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Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil
List Price: $109.99

Our Price: $69.99

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Product Description

Step up to a higher level of quality sound. The MDRV6 headphones boost a 40 MM Diameter Driver for Deep, Accurate Bass, a flexible folding design for easy portability and a very comfortable fit. PRODUCT FEATURES: 40 MM Diameter Driver for Deep, Accurate Bass; Circum-Aural Design Reduces Outside Noise; Folding Design for Easy Portability; Oxygen-Free Copper Litz Cord for Low Noise; Stereo UniMatch Plug for Indoor and Outdoor Use; Wide, Padded Headband for Long-Lasting Comfort.

The Sony Monitor Series Headphones are ideal for professional audio artists ranging from DJs to recording engineers. The 40 mm driver delivers deep, accurate bass and broadcasts a broad frequency range. The circum-aural design cuts down outside noise while giving your ears comfort, and reversible swivel earcups also help keep your ears comfortable. A copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil enhances movement of the PET diaphragm, and an oxygen-free copper cord keeps noise down. The cord is 10 feet long, making it easy for you to concentrate on your work rather than being hampered by a tight, restrictive cord.

  • A headset system designed for audio professionals
  • 40 mm drivers deliver accurate sound throughout the frequency range
  • Circum-aural design keeps ears comfortable
  • Reduces noise from the outside world
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire (CCAW) Voice Coil enhances movement of PET diaphragm

Customer Reviews:

  • Believe The Hype
    One can become overwhelmed with the choices in the headphone market. Well, my humble recommendation is to believe all of the positive reviews of these headphones - they are durable (much of them is metal), not to mention they sound fantastic. The bass is clear and stronger than one would anticipate, the highs and mids are believable, and they are very comfortable. One note to consider about these - they reproduce sound EXACTLY as it was recorded. This means that they sound fantastically true to all of your favorite tracks. Unfortunately, if there are mistakes in your music or the bass is poorly recorded (because you were cheap and downloaded your songs illegally) you WILL hear the imperfections that may not otherwise be heard from other speakers. This can be solved by loading your songs with higher quality bitrates. The short of it - I have never heard better headphones, and plan on keeping these for quite a while. One side note - nobody really talks about the construction of these phones. They are metal and plastic (metal in the right places) and you will be very surprised with the solid build of these. The cord is very sturdy where it meets the plug at the end, and it looks as if this is not a problem area (it is with many phones). I challenge anyone to find phones of this quality and build for even triple the money (with the exception of the higher end phones in the same line :). Buy it and you WILL NOT be disappointed. ...more info
  • Turn it up, bring the noise...
    Bomb headphones are bomb. That is really all I need to say. I spent tons of time looking for good phones, and found them in these.

    <3...more info
  • 20+ Years of Use
    I've been using my pair since 1987...only needed to replace the original pleather covering for $20. But otherwise, they've provided outstanding sound and comfort over the years. Do yourself a favor and remove the iPod headphones once in a while and plug these's nice to welcome back bass into headphones--something those little white earbuds tried to make us forget. I know there are plenty of other headphones out there, but you won't go wrong with this set....more info
  • GREAT headphones
    GOOD value for the money. Very nice sound quality and comfortable to wear for long periods....more info
  • I'm hearing things (in a good way!)
    Let me just start off by saying that I do not consider myself an "audiophile." I cannot give you a highly technical review of the lows, highs, and midtones that the MDR-V6's produce... I'm just a guy, obsessed with having my music sound great (whether it's coming from my computer, my iPod, or some other device). If that's you, read on.

