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Metal Gear Solid
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You are Solid Snake, a superspy who's half James Bond, half Snake Plissken, and you are mean. Your mission isn't terribly new (infiltrate a terrorist base and blow everything up), but the gameplay is: your numerous enemies are watching for you, and you are encouraged to sneak rather than simply charge in. Every level brings new challenges. You fight snipers, invisible ninjas, psychic warriors, and even an M-1 tank! As the father of the modern spy game genre, this game is an instant classic.

Your allies and superiors speak to you via a cool, implanted radio, monitoring your progress, offering tips--but failing to give you the full story. The combination of a mysterious and engaging plot and high in-game tension makes this a thrilling ride. Campy humor also abounds as you rescue beautiful women, verbally spar with your allies, and blow up enemies in the bathroom. A user-friendly control interface allows for sniping, hiding, crawling, and running, and the graphics leave nothing to be desired. If you like espionage, spy movies, or just want to own and play a piece of gaming history, then this is a must have. Metal Gear Solid is one of the all-time greats. Game tip: Secretly attach plastic explosives behind an enemy, sneak out of the room, and see what happens. --Allen Stewart


  • Story well-integrated into gameplay
  • Stealth favored over brute force
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Puzzles can be frustrating
  • Torture scene too intense for younger gamers
  • Lightly Armed and facing an army of foes, Snake must avoid firefights in order to survive.
  • If Snake can locate them he can utilize advanced hardware, ranging from silenced pistols to ground-to-air missiles.
  • Enemies react to sight and sound - so stay quiet and stay in the shadows.
  • State-of-the-art graphics, textures, transparencies, models & explosions.
  • Taut, gripping story with multiple endings - a truly cinematic experience.

Customer Reviews:

  • This isn't just a game.
    It's a cinematic experience of great glory. The graphics hold up today (despite what some foolish naysayers on here say) and the gameplay is, per Hideo Kojima's standard, brilliant. Plus, it doesn't have an absolutely horrible storyline like MGS2. In fact, it has one of the single deepest and most engrossing storylines ever.

    Buy this. Not the new Gamecube remake. This....more info

  • This hasn't aged particularly well, but.....
    After eight years without a new Metal Gear game, this franchise got it's third entry with Metal Gear Solid. The graphics have not aged well at all. Textures are very pixellated, animation is very jerky, and the framerate can get rather slow at times. The audio, however, has lots of great dialogue, combined with a catchy musical score.

    The gameplay is based around stealth. You are Solid Snake, a spy working for a secret agency whose objective is to stop a device called Metal Gear, and save a couple of old guys. The story is deeper than that, of course, but in a nutshell, that's it. The controls, while laid out well, can be very unresponsive at times. The game itself is very fun (sneaking around to either get past or silently eliminate enemies), but is very easy to complete, and take away all of the cinematics and dialogue (12 hours of it all!), and you've got just three hours of gameplay.

    Metal Gear Solid hasn't aged well at all, but is still very fun and happens to be a nice collector's piece for fans of the series. But should you start here? No, grab a GameCube and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (a next-gen remake of this) instead, then grab Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on the PS2 or the Xbox. ...more info
  • 2nd favorite game of all time
    I saw the word greatest hits and I was ashamed. Why do they always ruin every game box with that stupid green bar on the left telling people its a greatest hits. Mabye they will make more money, wrong...

    Anyways, the actual game is my 2nd favorite of all time. Not easy to get onto my list but this game does it. I was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 the other day and realized that it can never compare with what this game has achieved.

    You are Snake, the operative who must go in a nuclear testing facility held by terrorists. Snake goes in by stealth, and must fight numerous villians. All the villians in this game are extremely well done with voice acting and great personalitys. I can't find big complaints at all with the game.

    The game is so good that they are making the remake for Game Cube, and possibly other systems. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. Anyways, the game has music that probably for me basically tops final fantasy 7, just because it is original and fits the mood perfectly. Every character has perfect voice and personalitys, so the voice acting never gets old. I've played the game like 8 times, and I loved it every minute.

    The bad point is the backtracking, but it is really short and is always for a reason. You backtrack usually with a goal in mind. And you will usually backtrack like a mofo on halloween. Meaning really fast to get your candy. And every time you do it(like 3 times in the game) you will get to listen to juicy codec calls that unravel more story bits and liven it up.

    I love calling Cambell(who is a great character) on the codec to see what he has to say. It always seems to be different and intellectual. He can also give you hints, and the other characters on your codec play major roles.

    The best part about this game is the story. Honestly, RPG's have the best storys, but this game can top almost any rpg in story. We learn about 2 snakes, and how they believe things. Liquid Snake.... he talks about being a flawed snake and such, and whenever he talks it's always interesting to the point where I want to hear it every game.

