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Beach Boys - 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits (Volume 1)
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Street Release Date: 09/21/1999

The three-volume Good Vibrations series is designed with the hits-hungry fan in mind. Eschewing a strict chronological approach, the best-of sets are arranged according to charting position. Thus the initial collection is laden with the group's trademark tunes, ranging from the California boys' first top 10 charter, 1962's "Surfin' Safari," to their last, 1988's "Kokomo," a stray, post-Brian Wilson success. "Kokomo" is by far the newest selection included here; nothing else dates past 1966's No. 1 smash, "Good Vibrations." With the likes of "Fun, Fun, Fun," "I Get Around," "California Girls," and the incandescent "God Only Knows" rounding out the set, Greatest Hits Volume 1 is the ideal first pick for anyone looking for the Beach Boys at their commercial peak. --Steven Stolder

Customer Reviews:

  • Beach Boys CD
    Greatest Hits Volume 1 has several classic Beach Boys songs on it, and is a fun upbeat CD....more info
  • 4 and a half! Nice selection when paired with Vol. 2
    As a big fan of the Beach Boys' 60s catalog, I would call this CD, along with Vol. 2, a very reasonable compilation of their 60s work. It's very easy not to skip TOO many of the Beach Boys' greatest songs because many of their early LPs contain a lot of filler and overly repeated themes that might not always be tolerable by the casual listener.

    This CD is classic all the way! You got your surf songs (Surfer Girl, Surfin' USA, Surfin' Safari, Catch A Wave), your car songs (Shut Down, Little Deuce Coupe, 409, Fun Fun Fun, I Get Around), then you have the near perfect studio productions from the mid-60s (California Girls, Good Vibrations, God Only Knows, Sloop John B), some more hits (Help Me Rhonda, Barbara Ann, Do You Wanna Dance), etc, etc.

    You MUST get Vol. 2 or you'll miss out on so many other great songs!!!

    Beware of which pressing of the CD you get. I guess you can't really tell by ordering online, but the new pressings use the original 45rpm single mixes (or mono-version-of-the-LP mixes) and before, several of these songs were in stereo. I'm sorry mono fans, but the stereo versions just sound so much clearer. (I hope someday the LPs "Today" and "Summer Days" from 1965 are remixed in stereo like "Pet Sounds" was recently, because that makes up the bulk of their 60s catalog you can't hear in stereo.)...more info

  • Perfect - 5 Stars
    This is a collection of thier best hits. All of these songs are jammin' gold hits....more info
  • I Wish They All Could Be Metamopho's Girls.......
    Yes yes... I am back. There is no rest for weary Seers when it comes to public devotion (or self promotion). Anyway, summer is here once again, and the hovering egg yolk in the sky sends it's warm waves to everyone. Fortunately for me, my devoted fans sent me enough money to go to Malibu. So, a few days ago I caught a Seer jet (play on words there people - Lear Jet, get it?) from London. So, I arrived in California expecting the red carpet treatment. You know what I mean, a limo with a t.v. and wet bar, some beautiful woman to laugh at all my jokes, and a luxury suite at a 5 star hotel. You can imagine my surprise when they threw me into a taxi with a driver that looked like Columbo and had a woman that looked like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies be my tour guide. We won't get into the accomodations. However, I must ask, how many of you have lived in a tent city with no running water? Please raise hands!

    Anyway, despite all that, my first day at the beach was most interesting. I went with a generous supply of zinc oxide on my nose to protect me from harmful rays, looked ever so sauve with classic sunglasses (you know the ones, from the 60's), and had the coolest swim trunks on that had prints of palm trees and barracudas on them. I was ready folks!

    So I sat out on my beach chair, and before you know it, the Norwegian Woman's Volleyball League set up shop right next door. Yes. I met them all and marvelled on how good they were when they started to play. Especially Ingrid and Helga. Their form, their defensive technique, their jumping up and landing! I didn't know volleyball could be so enjoyable. ;)

    But, let me get to this review before you all start throwing beach balls at me. As I'm there, I hear music coming out of my old transistor radio. On a day like today, what would be more appropriate than Beach Boys music?

    What we have here is part one of their greatest hits. And, if I must say so, it is quite the collection. Do remember, the Beach Boys virtually invented the surf craze in America. They were bearers of the American dream via the California dream. It was definitely youth oriented, and through the sixties they were the premiere American band.