    First, allow me to explain to you why I bought these headphones... For quite some time, I have been a fan of Koss headphones. My first pair of full-size circumaural headphones were the Koss KHP21v's (do a search and you should be able to find them here on Amazon). They sounded brilliant to me at the time, and they are what got me "obsessed with having my music sound good." However, after a year or so, the cord began to fall apart (for lack of a better description), which resulted in hearing no sound at all. After that, I bought the Koss SB-45 Multimedia headset, which you can find here: Koss SB-45 Headset. As you'll notice, the SB-45's have a built in microphone. I never actually used (nor intended to use) the microphone, I only bought the headphones because they looked like a relatively inexpensive and quality option. They sounded excellent to me -- quite a bit better than the KHP21v's -- but unfortunately, the build quality failed me again. After another year, I once again had issues with the cord. This time, the area around the plug seemed to have shorted out, so I could only hear out of the left side. If I wiggled the rubbery area surrounding the plug a bit, I could make the headphones work properly... But obviously that got tedious, so I went looking for a new pair of headphones. This time, my main priority was to find something built well, so that it would last longer than my previous headphones. After looking at their catalog, I couldn't find anything from Koss that had a good balance of build quality and price... I'm a bit reluctant to spending more than $100 on headphones. As heartbroken as I was, I went looking for something from another brand. Man, looking for the perfect pair of headphones is hard! After a lot of research, I came across the Sony MDR-V6's. What intrigued me about these was that the area surrounding the plug is made out of METAL! Look at the user-submitted photos, and you'll see what I'm talking about. With my last headphones, that area was made out of rubber, and as I said, it shorted out.. So the metal on the V6's gave me some assurance that they're built to last. Also, several reviewers have mentioned that they've owned the V6's for many years. After much consideration, I purchased these headphones. I have not owned them for even a year yet, but I have no doubt whatsoever that they will last for a good chunk of time, given proper care.

    Now let's talk about what these things can do. I have to admit that my expectations were barely exceeded... However, they were certainly met (and don't worry, my expectations were high). At first, the V6's sounded the same as my Koss multimedia headset. That sort of surprised me, considering that the V6's cost over twice as much. Fortunately, as I began listening to more songs, I realized that the V6's do produce better sound quality, particularly in the highs and lows. For example, the Koss headset would get really scratchy/grainy/noisy if the song's pitch got too high, and the bass never impressed me much. I've noticed that the V6's can easily produce those high pitched sounds, and I can literally FEEL the bass now; in fact, the V6's make me want to listen to music with more bass, because they hit it so well. There is a con worth mentioning though... the V6's seem to produce a soft buzzing noise all the time, no matter what's playing. Maybe I'm crazy, but I didn't notice that with any of my Koss headphones. The buzzing is not an issue at all if you're listening to something with lyrics. However, if you're into soft instrumental music, that "buzzing" might be noticeable enough to drive you crazy. Overall, unless you're demanding the BEST sound, you'll probably be more than happy with the V6's. By the way, if this is the first pair of high quality headphones you're buying, you're in for a treat. My first pair of circumaural headphones, mentioned in the previous paragraph, turned me into an audio freak (still, probably not an audiophile).

    One final thing that needs to be mentioned is the comfort quality of these headphones. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of reviewers here have said that the V6's are uncomfortable. I can see where they're coming from, sort of. They are less comfortable than both of my Koss headphones. If you have them on for awhile (an hour or so), you'll probably feel some discomfort. For me, this isn't a huge issue, because they don't drive me up the wall. For some people, maybe it is an issue. Don't forget to adjust the band to the size of your head, or you really will go crazy. The people who say that these headphones are uncomfortable tend to refer to them as being "too tight." I disagree. I think the problem is that the earpads are a bit too small in circumference. The earpads of my Koss headphones are larger, which I think makes my ears feel less packed in.

    As you can see, I gave these headphones 5 stars. If we wanted to be really technical, I'd probably give them 4.6 because of the slight issue with comfort, and the even more slight issue with the buzzing sound... But considering the superior build quality, and excellent sound quality, I decided to round up to 5, instead of down to 4. I highly recommend them.

    Thanks for reading.

