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The Lords of Magic Special Edition combines the turn-based exploration and real-time combat of the enhanced Lords of Magic with the all-new Legends of Urak Quest Pack.

Customer Reviews:

  • The funnest single-player game I've found so far.
    This is an old game, but it's stayed very popular among fans, and still has a newsgroup at at Sierra's community page that is great for getting help.

    Before I talk about why I think it's one of the best games out there, I'll let you know this: If you are looking for fast-click games, or kill-a-minute multiplayer, this isn't the right game for you. The multiplayer is slow, and best on direct cable, LAN, or modem.

    The feel of the game is like an RPG, and lends itself to characterization, but there's no puzzle/clue/do-this-next kind of story line. Your chosen character and a few nameless friends (you can give them names) are thrown into a basic, simple situation (Bad Guy with magic is trying to kill everyone) with some complications (he's interrupting a 7-way war in progress, by trying to kill all the combatants, who wish he'd just go away and leave them to kill each other in peace) and some limitations (you can't raise much of an army until you prove you can kill something important). So you start with a simple quest. Find some big monument nearby that looks important, and kill everything inside. (Not to be confused with your own capital city, where people are likely to be surly but moderately helpful, and won't actually appear on screen, so there's nothing to kill). When you've found the right one (it's got an introduction message that fills the screen) and liberated it, the game changes. Suddenly you have renewable resources, new friends, a city at your disposal (more or less), and no one else tells you what to do any more. Literally. Except for the fact that someone's going to come looking for you eventually, and it would be a good idea to kill him when he does, there are absolutely no quest requirements for you to accomplish. You just explore, upgrade your buildings, and leave certain champions in training buildings to improve any new recruits or to rediscover forgotten spells. If you are more interested in assignments and puzzles, the game also includes a quest pack with a handful of quests with step-by-step objectives (but no way of stopping you if you decide to go the other way instead).

    The game is turn-based, and moves to real-time only when you enter combat. The graphics are simple, like pictures in a story book, and the over-land music is nice but not loud or adrenalin-pumping. Different music plays depending on where you start, and combat music is more lively.

    The landscape, people, and music work together to make you feel that this is a world worth defending against evil. Landscape ranges from lava and desert to swamp to meadows and grassland, and the landscape is 3D. An editor is provided so you can make your own maps. Some amazing results are possible. There is an extensive library of community-created maps available on-line from fan sites if you get tired of the default map.

    The magic and team (Faith) system is robust, with 8 different magic schools and sets of available characters. Although the types of characters are predictable (warrior, thief, mage, foot soldier, cavalry, ranged weapon, scout, magic creatures), the differences from one Faith to the next mean that you could easily have Knights facing Demons, or Dwarven axe-throwers facing Skeletons and Dark Elves. There are 8 different versions of every unit, except for the cavalry (only 4) and the magic creatures (32, from will o' the wisps to gargoyles, to dragons, to a Lich). The Faiths are elemental: Earth/Air, Fire/Water, and arcane: Order/Chaos, Life/Death. The units are predicted by the Faith, so Earth gets Dwarves, Air gets Fairies, Chaos gets Barbarians, Order gets Knights, etc., but you can trade for units or capture capitals and training facilities as you expand.

    Each faith has its own selection of spells, which can only be cast by a particular type of mage. Some of the spells have cool special effects, some of them just have a default flash or smoke ring, which might make it hard to tell what they've done. The spells range from Death's curse (light damage) and Life's Cure wounds (light healing) to Fire's Inferno (all units take deadly or near deadly damage), Death's Lost Soul (instant death, on contact, to any one enemy unit) and Life's Resurrection (restore any unit on battlefield to life). The spell books slowly become accessible, as you station mages in the library for "research."

    The combat screen is technically challenging and may have resulted in some frustration in those who give up easily. Although the units will attack automatically if someone comes in range, they don't do their best work that way, and mages are entirely helpless (magic on command only). The difference between letting everyone do their thing and managing all aspects of combat usually range from losing everyone to coming out without losing anyone. There's a pause button, that should be used liberally. You can give commands and begin casting spells while paused, and they hold action until you un-pause. Units generally begin together, unless your army is extremly large, but they occasionally get cut off. The game automatically saves as you enter combat, so you have a chance to go back and redo fights to correct what you did wrong.

