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Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition
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The critics agree. Half-Life is easily the most gripping, frightening and intense game experience ever. Awarded Game of the Year by more than 40 publications, Half-Life has been called a "Masterpiece of epic proportions." The Half-Life Game of the Year Edition includes new multiplayer models and maps as well as Team Fortress Classic, the hugely popular team-based multiplayer game that runs on top of the Half-Life engine. Featuring an integrated storyline with stunning visual effects and a hug

Your gun had better be loaded if you're playing Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition, the smartest, shootingest, bloodiest game ever to hit the PC. Take control of a scientist charged with destroying the alien invasion force that arrived, courtesy of government experiments gone wrong. Of course, in the post-X-Files world, there's additional bad guys in the form of federal "cleaners" who want you just as dead as the monsters.

Power up your environmental suit and plunge through level after level of increasingly difficult and creepy challenges, rescuing your fellow scientists and ultimately clearing out the whole complex--if you're lucky. Game play is smooth and simple, after the obligatory false starts and botched maneuvers common to learning every new game. Persistence pays off, though: Half-Life rewards tenacity with increasing power and understanding of the virtual world.

Play on a network and cooperate or compete with folks across the world or in the next cubicle. For those who've mastered the intricacies of Half-Life , the Game of the Year Edition includes Worldcraft 2.0, which the designers used to build every detail of the base. Make your own levels and snicker at other players' pathetic attempts to evade your deathtraps. It's easy to see why Half-Life won Game of the Year from dozens of publications; try it and see for yourself--if you're not too squeamish. --Rob Lightner

Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition features the award-winning dynamic and plot-driven action game filled with intelligent aliens on the hunt. This package also includes new maps and models for the game as well as a team-based multiplayer add-on component. This game's superior artificial intelligence, seamless graphics, and advanced multiplay features make it popular.

  • Enemy AI: Half-Life's monsters are also remarkably--even terrifyingly--intelligent. Our proprietary AI has them running in packs, assessing threats and showing a marked distaste for suicide runs. You'd better think as fast as they do.
  • Rendering Technologies: So you don't want to have to buy a special hardware accelerator just to get 16-bit color, colored lighting, blurring, translucency or other cool visual effects? Then don't. Half-Life has developed all these features in software so now they're an integral part of the gameplay, not just eye-candy. Of course, if you do have Open-GL, Direct 3D or MMX hardware, things will look mind-bogglingly cool.
  • Skeletal Animation System: Our new animation system lets us create monsters that are more spectacularly menacing than ever before. Half-Life's monsters have the highest polygon count, and the most fluid and complex motion ever seen in an action game.
  • Multiplayer: Joining a multiplayer game is now fast and easy, thanksto Half-Life's powerful interface. Find your friends, choose the type of game you prefer and let our master server do the rest. Choose from a variety of multiplayer gameplay scenarios, and use our decal technology to mark your territory with a personal or clan logo. Other Features:
  • Hazard Course training area for practicing movements, special maneuvers, and weapons use

Customer Reviews:

  • This game sucks!!!
    This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!This game sucks!!!...more info
  • Don't Buy
    This edition (and no edition of Half-Life) allows you to play online multiplayer. You'll be forced to download Valve's Steam client (211 MB for HL alone), then the latest game patch (64 MB). That's a total of at least 265 MB of download! Valve offers NO texh support, either by contacting them or through message boards. If you someohow screw up your registration, you will not be able to play online. Valve will not help you fix your registration problem, nor any other problem. Also, cheaters abound in multiplayer and Valve has done nothing to address this. Valve is not a company to do business with. Lastly, this game gets old fast. You'll be bored with it in less than 2 weeks! You'd be better off buying Quake III Arena from ID software, which has none of these problems....more info
  • Don't Buy This Game
    Quite possibly the worst game I have played in my life! I think Oregon Trail was better. To start out the graphics look like about 64 colored blocks on your screen. The weapons and enemys suck as well as the game play. There is almost no action, its not difficult, the controls are horrible, and its easy. I will never buy another Sierra game in my life. This game cost me $40 and wasnt even worth a quarter. Do not buy this game, you will be very dissappointed. And this goes for other versions of half life as well....more info
  • Why Play any other Shooter?!
    This is definelty the best game in the FPS genre. It has brought so much to the table. The mindless blastfests ala quake and doom were fun, but! There was shooting and an actually story!

