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Sony MDR-V700DJ DJ Style Monitor Series Headphones
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $89.95

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Product Description

The Sony MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ headphones are superb performers whether you are spinning before a writhing mob, mixing a soon-to-be platinum CD, or melting into an old sofa in the Chill Out Room. Incorporating high-end materials and advanced engineering, the closed supra-aural, dynamic MDR-V700DJs deliver critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and pleasurable applications. Single-side 10-foot, oxygen-free copper cord with straight, gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug Silver finish Folding, supra-aural design Weighs 10.6 ounces without cord

Sony's MDRV700DJ series DJ headphones feature convenient, reversible swivel earcups for DJ and remix applications (great for single-sided monitoring) and an auto-return swivel mechanism that snaps the earcups back to standard listening positions. Silver finished for a sleek, professional look, the set's folding design allows for easy storage and portability.

These headphones use high-end materials and advanced engineering for critically clean, exceptionally clear sound aimed at professional and high-fidelity applications. The MDRV700DJ offers 3,000 mW power handling for the most stringent professional applications and daily use at very high output levels. Their Neodymium magnets pack more magnetic energy per ounce than conventional Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt, or Aluminum magnets for high sensitivity and output (107 dB/mW).

The headphones supra-aural design ensures excellent listening comfort, resting lightly on the ears, and creates a controlled environment for better sound. A wide, molded headband distributes the headphone's weight over your whole head; reduced pressure means comfortable listening for hours on end. The MDRV700DJ even has a serrated area on the plug that acts as a "hanger"--plugged into a rack of equipment, the headphones can hang on the plug when not in use.

Large, 50 mm drivers deliver deep bass down to an impressive subsonic 5 Hz and provide outstanding dynamic range, bolstered by Sony's use of a neodymium magnet for maximal energy from minimal size. A detachable, single-sided cord lets you listen at a distance of 10 feet from your source, while its oxygen-free-copper design delivers maximal conductivity with minimal noise.

  • Reversible swivel earcups for DJ and remix single-sided monitoring, and an auto-return swivel mechanism
  • Supra-aural design ensures excellent comfort and creates a controlled environment for better sound
  • Huge, 50 mm drivers deliver deep bass down to 5 Hz and provide outstanding dynamic range
  • 3,000 mW power handling for the most stringent professional applications and daily use at very high output levels
  • Detachable 10-foot, single-sided cord made of oxygen-free copper for high conductivity

Customer Reviews:

  • Great sound quality
    I've been using these headphones for 5 months or so now, and they have great sound quality. The folding feature is also very useful. They are uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time, say, 4 hours or more, but other than that these are very good headphones. ...more info
  • love these
    So I purchased these the summer of 2007. I did a bit of research before, looking at all sorts of different headphones and I wanted something high quality and that would last a bit. My friend had a Sony i think the MDR-V600 or something, the black version that's step down from this. Well I decided to go with this one because it was more powerful.

    Okie so, iPods are very disappointing, they have horrible sound quality imo (it was a christmas gift, personally i never liked ipods, it was all hype). Now with my samsung mp3 player the sound was amazing, solid bass (which was the main thing i was looking for) the vocals are clean, even at high volumes it doesn't crackle. It sounds just as good on my computer that has a creative soundcard in it. gaming is amazing with these. I've also DJed with these and I trust these, they've worked great, easy to listen to, sometimes i have them over so i don't deaf my ears from the speakers.

    i have big ears so i was kinda worried that these would hurt, but they don't, it's pretty comfortable and snug and the person next to you won't be disturbed from your music (unless it's like max). I've been happy with most of Sony's products, and this one I would prefer over other headphones in the price range. My friend has a pair of 300 dollar bose ones, it's good... but it's double the retail price of this and Amazon had a great deal when I bought them.