    There are a handful of known bugs, but none of them significantly affect gameplay. Most of them can be worked around or even exploited to your advantage. If one of them is giving you grief, sierra's user newsgroup will quickly offer answers to your questions.

    You are likely to find that when you first start playing, minor achievements will seem difficult and rewarding, but as you gain experience the range of abilities will increase, and you may begin to focus more on exploration than on survival.

    The replayability of this game is extremely high, because there are 25 basic starting positions, 7 faiths x 3 character types + Evil Balkoth (after you beat him) + 3 other Death Lords available in custom games. Each of those positions can be customized with different starting resources, followers, spells, and artifacts, and of course, by playing different maps....more info

  • Good game... but flawed
    Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed this game from front to back. It has graphics that, while not amazing, you won't be confused about anything visually. The sound, however, should be award winning. It is simply magnififcent and gives you the feel of combat (when the combat music is playing, of course).

    BUT: This game has bugs. One really bad one I found is when i was making a trade (this is a easy thing to do, and will happen often). I paid a lot of gold and stuff for some crossbowmen, and I never got them. It has only happened to me two times.

    The game features a quest pack, but I don't find it fun. They expect you to win against dozens of creatures and evil guys and God knows what else, while you control, at best six or seven creatures.

    The Lords of Magic part, however, is much better. You control one of 8 'Faiths', each with different creatures, buildings, and spells. Some of them are much better off than others: the weaker faiths have many more allies. The stronger faiths tend to have more enimies. Two Faiths, Fire and Choas, start out with only one ally, which is each other(two other faiths view them as neutral).

    No matter what you do, your opposite faith and the Death faith start out powerful. This adds a new challenge to the game (The Death faith is out to kill everyone).

    So, this game has good graphics, sound, and completly different gameplay. It does have bugs, but they won't ruin it for you. You should check out this game. Now, I'm going to go play a game that you, for whatever strange reason you have, still have to purchase......more info

  • "Lords of Magic SE" The Struggle for Urak ...
    These are dark times for the good people of Urak. Long ago, Golgoth, the terrible god of death, created Balkoth the Destroyer. Balkoth and his army of dark elves swept across the world, killing everything before them. At last, a mighty hero imprisoned the dark lord in an amulet. The amulet was locked away, never to be found. 1000 years later, Golgoth thought that the world was ripe for another era of blood and darkness. He summoned forth Balkoth and bestowed upon him a mighty artifact of power. Today, the dark elves continue to sweep across the world. Urak needs another hero who can defeat Balkoth and restore order to the lands.

    "Lords of Magic Special Edition" is one of the best games I have ever played. It lets you take the idea of the mighty adventurer you've always wanted to be and make him or her come to life. To begin your battle with Balkoth, you must select a lord. Your lord is the backbone of your civilization. The type of lord you pick will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your army.

    You can choose your lord to be a warrior, a theif, or a mage (wizard.) Warrior lords have the ability to rally their troops and increase their morale in battle. Warriors are the undisputed masters of melee combat. Theives prefer to attack with ranged weapons. Though they aren't as strong as warriors, they can capture, steal from, or spy on enemy lords. Mages are powerful in the ways of the magic and lore of Urak. They can cast a vareity of powerful spells, but I strongly suggest to keep them out of the fray during battles.

    Another aspect of your lord that must be chosen is the kind of faith that you wish him to worship. Each faith also has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some faiths include earth, air, life, and death.

    The most important thing to do in the game, besides defeating Balkoth, is to free your Great Temple. Your Great Temple is the gathering place of the followers of your religion. When Balkoth came to power, wicked monsters defiled its sacred walls. Once your temple is free, it will attract followers to work in your cities producing resources.

    In "Lords of Magic," you must decide whether to control the world through military conquest or through alliances and treaties with other faiths. Trade can be conducted with allies and can also improve your relationships with unfreindly faiths.

