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Sony MDR-V600 Studio Monitor Series Headphones with Circum-Aural Earcup Design
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $69.99

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Product Description

An ultra-wide dynamic range to handle the finest digitally recorded music Gold-plated UniMatch plug fits into standard and mini plug jacks Coiled cord

Studio-monitor series headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering with critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high-fidelity applications.

  • Designed and engineered for high-end audio applications
  • Aura-Nomic design conforms to ear's anatomy
  • 40mm drivers for deep bass response
  • Concealed single-sided oxygen-free copper coiled cord
  • Gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug

Customer Reviews:

  • They work great!
    I use them for studio work and the other musicians liked mine so much, they purchased some too. There was a discernable difference....more info
  • amazing sound quality & comfort
    These headphones are amazing. They are so comfortable and have the best sound quality I've ever heard. I bought them for meditation but they do such a great job of blocking out sound that I also use them while studying. They are so comfortable that I can lay down with them and it feels like I'm on a pillow. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    Bought to replace old ones that were falling apart, new ones work just as great as the older ones....more info
  • Sony MDR-V600 are the best
    I had these exact headphones for a long time..I even tried the next series up the Sony MDR-V700 series, when the jack on these accidentally broke off.. and they are not as good as much treble in them..they sound tinny compared to the MDR-V600's..
    I use the Sony MDR-V600 for recording/monitoring, music with other singers so I can hear the music, and my voice while recording..
    I have tried different kinds, and to me, these offer a superior sound for recording, and for monitoring while recording and playback sound is just great..good bass, treble and mid-tones as well...
    If you do allot of mixing, or singing and need to monitor while mixing or recording/ singing, and also want great playback sound, these are the headphones, for you.
    As soon as my others ones, broke,the jack busted off, my fault, dropped my speakers..I immediately purchased another pair of these great studio headphones....more info
  • Fantastik, fits the need
    This is my second pair of Sony MDR-V600's. This is a great balance between cost and quality. Damn near professional studio quality at a fraction of the cost, especially since my second pair cost me 2/3rds the cost of my first pair bought through a regular retail store. ...more info
  • Very nice quality headphones
    I purchased this headphone last December 2007. I went through a number of headphones before getting this headphone. I have used KOSS headphones and Sennheisser headphones. The cheaper 30-40$ earphones I bought would always break down on me. Headband would snap or the quality was just getting very poor. I went to a local music store and decided to take a dive into more expensive headphones.

    I purchased these headphones without even listening to them. I asked the clerk to recommend a good affordable headphone and he handed me these. I bought them and had my mp3 player in hand to test these out. Immediately when I tried these headphones on it was a world of difference. They feel extremely comfortable and lightweight. The sound is real crisp and clean. These headphones sound beautiful with almost any sort of music. The only thing this headphone lack would be stronger bass. Everything else from mids to highs, it is very nice. I can wear these headphones for 6hrs straight before my ears start hurting. This headphone even comes with a cool leather carrying case....more info
  • They sound great, I just had an unlucky experience
    I have had these headphones before, and strongly recommend them. The last pair that I had lasted until they were stolen (hot commodity ;c)

    The pair I purchased from Amazon had something rattling around in the earpiece, but other than that was in great functioning condition, and still sounded great.

    I would definitely recommend these (I've owned 3 pair in my life, and the first I had for 4 years with NO problems). Take care of them, and they could last forever....more info
  • Very Pleased With My Amazon Purchase
    I wanted to purchase a very nice stereo headset to use with this high tech Personal Development Program. They suggested the SONY MDR V600.MY daughter suggested going to [...]. Don't know why I didn't think of it first because I ordered my textbooks while in Graduate School from them.

    I am very pleased with my headset. I knew I would because [...] has only offered and given me the BEST service.I am always recommending them. I recommend these headphones for anyone in need of good quality audio clarity.
    Thank You....more info
  • I put a pair of these through hell, for 14 years!
    In 1995, I bought a pair of these to replace a pair of Sensenhiemers I bought in 1989. I used them for 14 years, on a daily basis. I used them for nightclub dj'ing, DAW work, listening to my home stereo, playing games on my PC, listening to my Ipod's, they still sound exactly like they did the day I bought them, back in 1995.

