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Settlers of Catan Card Game
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Product Description

In the Catan Card Game, you control a group of settlers taming the lands of medieval Catan. Use the unique card mix to create a map of your own principality, then explore and settle new lands, acquiring resources through card play and the luck of the dice. Make use of gold and resource combinations to develop your domain. Expand your settlements and cities, recruit knights, and defend your territory through politics, tournaments and intrigue. Cunning and a dash of luck decides who will be the undisputed master of Catan!

With a beautifully designed deck of cards, playing pieces, dice, and instruction book, it's no wonder this card game was nominated in Germany for Game of the Year in 1997. The game pits two players against each other as rival clans vying for Catan, a territory in medieval Europe. By using cunning, the resources of their domains, and the lucky roll of dice, the players compete to see who will be the ruler. There are attacks by brigands, knightly tournaments, merchants, spies, and civil wars. Events in the game are presented through event cards, which can bring plague or prosperity to the clans. Strategy and foresight will win the day, but even the loser will enjoy learning about the life and culture of medieval times. Young players will need patience to learn and play. --Lee Strucker

  • Players control a group of settlers taming the lands of medieval Catan.
  • Use the unique card mix to create a map of your own principality, then explore and settle new lands, acquiring resources through card play and the luck of the dice.
  • Cunning and a dash of luck decides who will be the undisputed master of Catan!
  • For 2 Players
  • Ages 10 and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Catan game if there are only 2 of you!
    My husband and I LOVE games and bought Settlers of Catan, only to realize too late it requires at least 3 players. Bummer. So we tried this card game version and are totally hooked. We can't compare it to the board game (since we've yet to play it) but we can't stop playing this game. It does take some table room, but not a lot more than the board game, as one reviewer complained. I agree that there are some gaps in the rules, but we've had no problem coming up with what would be reasonable solutions. And I agree with the reviewer who said it's bad for your marriage - we've been known to stop speaking to each other over a well-timed Spy card or a vicious Brigand attack. The best thing about this game, however, is that it is the perfect combination of stratgey and luck. You cannot win without both, which makes for a great game....more info
  • Catan Card Game
    Amazing game! As good as the board game. Definitely recommend. I bought this as a gift because I love the board game but this only requires two people. Although it requires a lot of table space it is well worth it. ...more info
  • Disappointment!
    I ordered this product for my husband and they sent me the wrong game! The game was supposed to be new, but what they sent me was already opened, there were scuff marks all over and even game pieces had been previously opened and cards were wrapped with rubber bands. When I contacted the company to let them know that they had sent me the wrong item, they were very polite, but did not even have the product that I had ordered. Very frustrating, especially since I paid for the shipping and it took longer for the item to arrive than it did for the free shipping items I had also ordered! ...more info
    This game is highly addictive. I got this for Christmas and we played it non-stop for the whole weekend. Many different cards and ways to gain points make this game a little more complex than the board game. After playing it a couple times, you get the hang of strategies needed to win and can pick it up pretty easily. ...more info
  • FINALLY!! It's Available in English!
    I started playing this game in it's original German version. Which, went through some revision as the expansion decks were put out. As a result, the english version may end up being a little more together as you get the expansion decks. Talk about a wonderful game to play for two people! It is absolutely well put together, though certainly different in playing than the boardgame version of Catan. It uses the same notions, but has a far more dynamic involvement within the game play itself. The expansion packs are absolutely great, and overall add lots of options and twists to the play of the game. IT takes a couple of hours, and a signicant amount of table space. It travels well enough in it's box, but to actually play it you need time and lots of space.
    I highly recommend it, especially if you are only two people and looking for a game that you can play that is fun, involving, and certainly full of strategy. This is one of the many wonderful games made by Klaus Teuber, and I hope he keeps coming up with winners!...more info
  • Fun game, bad for your marriage
    If you like the full Settler's of Catan game you will love the card game. Same idea, slightly different rules. It is great to pass time in an airport.
    A friend told us it was bad for your marriage though and were they ever right. We hardly ever fight, but after a few hands of this game we are barely speaking. its still a great game, just be prepared to get pissed off at your opponent....more info
  • A Wonderful, Deep Two-Player Game
    This is a great game for two players (and two players only). The first one or two times I played, it was very, very slowgoing because there is a lot to take in. However, once you adapt to the numerous cards and they become familiar to you, games tend to take about an hour. It's a fairly involved game, so you have to be in the mood for that. There's a lot of strategy and many ways to win. I greatly recommend it for those who already enjoy playing games. It might be daunting for a really casual gamer, though. If you like it, there are now expansion sets available that add lots of spice and variety to the original....more info
  • Thumbs-up from the wife of a Settlers fanatic!
    First and foremost, the Catan card game is a game that I, as only a semi-fan of the other Settlers games, really love! My husband's a huge Settler's fan (he has them all) and he loves the card game too.

    What I like:
    1. The card game doesn't seem to take as long to play as the regular games.
    2. The card game is set up so that you receive at least one resource on every roll (that is huge for me, b/c in the other games, I get really grumpy when I have a run of "bad luck" i.e. no resources for a couple turns...haha).
    3. There's a wider variety of buildings you can build, as well as more "action" cards, with new actions that aren't in the other games, which, to me, makes it more interesting.

