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Civilization: Call to Power spans from primitive history to the techno-future of 3000 A.D. Experience new units such as Genetics, the Spaceplane, the Superconductor, the Nanite, and more. Your goal is to lead a conquest of land, water, and space, where every choice affects your future world.

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the 2-3 best games I've played
    This game was recommended by a friend, who'd played all of the Civ games. It was my first experience of turn based strategy. And WHAT A BANG it made!!! I spent hours and weeks trying to win my first game. Then all of a sudden I was in such a position of power I was almost giddy. The concepts in the future years are amazing and a lot of fun.
    This game promises to give hours and hours of enjoyment.
    I've since played Sid Meier's CivIII, and while some of its concepts are more polished, somehow it's not quite as interesting as CTP.
    I then went back to CTP (after CivIII) and found it a little less easy to play than CivIII. Some of the war battles happen off screen, such as the sinking of ships, which is a little annoying. But it's still just a bit more fun than CivIII.
    CivIII's diplomacy is far more satisfying than that of CTP.
    I am looking forward to the upcoming expansion for CivIII ("conquests")....more info
  • Interesting, but not great
    I got this game when it first came out, played it, and it was great. A few games later you start to notice that the all mighty AI, is all very much predictable. To a historical sence.... when my phalanx are able to fight along side my space marines.. it just kinda throws the game off. There is no option in the game to update units that have been deemed obsolete. So you can either send them off to battle to die or disband them. Either way, they will be marked up as a loss on the score card. If you are thinking of buying it, please have a system far beyond what they recommend. I have a P366 w/ 32 MB of RAM and when my civilization reaches about 20 billion people, it crawls. To give you an examble, I can end a turn and go take a shower. Overall, it is good for about 10 games....more info
  • Call to power more accurate in the historical sense.
    Civilization: Call to Power makes some needed changes to the "Civ" line. The previous games were very well done, and nicely balanced. But they were more like games. The addition of the "dirty tricks" units is a reflection of the history of empire building and technological advancement.

    Take for instance the slaver unit. The slaver unit can travel to other cities and steal the population from them, giving their civilzation more manpower. If the victim civilisation is not careful, they will be crippled from the outset. Just like the Portrugese (and others) in Africa. Historicaly whole african empires were decimated. However, those that use slaves in the game must be careful. If someone creates the abolitionist, it is pretty much all over for the slave using nation economicly. Just like Portugal. So CTP reflects the fact that some civilizations in the real world did not get far due to another's dirty tricks.

    As militray units go, combined mixed forces have always fared better then more technologicly advanced units. And just because a unit is more advanced than another does not mean that it will always win. Look at the Native Americans. Look at the Scottish fighting under William Wallace. Look at the Philipenos durring the 16th century. CTP mirrors this fact quite well. Greater numbers employing several modes of attack will always destroy lesser numbers employing one method of attack. And then there is also random chance. I thought that the terrain defence modifiers were very accurate. A city built on a mountain, with walls and three phalanxes is almost impossible for anyone to take!

    As for the graphics, I think CTP is a great improvement. The interface is much easier to use on the management level. However the tactical level can be a little squirly if you get to tired. The designers have made it so that nothing happens if you right click. This will get you out of the messed up path that may have been created. Still if you do not know this secret, the game can get annoying at times. This will cost a half star.

    The improvement system is better now than with the old settler based system. Improvements are a result of empire and wealth. Irrigation and mines as we know them today were not arround until someone had money and power. Before that ore was either picked up off the ground in chuncks (as it was in the bronze age), or quarried for. Besides, no one ever separated a large segment of a city's population to build irrigation and roads. Those people and their production were always considered part of the city.

    One thing I did not like was the fact that you cannot move populations arround like you did in CivII. No longer can a settler join a city. (at least I think, i was kind of tired when I tried this) This ignores the entire idea of human migrations. So minus half a star for this.

    Another improvment is the tech tree. No longer do muskets come before cannon. (It was always the other way arround) In civII there were a lot of problems with the tech tree. For one communism came with the industrialisation and philosophy. Communism is not a result of industrialisation but rather trade and wealth. Also democracy was arround long before what CivII calls invention. And why did medicine give you the ability to build shakespeare's theater? Would that not be more associated with Writing and Philosphy? What they have done is made the tech tree more accurate in a historical perspective.