    Why were they so successful you might ask? Well, they hit upon themes that were part of the youth experience for that time. The theme of sand and surf certainly with the offerings of "Surfin'Safai", "Surfin' U.S.A.", "Surfer Girl" and "Catch a Wave", just to name a few. Livin' life was an exhuberent joy to these guys. Within their songs you also get the main motifs of fast cars (i.e; Shut Down", "Little Deuce Coupe", "Fun, Fun, Fun", "I Get Around")young love heartache (i.e; "Help Me Rhonda") and girls, girls, girls (i.e, "Surfer Girl", "Barbara Ann", "California Girls" and the inimitable "Good Vibrations"). In fact, as we speak, Helga is giving me an eye flirt. Talk about good vibrations!

    Brian Wilson was genius in how he wrote these songs, how he arranged them, and peppered them with their trademark harmony. Crystal clear rock music, thoughtful ballads, done with the aura of the beautiful California coastline. Did I forget to mention the most perfect pop tune in rock history "God Only Knows?" That's included here as well.

    In conclusion, The Beach Boys are as essential as the sun in the summer when it comes to that season. These tunes are ingrained into our consciousness with an indelible stamp. Nowhere will you find better music to covey the joys and trials of youth and the search to find that perfect wave. Now, I must go. Seems a terrible fight has erupted between Helga and Ingrid and it's getting ugly. Seems they both want me. Of course, this is the effect I have on women. Let me go see if I can convince them to share me. ;)

    I get around. cheerio -- Metamorpho
    ...more info
  • One of the best Greatest Hits in music.
    This is absolutely essential for a rock collection. These singles helped shape the rock scene in the early 60's almost as much as the Beatle singles did. When putting together a rock collection, the Beach Boys representations should be Pet Sounds and this. I would also recommend Greatest Hits 2, but Greatest Hits 1 is a no brainer.

    I Get Around, Help Me Ronda, California Girls, and Good Vibrations are key to any rock collection. Must have....more info

  • An Awesome cd
    This cd has the best songs that the beach boys ever made. I would not have bought any other. This cd is really good. My favorite song is of course Surfin' U.S.A. the best song they ever made.

    If you liked this cd check out all of the other beach boys cds...more info
  • MISSING at LEAST 3 major songs...Get Endless Summer AND Pet Sounds.
    At least three essential, MUST have Beach Boy's songs: "The Warmth Of The Sun", "In My Room", and "Don't Worry Baby", are missing from Vol.1. They are found on Vol.2, as well as the great classic "Endless Summer" CD.

    "Vol. 1" is not even close to a complete Beach Boy's collection...get "Vol. 2" with it, or BETTER YET.. forget "Vol.1" and "Vol. 2" and just get "Endless Summer" along with "Pet Sounds" and you will have a great collection of Beach Boys songs.

    If all you have is "Vol. 1", you are not at all getting the full picture. It would be like buying only part one of a two part movie DVD.

    (By the way, I also happen to think "Surf's Up" from 'Smile" is essential. That one song ALONE is worth the price of "Smile".)

    ...more info
  • Greatest White Band ever
    These guys are Domestic and just purely better then the Beatles
    they are so underrated Here is my Review for the Boys.
    Still Priceliss summer music to just rewind to.
    1.Surfin Safari-Great 10/10
    2.409-Great 10/10
    3.Surfin U.S.A.-One of there Best 10/10
    4.Shut Down-Great 10/10
    5.Surfer Girl-Love this one 10/10
    6.Little Deuce Coupe-Yes Yes Yes 10/10
    7.Catch a wave-Great 10/10
    8.Be True to your school-no doubt from cool people not nerds
    some of the Beatles 10/10
    9.Fun Fun Fun-Why so much BB comercials no Beat thats right 10/10
    10.I get Around-Great 10/10 1st #1 hit single
    11.Dance Dance Dance-Just Dance 10/10
    12.Do you wanna dance-Great 10/10
    13.Help me Rhonda-Great 10/10
    14.California Girls-Great 10/10
    15.Barbera Ann-Great 10/10
    16.Sloop John B.-Great 10/10
    17.Wouldn't it be nice-Great 10/10
    18.Only God Knows-Beautiful by a Genieus 10/10
    19.Good Vibrations-just an absolute masterpiece 10/10
    20.Will Kokomo be a 10/10 the answer is yes
    This album gets a perfect score it rules...more info
  • All Of Their Career Making Hits
    The people who made these greatest hits discs split the songs up into two catergories: 1st greatest hits is all of their good songs that they are known for such as surfing songs, car songs, etc. 2nd greatest hits is for good songs that aren't as famous, but I'll talk about them in the review for that CD. This CD you can listen to beginning to end. It's really interesting to see how the Beach Boy matured in their songs and they broadened their horizons and vocal talents and added different instruments to get such songs as "Good Vibrations," (Love the Vocals) "God Only Knows," "Dance, Dance, Dance," "Sloop John B," and "Wouldn't It Be Nice." The CD has a nice finish with "Kokomo."...more info
  • Must Own Beach Boys
    If you want the most Beach Boy bang for your buck, get this album. It has a lot of fun songs on it including such hits as Good Vibrations and Kokomo. I heard there was a second Beach Boy's Greatest Hits album out there... Maybe I should investigate...

