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A New Standard builds on the popularity of Steve Tyrell's appearances in the Father of the Bride movies. In addition to "The Way You Look Tonight" (from the Father of the Bride soundtrack) and "Give Me the Simple Life" and "On the Sunny Side of the Street" (from Father of the Bride, Part II), the album features Tyrell singing 14 more standards in a casual, gravel-throated style. A New Standard includes the final recorded performances of trumpet great Harry "Sweets" Edison, who solos on "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and "I've Got the World on a String." Other notable guests include Clark Terry, Plas Johnson, Joe Sample, and Toots Thielemans. But the real keys to the album's success are the impeccably crafted arrangements of rhythm guitarist Bob Mann and Tyrell's unpretentious, warm-hearted vocal delivery. In contrast to so many neoswing wannabes, Tyrell approaches these timeless tunes with the R&B-bred soul of a gray-haired baby boomer who's just discovered his parents' record collection. In the jazzbo tradition of Louis Armstrong and Jack Sheldon, he doesn't try to blow anyone away with his chops. He just sings the songs with an infectious enthusiasm and easy swing that's impossible to dislike. --Rick Mitchell

Customer Reviews:

  • Silk and Sandpaper in the Perfect Mix
    Steve Tyrell's voice is like hot carmel running over your senses: thick, delectable, rich but not overly sweet, and it sticks with you. You'll want to play it regularly to get that feeling again.

    If you aren't familiar with the standards genre, this is a good place to start your lesson. For those of us already appreciating them, Mr. Tyrell does renditions that will remind you of the originals. The song selection mixes mostly popular with a few less common songs, which should please everyone. (Perfect background music for dinner parties)

    There are not many artists whom I keep up with to see if they are performing nearby or a new album is being released. However, Steve Tyrell is one....more info

  • "The Very Thought Of You. . ."
    "The thing I remember about Steve Tyrell was his niceness, with a smile as open and honest and wide as anyone I've ever known. And another thing was his enthusiasm and excitement for music - all kinds of music. He always knew songs and could smell a hit - he still does. And here, he is in this album with that wide-open smile still shining through. Stevie, you've always made me feel good, now make a lot of other people feel the same way." ~ Burt Bacharach ~

    Many thanks to the record-producer-turned-singer, Mr. Tyrell, for being one of the pillars in bringing back old standards and giving them awesome new flair and style! According to him, "he has always considered himself a song man and if anything, that's the part of his nature that he poured into making this album." And he said, "It was a true thrill!"

    I first learned about the music of Steve Tyrell at my niece Tawny's Debutante's Ball held at Wyndham Hotel in Costa Mesa three years ago. She turned eighteen and the first "Father-and-Daughter" dance was to the tune of Mr. Tyrell's version of "The Way You Look Tonight." I asked my cousin who was singing and she said it's Steve Tyrell, from the CD "A New Standard." To date, I have three of his best recordings so far. And all three CDs ("A New Standard," "This Guy's In Love" and "Standard Time") have great repertoire of the most beautiful standards performed so wonderfully by Steve Tyrell and exquisitely arranged by Bob Mann and with the back-up of the greatest musicians ever in the history of recording business, the likes of Toots Thielemans, Joe Sample, Sweets Edison and Clark Terry, among many others.

    Who can resist listening to these timeless songs of yesteryears especially when the interpretations and arrangements are truly grand and breathtaking? Even to young ears, this is a totally wholesome listening experience.

    My top favorite is a song composed by Ray Noble, "The Very Thought Of You," which was performed to perfection in a duet with Robbyn Kirmss¨¦ and arranged superbly by Bob Mann (he's also the guitarist) with the backing of Alan Pasqua (piano), John Guerin (drums), Bob Magnusson (bass) and Plas Johnson (tenor sax solo). What a beauty in a song - - its words and music so lovely!

    "I see your face in every flower,
    Your eyes in the stars above
    It's just the thought of you
    The very thought of you, my love."

    A CD to treasure and enjoy forever! Add it to your collection of fine music.

    * * * * * TEN STARS * * * * *
    ...more info
  • What a Voice
    I discovered his music last fall, and have shared his CD with numerous friends and family. His CD Standard is great easy listening music, old fashioned romance music. Tina S....more info
  • another great one
    Steve Tyrell has a way of bringing back the good old days of romantic music.
    Really enjoy his smooth and easy way of singing. A real pleasure listening to....more info
  • So much more than "ear candy" music--BRAVO, STEVE TYRELL !!!
    Steve Tyrell will not disappoint you on his CD entitled A New Standard. I agree with Amazon when they state that he sings with the enthusiasm of an older baby boomer who just discovered his parents' record collection. All throughout this CD, Steve sings remarkably well and his slightly gravely voice exudes energy and masculine warmth.