    Once your army is strong enough, you must do battle with the wicked dark elves. Perhaps if you are a mighty enough lord, and have the blessings of the gods, you might just defeat Balkoth and restore the world to the way it used to be....more info

  • Fire is good
    I have had this game for a year, but I have still not beat it. It is tough, but it is a fun tough that you get addicted to. You start the game by picking a class for your champion-Warrior, Mage, or Thief. Next you pick a faith, all with different strengths and weaknesses. You have to fight monsters in caves to build up your experience, and then take your Great Temple. That is just the very beginning. The graphics for this game are not the best considering the games that are out now like Halo and the Matrix, but the gameplay is what keeps me coming back to my computer. I have always liked strategy games and fiction; this game combines the two. I like the turn-based playing system because you don't have to worry about being attacked while your trying to do something like in Age of Empires. Resource gathering and troop producing is more realistic in this game than in any other one I've played. The special Quest are great. This is a game you do not want to use cheats on, because they make the game dumb. I give it 5 stars, the gameplay overshadowing the poor graphics....more info
  • A Truly Magical Game...
    The title says it all. This game has a feel of magical and fantastical proportions. From the graphics, to the music, to the units. Everything lends to an atmosphere unrivaled in any other game.

    The strategic aspects of the game are not great, but the tactical combat is excellent. Battles can be hard until you learn a few tricks, such as using parrying warriors as decoys, or flying missile units.

    The best part about the Special Edition(the only one you can get), though, are the epic quests. They are TRULY epic, with two that are REALLY REALLY epic. My favorite is the good old fashioned Arthur quest. You get to play as Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and the rest of gang through a story derived from Sir Thomas Malory's version of the Arthurian legend.

    All in all, this game is worth every penny you spend on it....more info

  • Difficult , but rewarding.
    Right up front, you need to know that this is not an easy game. Video jocks who play all those fast paced (and basically brainless) real time strategy games will probably not go for this one. However, thoughtfull players with some tactical skill who like a real challenge will find this game very rewarding.

    The heart of the game is its tactical combat system, which is by far the best that I've seen in any fantasy game. Maneuver plays a big part in it: Using your faster units to circle around and hit your opponent's archers. Using your slower melee units to screen your archers from his troops. Using the terrain to set up "kill zones" that you can lure your opponent into. It will take a little getting used to, so expect to loose your first few battles until you figure out how things work.

    The game has an interesting variety of units and spells, and a particularly nice selection of artifacts that you can find in dungeons and such.

    The strategic level is good but not great. You collect resources, you build things, you research spells, same as in most games. One nice addition is the ability of high level characters to train new units, letting them start off with some experience. This solves the problem that occurs in so many games of this type, where new units starting late in the game are basically hopeless.

    The two real weaknesses in the game are 1. A very limited diplomatic engine. There are a total of eight powers in the game, but your options for peacefull interaction with the other seven are pretty limited. 2. Weak AI players, at least on the strategic levels. Some of the computer players do absolutely suicidal things, like walking their undefended leader up to one of your strongholds. Even the toughest, Balkoth Lord of Death, isn't nearly as aggressive as he should be.

    Overall, this is a challenging but very interesting game that players with some tactical skill will really enjoy.

    Oh, and one fast note for new players: The hardest part of the game is the opening. To maximize your survival chances, make your starting character a wizard of life, then on your first four turns, attack four level one dungeons. Then use all your resources to hire mercenaries and attack the great temple.