    Get this album....more info
  • A Good Start For Casual, But Hardcore Fans Should Skip It
    As the editorial reviewer already pointed out, Capitol designed this cd with fans who crave nothing but the hits in mind. It is a good collection if you are a beginner's Beach Boys fan, but if you are a hardcore fan, it offers nothing you don't have already.

    As a whole, this album does give a nice overview of The Beach Boys' early years. Here is where you'll find the songs that put them on the map ("Surfin' Safari"), the songs that stormed up the top 10 ("Surfer Girl", "Fun Fun Fun", "Surfin' USA"), their 4 number one hits ("I Get Around", "Help Me Rhonda", "Good Vibrations" and the late - in - the day hit "Kokomo", which does seem a little out of place here), and the ingenius creations of Brian Wilson (the afore - mentioned "Good Vibrations", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "God Only Knows"). Still, it's nothing new.

    As I said earlier, this cd should be skipped by hardcore fans but thoroughly investigated by newer fans, because it opens you up to the fantasy world of cars, beaches, surfing and girls that The Beach Boys made a reality....more info

  • lots of fun
    As a teenager whose CD collection is mostly made up of modern punk rock bands, this CD is certainly a change of pace. But it's a good change of pace. I already knew the songs before I bought the CD, and it's great to have them all on one album. The sound quality sounds fine to me, but I really don't know any better. "California Girls" has been my favorite beach boys song since I was a little girl, so that's a highlight of the CD for me. "Kokomo" is also really good. But who am I kidding, all the songs are great....more info
  • The Beach Boys!
    This is the best CD ever! I am 13 years old and this the first CD from The Beach Boys I ever owned. I love it. It has all of the greatest hits of their career on this CD. The music is great and the songs on it are the songs you would think of when you think of The Beach Boys. My favorites on this CD are: Surfin' USA, Fun, Fun, Fun, Do you Wanna Dance?, Kokomo, Barbera Ann, and of course, Good Vibrations. I highly reccomend that you get this CD. If you are new to the group, this is the perefect album. Surf's Up!...more info
  • Great songs
    A great collection of Beach Boys hits. This is a perfect summer cd and a great pick-u-up. Who can feel down when these songs are playing? These songs will make you feel young again (if you're not already young), and will make a dull day seem sunny. Highly recommended. The songs are fun and the sound is just fine. I dunno what all the previous comments about poor sound are about. It seems alright to me....more info
  • Good Songs - But Packaging is Bad
    I am not a huge Beach Boys fan. In fact, some of their big hits of the 60's have been so overplayed that I am tired of them. But as a collector, I still wanted to get as many of their hits on as few CD's as necessary. When you have a CD collection numbering over 1,000 CD's, space becomes a problem. I wish the record company would have done something similar to what Aerosmith did recently with their greatest hits, "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits". That package was a 2 CD set with almost all of Aerosmith's Hot 100 hits fitting into one jewel case package. If Capitol had done a similar release with The Beach Boys, they would have packed a lot more hits into one jewel case 2-CD package. The way it is now, you have to buy 3 separate CD's to get most of their hits, but then you will still be missing tracks like "The Beach Boys Medley" and the remake of "Wipeout" that they did with the Fat Boys.

    I guess if you are just looking for the biggest Beach Boys hits, this is the CD to buy. If you are wanting all of the hits on one collection, I guess keep waiting until Capitol puts out something else. And after putting out several Greatest Hits CD's and even a box set, you think they could finally get it right....more info
    good CD, nice mix of their pieces. Recommend to any Beach Boy fan!...more info
  • Obsolete
    This was a good enough compilation in its day, but it has been replaced by the far superior Sounds of Summer collection, released in 2003. This CD only gives the listener 20 songs and has a downright meager running time of 49 minutes. SoS has 30 songs and runs for over 70 minutes. The only songs found here and not on SoS are "409" and "Catch a Wave".