    Things to be aware of:
    1. This is a 2-person game only, although I've heard that you can buy an expansion set for it.
    2. Even though this is a card game, you need a large space to play this game (even a little larger than regular Settlers, I think maybe). We spread out over our whole dining room table when we play.
    3. There's a few guidelines that are different from the regular game (like the fact that it takes TWO bricks and a wood to build a road, instead of ONE brick and a wood, there's others but I can't remember them at the moment).

    So, overall, love this game! My husband doesn't have to beg me to play it, like he does with Settlers, Seafarers and Cities and Knights. Perfect for Settlers fanatics and casual players alike....more info
  • Not regular settlers but great if you can't find other players
    If you crave settlers and have a hard time finding others to play with, this downgraded version is sure curve your fix. Don't get me wrong...this is no substitute for the real're better off going to and playing the knock off free version called "Xplorers" but this game will definitely satisfy. Have fun!...more info
  • Totally Addictive
    We were given this game as a gift and were so addicted we purchased the board game version which is even more fun (but better for 3+ players). Anyone who visits at our house gets hooked as well. The card game is good for 2 players and makes a good gift at about $15-20, the board game is more like $30-40. We have also invested in some of the expansion sets and a computer version. Don't let the rules bog you down in the begining, you will enjoy this game!...more info
  • Good game...
    When I ordered the card game, I was hoping it would be like the standard board game. This is not the case. Initially my fiance and I weren't entirely sure we enjoyed the game but having played it a few times, we're hooked!

    An average game seems to take about 75 minutes to complete. I still have yet to win a game as I seem to be too caught up in the newness of the game to be concerned with strategy (at least that's what I'm telling myself!).

    In terms of fun, I still prefer the board game but the card game is a nice alternative when you're lacking a third player....more info
  • Great for 30 year olds too!
    I just went and bought the expansion card set (five new themes!) and am looking forward to adding these cards into the basic game. A kid at the local game store told me about the board game, but I was looking for a two-person game that I could take on vacation with me & my fiance to Paris. It's a very compact game to pack, but don't try & play it on a plane as space is required to set up the cards. A bed, floor, or table is perfect. Anyhow, this game is a lot of fun and allows various defensive & offensive strategies to be tested (i.e. build knight strength &/or commercial enterprise, build towns & cities, use spies or libraries etc.), includes some luck, and a good memory. Each game I've played has been pretty close, and so it retains its value over time. It takes up at least two or so hours, but the time limit can be adjusted by limiting the victory point total. All in all, a great alternative way to spend an evening at home, or abroad late into the night with your significant other hiding out from nasty (dollar-euro) exchange rates!...more info
  • Challenging and fun
    Beware! This is the 2-player version of this addictive game, the other one (for 3-6 players) is the board game.

    Last week I played this game for the first time at a friend's. We are both game enthusiasts and she had told me some stories about it. It sounded pretty complicated and it is, but once you have dicovered the rules, it is real fun. You start with 2 villages and a road and the idea is to expand your territory by building new settlements, expanding settlements, protecting your crops etc.

    The game is far less complicated than all those far too complicated games which are now available on CD-rom and normally speaking you can finish a game in about 2 hours or so. It asks for stategic thinking, but also for a degree of luck because of the dices involved which may completely upset the game.

    Apart from the strategic thinking, you can also really upset the other person by attacking, stealing crops and buildings, which is just good fun and that is what playing games is all about. Another advantage is that the game box is not heavy and does not take a lot of space, so probably an excellent game to take with you on holiday to while away those long hot evenings. So all in all I can really recommend this game....more info

  • Great for a GameDate night
    My wife and I received this game for Christmas last year. Here it is almost a year later and we never played. We both love Settlers of Catan but find it challenging to find that third or fourth person. The card game fills the void wonderfully.

    We were surprised by how much room you need to play the game. I find that the pace of our games tend to be pretty fast. There is little down time with the two of us playing. Having said that the game still takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. The variety in cards and methods of winning keeps the game fun and challenging.

    If you enjoy the SoC experience you will certainly enjoy the card game. A great game when you just can't find that third person!...more info
  • Settlers of Catan Card Game
    Overall, this is a fun game for two players. It has some differences from Setters of Catan and even some elements of the Cities and Knights expansion. It also has some similaritis with San Juan, the card game version of Puerto Rico. The first time we played it took a little while to learn the rules, but the second game went much quicker. It does take a lot of floor/table space to play, but is easy to set up and clean up since there are not lots of little playing pieces. The playing pieces are just cards, two dice, a windmill token, and a knight token. There is some chance in the game from the dice rolls, and then you must use strategy to plan and play. ...more info
  • Friday night!
    I love this game! My husband and I actually choose to stay in on a Friday night to play it. It's also a great alternative to sacking out in front of the tube. The only problem is, I have yet to win a game!...more info
  • Fun two player game
    This card-based version of the Catan game is a lot of fun. Part of the fun is figuring out the best strategy to use and trying out different strategies. The game is very replayable and great if you want the Settlers of Catan experience with only two players. The materials are high quality and the instructions are easy to follow. ...more info