    An accidental portal to the alien planet Xen opening. Trying to survive the aliens was hard enough. Then the military is sent to help. And by help i mean cleanse the aliens as well as the scientists. So you are up against aliens, marines, *and* the black ops for a few levels. The gameplay is fun, the puzzles range from easy to difficult (the blackops levels, and the part with the lasers and the missle...that took me forever). And i love throwing snarks at marines.

    The single player game itself was a lot of fun. But even more came afterwords. All the mods that people have made. My favorite was the "they hunger" trillogy. Night of the Living Dead meets Half life? Pure genious! TFC and all the other online games are awesome (i haven't personal;ly played them much, not much of an online gamer). But I know that they would be lots of fun. Opposing force was awesome (although the horrendously horrible Blue Shi(f)t is a waste of cash). You owe it to yourself to buy and play this revolutionary FPS game. I am happily awaiting its sequal!...more info

    this is one of the best game i have ever played. the wepons are good and it is fun to shoot the monsters. it is a good game you should buy it. you should buy every half life game that is out and that comes out...more info
  • One Word: Counterstrike
    You'll need this to play counterstrike which is an online game which has kept me up way too late on way too many nights. I'm really reviewing that game, because it uses the Half-Life engine to run, so you have to buy this. Counterstirke is awesome and amazing. Take a look at the website if you've never heard of it. As far as this game is alone, it never really grabbed my interest. That's why I only gave 4 stars. But the fact that you can use this to access other games basically, it's definately worth having....more info
  • Revolutionary.
    Yes, Doom was the beginning of the FPS genre as we know it. But Half-Life marked the beginning of an evolutionary leap for the genre. Quite simply put, Half-Life is, and will remain, one of the greatest games ever. I really can't put the gameplay experience into words, but I remember when I first played this game almost ten years ago, I was absolutely absorbed. Seriously. Absorbed. At the time, the mods were sharp, fun, and novel. Counter-strike. Firearms. Team Fortress Classic.

    Man, those were fun days.

    If you haven't played this game, you need to experience it and understand what it has done to the world of first-person shooters. The enemies. The weapons. The music. The levels. The creativity. It's a cinematic experience in itself, and you're the star....more info
  • This game is the BEST!!
    This is a classic shoot 'em up game. ive had it for about 4 years, mabye more. its ALWAYS been fun for me. recently ive been more into internet gaming (with my new cable modem to thank for that)! the counterstrike mod is SPECTACULAR, and so is 'The Specialists'. it is fun all around!...more info
  • BEST FPS ever
    Well...Where to begin. This game is excellent. That's basically all I need to say. It's main game has a nice plot, your a scientist whose expieriment went wrong and you must do some stuff...AND SHOOT STUFF ALONG THE WAY!!! Most enemies are Smart, and tactically try to kill you, and the "Puzzles" are fun too. Plus, Deathmatch is fun, and all the "mods" by other people make the game infinately replayable.

    If you like First Person Shooters/action games at all, you simply must try this....more info

  • Gordon Freeman is the Terminator
    Pro's: Awsome Graphics, phenomonal multiplayer, good music, scary as hell when ur playing it alone in the dark. Good expansion packs.
    Con's: If you don't have a 3d accelerator card dont' get this game cause u'll ruin it.
    I'd rather play this than unreal tournament or unreal2k3....more info
  • A GOOD FPS BEATS DOOM AND DUKE NUKEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game is mind blowing. the story is awesome and the aliens actually have alien like features. Unlike other games, the arsenal is realistic and the setting is realistic. you can use your surroundings to help you kill the aliens. Warning: this game is very addicting. The only minor flaw was the graphics. don't get me wrong. the graphics were great but not up to my standards. After playing games like Morrowind, Splinter Cell, and the Unreal series, the graphics weren't that great. Another thing that bugged me was some of the wierd things you have to do. Sometimes you have to go back to where you started because you got lost. It happened to me once. The bottom line is if you like first person shooters (fps) then get this game....more info
  • Long live the G man
    -When the world comes to an end it won't be some steroid pumped Arnold
    Schwarzenegger type that saves the world, it shall be a geeky scientist
    called Gordon Freeman. He is having a rather peaceful and uneventful
    day till some little aliens start ripping his co workers to pieces and
    some sounds and explosions start going off. No one has no idea what is
    really going on and apparently, there seems to be an intense amount of
    radiation which makes it impossible for anyone to go outside and see
    what's really going on. As luck would have it, Gordon has hazmat suit
    that can shield him from the radiation and so he's sent out to find out
    what is happening. As he goes out he finds the legendary crowbow which
    becomes his first weapon and as he ventures out he runs into tiny
    little aliens that jump of the ground and bite you hard, he runs into
    big aliens with crab heads that are pretty easy to kill but the most
    dangerous foes he faces is not the aliens but rather the human army
    that thinks Gordon is an enemy and tries to kill him at every turn.
    Still not knowing what's going Gordon must fight his way to the truth
    and uncover what is happening at Black Mesa