    Good luck!...more info

  • What's wrong with a little competition
    First of all, this is not necessarily an easy game to play, at least from the strategic standpoint. I found the graphics great, the interface very workable, and the flexibility of the possible scenarios outstanding. The game can also be used with initial defaults, if you don't want to be flexible. The game is a basic game of good vs evil, with eight (8) "Faiths", or groups of people in the fictitious world of Urak. Each 'faith' has it's strengths and weaknesses. I prefer the Order faith, but that's because I like the Medievel group of Knights, Paladins, and Wizards. This game was not easy for me in the beginning. I got knocked around pretty good when I first started. But, after a couple of times of getting beat up by a Hydra, I learned pretty quick. I'm glad the game was challenging. That's why I buy a game, to be challenged a little and to test my brain. This game can definitely be complicated, with all the possible characters and scenarios. For instance, each faith has its own version of a warrior, a thief, and a mage user. That's 24 different beginning characters types. Not to mention the ability to choose what the beginning character start with in the way of experience, or other characters. Then, there are 8 different maps that come with the game, and a map editor that allows you to create your own.(This part wasn't always easy, though). I have won adventures taking as short as 40 'days'and as many as 400. Somehow, I get more fun from the 400 day adventures. 1.(The regular game starts with all 8 groups of people taking turns in sequence. When all groups have had a turn, that's one 'day'. this takes about a 30-60 seconds after the player is finished with his/her turn, barring any conflicts)...more info
  • Sierra in it's finest hour!
    Lords of Magic is one of Sierra's best games. It's a mixture of collecting resources, protecting your stronghold and great temple, exploring, and defeating death. This game never gets old. It is hard to start out. You should read parts of the manuel like how to move and what you should do first. But it is a good game to learn as you go. I don't want to give away all the game's secrets, so I'll just say that this game is totally awesome. I defenitly recomend it....more info
  • Not as good as I had hoped
    Lords of Magic looked like a pretty good game when I read the back of the box in the store but I found it to be extremely frustrating when I played it. It seems as though the computer is starting out with many more resources because I could never catch up to my neighbors in terms of units and resources. Waiting times between turns is way too long, as is waiting for a unit to heal. Also the lack of a small map on the bottom of the screen makes it really hard to orient yourself in the bigger picture. Also, the map stays basically the same no matter how many times you play. Sometimes a few things move but basically it's all the same....more info
  • The Demo
    I first started out playing the demo I found it very difficult because there were so many limits so when I got The real thing it was very easy so biginners should start with the demo....more info
  • I loved this game. Reording it just for kicks
    This game was one of my all time favorites on any platform.

    It is uniquely challenging and rewarding. It is not a game that can normally be played in a few minutes, so it does take some patience and practice, which may frustrate some people who are used to modern games that take little patience or deep thought.

    As a rebuttal to those who perhaps gave this game a less than favorable review, I noticed many of those were based on percieved difficulty, particularly in the Player vs computer mode.

    The Death computer DOES start with at least one extra hero, I believe two extra heros on the highest difficulty setting, but that is because Balkoth has the most enemies, and he's supposed to be over powered. It balances out though.

    If you find that the computer has a much larger army than you, its only because you haven't properly balanced economy, military and exploraton. In short, try again.

    I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who has never played it.

    Some tips to anyone who recently bought it and perhaps struggling, or a new customer.

    1) Never use autocalculate unless there is no chance whatsoever of losing the fight. Never autocalculate vs an enemy's main hero even if you think there is no chance of losing. Balkoth will murder you on Autocalculate, especially on high difficulty.

    2)You MUST micro and manually fight most main enemy hero parties or you will simply lose too many units. You may get lucky sometimes with autocalculate, but in general you'll lose so much stuff over several battles that Balkoth, or some other enemy hero, will end up too far ahead of you. Manual is definitely to your advantage.

    3) When you get ready to fight Balkoth, do not just use one or two battalions, especially if the game has gone on long and he is max level. Balkoth is almost strictly better than any other hero in the game, so there is no such thing as a "fair" fight against his main party.

    Conquer several cities and Macro up a couple dozen battalions. Then, play hit and run, killing as many of his supporting battalions and outlying towns as possible, while avoiding Balkoth himsef. After this, corner Balkoth's main party somewhere on the map. Next, send wave after wave of "expendable" battalions to weaken him. Once most of his army is dead, send in your main hero's party to finish him off.

    4) After you win the game on easy or normal, play through the game a time or two AS Death so you learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. This will be a cakewalk compared to playing vs Death, but it will help you tremendously on the highest difficulty setting because it will help you learn what they can and can't get away with....more info
  • Difficult To Love, But Worth The Effort
    Find a demo first! What fans of LOM don't mention is that it is a SLOW paced game for a looong time. You start out with very little in the way of resources - either money or troops, and even with an unbroken chain of victories you'll go forty/fifty turns before your army starts to amount to more than three units! I didn't find the tactical game (the "heart of the game" according to one reviewer) all that compelling - the battlefields are similar, your opponents are generally more experienced and more numerous, and after dozens of encounters recapturing outposts, mines, etc. from random marauders, I am thankful for the autocalc option. I am frustrated by the long time(two/three turns)needed for my handful of troops (basically, my entire army!) to recover from their wounds since more marauders and enemy faiths continue to move through my land with impunity. The artifacts, experience bonuses, character improvements, all of those details that make you want to play one more turn, are just not impressive! Tiny amulets, unusuable potions, weird spell buttons, clumsy unit grouping/ungrouping, are all put offs. I've grown to enjoy LOM but I invested a lot of time in it, and I don't know whether many will want to do the same....more info
  • A descent game
    After playing Lords of the Realm I was pretty excited for LoM. I was slightly disapointed when I started playing it. It is pretty difficult to get started. They start you of with a warlord and three other types of warriors. But, to purchase new warriors it is too expensive. So, you take your time trying to collect resources, then an enemy army attacks and kills you real fast. To the upside if you actually get passed the first part of the game it starts getting fun. It really gets fun when you take over other villages and can make new types of armies. Even though I wasn't really impressed by this game I have played it a lot....more info
  • Lords of cRacK!!!
    I can't sToP pLAYinG.!!! I rediscovered this game after running into a mod site (got google? Keyword mantera gs5 impz xorgate lomse) and downloaded the mod and more importantly MODIFICATION TOOLS that allows access to the game's engine to edit spells units artifacts and other aspects of the game's engine.