    Edit on February 20th, 2009: My opinion on these headphones has changed quite a bit since the original review (written January 2nd, 2009). I like them even more now! In the post-research I've done since buying the V6's, I've been more and more happy that I went with these. I thought that I was nearly breaking the bank with these, but I know now that the V6's are an OUTSTANDING deal... For the sound quality you get, $70 is a bargain compared to many others. Also, it seems that the sound quality has improved over the time that I've been using these (headphone junkies call this "breaking them in")... They sound MUCH better than my previous Koss headphones, which I probably didn't emphasize enough in the original review. Finally, I'd like to recommend the Beyerdynamic velour earpads for the V6's, which you can find by searching for "Beyerdynamic v6" on ... they make the V6's insanely comfortable....more info
  • Like Listening to your favorite band live in a vice grip!!
    I've read a ton of reviews on these headphones and decided to bite and get a pair. I have a big head, not a huge head, but, a bigger head than some other guys. Sony should've called these headphones the headlock series! Like another reviewer said, don't discount the tightness complaints. Don't get me wrong, these sounded great and after burn-in would probably be the best headphones I've ever owned. But, I don't think I will ever know because they hurt my head so bad after less than an hour of listening that I had to take them off!

    Also, I notice a lot of reviewers of headphones talk about sounds getting in. I listen to these at work, so I don't mind knowing when someone has approached my cubicle. I just don't want my songs leaking out to bother other co-workers. I bought a more comfortable pair of Sony headphones (mdr-xb500). They sound even better out of the box than the V6's to me. But, they don't look as good (actually they make you feel kinda of corny like you're in some cheesy B hip/hop movie from the 80s). But, where the V6's seem to excel at keeping the sound in just your ears, the mdr-xb500's seem to excel at just the opposite! I would call them more akin to speakers you wear on your head than headphones!

    I am still on a quest for headphones up to 100 bucks, with decent bass that are around the ear headphones (don't like ear buds). I also want them to be comfortable since I listen to music for sometime more than three quarters of my time at work with little to no sound leakage. I will take any suggestions on other headphones I should try.

    Let me sum up by saying that you cannot go wrong with these headphones if you have a small head or can take the grip! Everything sounded crystal clear when hooked up to my lowly iPod touch. They rocked even more when hooked directly to my MacBook. I can't imagine how great they'd sound hooked up to my stereo. I listen to stuff all over the map from r&b to light rock, to hip/hop to jazz. The only thing lacking for me was deeper bass. It seemed to be a bit light, but, from the other reviews, it seems this would improve dramatically after a little burn-in time....more info
  • amazing sound quality, great price
    I bought these as a gift for someone, and not being in the music industry I would say these are the best sounding headphones Ive ever used. As far as quality headphones go these are very well priced, come in a nice box if you want to gift it- the sound was amazing...more info
  • Sony V6 Headphones
    Heard about these headphones via respectable internet forum for recording engineers. Found units to be similar to the Yamaha NS-10M's in sound, but with extended bass. Good Unit to supplement mixing for image control. Easy listening: Enhanced high end is good compensation for older listeners (rockers) with low to moderate hearing loss. Construction absolutely top notch. Too early to tell about reliability, however, several forum members report owning units dating back several years including previous china manufacturing days. Overall, imagine a pair of AKG 240's with a high end boost....more info
  • mdr-v6 are the last headphones you'll ever need
    best headphones on earth. i actually confused some of the sounds on the records i was listening to for real sounds in my room. xD the bass really comes out and its so rich and distinct. it really had made me fall deeper in love with music. ...more info
  • Tremendous headphones at an unbelievable price
    I bought these headphones after reading the rave reviews here and elsewhere. Here's one of my own.

    I hadn't fully removed the headphones from their box and was already impressed by their quality. The plastic and metal of the phones and headband are of high quality. The hinges in the headband feel strong, and the slider extends smoothly and securely. What impressed me most was the cord. Unlike the thin wire on most headphones at this price point, this one is thick and curled like a telephone cable; the plug is all metal and seems like a serious piece of hardware (Amazon offers a deal for a 1/4" adapter with these headphones, but the headphones come with one). Also included is a thick vinyl drawstring storage pouch. There wasn't a single detail that didn't impress me.

