be prepared for that. I use it with the DW703. The only reason that I didn't rate it 5 stars is that if you want support on both sides, you need to purchase 2 of the DW7080's. This gets a bit pricey, considering many saws come with extensions included. A partial solution to this is to purchase the DW703K, which includes one extension for the same price as the DW703. Overall, however, the combination of a DeWalt saw and these extensions are well worth the price....more info
  • Think twice if you have 703 saw
    DeWalt claims the DW7080 is also right for the 703 saw, but as with the reviewer with the 706 saw, it does not slide into the base of a 703. I feel this detracts greatly from the usefulness of the unit. Also, the "self-tapping" screws that secure the extension to the saw base are very poor. One screw went in with a GREAT deal of effort, the other I could not get in far enough to clamp down on the rod it is supposed to retain. Anybody have a Torx driver with a breaker bar on it? It otherwise is a well constructed unit. Go for it if you have a 708 saw and a T-30 driver w/mechanical advantage....more info
  • Good, but could've been better
    This extension system adds a work support which extends up to 20 inches from either side of the saw. In addition, it's required if you plan on using the DW7051 adjustable length stop. On the plus side, the unit appears to be quite sturdy and it does stow neatly underneath the saw when not in use. On the minus side, the extension rails interfere with the clamping mechanism of the DW730 workstation making it difficult to mount this accessory on the saw if the saw is mounted on the DW730 (it can be done - a small stack of washers under the DW730 clamp knob makes enough clearance for the DW7080 extension rod). The extension also interferes with the rear stabilizer bars on the saw - you'll have to have to rear stabilizers pulled all the way out for the DW7080 to slip into the saw base. Lastly, the holes for the setscrews which secure the DW7080 are not tapped in the base casting of the saw - be sure you have a sturdy T-30 Torx driver to install the "TapTite" screws (the tool which comes with the saw has a T-30 driver on one end)....more info
  • Extension System - Not For A DeWalt 706
    I purchased the DeWalt DW7080 Extension System for my new DeWalt 706 Dual Compound Miter Saw. While I was very impressed with the tolerances and quality of the 706, the extension system will not work properly. The 7080 system is made for the 708 saw but DeWalt said in their product brochure and on this site that it is the right one for the 706. This is incorrect, as the extension system will not store under the saw. It seems the saw lacks the proper clearance under the saw table to store the system. The base casting needs to be modified by DeWalt to make this work. This means that every time you use the system, you must take it on and off and store it somewhere. I called DeWalt and after some research they agreed with me. In my opinion, based on the lack of ajustability for short stock, this makes the extension system worthless and diminishes the Model 706 saw....more info
  • Works well
    has a limit on how long this stop will allow you to cut mutiple pieces. For very long work it won't work....more info
  • questionable description
    As always the quality is great, but you only receive one arm in the package. Just want to make you aware....more info