    Fundamentally, the game is still the same, with that unique ability to barter and beg 6 wildcats for 1 Xena from other, more clever AI players that makes it so unique among these types of games. However the mod (and you need to get this game if only to check out the mod and aforementioned mod tools), changes things in such a way to correct bugs left over from the final Special Edition release and the later LOMSE.exe beta patch and added a few extras such as AI security for capitol and the temple.

    Even without the mod this game is slamming!!!.

    Load times for dungeons and encounters are quick on the XP Pentium 4's and though the mouse moves way to fast for overland and combat scroll, the keyboard arrow keys work just fine.

    After 8 years LORDS of MAGIC did not get older, it got better.

    UPDATE --A fan "finished" the game with release of a 3.02 patch that corrects some problems from the earlier released 3.01 beta patch (use keyword search as described above to find both patches).
    ...more info
    I first encountered Lords of Magic as a demo and immediately fell in love with this engaging, difficult, sometimes maddening but eminently addictive game. Even in the relatively spartan demo game LOM's strong points were irrisistible: the classic theme of pure good vs. pure evil, the picturesque maps, the enchanting and absolutely gorgeous music (probably the best of any game I've encountered), the multifaceted tactical combat system, and last but not least the game's superb replayability.

    Naturally, when I got my hands on the full game I was hopelessly spellbound. My wife might say "hexed"! Be warned: if you do buy this game, be aware you will be investing not only hard-earned cash (though not much--the price is a steal), but huge pockets of your time. This is not only because LOM is great fun, but because it's exceptionally difficult as well. Beating this game is not easy. Be prepared to take your lumps and go through a lot of frustration (albeit fun frustration!) before you finally win the day.

    The game itself is strategy-based, and runs on turns during which each of the eight paths--called "faiths"--that populate the world of Urak make their moves. Though the turn system is convenient and offers your character many choices of action, each turn does take a while. Healing and resource accumulation are based on the passage of time, so after a tough battle you will have to sit passively through a few turns to recuperate. Moreover, the map of Urak over which your character moves is pretty big, and it can take several turns just to get from A to B, during which time you may be attacked by wandering monsters or see one of your fortresses sacked by raiding parties. To put it mildy, LOM is not for the impatient!

    LOM follows a straightforward fantasy formula: the world of Urak is being overrun by the armies of Death itself, led by Balkoth the Destroyer, a diabolical necromancer who commands huge armies both living and dead and a powerful arsenal of black magic. You the player must choose a champion from one of eight different faiths (Order, Water, Air, Chaos, Fire, Earth, Life, or for those who have beaten the game at some point possibly even Death)and take on Balkoth and his seemingly limitless hordes on as either a Warrior, Mage, or Thief. (I personally usually choose to be a Warrior of Order, since that allows me to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a Paladin or Knight.) Each class of character is different from faith to faith, so the possible characterizations are many and varied. Whichever type of hero you choose, your character starts out weak and unknown and must slowly, painstakingly build himself up in terms of experience, magic, artifacts, fame, money, and military might. This means liberating besieged dungeons and forts and defeating enemy troops or marauding monsters, or bartering with friendly neighbors (of which there aren't many). Battle resolution is fun and plays in real time so there's a lot of variety. Battles do feature a "pause" option if you want to reconsider things and there's also an "autocalculate" button if you want the computer to determine the battle's outcome for you, though it seems the computer often underestimates the player's strength. If things go badly, the "restart" option lets you give it another go, and you may want to save your game often. If--and I do mean if--you meet and defeat Balkoth head-to-head, you win!