    These headphones rest on my head and ears comfortably. Three hours of listening didn't cause any discomfort or distraction. They're closed headphones and don't appear to leak any significant sound in or out.

    Now for the bottom line, the sound quality. These headphones are incredibly accurate and pleasant. They have realistic bass (not exaggerated like so many other headphones) and are neutral from the highest highs to the lowest lows. I heard sounds from my music (including noises in the background of the recordings) that I hadn't known was there. I'll spend the next few days rediscovering my favorite CDs.

    This is the kind of gear I'd expect to see in a quality recording studio. I'm thinking about getting a second pair and putting them away, which I've never considered with any other piece of hardware....more info
  • Major issues with the cord.
    The headphones sound fine, they are comfortable enough -- but this cord is a deal-breaker. As other reviewers have noted, it is very heavy due to its substantial coiling -- and as a result it will not comfortably rest on any surface yet cannot be left dangling because it is too heavy! Maybe an example would suffice... if I plug these into my Mac Tower while sitting at my desk, the cord is too short to not start engaging the coils -- which produces tension and then tugs on the headphones -- eventually causing the plug to pop out of the computer. ANNOYING. What's worse is that the cord refuses to rest on he desk either without sliding off because (once again) it is too short and the coils are too heavy. I have to secure it down which is harder than it might seem without duct tape, plus it really restricts my movement.

    For this alone, I would recommend another set....more info
  • Most likely the best headphones at its price and more
    First of all, I was nearly dissuaded from purchasing these because of complaints about tightness. Anyone who says these are tight probably never wore real headphones before. Depending on how pampered your ears are you may need more padding but that's it. Sound quality is superior and the fact these fold up so nicely make them excellent if you travel. As long as Sony makes these I doubt I will buy another brand/model....more info
  • Break in necessary....
    After a lot of cross referencing between the V6 and V600 headphones I decided to go with the V6s. At first listen I was very disappointed in my decision and even considered sending the headphones back. They were extremely "tinny" sounding and had almost no bass response whatsoever. For lack of having any other headphone option I continued to use them to play video games on my computer (straight jacked into the sound card)for about a week... then on a whim one night plugged them into my mp3 player which 1.) has higher fidelity music on it and 2.) had an EQ already setup (i later figured out id had the default computer set to flat)... my mouth dropped open in the first 5 seconds of "The Pot" by Tool.

    I literally got chills as the bass came in and I had to sit down for the rest of the song. I have never heard my music sound like these headphones make them sound before. Another week of playing on my mp3 player and they sounded orders of magnitude better when jacked into my computer... then i checked the EQ for the onboard sound and set it up like the mp3 player - bliss.

    These are the best Sony headphones I've ever owned ... and that's saying a lot as I've had at least one representative from every style in price ranges from $20 to $150.

    The headband is comfortable on my size 7 3/4 noggin and I've had no trouble wearing them for 4+ hours at a time (in a warm room they do make your head get a little hot though). They sit lightly on your head and exert a small amount of pressure around your ears.

    All in all I join everyone else in highly recommending these cans - especially for the price at Amazon. They sound twice as good, cost about the same, are less conspicuous, and fold unlike then my old Sony XD-400s (one of the kittens ate the cord)... I'll definitely be rebuying another set if the need ever arises....more info
  • I bought mine in 1990
    In the late eighties, I used to buy used cd's at a place that had cd players with headphones which people could use to listen to cd's. You know: try before you buy. Well, obviously that store thought highly of these sony mdr v6 things. They had invested in a easily a hundred pair.

    At that time I had some sennheisers that I'd bought with my eighteenth birthday money and thought the german cans were supposed to be "the best." (Uunt yaa, Gunter, vee can make zeez canz bettah zan non-aryans) Well, after hearing these repeatedly in that store I kept wondering why I had wasted so much money on those sennheisers. So after a year or two of putting up with the "audiophile's" choice of headgear, I finally bought some of these. That was 1990!