    That being said, this is an excellent pair of headphones for music manias, though If you do get this I'd highly recommend get the Creative X-Fi mp3 player. Mine are almost like new after using them for over a year and half, some scratches, if you take care of these they should last you a few years. I regularly walk around in these....more info
  • Amazingy clear headphones, thumpin bass!!!
    These matched with the Cowon D2 is simply crazy. The powerful amp in the D2 and the low impedance of the sony mdr-v700dj is a perfect match. I've heard that the plastic design of the headphones is prone to cracking but i've been snowboarding all year with them and putting a bit of stress on the rotating mechanism without failure. The highs and mids are very clear, while the bass can reach very low frequencies. I've also used these headphones in some pretty bad weather (dense fog, rain, and blizzard conditions) and was worried about them being damaged...they are still thumping strong so far! ...more info
  • People will whine about anything...
    This review is to address the issue of these headphones breaking, and only that, because quite frankly I could go on for days about how well these headphones work for DJing and everyday listening. Stuff breaks, this is a fact of life. Cars break, dishes break, and even people break, these headphones are no different. Expecting them to last a lifetime because of the pricetag is simply naive. There's also a difference between breaking beyond function and a simple annoying break like the plastic cracking. These headphones will surely enough one day die completely as in loss of function, but up to that point they will begin to fall apart. The swivel housings are the most common thing to break but from reading the reviews here on Amazon it is as if people have never heard of Duct Tape or they are so appalled by the idea of $100+ headphones breaking that they refuse to do anything but complain about it. The Pioneer HDJ1000s break, the Senheisers break, and if you can find me headphones that don't break then I applaud your discovery of solid titanium headsets that don't exist.

    This all boils down to one thing and one thing only, how well do you treat your possesions? If you're like me and you don't mangle everything you own then a $80-$150 pair of headphones is a safe investment, because it will last. If you just play wild shows all the time, wear these skating/snowboarding, throw them in your backpack, or whatever then you're a moron to buy them and expect them to not break. Nowhere in the description of this product does it say these things are as solid as a tank. It states that they're flexible (they are), have a good bass range (they do), and they're comfortable (they are for me but that's a personal thing).

    Don't be deterred by reviews saying these things break, because everything does and every comparable set of headphones is equally flawed. The HDJ1000s get loose sliding fixtures really quick, the Senheiser 280s sound overall better but they feel like a plastic toy and really aren't much better. If you're a DJ your options are the V700s and HDJ1000s, there's a reason they're the industry standards. They are time tested and proven. If you aren't willing to buy a few good pairs of headphones then DJing is NOT the hobby for you because you WILL break your stuff MANY times, not just your headphones.

    Well there's my rant, these headphones do EXACTLY what they say they do and for that I give them a 5/5....more info
  • A great piece for the ones that don't have a real studio.
    This headphone was recommended to me by a sound engineer. He told me that he uses it in situations where the room doesn't have the proper acoustic treatment as a reference for his mixes. I thought: he's talking of my situation!!

    After that I decided to buy them. So I did. I'm very pleased with the frequency response of the headphone, and the amp it has. I also have an AKG K240 as a headphone reference for my mixes, but the Sony comes above it in terms of frequency response and gain.

    The only thing you have to watch out when mixing with them, will be to raise the voice higher than you'd spect it to be, but that's the only thing.

    Five star for this headphone considering it's intended for DJ'ing. No ofense!!!...more info
  • Excellent headphones
    Bought these for my son as replacement for his ipod earphones after seeing my son-in-law using his for pro music applications. Sound great, whether using them with his ipod or on my computer. Love the long coiled cable and professional design. Would recommend to all....more info
  • Nice
    Love the headphones only problem is they don't stay on all that great because i have a lot of hair...but they sound amazing...more info



  • Mine broke as well
    Had these for a few years and sounded nice. It's a bit heavy. Then, the plastic cracked where the swivel is. Made of cheap plastic. Beware!...more info
  • From a DJ's perspective...
    I am on my second pair of these headphones. I bought my first pair in 2000. All the standard things went wrong with my first pair... the plastic around the swivel joint cracked and the plug began to go bad. However, I used these headphones for over 6 years in the club and at home. I really don't see how anyone can expect them to last any longer than they did. For the price these heaphones are fantastic. They have great response and are extremely convenient and comfortable to use. I have used the Pioneer HDJ-1000 as well and am not really sure where the extra $50 is going.