    Add this to the fact that Sounds of Summer is frequently on sale, and there's no reason to go back to this outdated collection....more info
  • They keep on surfin' with the hits
    When I first saw this album in the stores, I knew I had to get it because it had a lot of my favorite songs such as "Good Vibrations," "Kokomo," and "Surfin' USA." Most of their other major hits are also on this album, and even a newer hit, "God Only Knows," is included.

    The Beach Boys are definitely my favorite group that had hits before the 70's, and they always will be. The other 2 volumes of their greatest hits are also good, but this one is definitely the best in my opinion because it has most of their biggest hits....more info

  • Mono mixes are the original hit single mixes!
    Yes, it's true. The stereo mixes were remixes by the record company of Brian Wilson's original mono mixes. Also, the pre-1968 stereo mixes were usually nothing more than the instrumentation in mono with the two vocal tracks channeled separately into each speaker. In other words, not true stereo at all. Also, this stereo mix screwed up the sound balance of the recordings so that the vocals ended up often overwhelming the instrumentation. It is true that the mono mixes are a bit muddy, but they are much more stronger and powerful-sounding than the stereo mixes. Also, the mono mixes are the way that Brian Wilson intended us to hear his songs. Also, yes, he was deaf in one ear which made it exceedingly difficult for him to mix in stereo, but before 1967, everyone mixed in mono and stereo mixes were created later to satisfy a few hi-fi enthusiasts. Mono was king until Sgt. Pepper. And lastly, these are the mixes that were on the 45 RPM singles which were the hits that made the BB's famous. Before 1968, singles were only issued in mono! And from the Beach Boys "Today" album of 1965 through 1967's "Wild Honey", all the BB's music was only issued in mono or horrible fake "duophonic" stereo remixes. So please spare me the garbage about the stereo mixes being the original and pure mixes. Capitol has given us the true goods.

    Lastly, the music is great, and that's the main thing....more info

  • Amazing
    If you love listening to the Beach Boys or know of someone that does and need to get them a present, than this is for you. I bought this for my mom for Christmas along with some Elvis and she listens to it every week. It is kept in her car so she can listen to it on the road. A very excellent purchase....more info
  • Capitol Gets Greedy
    In my honest opinion, Capitol should have stopped releasing Beach Boys "greatest hits" material after 1997's "Pet Sounds" boxed sets. But Capitol was still craving more money, and targeted die - hard fans' wallets with yet another colledction of songs that are on over 50 cds.

    Admittedly, I'd be lying if I said I hated these songs. Every song here is classic, and are actually all top 40 hits, the exception being the long - forgotten "409". However, many of the songs here are, as I stated before, are on tons of other compillations. I'm talking about numbers like "Good Vibrations", "Surfin' USA", and "Fun Fun Fun". And incidentally, doesn't seem like the three songs I just mentioned are always on every '60s Beach Boy scompillation. And show the lengths Capitol will go to get the real money off these hits, he saboatges the whole "early years" concept of the album by including "Kokomo", which is a great song but doesn't seem right for this album and should have been included on the far more superior "Greatest Hits, Volume 3 : The best Of The Brother Years".

    I enjoyed every song here, but I think that next time out, the folks at Capitol should strive for something a little more new, like the long hoped for "Smile" boxed set or even my dream, a Beach Boys live boxed set featuring live performances from the '70s to the '90s. Until then, we're stuck with these recycled hits that are still nonetheless some of the greatest hits of all time, but are on the border of being overplayed....more info

  • The Essential BeachBoys disc
    Here you can hear the group that actually could sing on key and harmonize. A reviewer referred to Brian Wilson as a derivative of Chuck Barry - why I don't know since none of Brian's song have the slightest resemblance to anything Barry ever did - Barry's stuff
    was pretty simple melodically, not likely to get him into any Composer's Hall of Fame. It was against the Beatles that the differences are most striking. The Beatles, quite frankly, were pretty bad singers for one's who sold as many records as they did. Sometimes I swear not one of them can sing in key.
    And their songs sound dated and attached to the hippy era. That always happens when writers or jokesters tie their work into
    a fad or movement....more info
  • Not as good as "Endless Summer," but still okay
    If you purchase just two Beach Boys CD's, you're better off with "Endless Summer" and "Pet Sounds" rather than "Greatest Hits Vol. I & II." Those two CD's present a better picture of their music while the "Greatest Hits" CD's have sloppy sequencing.

    However, "Endless Summer" is out-of-print, and if you don't like to shop for used CD's, the "Greatest Hits" will have to do. Both CD's have it's own share of essential Beach Boys tracks, which means not one particular volume stands out. Unless you're on a budget, I highly recommend buying both.