    I have replaced the earpads since then and the headband looks a little worn, but otherwise there seems to be no reason to buy a new pair.

    A couple of years ago, I got the bug to try the much-touted grados (model sr80 to be specific: Grado Prestige Series SR80i Stereo Headphone). Turns out the grados are possibly slightly better than the sony's (same flat response, slightly more pleasing bass sound, a little less "dry"), but then again maybe not. They are both so good that I use them both. The grados leak too much sound to use them when someone else is in the room, so I still use the sony's quite a bit actually. Also, the sony's fold up much nicer than the grados and they're far more durable. (Grados are kind of cheaply constructed.)

    Of course the grados kind of have a "retro chic" look goin', while the sony's scream, "Look at these 1980's relics! Has anyone seen my square-faced gshock?" The thing is: the square faced gshock is makin' a comeback and "retro" is so played-out.

    One last thing: the sony cans have a far better wire. Perhaps the coiled wire design can get tangled, but the 'Y' design and non-coil cord on the grados get more than a little annoying.

    I notice that many people explain which music they listen to in order to "burn in" headphones. Not only am I skeptical about "burn in," I can't believe the bad, new-age crap that people tout they are listening to. It's absolutely hilarious. You know what I mean: "Currently, I am listening a lot to some Indian sitar with vocals and armpit farts recorded in pristine quality and these cans allow me to hear a quail queefing in the trees outside the studio."

    Well I use these to listen to absolutely everything from lo-fi indie rock to classic jazz to a live recording of John Tesh giving Yanni a hot oil massage ("Wow Yanni, you must really work those glutes when you jam."), and they are always the best.

    ...more info
  • great sound, funky mechanics
    First, the sound emanating from these headphones is simply wonderful. They are not boomy, but have clean and tight bass as well as crisp highs, and everything in between sounds equally as nice. The cord coils nicely and doesn't tangle, entering the left side of the headset and with a very nice strain relief at the plug on the other end.

    The "funky mechanics" that I refer to are related to collapsing the headset and the adjustment of the headband. The headband adjustment will not maintain position and slips while putting on or taking off the headphones. I also find myself being (overly?) careful when collapsing/expanding the headphones, but maybe that's just my paranoia considering the cost.

    The sound quality is without par in any headphones I have ever had and I would definitely buy another pair IF these don't fall apart mechanically within the next couple of years....more info
  • Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones
    These headphones are better than what I expected and then some. They came in two days and was very happy with the quality and the price ($74.00 USD). The sound quality is phenomenal considering the price and is better than headphones and in-earbuds I've had costing 160-200 dollars.
    I use mine for live performance recording/editing and when playing my digital drum pad/sampler (A Roland SPD-S). They were worth the money and was glad I made the purchase. Only one downside, the physical comfort is an issue after 1 1/2 to 2 hours of wearing them....more info
  • So good they bring out the bad in your other equipment!
    I bought the V6 headphones after remembering a friend loved them. They are absolutely incredible! Everything people say about them on these reviews is right. The only thing I'd like to add is that these headphones will bring out all the inadequacies in your other equipment. My Sansa mp3 player just doesn't quite cut it now. My sony portable cd player sounds great though. Now I'm looking for a Sony mp3 walkman to replace the Sansa......more info
  • Good headphones with one fatal flaw
    These headphones show that they have potential. After two months of listening, these headphones have warmed up, but overall still sound "lifeless." Part of that reason is its fatal flaw, something that I have seen with most Sony professional headphones. They handle anywhere from 1-1.5 watts! You need some serious power to get these cans rolling. Most headphone outputs, from your ipod or computer, are under 100 mw in output, clearly not enough to bring out these Sony's full potential. Even plugged into a Harmon Kardon or Denon headphone output, these cans still desire more power for a fuller output. What I can say is that treble detail is outstanding, but vocals lack due to the large midrange hole. They are comfortable and block out a reasonable amount of noise.
    Also, mp3 users beware. Because of that outstanding treble clarity, you hear every "suck" that compressed audio has to offer. These headphones are for the uncompressed CD, SACD, or Blu-Ray audio only. Whatch out, even DVD audio is compressed. The home for these headphones is strictly in the living room hooked up to a serious amp, or in the recording studio....more info
  • Crisp and honest.
    I bought these cans after reading loads of review. I am not disappointed--these are the best headphones I've ever owned. They are great for everything from opera to electronic music. You'll hear every detail in the recording, including the noise that maybe there. The sound is present, flat (as in honest) and lively.