    Also they have made the game more easily customisable. Changes are easier to make in the tech tree by just editing a file. The player can now change what units are allowed and also in what era you begin.

    All in all I think that CTP is an accurate representaion of the factors that dictate historical development. If you are looking for a game that is all about conquering and starting even with everyone else, look elsewhere. Civilzation: Call to Power is historical simulation. And in history not everyone wins easily and with the same formula. In CTP you may take the world by storm, or you may never get started and be crushed by civilzations with more advancements....more info

  • awesome
    This game is fun. pure and simple. control an empire to destroy your opponents. i haven't played the other civs. so i can't compare. but i like this game....more info
  • Game Play
    I would suggest that you start out taking the tutorial to find out what to do. During each game now I turn the barbarians to only the ruins so that I could learn the controls better. I wish there wasn't a globesat that you can develop. I developed it and saw that one of my opponants were across little body of water. I killed them with nuclear bonmbs in three turns....more info
  • Great Animation, with Automated Tasks, and Lots of Fun
    I've been a fan of Civilization for years. In fact, I play almost no other game. Call to Power's graphics are greatly enhanced beyond those in CivII. The animations and sounds are really cool. This game offers many new units, city improvements, and wonders to build.

    Call to Power adds the ability to establish production queues in each city and to maximize the exploitation of each city's resources at the touch of a button.

    You now have the ability to build terrain improvements using a "Public Works" tax based on your total production. You no longer have to use settlers or engineers for this function.

    You can now "stack" units for movement and battle. A battle window pops up with close-up animation of the battle scene. This is pretty cool, with the animation and sounds.

    The interface takes a while to get used to, however. If you're not paying attention, you can send a unit off on a long trek across the map.

    I have a 400 MHz PC and have to turn off some of the animation features later in the game to keep the graphics from getting too sluggish. I can only imagine how the game would play on a slower machine.

    Overall, though, this is a really fun game. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys Civilization....more info

  • Great game always come back to it my favou0ite -Tyler
    I am 14 and This is a great game it took me a little while to figure out and the first time i played the tutitorial i got murdered in a couple of minutes but i was patient i gt the hang of it the things i like are: the future! come on! who did not ever what to rule the earth build space cities and build cities underwater (underwater cities are great if you make underwater mines they give you s much production) and yu can make leviathans which are part city part battleship part nuclear power plant too bad they are so slow the other units are so cool so is the great library which has 2 modes one historical one game play the historical just tells you what good and what is not but history tells you about the history behind the unit or advance or improvement which can actually teach you stuff (your parents will love that) it is really cool when you look at future history also this game also teaches you capitols because when you are at war with another nation you need to know which city is the capitol so you can capture it the bad things are: that nations end up hating your guts for know reason also say you just met someone and that you have gone to war and you find ut that they don't like you so you talk to them and when they meet you the call you murderous or stupid or some other name that you did not deserve the other bad thing i think is that you can only control the earth you can't go to the moon or mars this game is great others have said that civ2 is better after i gt this i played civ2 (it came whith some ther games fr free) i hate it it is pathetic compared to this civ2 can't go into the future! but also civilization call to power does not have any scenarioes but it does have a wonderful cheat mode he he he bottom lines is this game is great and it does nt sho blod or have violence and you get to build wonders of the world like the spinx or stonehenge the internet but don't ever ever ever build the AI Enity it may sound great but it will make the city that has it revolt and other cities also revolt it is so dangerous sometimes i build it and then nuke the city that built it!!!!