    With story comes philosophy. This isn't the matrix where we have a man called morpheous talk about philosophy in some crazy underground rave. This is Solid Snake and others being honest. Solid Snake has some of the best views on life. He's like a rebel without a cause. His lines are thought provoking and are probably things that someone could base their life off of. Live life is probably the best message he tells and can give, and this philosophy is rare in video games today.

    The fighting is cool, and bosses offer challenges and fun. I would reccomend this game to anyone. You will get your moneys worth from this game, and I hope you enjoy it. But one more thing, lets not forget what you must do. Buy the game for playstation not computer. On computer they like changed the skins around or so ive seen in screenshots. Solid Snake looks alot younger, and alot less vigilante like and stuff. Get it on playstation to truly expierience it....more info

    Very very very boring game! The graphics are nice and all but I don't want to watch a movie when my intentions are "I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE FREAKING GAME!" Whoever thought of putting long cut scenes on a game is retarded....more info
  • Totally Awesome
    There's nothing new that I could possibly say about this game, other than it's really, really great....more info

    torture scene too intense for younger gamers...

    That idiot who wrote that must not have been aware this is a Mature rated game...more info
    I play it almost every day!!! I love the single player and VR training too its so fun! everyone with a psone should buy this game!...more info
  • this game started it all 4 me
    this was introduced 2 me from a friend imediately i fell in love with not only the game but its realistic story.i wonder how hideo cums up with them i hav all the games.this game made me hunt 4 the nes and msx original games as well.i have snakes revenge also(which has no connection 2 the metal gear saga whatsoever but i got it 2 hav them all)and the gameboy color and all the other games released so far....i can't wait 4 mgs4 to cum out!!!!!!!!!!u gotta get this game...who knows maybe u'll complete the collection like me...more info
  • My Revew
    Beautiful moves, with tactical weapons:sniper riffle, socom, stingers,nikata launcher, c4, stun and chaff grenadas. boxs for hidding, solid snake goes thhrough each level trying to complete the misson for each level with the help of his friends and also enemies, helping to fight against his brothers and father, trying to destroy metal gear....more info
  • Best. Game. EVER.
    Okay. Now I am sure that a lot of people right now can dissagree on what I have sad about this being THE best game ever, but this is a review where I share my own opinion. If you haven't played the games before 'Solid', don't worry about it. You'll understand the plot just fine. Hey, I haven't played the previous ones and i don't plan to. So buy this game. (It's fairly cheap, because it is a PS one game :)Now the plot starts of with an agent from a group called FOXHOUND, to find out what terriosts on an ilsand in Alaska plane to do with a gundam sort thing called "Metal Gear", which is capable of luanching a nuke.

    So here are all the good and mayby even some bad things about the game:

    Graphics: 7/10 Okay, the graphics are nothing to brag about, but this is still a PS one game, so it won't disturb you. But if you are very cautious about what your children play I will just tell you this: This game does get very bloody, and violent, but who cares? I think it makes it more realistic, and sweeter to the non squeemish eye.

    Sound: 10/10 Right on target voice acting, David Hyter (Writer of the X-men two screenplay) plays the perfect Solid Snake, with plenty of grimness in his voice. The gun shots sound great, and there is a big difference when you muffle the noice of you SOCOM pistol with a silencer.

    Plot: 10/10 Brillant. Pure briliant. Plot deserves to be in a a smash hit award winning Hollywood action flick. There is plenty of neat and power-hungry charicters, to keep you ingrossed as possible. Also there is many twists that will make you gasp. Sometimes you might even find a bit of humor.

    Lifespan: 10/10 The game is pretty long on acoount of it has 2 discs, plus a butload of VR missions to keep you satisfied. Every time you play you get somthing new. Like an infinit ammo bandana, an invisible suit called "Stealth Camo", a also a camera, which you can take pitchures with and save them onto your memory card. You will play this game over and over again, because you'll want to get every cool thing, and because it's so much fun. So don't bother renting it, and go buy it now. You won't regret it....more info