    ...more info
  • Best Headphones I have owned
    I got these from (though electronic express). the sound is crisp and clear and the cord is long enough to reach across my room

    I watch 1-2 hours of TV on a regular basis and the phones fit like a glove ( that is to say they feel great)

    When I listen to music I can often pick out parts of a song that I had overlooked before. I have used these phones with both a Rotel Receiver and my computer (creative soundblaster 2 zs platinum sound card ) In both cases the sound comes in clear.

    If I ever need another pair of pones I will turn to these first. so far they look as they will last, solid construction! ...more info
  • Bulky, uncomfortable, and very bright
    Several notes (mostly negative):

    1. The cord is unbelievably heavy. And the jack is massive. It may very well be designed for durability, but these headphones are not portable in any sense.

    2. The headband just is not well designed. It is made of very wide metal, with a vinyl padded cover. The headband bows out tremendously -- I mean like 2-3 inches wider than your head on either side, unless you play offensive line in the NFL. This not only looks awkward; it feels awkward. Essentially the headband makes contact only at the very center of the top of your head. This might not be a huge deal, but the headphones are quite heavy (compared to, say, any Bose headphones), and so you feel the whole weight of the phones on the top of your head.

    3. The earpads feel pretty nice. But when I switched back and forth between 2 Bose around-ear headphones and these, these ones were much more cramped around your ear. So not terrible, but not all that roomy.

    4. The sound struck me as very bright. The most treble I have ever heard from any headphone or full-size speaker. On certain songs, this is a plus, but for most, it is a bit irritating. [I listen to a wide variety of 60s-90s rock mostly -- from REM to Snoop Dogg to Bob Dylan to the Clash to Soundgarden to Stevie Ray Vaughn]. In head-to-head comparisons with other high-end headphones, I judged these to be very light in bass. It's hard to say if they are deficient or the others are exaggerating the bass (I am not a wannabe audiophile), but to me, these headphones lack fullness. On the plus side, I can hear cymbals and snare much more clearly than with most headphones. But the botom line is that I need to set my equalizer to reduce treble and/or increase bass to enjoy my music. And I am someone who rarely touches the tone settings on a stereo (preferring a neutral sound) and am particularly unlikely to feel the need to increase bass.

    5. They are not very loud. Only a bit quieter than the Boses, but if you are using an Ipod, they really aren't quite loud enough in my opinion. The Monster Beats headphones are much, much louder, if that is a concern for you.

    6. While they do not actively cancel noise, I found them to be quite good at isolation. Ambient sound was significantly reduced, arguably more so than with the Boses.

    Overall, too big and heavy and uncomfortable. I would possibly overlook these issues if the sound was incredible, but it lacks fullness in my opinion. It might be very good for some kinds of vocals and music, but not for rock music.
    ...more info
  • Very comfortable on head - not too tight at all
    In reading the reviews here, I noticed there were a few reviewers that said these headphones were too tight around their heads. This left me concerned about whether or not I should buy these or continue looking. After all, they didn't include any head measurements that I could use to compare my own head with.

    On the other hand, most reviewers said the sound quality was excellent. So I went ahead and ordered a pair.