    The CD track set begins with two songs from the movie entitled Father Of The Bride, Part II. "Give Me The Simple Life" signals the beginning of a CD that is soothing and just plain wonderful to enjoy. Bob Mann's arrangement makes great use of the percussion; and the music complements Steve's performance perfectly. "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" has always been a favorite of mine; and Steve treats this ballad with an infectious enthusiasm and a type of boyish playful energy that charms you instantly. Bob Mann plays guitar very well to enhance the beauty of "On The Sunny Side Of The Street," too. Listen closely and you'll also hear Steve improvising some of the lyrics, too--and this works well on this number.

    "I Can't Get Started With You" lets Steve sing of how, despite financial and material success, he cannot be truly happy without his one true love. Once again Steve improvises some of the lyrics for a great effect. Awesome!

    Steve's interpretation of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" sparkles; and the trumpet solos by Harry "Sweets" Edison and Clark Terry add color to this classic ballad. Joe Sample plays the piano magnificently, too.

    "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" is another high point for this album; Steve's jazzy rendition infuses this standard with new depth and a type of vigor you just don't hear too often these days. Bob Mann plays great guitar as Bob Magnusson weaves magic on bass; Steve's vocals and the work of the band create a sublime rendition of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby." "Cheek To Cheek" boasts a great arrangement by Alan Pasqua; and Steve performs "The Way You Look Tonight" better than I've ever heard this number done.

    Other high points on this CD include "I'll Be Seeing You" written by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal; Steve plays with the tempo of the vocals ever so slightly to add an extra touch of class to "I'll Be Seeing You." In addition, "Smile," the last track, features a harmonica solo by "Toots" Thielemans that shines like pure gold. I wish Steve had performed "Smile" at just a slightly slower tempo; but "Smile" reflects good judgment nevertheless.

    The liner notes include great black and white photos of Steve and the members of the band; and Steve writes a few words thanking the numerous people who helped make this album a reality. Burt Bacharach personally adds a small tribute to Steve as well.

    It is increasingly rare that an artistic male singer of our times is bold enough to tackle the older standards the way Steve does; and the way Steve makes it seem so easy proves that he has a special gift to share with us. I would highly recommend this CD for Steve Tyrell fans; and anyone who enjoys classic pop vocals will love this CD as well.

    ...more info
  • Great singer, great album.
    Have been a fan for a long time. Steve just keeps getting better and better, if that's possible. Highly recommend it to all romantics and need-to-be romantics!...more info
  • Great!
    This CD is really nice to listen to--I keep it in my car and find it extremely relaxing. Tyrell has an excellent voice and great style. Great song selections--not boring--great to sing along with--classics. I'm out to buy his other CD now and hope he keeps putting them out!...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    What a nice surprise! This cd is a collection of one great song after another. It's connected me with the past and brought a new awareness of the remarkable songwriting of another era. After listening to it, I find myself so soothed and relaxed...the perfect antidote to stressful days. Thanks Steve!...more info
  • Great Easy Listening Music
    We were in an Italian restaurant and a CD was playing. The restaurant owner told me who the singer was and as soon as I got home I looked him up on Amazan. I love the entire CD. Alot of times you can order a CD and only like a few songs but all the songs on this CD are great....more info
  • Just Saw In Concert- A must hear!!
    I just saw Steve Tyrell open for Linda Rondstadt tonight and all I can saw is - WOW! He has such an amazing voice and is great on stage, do yourself a favor and buy this CD! Plus, Steve is really nice and was autographing everyone's CD's...more info
  • Excellent CD.
    This is a very nice interpretation of several jazz classics. Steve Tyrell was featured in the "Father of the Bride" movies, and his voice and music is pure pleasure....more info
  • mellow, jazzy mood music
    This is a great cd. The jazzy, easy listening mood music has at once a warm and a sophisticated style. Great selection of songs. I'm giving it as a Christmas gift to all the friends who've enjoyed it at my house! Chris Lindley...more info
  • An outstanding collection of songs.
    I bought this recording based entirely on reviews here on amazon.com... and it does not dissapoint. Being that I'm 32 years of age, I didn't grow up with these songs, but somehow many of the words and melodies I find very familliar (likely from movies and TV). Mr. Tyrell's voice is very enjoyable to listen to but what struck me was the wonderful selection of songs on this disk. My girlfriend who grew up listening to her parents play "big band" music at home says I'm definitely in danger of losing this disk as if she gets a hold of it, it may take up residence in her car's CD player.