  • I was blown away!!
    There is a reason many(like me)consider this game to be the best psx,nay,best game ever.In fact there are many reasons.One reason is the incredible story.The story is phenominal.You play as Solid Snake infaltrating a base in Alaska.Your mission is to save to very important hostages and destroy the most dangerous weapon on Earth,Metal Gear.The voice actors are fantastic.Nothing short of superb.The story is loaded with wise sayings,interesting characters,humor(a little),romance,sadness,and fear.
    Another reason is the fantastic gameplay.The stealth is something innovative and welcome.You really shouldn't shoot everyone(no matter how tempting)because they will call for back-up and most likely kill you.Weapons are fun to use and items help make it easier to go along.
    The A.I. is superb.Each character has a field of vision and if caught they will call for back-up and you will a) die or b)run and hide.I never knew PSX A.I. could be so advanced.
    The graphics are good by today's standards.But back wen this game came out no detail was spared.
    This game may be loved wide-spread but in my opinion not the right choice for everyone.Thanks for reading!...more info
  • hmmmmmmmm.........maybe best game ever i love it to die for
    i bout this due to al do votes and ratings to this game so me and my dad when to pick the game up man this is a great game good story line and gameplay its realy good becou of the story and its well kep you for more okay rating time





    overall.... get this game its real good

    bye hope you like it...more info

  • Brilliant, possibly the best action game ever created...
    Metal gear solid has the most complex and often perplexing storyline I have ever seen in a video game, hands down. It will always have you on your toes, literally. I have seen many movies, and I can honestly say this game has a better storyline than most movies. Here is what you need to know..

    Graphics- 100/100 The graphics were top of the line when this game first came out, and even to this day they look great. There is so much detail to every aspect of the game, and even compared to most newer games, this game wins out. Back when I first played it in about early 2000 or so, the graphics were the best the playstation had to offer, and that's a year or so after this game came out, which is pretty astonishing. There is even a scene where Snake is in the girls bathroom, and there is a mirror which perfectly reflects everything. I mean, back when this game came out that was a pretty big feat both graphically and attention wise. Most games just don't pay the kind of attention this game does.

    Sound- 100/100 Perfect. Just flawless. There isn't much of an actual soundtrack, but the music is incredibly atmospheric and will make you feel like you are Solid Snake, infiltrating a nuclear base. The voice-overs are the best I have ever seen in a video game. Solid Snakes voice over is perfect, and just about everyone elses fits their personality and there image. Otacon's fits him perfectly, so do Meryl's and Liquid Snake's.
    Seriously though, this game has incredible sound and has never been surpassed by any action game to date.

    Gameplay- 100/100 I have heard people complain about the poor camera views limiting the gameplay, but in my opinion, the camera views perfectly fit this game and the game wouldn't be the same without them. Sure, it would have been nice to have a first person perspective while using the weapons, but it's all the same to me. I think it is perfectly fine having to shoot enemies in a third person view, and it works better with the type of graphics that it has. When you are spotted, enemies will storm in from all directions to stop you, something that seperates this game from all others. This game gives you good reason to want to play it safe, but still allows you you have some action packed fun as well, if you want to take a chance that is. Also, this game has an incredible storyline but doesn't throw it in your face all the time. MGS2 drags the storyline on eccesively and bores you with excruciatingly long cut scenes and codec conversations. I remember using the square button to skip most of the cut scenes in MGS2. The problem with MG2 is that the storyline is too complex for the good of the game. I mean, much of it is pointless grubble and the game bores you by making you listen to conversations about crap that doesn't apply necessarily to the main storyline, making it a waste of time. This game, however, truly has a wonderful , complex storyline that you will WANT to watch and listen to. Every conversation and cut scene adds to the game flawlessly, so you will probably never get bored, although I am sure you will find yourself reading the codec conversations manually instead of listening to the people talk, since they tend to talk rather slowly and take up a bit too much gameplay.

    Overall- 100/100 This game is as perfect as it gets, and I have beaten it at least 15 times, if not more. Even to this day it is a pleasure to play, and I don't think it will get old any time soon. ...more info
  • The best game there will ever be.
    I was thinking about getting a ps2, but after getting this game for about 5 bucks I have changed my mind. The new small psones are dope and the playstation engine still remains the best, i like it. This is a game that soldifies psone as a legitamite syestem and i was glad i played it. The graphics were good and the storytelling the best. Hard at times but its a great feeling to succede against some of these bosses. Great game, get it....more info
  • A Classic
    Metal Gear Solid is a wonderful game. I got it just recently, and it is very fun. Although one must bear with the graphics, this game makes the player feel as if they were within the game, as few video games can. It is certainly one of the best games for the playstation, and probably even one of the best games for even the playstation 3, which is the platform I run it on. It is a game where the player has to solve many puzzles by themselves, with little help, but most of the problems in the game sort themselves out....more info
  • Sniper wolf
    if you haven't already guessed it i love this game there are so many different charaters like snake and sniper wolf who wouldn't play this game it rocks hard core. :~)...more info
  • very good, but has a few flaws
    This was a decent game. Probably one of the first of its kind, so that gets it major points. It's a little on the short side (5 hours total if you watch all the cinematics and take your time) and the difficulty takes dramatic leaps and falls throughout the game, making adaptation difficult. The graphics are absolutely horrible, but maybe i'm just spoiled by my ps2. The voice quality isn't bad for a game as old as this one and the moves and strategy you can use are all immensely helpful (as opposed to some games that give you neat moves that have absolutely no application in the game). Very original....more info
  • one of the best for the PSX and possibly of all time
    When I heard there was to be a Metal Gear game released on the Playstation, I was happy. I had been a long time fan of the series from the very first game on the NES and even through the crappy Snake's Revenge. I didn't know if that next generation of gamers would know anything about the series, but I was hoping for a good game. My expectations were surpassed beyond anything I could have hoped for. Not only was Metal Gear Solid a good game, it was a great game. Metal Gear Solid is one of the best games (if not the best game) on the Playstation and it should take its place as one of the top games of all time.