    Lords of Magic probably isn't for everyone. The slow pace will aggravate those more inclined towards fast arcade-style games, and the fact that you may have to play for several days on end is an understandable turn-off for others. Moreover, the game can get repetitious at times, as you're likely to have to conquer and reconquer the same territory several times and spend an awful lot of game time simply convalescing. And then there's the simple fact that LOM is a very difficult game. Merely staying alive can be a problem, especially if you're ambitious, and actually killing Balkoth may seem like an impossible dream after you've just given your 53rd character the last rites.

    But you can win, if you've got the time, patience, and energy it takes. If you do, then I heartily recommend Lords of Magic to you. When you finally finally kill the Arch-Demon of Death, it will all be worth it!...more info

  • Lords of Magic-Special Edition

    This game is very exciting anc challenging, even on the easiest setting. You play a Lord (A barbarian, human, gnome, elf, dwarf, undead guy, etc.) who sets out on a perilous quest to slay the terrible Lord Balkoth, who is planning to (what else?) rule all of Urak with his undead army.

    You start out with little of anything. Your first priority is to liberate your Great Temple, and then amass a large army to fight with.

    This is a sort of turn based strategy game. You group your units into little groups, and select Champions to lead them. You'll need to spend and gain 3 resourses: Ale, Crystals, and Gold.
    You also can direct little followers to work in the various buildings of your kingdom, to give you more recourses.

    RIVAL LORDS: There are seven other lords as well, each building their own empire. Some like you, some hate your guts. There is a very good AI system they use, allowing you to barter and fight with them as you wish. The best part is slaying an enemy and then taking control of their empire as well!

    GRAPHICS: The graphics are so-so. They aren't 3D, but they are beautiful and painting-like.

    MUSIC: The music, I think, is beautiful, pulling you into the world of Urak. Sometimes haunting, sometimes thoughtful, it always makes you think. Why? I don't know.

    COMBAT: This is really cool. No matter where you are, if you initiate combat, you zoom from a bird's eye veiw of the map to a close-combat realtime mode, where you can direct your troops into battle! The combat system is very developed. You can fight a number of enemies, explore a number of lairs and dungeons and caves, and invade a number of strongholds. You can pause the game a lot, though, so if you want more strategy, you can play it in a more turn-based fashion. You also have the option to Autocalc combat--where the computer automatically calculates the outcome for you, instead of animating it.

    REPLAYABILITY: The game is very replayable. There are 62 different starting conditions, so that it's different nearly every time you play!

    MULTIPLAY: The game lends itself well to multiplayer. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks great. I can't wait to try it over LAN!

    MAP EDITOR: The game includes a map editor, which you can use for multiplayer or a special quest. This is lots of fun to try out.


    The new Special Edition version offers even more features to try out!

    LORD EDITOR: Now you can decide which artifacts, recources, creatures, even Champions and spells you start out with, using a point0buy system. Hey! Even more replayability!

    LEGENDS OF URAK: An entirely different game in itself. I haven't done these yet, but they are cool to look at. 5 new quests--Including an Arthurian adventure where you play Merlin guding King Arthur, and a Beowulf epic...play a hobbit like creature named Beon and battle the vicous Golem!

    LEGENDARY CREATURES: Now, every Faith can summon their own LEgendary Creature at the Great Temple! This is the coolest new thing of all! These include Ice Drake, Hydra, Fafnir, Pheonix, Giant SPider...

    NEW UNITS: There are a whole lot of new units and monsters who are ready to take you on now. I still haven't found all of them.


    1. Great Strategy.
    2. Nice Music.
    3. Very Replayable.
    4. A great Map Editor.
    5. Intense Multiplayer.
    6. 5 Cool Sub-Games.