    As a DJ I can honestly tell you that this is your best pair of heaphones for the price....more info
  • Bangin' item
    I've had my eye on these headphones for a while now, waiting for the price to go down... but you know how these Sony products go... you pay for quality right? Well I recently go a pay raise and decided "what the hell, why not". I believe the term is: Buy nice or buy twice. So i Got them and am very pleased. They sound quality is great. IF you're someone who can tell the difference between a 192 and 128 mb mp3, then these are for you. Rich, deep bass and comfortable ear cups make these a joy to use. Wear 'em out in public and you're telling the world that you're either a serious disk jockey or a poser with too much money to spend (I would be the latter, but I don't go out in public with these)....more info
  • Great for DJs, Remixers, and even amateurs
    I just got these headphones a week ago and I do a lot of remixes and megamixes of dance music. I can tell you, these headphones kick a** in style!
    They have great dynamics (bass) - you fell as if you are inside big speakers when you listen to music. They are comfortable on your head due to the soft curved top, therefore you can use them for hours (I have).
    And for those who reviewed them badly, saying that they fall apart or they broke - all I can say is that you probably did not use them right. Use of a product will always vary from person to person, because every individual's behavior is different.
    If you are in need of some great headphones and under $100 is OK for you, then absolutely BUY THESE! Sony takes pride in themselves whenever they release a product. These are also professional headphones, not just "DJ Style" as Amazon describes them. Sony has them labeled as professional DJ Headphones.

    Take care and.... will somebody turn that d***n music down? NO!...more info
  • Great at first....then it breaks
    I DJ and I've taken great care of these headphones, folded them up in their case after use, never dropping them etc. Let's be honest, I like and need a good pair of headphones in order to DJ.

    I had these headphones for about 3 years and then I noticed that the plastic ball that allows the headphones to rotate started to crack. After this the crack didn't allow the headphones to pivot correctly, they weren't nearly as comfortable and felt awkward and eventually my left headphone completely stopped working (the one with the crack).

    I loved these headphones at first because they sounded great, felt good, and I liked the design that allowed the cups to pivot.

    PROS: Work Great at first, sound great....probably fine if you just use them once in awhile. NOT for a DJ

    CONS: Quality, Quality, Quality. These things weren't built to last...especially if you DJ. When I spend $100+ on a pair of headphones I want something that won't crack after a few years.

    I'd recommend the PANASONIC RP-DJ1200A Foldable DJ Headphones with Swing Arm System and Coil Cord....these are the best headphones I've found after really doing my HW....I've found quite a few pairs with similar flaws to these Sony HP's....more info
  • Sony MDR V700JDJ Headsets
    This product came in a very timely manner, excellent price through Amazon, and resolved a little confusion along way. The product itself is very durable. My last one lasted three years, and it was used three times a day, and did receive abuse from my autistic son, and survived. Not as light weight as others but strong and a good choice for my family and life style....more info
  • Sound Waves
    If it is music, gaming, movies, or whatever, these headphones are great. Comfortable to wear with high quality music. The swival ears are great if you need to keep one ear semi open to hear events around you.

    Only negative would be the ear pieces tend to fit on the ear as opposed to around them....more info
  • Great sount, Awesome Monuverability
    This is a great product for begginning DJs or for home users, the construction is great because I am a college student that totes around campus and when I'm doing homework in the Library and it handles all my bike riding and bouncing around campus. After a few hours of listening, it does become uncomfortable to wear but the sound is unbelievable and you just forgo the pain and keep going. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into the DJing profession as a beginner or any home user that likes alot of sound/bass and like to enjoy any movie....more info
  • Bad. Tried them for a night, and took them back. Don't buy these.
    I figured that because everyone had these then they had to at least be a little bit decent and were worth a try. Unfortunately, they were so bad that I returned them and got my money back. I mean, they weren't totally horrible per se, but as headphones that a DJ would be taking out to really use they are a poor choice.