    -A lot of idiots pan PC games and I honestly don't know why. It has
    better and more tighter controls than console games and in the case of
    this game the graphics and story are much better. compared to the
    graphics we have today they seem crude but remember they came out a
    long time ago and back when it came out it was. The facial animation
    was crap but I doubt anyone will be paying attention to the faces when
    they are surrounded by tiny little aliens trying to bit their faces
    off. I know it sounds clich¨¦ and tired to say that graphics doesn't
    matter as long as the game is solid but in this case it's true, plus
    back in 98 this was top notch graphics.

    -I'd love more than anything to say that the score is amazing but I
    can't since there's no music in the game, but that really works to the
    advantage of the game since it gives it an uber realistic feel that
    tends to make you forget that you're playing a game and makes you feel
    like you're actually Gordon roaming around the dark corridors trying
    not to get ambushed by aliens. since there's no score the sound carries
    the whole game and my god is it amazing.

    -A lot of scares rely on someone jumping from the shadows but this game
    rather realizes on sound to that work for you. Unlike horror movies,
    the sound isn't ridiculously loud but rather creepy as hell. You can
    hear moans and snickering coming from the speakers when you're just
    simply walking around. The creepy ambiance alone is reason for why
    anyone should check out this game. If you have heart problems then it's
    best you play the game with the sound turned down since it will scare
    you badly. adding a sub to your PC is a must for this game since there
    is an abundance of lows spread throughout the game

    -Perhaps the aspect of "Half-Life" that made it so famous was not the
    game itself but the fantastic online spin off "Counter-strike" which
    was a mod created by two people. I can't remember their names but I do
    know that their game stole 7 months of my life three years ago and
    those were some great 7 months. Counter-Strike is a fairly simple game
    where you play as either the terrorist or the anti terrorist. You roam
    around and shoot your enemies till one of you wins. I know it sounds
    simple but what makes it work is just how plain fun it is. If you've
    just had a bad and is looking to release some aggression then play this
    game and you'll feel the anger slip away.

    -With "God of War" and "Halo" being made into movies it's safe to say
    that the video game genre is desperately trying to get back into the
    movie industry. Apart from "Silent Hill" and "Mortal Kombat" they've
    all been pretty terrible so my anticipation for them is not that high.
    I do have cross my fingers for "Splinter Cell" since Peter Berg is
    directing it. I hope that this game gets a great movie treatment that
    no only does justice to the stellar game but also pulls a "Batman
    Begins" with the video game adaptation franchise

    -If you're looking for an intense FPS experience that scares you
    poopless one second and makes you say wow the next second then pick
    this up. If you want a FPS with a great story and characters that you
    grow to then also pick this up....more info
  • THE game to have
    This game is awesome. It's old but good. The puzzles are fun, the weapons are interesting, it's got great AI and I love to play it over for old times sake. By this one before Half-Life two comes out, because this game was/is revoloutionary. It's one of the best FPS games with a fun storyline, fun plot, fun puzzles. OK, the graphics aren't great but hey! It's six years old!!! Trust me, for the price you by this, you won't regret it, I'm in love with this game and it's many sequels and MOD's. Don't get me started on the MOD (modification) Counter-Strike (the most played online game in the world), I play it daily!...more info
  • Saving the world...with a crowbar
    A must-kill for dedicated fans of single-player "first person shooter". HL takes an utterly unoriginal idea for either games or movies and crafts an utterly unstoppable gaming experience. You play Gordon Freeman, who works in the bowels of an ultra-secret, underground research facility called "The Black Mesa". (Having played the game yet I'm still not sure what's supposed to be going on in BM - it's The Aftermath that matters.) Oozing high-tech, the facility is host to the denizens of another dimension when you/Freeman something that tears a whole in the fabric of our own - allowing beings from that other world to enter ours.