    1. So-so graphics.
    2. Very Difficult....more info

  • Fun, yet complicated
    When I bought this I thought it would be just like the demo, but it is suprisingly different. It had less flaws, but it was far more
    complicated. I was more interested in the legends of Urak but they were alot more hard than the plain old Lords of Magic.It has its ups and downs, but overall, I think I got my money's worth......more info
  • How awful this game really is.
    This is the worst game, don't even think of buying it unless you're a total "Dungeons and Dragon's" [lover]. It stinks, don't buy it....more info
  • Classic Strategy RPG
    Try this game out. Even though it's old, it's worth a look. One of my all time favorites!...more info
  • A great fantasy game with potential!
    Though this game has many flaws (AI etc.), it still is a great source of entertainment. The variety of units and champions produces great replay value. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who like games. Although it's a stragedy game, the graphics are still top quality. And unlike many other fantasy/stragedy games, you can see your units in combat. Close up too. For those of you who love stragedy/fantasy games, this is a must buy, you'll enjoy it a whole lot! For those of you who aren't... Well just buy it anyway, or else you'll miss out on one of Sierra's greatest products. (Thanks Amazon for carring this great game!)...more info
  • looking forward to LoM II
    Lords of Magic is a very ambitious game. It has great graphics and sound, and it is quite different from all of the Warcraft clones out there.

    Unfortunately, the game has many problems. The AI is seriously flawed in combat, and when bartering with computer players. Also, the game is just too easy. It may take a while to biuld up your forces, but you can win the game without ever encountering serious opposition. Sure, the marauding parties are a constant nuisance, but they usually never accomplish more than taking over a brewery for a day or two before you eliminate them.

    Despite its flaws I really like what the game tries to accomplish. With a little more variety and much better AI the next Lords of Magic could be the best fantasy-strategy game available....more info

  • so sweet!!
    Ilove the graphics,music,the so-so battle,and the nonstop carecters.the fact that u get to be the bad guy(balkoth)after u defeat him the first time is not original but after u play as him everone else just stinks.the weapons are beutifully graphic and magic divercity is unparelel.also that u can command fallowers to mine for u and be trained up to worriors.this is the m,ost realistic medival game i ever played!u even have too summon mages to teach u spells from your library.after u play this game u will know what a pro is and forget the word con from your vocab....more info
  • Impressions of an amateur
    First of all, I'd like to say I got a demo of "Lords of Magic : Special Edition" from a friend who never liked it, and when I started playing I immediatedly enjoyed it, especially for the combination of turn-based strategy with the real-time one, which allows a lot of independence on the battlefield to the player. The way followers are being introduced to the player is also one of my preferences, but I think the methods of renewing troops is a little difficult for anyone who plays (I hate having to go all the way to my fortress to recruit warriors so that my experienced ones don't die). Other than that, the game is great. I gave it five stars....more info
  • Great Fun, but . . .
    I really enjoyed many aspects of this game, and bought each one of the LoM bug fixes (why do you have to pay for their bug fixes?) hoping that they would solve some of the problems I found with it, but am still waiting.

    I really like the fantasy concept and the ability to build up one of several races. I have spent quite a bit of time with this game over the past year or so, and certainly like the ability you have to develope you characters and also build you kingdom. It is all great stuff, but . . .

    You just spend too much time waiting between turns! Waiting and more waiting drives you nuts because you are eager to get on with the game. Also the game locks up and fatals out during some especially interesting battles. This is very frustrating and teaches you to save your game on a regular basis. The game also seems to be too easy to defeat once you have built up your armies to point where it is getting to be great fun. The bad guys just seem to top out and then become patsies who are easy to defeat.

    I keep hoping that the next LoM update will fix the slow play and the random hanging, but no luck so far. Maybe the next one will get it right, but most likely there will not be a next one....more info