    Highly recommended!...more info

  • WOW!!!!!!!
    My family and I borrowed this cd from the library, but had to buy it just a few weeks later because we liked it so much! "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" is a great song with a great swing.... if you are in any way a jazz fan, buy this cd!...more info
  • great new find
    This is an excellent cd by a very gifted artist, new to me, read about him in the NY Times. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great jazz standards
    This is an awesome CD! His versions of these classics are refreshing and are a great intro to this genre of music. My favorites are "Cheek to Cheek" and "I Can't Get Started with You". It's a CD that a person of any age (I'm in my 30's) would enjoy immensely....more info
  • fantastic and unforgettable
    I can't say enough about this wonderful CD. I've loved all type of music all my life but haven't bought a CD in years because I've always been disappointed with the rest of the tracks after you've heard that one song you bought it for. This entire CD is absolutely incredible! I was a child in the 50's listening to Sinatra and all the old crooners my parents loved but Steve Tyrell has definitely hit the mark with his wonderful phrasing and interesting voice mixed with great jazz. To those critics I say this: It's more than singing as loud and pretentiously as many singers these days do...it's all about STYLE and Mr. Tyrell definitely has style! Even my 13-year-old daughter loves this music. I can hardly wait to see Mr. Tyrell on tour......more info
  • Perfect mood music
    I bought this CD for the version of "The Way You Look Tonight" from "Father of the Bride", and was so happy to find that this CD doesn't have a single weak point on it. Each song is beautifully interpreted and the songs themselves fit together seamlessly. Each song is wonderful, but the best for me are the duet "The Very Thought of You" and "World on A String"- be sure to check them out. Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Mystery Solved
    The owner of this voice has been a great mystery to me for several years. I have had many unresolved mysteries about show business floating around in my head, and this was at the top. The other one being 'what ever happened to Scott Baio'?. But, that's beside the point. I kept hearing this man's voice in films, TV and TV and radio commercials. I first discovered it in "Father Of The Bride" with Steve Martin and then in "Father Of The Bride 2". It keeps popping up from time to time. I finally decided that it had to be Dr. John. I often heard other people coming to the same conclusion. Although, deep down, I knew this not to be true. The man's name is Steve Tyrell, and he's brilliant. If you don't know the name, you will recognize the voice. It has a gravely, raspy sound to it. This is his first studio album, although he has been in the music for 40 years or so(I don't think he looks old enough to of been around for 40 years). This is a collection of great, old standards. I never thought of myself as a 'standard' music kind of guy. I like and respect it, but never thought I would really get into it. Mr. Tyrell has changed that. With his versions of "Give Me The Simple Life", "On The Sunny Side Of The Street", and "The Way You Look Tonight", which was also featured in ' Bride 2', and the great "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", one can't help but immediatley like it and become a fan. It's a voice that immediatley makes you listen. It's the kind of voice and music that can lift spirits. Start a fire in the fireplace and pop the CD in. It would only be better. There is not enough great things to say about Steve's voice. He's a master vocalist who knows how to word and phrase each lyric with soul and grace. He doesn't overdo it like many of today's vocalists who turn everything into an opera. He knows the songs and how they should be sung. You can't not like it. It's also great for people who aren't exactly die hard fans of old standards and who wouldn't normally listen or be into it. This CD would be a great introduction that would no doubt change their minds. Believe me. It is that good. I loved it and I think you will too. Another mystery solved. Thanks for the magic Steve. Keep It Coming....more info
  • Ear Candy Without Soul
    Steve Tyrell's "A New Standard" came to my CD player with a lot of promise, and I must admit that it is a beautifully recorded album. Lush, close-miked sound and fine musicianship that reminded this listener of the Dave Grusin records. And Steve Tyrell has a rough, pleasing texture to his voice. Still, I had a heck of a time keeping engaged while I listened to the disk: at home, in my office, or on the road. It puzzled me, but I finally sorted out that there just wasn't any personal vision or style in any of the treatments these standards; Tyrell never gets inside the songs. My ears loved the production values, but my soul wanted more and never got it. In discussions afterward, I was reminded how wonderful Fred Astaire's vocal recordings still are, without much by way of recording values or a great voice. "A New Standard" is really just the opposite. For me, I find much more contemporary value in Bryan Ferry's recording "As Time Goes By". It's eccentric but deeply musical and gives a personal look at every song on the album....more info
  • Finest Yet!
    When I saw that a husband and wife team by the name of "Scott" have been ganging up on Mr Tyrell I had to add my comments... Mr Scott also gave THE RED PONY by John Steinbeck a one star review! These two have no credibility what so ever in my book.Do they seem to have an ax to grind or what?? Well, they don't have to love A NEW STANDARD but they are the only two out of everyone I know of who dont...I was given the CD as a birthday gift by my romantically inclined husband, and it was the best gift I got! So, why do I love it so much? It is one of the finest examples of a pure singer who loves his material, who is singing from his heart as well as his considerable soul and that really touches me. He is uncontrived, and unselfconcious. His style is natural and communicates perfect in the modern world.His band and the production values are top notch. I have two daughters in their early twenties who love this CD as much as I do and my mother feels the same way. This music is bridging the generations with brilliantly wonderful songs and Steve's fantastic delivery. thank you for sharing your gift with us Steve Tyrell, we want more!!...more info
  • A New Standard & This time of the Year - Steve Tyrell
    During the 4th July week-end I had seen a program on tv, salute to America and on one of the signments showed a young man at a night club in New York,by the name of Steve Tyrell and I listened to him sing and was very Impressed. I have all three of his CD's, and each one is Great I would give 5 Starts for each CD, the New Standard even though it came out 1999, I just purchased it and enjoy all the songs, I can't find a bad song in the bunch. I had purchased Mr. Tyrell's Christmas CD and even though it's about a month and half way I'd listen and now I play it as often as I canalong with his other CD's. If there was a chance of he coming to Denver, I would certainly attend his concert. I would recommend his CD to all and listing to his voice just gives you a cetain feeling inside. Keep up the good work and good luck.