    No excuses buy IT!!...more info

  • Civilization: Call to Power
    It is great. Tons of new units. New strategies, and challenges. A definite improvement over civ 2...more info
  • Good value in light of other Civ titles
    I reviewed this game at the same time Civ3 was out (which I have not played.) I find CivCTP to be just as addicting as any of the earlier versions. I have to agree with other reviewers that some of the gameplay is slow, but this was not a serious complaint from me. I appreciated how many object attributes can be seen through a 'right click'. City Management seems easier if you know how to set up the screen views.
    At the time of review, the product was deeply discounted, making this a very good value. If you get the value (jewel) version, the manual will be very minimal (with no or minimal strategies explained.) However, the game was pretty much easy to learn without a manual, esp. if you are already familiar with Civ, and strategies can also be gained through simple trial and error, so I did not find any need to seek the full manual or a strategy guide....more info
  • Activision's big mistake
    This is the worst CIV game out there. They changed the interface so drasticly that it is no longer any fun. They renamed all the wonders and lots of the technologies and worst of all, it doesn't feel like a civ game. This game may have good graphics, but thats it. It is way to complicated. My settelers can't even bulid roads. The AI ain't great and they always appear early. Get Civ 2 and pray Activision doesn't touch the CIV license agian...more info
  • A good game, but not the best I 've seen
    Basicly a mix of civ2, alpha centauri and some goodies. It has taken most of the good civ2 stuff, taken most of the bad stuff out, and put in usualy good features and some times bad features to make a pretty good game. The tricky at first, easy after practice way of moving units might stop some people from picking up this game, but I recommend you get it....more info
  • nearly unplayable user interface
    As a serious addict of the previous Civilization games, I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, the user interface is so agonizingly slow and unwieldy that I've never been able to muster the patience to get past the medieval era. Their main priority seems to have been beautifying the look of the screen (and they even failed at that, in my opinion -- the graphic design is pretty cheesy), but as a side-effect they made the game unplayable. There is no excuse for software that takes a 10- or 20-second disk access to bring up a menu on the screen. Even making allowances for the fact that my PC is slightly out of date, the graphics are just really hard to make out visually, especially the teensy-weensy icons of military units that show up on the dashboard. I eventually started getting used to the hard-to-read map and the confusing, multi-layered controls, but they were a big barrier to getting started. The whole timeI just kept wishing for the old interface. To be fair, they have made an effort to automate some of the repetitive tasks, but at the same time they cut down on the number of user actions by 30-40%, they made the user interface so crusty that every action takes literally 10 times longer to accomplish....more info
  • Don't waste your money - Buy Alpha Centauri
    This game is a VERY VERY poor follow on in the Civilization genre. All they did was make the game more turns (and therefore more tech adv). They added a number of sub rosa attacks. User Interface was tough to get used to for moving units. (I often ended up clicking a unit into a long move series...) Finally, the end game graphics stunk...

    In fairness, their trade model is better, as well as the tile improvements model (no more enigneers/settlers). They kept capitalization and infrastructure (from Civ II). Very good is the ability to save a production queue to use later.

    Go to the Alpha Centauri page now and buy that instead....more info

  • Full of sound and fury... signifying nothing
    Luckily I did not buy this game myself -- I merely tested it on a friend's machine. Civ II is one of the most replayable games in computer history; this is one of the least, assuming you can even get through a single game. The designers looked at Civ II and stuck to the old motto of America "MORE IS BETTER!" So, they added more units, more governments, more improvements, more wonders, more screens, more subscreens, more tasks, more....

    This game gets bogged down incredibly quickly. Some of the units are fantastically powered (like the Slaver); some are not even worth buying (pity the poor Spy and Leviathan). Trying to take out an opponent is next to impossible. Trying to create a viable empire is next to impossible. What you end up with is a VERY long game to no particular purpose, other then mere repetitions of the previous turns. History has become dull...

    Do not bother with this game.

    This is NOT Civilization....more info

  • Terrible Succesor
    With all the great reviews that this game recieved, and having a passion for the previous editions of Civilization, i decided this was a must have software.