  • I like classics
    This is an old favorite that I cannot leave behind even though graphics and sound are dated. Gameplay is quite addicting and guess what? It runs smoothly on Windows XP even though it was created ages ago. Most oldies I like to replay I have to run on my old Windows98 machine that I keep around just for this purpose. But LoM sits comfortably next to Civ4 and Heroes of M&M V on my XP machine....more info
  • life and air
    I liked this game it took me along tiem to understand it but after I understood it, the game got too easy now I can beet the game on normal in abotu 150 days it is too easy but also I have had the game for about liek 4 years a long time. if you leave your herrow at the place liek a thefe at the theves guild then if you buy a new thefe it will be at a much hier leve the only thing is the thef that you leave at the guild has to be at a very high level...more info
  • Lords of Magic
    Lords of Magic is an exciting and challenging game in which you will have to pick one of 8 faiths. Then, you will have to create and lead creatures to take over your Great Temple, Breweries, Caves, and many other buildings that you will find. Your main objective though is to get big armies from the spoils of buildings and defeat Balkoth, the necromancer of the Death faith. Everyone will love this challenging game....more info
  • Unused Potential
    At first I really was enjoying this game, but it's gotten old after I beat it the first 3 or so times and I began to realize a bunch of things concerning usability. Maybe I'm just not using all the features to their fullest advantage though, so I'll give the game the benefit of the doubt. As for the interface, there are plenty of ways to make gameplay much more smooth. I find it primitive and, if possible, at the same time it is overcomplicated. I can't say I'm an expert at this, but it seems from reviews I've read concerning other software (concerning "intuitive" interfaces) that the interface can best be described as not at all intuitive. The saving system and the restrictions imposed when one gives commands in combat are my biggest pet peeves.

    What the game lacks in functionality, it makes up for in amazing graphics and music. Both are truly magnificent. The quests may give you a challenge where the normal mode at times doesn't.

    I enjoyed Lords of Magic but I'm sure I could have found a game that was more worth my time and money....more info

  • One Of the Best Games I've Ever Played!
    As I said above this is a really great game, even though the graphics are not 3-D. I would suggest that if you like 1 minute killing games like halo, then this game would probably not be very enjoying. But if you like Dungeons and Dragons type games, then this is the game for you! If you are a first timer, I have a few tips. Let's say you have a high leveled Thief, Warrior, or Mage. Then you should put that unit in either the Barracks, the Mage Tower or the Theves Guild. Then you wait a couple of turns, and after that look back at the "make unit" and you will see a unit that you can make at a higher level! This is also different from normal Lords of magic because you can customize and create a party. To do that you choose a faith,(Life,Air,Order,Death,Chaos,Water,Fire, or Earth,) and click on custom you should see a setup. The object of the game is to kill the evil mage death lord, Balkoth. But if you are balkoth than you have to kill all the other faiths. (You Must kill balkoth first to be death!) The big deal about faiths is that you like some other faiths, and others you hate. This game has a very, very good AI reation system, making it able to parley, or fight.(Parley means to barter over units,artifacts,buildings and spells.) Oh! And speaking of fighting, you can autocalc, which means the computer calculates the battle. (I like to use this when i'm not sure of the outcome of the battle.) Also I like to save before I fight a high Leveled area. Well, I hope you buy this game, it is a real winner!...more info
  • a challenge
    This game is one of the few games where you can't win the game just by clicking in random spots. You actually have to think about strategy.I got this game years ago and I still haven't beaten the order legends of urak mission even with the cheats!...more info
  • Good game, not the finest
    I remember getting this game a while back when I was younger. The game was difficult to master, which I attributed to my young age, but I loved to play it because of the nice atmosphere it gave; beautiful, fantasy surrounding, pleasant music, pretty landscape (the 3D terrain had an enhancing effect over other strategy RPGs I had played on the PC before). Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot.
    Moving back to the present day, I had lost my copy and was itching to play it again, having all but forgotten what the game was like. My girlfriend and I had gotten hooked on Age of Wonders, and I wanted to investigate similar games for her.
    I ordered LoM SE on Amazon not too long after. After installing and playing the game for a bit, I was a little dissapointed. I was still the game that I remember, but it seemed deficient in ways I hadn't noticed before.
    For example, the graphics did not age well. I can go back and play much older games from my childhood such as Quest for Glory I & II (SCI engine) and still marvel at how beautiful the graphics are despite only 16 available colors and a screen resolution of 320x240. This is double edged, because while I feel that LoM has pretty graphics, they still seem to work out poorly in the long run.
    Secondly, I still find the gameplay to be difficult. I'm not a kid anymore, and I have since mastered other fantasy RPGs, but the system in LoM seems a bit awkward and difficult to master. I couldn't play it for more than a half hour.
    Overall, I think it's a good game. Even though it's not my cup of tea anymore, I can see that lots of other people really love it, so if you like the genre then I give it a good recommendation. The price tag is very cheap, and it's well worth a grab....more info