    I received them today, and I'm happy to report these headphones are very comfortable on my head. (my head measurement = 21 3/4 inches which is 55 centimeters) The headphones stay firmly on my head even when I turn my head. I don't hear any type of distortion when I turn my head. I wear glasses and the headphones are still comfortable on my ears.

    Without any stretching, the cord is long enough to go down to the floor and then around to the back of my PC which sits on the floor below my desk. The cord will stretch out longer. The cord doesn't pull on the headphones or provide any type of discomfort.

    The sound quality is excellent as stated by the other reviewers. In fact, I have the volume turned almost all the way down on iTunes and I can still hear the music very clearly.

    I would recommend these headphones.

    ...more info
  • I use it when practicing my bass guitar playing
    I use these headphones when playing my bass guitar, great sound even on very low frequency, I used it with my Zune, again great sound, love them....more info
  • Lasting Quality
    I recently found my original receipt for my first pair of MDR-V6 headphones. It's from 1988. These headphones have been through a lot. The ear pads wore out quickly, many years ago, so I bought replacements from Sony for way too much money ($45) at the time. Then one of the kids left them on the floor and the dog chewed them up (just the ear pads). I saved them in a drawer for a few years and suffered with some MDR-V600 (suck) headphones until I read a review one day about some softer earpads made by a competing company that also fit the V6's. $20 later, I've resurrected my V6's and am once again listening to true sound, rich bass, without the muddiness you get from the V600s.

    I liked them so much, I bought a second pair for home so I don't have to truck my work pair back and forth.

    You cannot go wrong with these. Durable, clear, well made, excellent sound reproduction. Not many products are built this well; way to go, Sony....more info
  • Wish come true!
    Do you know when you order something and you want it to be as good as advertised? Well, these headphones sound absolutely heavenly! I am so pleased. I appreciate all the reviews that were written because it helped me choose these. Thanks everyone!...more info
  • Great!
    After doing a lot of online research -- which for headphones is probably not the most effective strategy -- and reading the raves for the Sony MDR-V6, I decided to give them a try, buying a refurbished pair on Ebay (worth a look, btw). I've had them for three weeks now and they're wonderful. I wouldn't call myself a true audiophile, but I have a larg(ish) collection of mainly vocal and modern piano music which I listen to on an Ipod Touch. My previous headphones (other than the cheapies I use when I run) were the Sennheiser HD201 (which are a fabulous buy for less than $20), and I was looking to upgrade. Listening to my music collection on the Sony MDR-V6 is like hearing it for the first time -- even pieces I've heard dozens of times sound amazing. As other reviewers have mentioned, these headphones can be a little warm on the ear (especially is you're in a hot room) but not uncomfortably so (for me); I don't find them tight, though they're snugger than my old Sennheisers. They're excellent at blocking at ambient sound and of course they don't leak sound either, which is great if you're listening to music in a room where someone else is reading. The bass is especially warm and not overly heavy -- for me, it's just enough. Beautifully balanced. The construction seems very high quality and the coiled cord is extremely convenient and never gets twisted. I don't think you can go wrong with these....more info
  • My life is now complete (sonically, anyway)
    I've been using various Sony headphones throughout my 27 years on this planet, and have always been more than happy with them, but I've always just stuck with the cheaper models. Recently, I decided to buy some new headphones. I tried out some other brands, such as Sennheiser, but in the end I decided to come home to Sony.

    This is the first time I've bought a pair of headphones in this price range, and all I can say is, I wish I had spent the money on these years ago! I had no idea what I was missing! The sound is very smooth yet precise, the bass response is just right and the highs are not overly bright (like the Sennheisers I tried).

    I've generally never cared for over-the-ear cans (most ones I've tried either squeezed my head or irritated my ears), but these are super comfortable. I've been wearing them all day (in fact I'm listening to them right now), and although my ears are a tiny bit sweaty after wearing them all day, they are still perfectly comfortable.

    For those of you that are on the fence about stepping up to the $60+ price range, I would say you absolutely need to get these. They are worth every penny....more info