    While previous Metal Gear games had suggested that stealth was the way to go, and other games had used the concept, I had never seen stealth developed as well as it was in Metal Gear Solid. It was not only a good idea, it was the only way to go. You needed to avoid enemies (as best you could) to be able to make it through the game. When you killed an enemy, you had to do it in a way that nobody saw you or heard you. Metal Gear Solid is called a Tactical Espionage game, and it means just that. You are a spy and spies should not be seen or heard.

    Like the other Metal Gear games, you play as Solid Snake (now the legendary Solid Snake). It is your mission to infiltrate the Shadow Moses Island in Alaska, rescue a hostage and see what is going on. From the moment that you begin the game, what you know is being tested and your place in the story is being escalated quickly. You are handed a lot of information about the plot and the reasons behind everything. This game has some very memorable scenes and memorable enemies. Overall, this is one of the best games on the system and I would recommend it to anybody....more info

    INTRODUCTION: Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998 and it became instantly famous. It's great graphics, (for the time) wonderful story, and its fun gameplay made it a hit!

    GAMEPLAY: You are Solid Snake, and you have to infiltrate through a huge terrorist base threatening the US for money and Big Boss's remains. You have to be sneaky and stealthy, for if a guard catches you, a hoard of enemies will come and try to find and kill you, so be careful.

    You will also get some cool weapons, like the Socom, which is a powerful gun, and the Nikita, a remote-controlled missile launcher.

    Boss fights are fun and unique, from the gun-duel with Revolver Ocelot, to fighting a tank and helicopter on foot, to having a fistfight with a robotic ninja, the bosses are awesome.

    In the game you will get a camera, which allows you to take pictures and discover ghosts. But you need a block per picture.

    If you ever get stuck, contact your buddies on Codec, a cool communication system that allows you to talk to people like the General, Mei-Ling, (who saves your game) Master, (who looks like Wesker off Resident Evil) and more.

    One more thing, the torture event. You have to tap circle rapidly to restore your health. You can submit, but if you do, Meryl, the hot, tough, woman that Snake loves, dies. Ocelot says if you use auto-fire, he'll know. He's lying. Turbo controllers are safe and are necessary for this part.

    GRAPHICS: Well, it looks like standard Playstation graphics. Polygonal and grainy. But it was good for the time.

    MUSIC: The music in the game is very suspenseful and catchy. Especially the boss music. Better than the remake's.

    SOUND: The voices are very well done, and the sounds are pretty great, too.

    STORY: The story unfolds through cinema-style cutscenes, (Which were new for gaming at the time) and Codec calls. The story is very rich and greatly crafted, if not a bit confusing.