    Yeah, the overall aesthetic design is ok, but that's about all these guys have going for them. The bass is strong and low, but in the pair that I had the high highs were almost non-existent (totally muffled and dull, not crisp). Though I never used them out anyplace (I only tested them at home one night, and that was enough for me) I can't say for sure if they cancel sound well. However, the cups do not fully cover your ears, and the spring action on the headpiece is so forceful and so tight that it physically hurt my ears to wear them after a while. They literally crush your ears. Not cool.

    Also, the swivel cup design on these is poorly executed. I've had plenty of swivel cup headphones before, but when listening with one ear (holding the earphones in place with your shoulder while you work the decks or whatever and listen to the program with the other ear), the spring action of the headpiece combined with the tiny cups and the ultra-loose swivel makes these things literally spring right off your head and fall off. VERY not cool. This happened an annoying number of times in the single night that I tried these guys.

    And, also, the molding around the jack was totally flimsy and un-rugged compared to other headphones I've had in the past. It totally didn't look like it would last. No way.

    As a DJ who has been actively playing out since '93 (and who has gone through numerous pairs of headphones over the years), I strongly recommend that you NOT buy these guys....more info
  • Best sound for classical vocal, but truly poor workmanship
    These are my favorite headphones for listening to opera. The sound is clear and present, full-bodied and rich.
    But they're not terribly comfortable and they don't last long - maybe a year or two. Mine broke at the ear cup hinge. A friend was able to tape them together, so I can get a bit more mileage out of them, but now they're somewhat twisted at the left ear cup and don't sit properly over my ear.
    It's a pity - these headphones delivered the best quality sound I had found for listening to opera. As I've searched for a new pair, I'm not able to locate any headphones that sound as good as these do.
    Just be alert to the shoddy workmanship.
    The MDR-7506 may be a bit sturdier, but the sound isn't quite as sublime.Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone...more info
  • Sony Headphones
    I love these headphones, there so comfortable and the sound quality great. its worth the money if your looking for great professional quality and not some low end stuff...more info
  • Totally Satasfied
    In need of a decent pair of studio-quality headphones, I decided to give this pair a try based on the favorable reviews on Amazon. I have been using them for about a week now and I'm very impressed with these headphones. The sound is top notch and immersive--the bass is tight and deep. I listen to a broad range of genres from rap to classical and I'm glad to say that everything sounds nice on these. In the looks department, you can't go wrong with the Sony MDR-700. They look really sweet and i've been getting a lot of compliments along my treks around town. The folding capability is also nice for portability. Basically, if you're looking for high quality headphones that have high aesthetic design for all under $100, I strongly recommend the Sony MDR-700!...more info
  • Sounds Good!
    I use these headphones for CDs that utilize binaural beats. They definitely sound much, much better that the less expensive Sony stereo earbuds I was using. Additionally, they are very comfortable. Despite the size of the earpieces, they are very light and I have fallen asleep with them on my head. They most certainly meet my needs....more info
  • Cracks at swivel - do your research
    Do your research before you buy these. There are petitions to have these things recalled and for Sony to provide affordable repair kits. For close to $100 I expected mine to last for more than 2 years. This is the 2nd pair of Sonys I've owned and both developed cracks around the swivel. Never again will I buy Sony headphones. ...more info
  • My left ear still hurts but...
    These are great headphones. The sound quality is great and even though it isn't advertised as noise canceling, everything seems to get filtered out and you hear only to what you're listening to.

    I'm an editor and these really work great when I need to hear every little detail or just space out on my own work and not hear anyone else.