    Now, if you think that these otherworldly denizens are peaceful beings intent on fostering cross-dimensional love, or that your fellow human beings will enter the Black Mesa unarmed intent on warmly welcoming these beings to our world, or at least to rescue you - I'm afraid you've picked up the wrong game entirely. For in the bowels of "Black Mesa" you'll confront howling dog things, flying crabs, alien-zombified versions of your colleagues, gigantic aliens that breathe fire through their fists, aliens that hang from ceilings (and entrap their victims using these vine-looking things) and squads of human special forces troops intent on killing everything that moves - including you. If the above attracts you because you think it may be the setting that elevates the nobility of the human existence, I should warn you to look elsewhere - for in "Half Life", you'll find yourself acting indiscriminately with a 9mm automatic, a submachine gun, grenades and (most regrettably of all) a nasty crowbar; you'll make few friends and find yourself (for the most part) alone and (not infrequently) exiled to ventilation ducts (again with the ducts!!) to avoid getting shot at by humans, or burned, bitten, bolted or tongue-bathed by aliens.

    Complex problem solving skills (as much as marksmanship or bullet-saving) are crucial in this game - in which your enemies have above-average levels of AI. There are unfortunately times when a level may be hung up by the failure to achieve some specific mission-goal, but this is on the whole a game in which the goals are sufficiently complex to make you feel cool for achieving them, yet not so complex as to be impossible to solve. The game's settings are fantastic - from the vast to claustrophobic. The game is long - uncommitted gamers may find it tedious - but the scope of design here rewards those who keep up with it.

    I ran this game on an XP-equipped P4, with a 64MB AGP card, and had no problems (other than those involving the evil aliens and homicidal fellow humans). Graphics and sound were smooth, and I suffered no CTD's. As with all FPS games, The Rotten Review strenuously endorses the Nostromo Speedpad....more info
  • Kind of overrated
    Probably like a lot of other people, I saw all the rave reviews about this game so I decided to buy it. I paid 20 dollars for this game and I think thats about the most this game is worth. The story line of this game is pretty good and so are the graphics for its time. What is less than perfect are the controls. Your character moves way too fast. Say you are going down the stairs. If you press forward and release, your character will keep on going down the stairs by himself. In tight and tricky areas this perpetual sprinting mode you are in becomes annoying.
    This game is comparable to Quake 2 in depth and development but with slightly more details in the graphics. However, the way the screen is rendered, the 3D environment is not as well done as Quake 2. As a result if I play this game with my eyes too close to my monitor, I get motion sickness from the jerkiness from the screen. I never had this problem with any Quake games.
    If you enjoyed the Quake 2 series and would like another game of its type to keep you occupied until DOOM 3 comes out give this game a try. Just keep in mind that all those game of the year awards are a bit exaggerated. After my experience with this game however, I do not plan to buy Half-Life 2 when it comes out this year....more info
  • One of the Greatest Games of All Time
    Half-Life is an extrodinary game. The graphics are so-so, but you can upgrade them if you get Half-Life: Blue Shift (I recommend that as well) and then they'll be quite a bit better. Anyways, the gameplay makes up for the graphics by far. The game puts you as Gordon Freeman, a young scientist testing a teleportation machine. That's when things go terribly wrong; the machine malfunctions and countless hordes of hostile aliens are sent to the Black Mesa underground lab. Eventually things get even more chaotic when the military gets involved. Now you must escape from the huge labrotory and get to the surface in one piece. The game has action, danger, and a hell of a lot of aliens. If you're a parent looking at this I don't suggest getting the game for your little 8 year-old. The game is very violent and there is no penalty for killing anyone, even your allies. There's lots of blood and gore, but no language or sexual content. Half-Life is awesome, get it, you won't be disapointed....more info
  • Amazing but....
    This game is amazing but theres one thing wrong, there is something wrong! This game was by far THE BEST online multiplayer game but everytime you try to go on the online mutiplayer you will get a notice that your half-life version is out of date. i have (latest version) and this is what it says when you click on it: it tells you that your versoion is the latesst version but there are no updates available! if someone knows why please tell me. and i have steam so thats not whats wrong. but i think you might have to buy some fancy version.
    besides that, this game is the best game ever!...more info