    But after 14 years, I'm finally buying a new pair. The original's foam padding is starting to flake off, and the yellow foam, itself, is exposed, after almost a decade-and-a-half of accumilated sweat (it still amazes me these things don't absolutely REEK!). The silver SONY lettering, on the sides, have longsince fallen off, my carry bag is tore, which means the wire dangles out, and I accidentaly sucked up my screw-on adapter, when I was vaccuming the house. However, as ragged as the old pair have become, they still sound great, and will still probably get a good bit of use, around the house. Bottom line: Sony may have laxed in quality in most of their other products, but Sony still knows how to make a good, quality pair of high-end headphones. ...more info
  • Solid sound and isolation
    These headphones I have owned for 2 years and are still working great. I use them to play my electric drums set ( Roland TD-3 ) and they sound pretty awesome. I like the fact that you can use two types of jacks so I can listen to my zune and play my drums or guitar and use them to record music. I bought these for my dad to listen to his ipod and he loves them.I paid $100 from a retailer so the amazon price is great. They also work better than noise isolation headphones because they go over your ears. The only complaint is they get a little warm after a couple of hours, but that only happens when I play my drums so that might be why. Overall very solid headphones for the price....more info
  • Excellent
    Great sounding and comfortable headphones. Great for a home studio or just chilling out to some tunes. My only complaint is the cord is almost too long....more info
  • Best headphones I ever owned
    I've had these headphones for at least 8 years. They've been stepped on constantly, thrown around, used for countless gaming/music listening hours, and even had my dog chew on them for a bit. They still work fine.

    Great sound quality, reliable, durable, and so comfortable you don't know they're on sometimes. 5 stars....more info
  • CCAW Earphone from Sony
    Excellent for the price range.Very comfortable to wear.Has wonderful sound.I think the CCAW technology makes a difference....more info
  • Have Your Cake, Eat It Too
    Boy oh boy! My dad does a lot of video editing for my church and was looking for a decent pair of over-the-ear headphones that block out some of the ambient noise you'll find in any occupied house. What he found after some research were the Sony MDR-600s. I must say, what an excellent choice he has made.

    First off, these headphones comfortably encompass the entire ear with an adequate amount of foam padding surrounding the ear. This is very useful if you frequently get ear infections, like myself. They press against the head with enough pressure to hold the headphones on securely, while remaining comfortable. The foam padding also adequately muffles outside noises quite well for not having electronic interference. You can wear these headphones for long periods of time without them becoming uncomfortable.

    As far as durability, these headphones have put up with my father for over a year, but he treats them like the Holy Grail, so I'm no authority on the topic of their durability.

    The most important part of any headphone review is sound quality review. The quality is clear and accurate. When I say accurate, I mean it has no bass boost or sound doctoring, or anything of the such. My music sounds as the artists intended it to sound. I have tested many genres, including acoustic/folk, hardcore, metal, contemporary, classical, etc. These are essentially universal, if such is possible. Low ranges are powerful and distinct, but not overbearing. The bass is proportionate to other ranges with no EQ present. Mid ranges are clear and vibrant, whether it's the vocals of August Burn Red's frontman bellowing in your ear or the echo of Dustin Kensrue's snare drum reverberating in your ear canal. The high frequencies are crystal clear as well. These headphones make it worth using the EQ on your iPod, though you won't need it.
    Channel distinction is also clear, and you're able to hear the difference between an iTunes plus audio file and a lossless file. These headphones allow you to close your eyes and enter a universe of your own.

    The value of these headphones is well-worth the $70 you'll pay on Amazon. A great balance of quality and comfort for a great price. In conclusion, if you have the liberty to do so, purchase these headphones. You will not regret it....more info
  • Great Headphones For Under $100.00!
    This the fourth pair I've purchased in the last two years. One for my wife, one for myself, and two as gifts. Great sound for the money. I would highly recommend these headphones....more info
  • Great Headphones
    I very much love these headphones. Sound quality is aswesome. I ordered my first one in June 2007. Its been 1 year and 9 months I am using it almost everyday. I use mostly it for listening to all type of music including meditation & soft music, audio books and holosync meditation. Its very comfortable for long listening hours and fits very easy. I carryed it with me on my vacation trips. Few months back, also bought Bose Quite Comfort 2 Noice Cancellation headphone. I can not use that for long periods, may be because of noice cancellation function. I mostly use Bose QC2 in flights only.

    Many times, during night before sleep, I put these on and listen to some relaxing music or holosync meditation CD and its very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately last week I stepped over it while it was in my bed and it broke. I like these so much, I ordered another one today. The only complaint I had from my first one was that its ear cup covering started to wear out from inside in left earcup. But that was after 1 and a half year of continous use in every condition. I am very satisfied with Sony MDR-V600. Its a great product that last for years! :-)...more info
  • Love it!
    I'm a professional club dj. I had a pair of these headphones for 7 years. They finally broke. I use them heavily 3-4 days a week for the past 4 years. Just bought my second pair. Very comfortable. Highly recommend them :)...more info