    Daniel Medina...more info

  • A breadth of fresh air
    A great album from start to finish, arranged beautifully.
    Wonderful choice of songs as well. To hear the album makes one feel like they are in a cozy caberet.
    By the way, we saw him in concert recently with Linda Ronstadt, and he performed all the songs as they sound on the cd, a pleasant surprise - no going all over the place a some do - He was absolutely charming...more info
  • Warmth, Wit and a Bit of Grit
    It's a funny thing, but singers with a little grit in their voices often have more appeal than their smoother voiced counterparts. Instead of coming across harsh or sinister, as you might expect, they more often exhibit a gruff but friendly folksy quality that is instantly winning. Maybe it's the old thing about the appeal of the less than technically perfect, and how a perceived "flaw" can actually be an aesthetic virtue. It may have something to do with how these singers develop an excellent sense of phrasing so as to maximize their vocal strengths and minimize (to the point of imperceptibility) any vocal weaknesses.

    Steve Tyrell is a case in point. His gravelly vocals give his interpretations of classic American standards a wry, warm appeal that is just about irresistable. It's hard to imagine any listener not responding favorably to Tyrell's ingratiating take on the Songbook. Just about every photo on the cover and insert has him grinning like sixty. And this sunniness is anything but fake. It radiates from every track.

    Vocally, he is often compared to more roots oriented artists like Dr. John and Leon Russell (and interestingly, Tyrell himself reportedly started off in a Texas R&B band himself). But I would link him historically to a high-spirited jazz-pop tradition personified by the likes of Louis Armstrong and Louie Prima.

    I first heard this album on rotation years ago in a chain store, and every track played stood out from the musical melange of whatever else was playing that day. I found myself thinking, well, in eight or ten more minutes, there should be another song by this great "new" stylist. (Who knew that he was a veteran producer, A&R man and performer with over 30 years in the business?)

    Of course, listening to the songs in rotation was a different experience from getting the disk home and listening to it straight through. Having done that (several times), I can begin to see the minor caveat that some have mentioned that the sunniness can begin to wear a little thin over the course of 17 tracks. (I find that I tend to play this CD in segments or in rotation even now.) Steve could perhaps dig a little deeper into a basically melancholy track like "I'm Through With Love." Singers who can pull off the trick of simultaneously conveying the wit and the pathos of that song approach greatness. I can't really say that Tyrell's version reaches quite that level.