    The headphones are very a degree. They're a bit heavy but eventually you get used to it. The problem is what everyone says is the problem. For some people, its not an issue but with me the pressure build up in the ears is a big hassle. After about 30-40 minutes my left ear will just be in pain and feels like blood will squirt out. In a way it's a good thing because it's a built in break from my editing.

    All in all, worth getting but beware of that ear issue....more info
  • top notch product
    I bought these in a local store probably in 2002 or 3. They've made it to/from many lans and halfway across the country. They are used on a daily basis and abused from time to time. Never once have I had a complaint about these. Great sound and great build, don't hesitate to purchase....more info
  • Close to Perfect, But With a Few Flaws
    I bought a refurbished set of these (back in the day when Sony had an "outlet" store on eBay) about seven or eight years ago.

    First, I have to say that I have loved these headphones from the moment I bought them. The bass is incredible, unlike anything I have, to this day, ever heard from headphones. Audiophiles will say that the bass is overwhelming -- "too boomy" -- but if you know how to use an equalizer, you can get these headphones to produce some near-perfect sound. Almost every single person that I have let listen to music through these headphones has been amazed.

    Okay, now the flaws. Most important and pressing is that, after about two or more hours, these headphones are very uncomfortable, bordering on painful. The design of these headphones is such that you really have to apply force to pull the earphones apart when they're not even on your head. The two earphones want to be touching one another. This means that when they are on your head, the headphones are squeezing your head, pressing your ears down with force, etc. A friend who has these headphones has described them as "head clamps."

    I have always put up with this flaw, however. For one thing, this is somewhat necessary to provide you with a more isolated, closed listening experience. The sound is held in very well, which is optimal. If you take the headphones off for a few minutes, or place them partially over the front of your ear such that you can still hear the music, the pain will go away and stay away for several minutes even after returning the headphones to their proper placement on your head. This is certainly not a reason to avoid these headphones, as almost all headphones become uncomfortable after multiple, continuous hours of use.

    Earlier this year, I experienced this problem with the plastic cracking and breaking where the headphones swivel and fold up. One side is definitely worse than the other, but it made the headphones unwearable. The right side was broken, and that earphone would not fit closely to the ear, making them uncomfortable and totally ruining the sound experience. I could have continued to use them for DJ purposes, as the sound hadn't changed when the right earphone was held to my ear with my hand.

    Still, I didn't even buy these new, and I used them all the time for close to eight years. They lasted that long. I have never had a set of headphones last that long before. Don't let this flaw scare you out of buying these headphones. Just try to be careful when folding them up or pulling them apart to place them on your head. Don't pull them apart with too much force -- you know, maybe treat these headphones as if they are an expensive piece of quality technology. If you start to notice the plastic cracking, you're in for trouble. But again, I didn't notice this until many, many years after I purchased a refurbished set.

    By the way, I have since purchased two more expensive sets of headphones -- the MDR-V900HD closed set, and the Etymotic ER4P in-ear buds -- and will probably be going to Sony to try to exchange my V700DJs for another refurbished pair. Other headphones will give you more clarity, cleanness and comfort (the V900HDs) or more sound isolation (ER4Ps), but I still miss the bass and overall deep sound provided by the V700DJs....more info
  • Great sound and balance
    These headphones have great bass as well as clear highs. They seem much more balanced than many of the reviews make them seem. No durability issues either so far....more info
  • Great Headphones
    These headphones are great for everything if you're just listening to it on your computer, ipod, or actual DJing. A lot of sound quality does come from the file itself as well as a good soundcard / player but if it's good quality...these headphones surely do meet their standards. The one downside I have with them is that they aren't too comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I don't know if it's because I have weird shaped ears since some people say they are comfortable, but this is just my opinion. Bass and Sound Quality are an A+, i've seen some other headphones priced well over the $300 mark and the Sony MDR-V700's definitely compete with them. This purchase was well worth my money and another great purchase from Amazon. ...more info