    After the 50 years you spend trying to figure out how evrything works, you start to feel the passion for the game, but It is not like the other ones. It is too complicated and too complex, it takes the fun out of the game. The other versions, were simpler and more straight forward. They tried to make this one so good, that they ended up screwing up the game. Buy Civilization 2, it is cheaper and better than this one....more info

  • Control Freaks Need Games, Too.
    If you know someone with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and you're tired of having them straighten the fringe on the rugs around the house, buy them this game.
    The granularity of city and civilization control is overwhelming at first, but can be extremely gratifying if slowly squeezing AI opponents to jelly in an iron-mailed fist is your kind of thing. I own dozens of strategy games, city-builders, and sims, most of them newer than this one, but I always come back to Civ CTP. There is just something fascinating about the drive to thrive in CTP's unique and modifiable maps that can't be touched by, say, Civ III's over-simplified and restrictive environment.
    If you are not of a meticulous turn of mind, and if you prefer short games, please do not play your daddy's copy of Civ CTP. You will advance from annoyance to frustration to destroying the CD before reaching the medieval period.
    Even though the graphical display is ancient (late 90s), the color, beauty, and edge-matching of the map tiles is absolutely magical; this game was drawn by a fanatic. The wimpy, dull earth-tones of more modern games are very smooth, true. So is cold porridge.
    Yes, the interface is bizarrely labyrinthine, occasionally intrusive, and very much a part of the challenge.
    No, this isn't a "Civilization" game, per se. Civ CTP gameplay is much more involved, and consequently much less predictable than the run of turn-based strategy games. ...more info
  • Better than people think
    It seems some people don't like Call to Power because it's not Sid Meir's Civilzation, but that's exactly the point: It's a different game. This game is kind of a hybrid between Sid Meir's Civilization and Age of Kings. I think the AI intelligence is right up there with Civilization by Sid Meir. Also, the graphics are pretty good too. (This game is "old", so it may not be up to some people's standards.) Also, I like the huge maps and the lots of advances, city improvements, and units. Quite frankly, I like Call to Power's space-age military units better than Civilization's. If you're looking for a Sid Meir clone, don't buy this. But if you're looking for a fun alternative, this could be for you....more info
  • A Review of Civilization a call to power .
    Civilization ,Call to power had the potential to be a good game . The graphics are an improvement from the original civilization , the wonder videos are cool and the units are well detailed but there is nothing spectaculer. And to be honest its got some major problums . The 3 foremost being the combat , the controls and the way they use turn based stratagy. The combat is just all the units lineing up next to each other and slashing ( or shooting as the case may be ) at each other . You have no control over your men whatsoever . The problum with the controls are that the units are so hard to control that many times you click them into the wroung places . Also the computer moves you around to diferent units as you pass by with the curser . You may have to play the game to get what I mean . The biggest mistake in the game is makeing it a turn based stratagy . It takes way to long to move each unit from place to place. It may have been better if the units had more movement points but as it is now the game takes like 5 to 6 hours to complete . Who has that much time to play a computer game ? There are other problums . Like the fact the computer cheats . Or the fact the computerized charectors go from loving you 1 minute to the next attacking you . Or the fact that the charectors are not like they say they should be . For instince can you imagine how frustrating it is to be attacked by your former allie Gande . Remember non-violent-protests ? It seems like the people who programed this did not pass the sixth grade . Baisicly this is a game that could have been good if the people who made it had put some thought into it before desighning it . But as it is stick as far , far , away from this game as possable ....more info
  • A great game
    Civilization Call to power goes along the same guidlines as the civilizations before it but is still a complitly diffrent game. Some of the biggest changes are the added use of the mouse. You now use the mouse constinly. Second is the Public Works. Now instead of settlers or enginiers building you roads you use public works witch I personly like alot better. The next big change is how you can now build cities underwater and in space. This is an added bonus. There are more units than ever before as well as city imporvements and wonders. Your units can now also bombard. Now you can rough up the eniemy before you acutally try and take over his spot. You can lock units togher and now you don't have to worry about 10 units being taken out by one because they fight togher. This is a great game and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Its not incredible, but its a good play
    I can picture Sid himself releasing this game. Some of the names would have been changed- He may have stuck to the original Tech tree, with additions- but the gameplay, as well as the interaction, is pretty solid. I only played it about 15 hours, and then moved on to other things, but I really enjoyed those 15 hours. I think that the other reviewers are looking at all of the changes, and then trashing it because of them. The changes are not bad, just different. The interface is really slick....more info