    But like everything else on the album, it's stylish and elegant--and really darn good. I usually accept artists for what they are and what they can offer. Steve Tyrell, it would seem, is greatly entertaining, genuinely warm and witty, and is accomplished enough (and has connections enough) to guarantee polished arrangements by accompanyists who are among the best in the biz. Pathos does not seem to be his thing, and that's fine. (It's not insignificant that he chooses to close out this collection with a nicely done version of "Smile"). This is a classy record, with lots of heart.

    It all makes for an elegant evening in.

    ...more info
    This wonderful collection of standards, given superb treatment by Steve Tyrell and his A1 musicians, takes me back to the time when music and lyrics had class. A CD to add to my top-drawer collection....more info
  • Steve Could Use A Bit More Soul
    The instrumental arrangements on this CD is magnificent, and the recording is crisp - the right combination for... Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. A few tracks are delightful, but overall, Steve Tyrell's interpretations of the standards are incipd, without much feelings and soul. Still, it's an okay album for a relaxing Sunday or a cozy cocktail party....more info
  • Wow--One of the Finest Albums in the Last Decade
    The title may seem overstated by some of you, but honestly this is such a terrific CD. Steve Tyrell was an A&R man in the record business for decades, and always had the dream of producing a record of standards. This is it, and a more delightful blend of jazz, vocals and arrangement you will not find. Steve's voice is certainly not the crooner type a'la Frank Sinatra, but has a gravely tone that quickly grows on you. Of all his CD's this one is the best. If you come out to LA, check the Catalina Bar and Grill because he performs there quite frequently and I have seen Burt Bacharach and Rod Stewart in the audience....more info
  • A New Standard
    A truly wondrous piece of work, from the arrangements, to the musicians, to the flawless voice and style of Steve Tyrell himself. This is the new century's version of Songs for Swinging Lovers. Long may he reign! Angie McCartney...more info
  • Excellent CD
    That voice!!Enjoyed every track on the CD and look forward to the next one....more info
  • Steve Tyrell
    This is a terrific CD with great old standards wonderfully presented, but it leaves you wanting more - SOON. I've had this cd for a year now, so it's time for Steve to sing us some more songs. I can't afford to go to NY to see him at Feinstein's....more info
  • Great Music
    Really good music for the car, a party or just easy listening....more info
  • From Appleton Wisconsin
    I absolutely love this guy's music. Its so unique compared to most of the vocalists you hear these days. All i can say is "Steve, please record some more and hurry". I can't wait to buy his next disk. I've got two of them now except for the Christmas disk. If anybody out there knows of other artists like him, please post them out here....more info
  • Mister Smooth!
    This collection of songs has to be one of the best collection of renditions I have ever heard.
    Steve Tyrell's voice is very distinct. Sometimes playful, other times a true crooner. But he really does justice to the choice of music here.
    'Give Me The Simple Life', 'On The Sunny Side Of The Street' and 'The Way You Look Tonight' (An all-time favorite of mine) are done to perfection.
    All tracks are done straight with a great orchestra and arrangements, no doubt. Hearing this cd I thought to myself that he would be a better 'sinatra-esque' than a few others out there. The reason being his voice.
    I can't say much more than that. I promise if you like standards, you will really really really like this cd. Give it a shot....more info
  • Take me back to better days of song.
    Steve Tyrell has a voice that was created for for singing the standards and the music is really reminiscent of days gone by....more info
  • Discover a Mature, Eclectic Pop Star-Sit Back and Relax
    I had never seen nor heard of Steve Tyrell until one day I turned the remote to one of those music marquee cable channels way up in the 600's. I saw the countenance of an older, smile face and then I heard this gentleman, Steve Tyrell sing On The Sunny Side of the Street like the crooners of the Big Band era yet with a throaty, raspy voice that was actually positively endearing. As usual considering my modus operandi in these cases, I went to the net to look him up. It seems that Steve is a high profile and fabulously successful music producer and yet he can pack a concert hall as a pop singer. Now he goes into Give Me the Simple Life and I am absolutely floored. This man has style, he is debonair to coin an old hackneyed term, but he is good. A New Standard will keep you listening and yet wondering about this older guy who puts alot of better known players to shame. If you like the Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme or Dick Hamyes soothing and mellow fare, buy Steve Tyrell and be prepared to be presented with sheer excellence and know how.

    Jay Adler, Music Critic, Massapequa, New York...more info