    OVERALL: One awesome game which is a must have for your collection. Also, get the sequels and the remake, The Twin Snakes. I love this game.
    ...more info
  • Best game ever
    I played this game when it first came out in 1998 and now over two decades later i can still say that it is the best game i have ever played. Definitely the best series ever. Why? do you ask. On top of having great action and gameplay, it has INTENSE cutscenes that are still up to today's standards, (considering the somewhat lower detail due to it being a playstation one game) and what's more it delves much deeper than just what you see, there are many ideals and themes of morality that are very prevalent and lend to the other games quite nicely. If you ask me what my favorite metal gear game is, this would be number one, and every other metal gear game would tie at number two. (It's much too difficult to pick between any of them) Bottom line great midpoint for Snakes story which is arguably the best place to start the series. Buy it, Love it and most importantly learn and have fun....more info
  • The best game plot I've ever seen
    WOW!!! I played this game at a friends house a long time ago, and couldn't stop! I HAD to find it somewhere, or I would go nuts! I bought here,and it was in perfect shape! The characters, plot, and everything is just amazing!! The graphics aren't that good, but what do you expect for a playstation 1 game. Still you don't need good graphics to see the best game ever made, Metal Gear Solid!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The best Playstation game ever
    Metal Gear Solid can be said in three words. Brilliant,Amazing, FUN! Metal Gear Solid is one of Hideo Kojimas finest. It has a very superb plot, Superb characters and lots of great dialoug. Metal Gear Solid was a very hyped up game in 98' and lived up to the hype. I simply loved this game. Metal Gear Solid has bin called by man fans and gamesites as one of the best PS1 Action games. I totally agree and I think it's not only the best Action game but also One of the best games ever created. It has a brilliant story line which I won't bring up since You can find time to read other reviewers since they pretty much tell you. The game is a stealth game. It pretty old Stealth game Acctually, the game is about 7-8 years old. I was one of many Fans to buy this amazing game when it first hit stores. Metal Gear Solid earns its 5 for these things. Story, Gameplay and Villans. The villans in this game are awesome. From the moment you get to the Ocelot fight to getting your hands on Rex You will love this game. Metal Gear solid Has bin one of the most Popular Playstation games and has spawned sequals(ala MGS2 and now Mgs3) And what makes Metal Gear Solid one of the best games is also the fact that Metal Gear Solid has one of the best Storylines in a game. Sure there are some plot holes in the series but Kojima did that for us(the fans) to make our on Theories and to guess and what not once the next one comes out. If you've had a Playstation for a loooong time and don't have Metal Gear Solid in your PS library Then I donno what the hell is wrong with you.

    Metal Gear solid Sums up to these things
    Best Story line in a game
    Some of the best Graphics scene on the PS1(yes it's extreamly out dated but I still love the graphics in this game as it was the best in it's time)
    Great Stealth action
    Amazing Level desighn
    My favorite....The boss battles(just awesome especially the finale with Rex)
    Good Replay value..

    well I guess I should point out that this is a pretty short game. The first time through for me(since I looked around alot)will be maybe 8-10 hours second time through should take 5 hours or less. But that doesn't ruin the game at all

    This game is a masterpiece, everything about it is amazing and it's even better then the remake(I thought it was)

    It all comes down to Metal Gear Solid as one of the best Ps games ever and it totaly earns its...

    5 out of 5 stars....Superb

    Lates......more info
  • Excellent, one of the best
    Metal Gear Solid in my opinion has to be one of the best games I've ever played. This game definately opened alot of door to games as we know them today. This game did to stealth/ action games the same as of what Final Fantasy did to RPG games. Some of the puzzles and a few of the main bosses were pretty tough but everyone should like a challenge and you'll get that with this. Still a great game for it's age and definately worth checking out....more info
  • Metal Gear Solid
    Well this is one game that I love playing and I always will. This game has it all, everything you would expect in a movie. Im talking about true military action which features, VR training, special weapons, and ofcourse the hero and the villains.

    You are Solid Snake, and your mission is to find and eliminate the nuclear war head 'Meatl Gear Rex'. But beware, expect challenges through out your mission, be preared for antthing. Only you have been chosen to attempt this mission and you know you can do it. Prepare yourself for stealth action like you have never seen it before, and experience the life of a genetically born soldier. ...more info
  • Simply the greatest game of all time.
    This is, still, my favorite game. I've played it all the way through 9 times when I got it, and that's not counting the hours and hours and hours I played just messing around with stealth and the bandanna. For a long time, it was my favorite game ever. After a while, when Halo came out, I eventually decided there are a few better games... but I recently played the battle with Grey Fox again and not only is this game the absolute best compared to any other Playstation game, but I honestly cannot think of a better Xbox or GCN game. The 2nd one doesn't even compare. While the gameplay is improved, the storyline is just... bad. And there's Raiden. How can you not play as Snake in a Metal Gear game?

    In summary, there has yet to be a game that's more fun then this one. It has a near-perfect storyline, superb gameplay, top of the line graphics for it's time, and with all the hillarious things you can do, near infinite replayability. Ever since this game came out, there has not been a single game that hasn't had at least one mission where you can't kill anyone and have to sneak around.

    Gameplay: 9.5 (Amazing, but as we can see from the second one it could've been better...)
    Graphics: 9 (for it's time)
    Music: 9.5
    Story: 10
    Replayability: 10...more info

  • The best video game on the face of this Planet!
    This game is one of those games that i cant stop playing. The stories were well written out. The characters are cool. I would strongly recommend you to check this game out if youre into violent games or a fan of the other metal gear games but havent yet played this game. I would rather play this game in one room for a month instead of listening to good charlotte....more info