    Now, as you've probably read, there is a huge debate about whether or not these tracks should be presented in mono or stereo. Here's all you need to know to make your OWN opinion: every Beach Boys track made up to an including "Pet Sounds" was mixed down to mono because 1) stereo was still a novelty in rock music and 2) Brian Wilson, the main composer/producer, preferred them that way because it gave him more control; true, he was deaf in one ear so he basically heard everything in mono, but he felt that with mono, a person would hear the music as it was mixed by the artist regardless of where the speakers were placed. However, true stereo masters were still made over the years either from remixing or using masters that still had the music separated on different channels. While they may not be Brian's preferred mixes, they do have the added fidelity and space that comes with stereo. So, it all depends on whether you like the higher fidelity and space that comes with stereo, or whether you prefer to listen to the music as finalized by the artist.

    Back to this CD: for the most part it is in mono, but a few have been put out in stereo. However, one thing that is really disappointing to me is that they used the Lp versions of "Help Me Rhonda" (which is actually the wrong title; the Lp version they use spells it "Ronda") and "Be True To Your School." The same thing was also done on "Endless Summer." The production on the 45 version of "Be True To Your School" is much more elaborate and punchy, with female cheerleaders, flutes, and a bass drum; this is the version you hear on most Oldies stations, and it crushes the Lp version. The 45 version of "Help Me Rhonda" is even better and the most familiar; it's the one used on every Oldies compilation and radio station out there. The one they have here is longer, but with a harmonica, ukelele, and an awkward fade-in/fade-out climax; the 45 version is a different performance with a tighter arrangement, faster tempo, and the sharp, famous guitar break.

    One more thing to consider when buying this: this CD also has "Kokomo," their last number one hit. Immensely popular, it's also reviled but just as many people, and I imagine that it will either draw tons of listeners to the CD or turn potential "Endless Summer" buyers running to the used CD store....more info

  • Great Collection...But You Have To Buy The Other 2 Volumes!
    The Beach Boys 1960s biggest hits are included with the exception of "Kokomo" from 1988. Their well-known songs from appoximately 1962-1966 are included and sound great. Honestly, I was hoping for slightly longer versions of the songs since some of them are less than three minutes, but at least the songs are the radio versions you have heard.

    There are plenty of positives in this collection: 1) It's a great place to start if you are not sure about buying any of their albums. 2) If you want to buy an actual studio album during this time period, then buy "Pet Sounds" (you'll enjoy it!). 3) It contains enjoyable liner notes, songs credits with chart postions, and colorful pictures that you may have not seen before. 4) Although there is still space in minutes to add more songs, twenty is perfect (not too short or too long) if you are just a casual fan and only want one Beach Boys' CD.

    As my title indicates, if you like this CD, then you need the other two volumes to have a more complete portrait of this group. Highly recommended....more info

  • Greatest Hits
    This is one of the best albums the Beach Boys has ever put out. HIGHLY Recomened to all beach Boys fans....more info
  • + 1/2 stars...Their Biggest Hits
    In 1999-2000, Capitol Records put out three separate volumes of the Beach Boys greatest hits. For the casual fan who didn't want to shell out for the box set GOOD VIBRATIONS, this seemed like a logical marketing decision. Volume I has the highest hit quotient and included all of their Sixties Top 10 hits (with the exception of "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)"). The 12-page foldout booklet is a bit awkward, but it contains a terrific essay by Beach Boy author Brad Elliot, recording information on each song, and great photos (including a couple including one-time Beach Boy David Marks). If you buy all three volumes, you wind up with all thirty-four Beach Boy hits from 1962-1988. [Note: 1981's "Beach Boy Medley" is not included on any of the volumes.] And with a total of 60 tracks between the three volumes, you also get key album tracks and lesser hits. ["Catch a Wave" is the only non-hit from Volume 1, but the song charted for Jan & Dean in 1964 when they changed the lyrics and retitled it "Sidewalk Surfin'."] The only drawback to this CD is its 49:10 running time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...more info
  • This is all I need.........
    Every now and then, this album gets its airplay, respectfully I might add. Not a big fan of theirs, but as you see my title tells you that anyways. Heres a list I think sounds suitable for the casual Beach Boys listener:)

    Surfin' Safari 5/5
    409 4/5
    Surfin' U.S.A. 3/5 (sorry this one gets too much airplay for me)
    Shut Down 5/5
    Catch A Wave 4/5
    I Get Around 5/5
    Dance,Dance,Dance 4/5
    Help Me, Rhonda 3/5
    California Girl 4/5
    Wouldn't It Be Nice 3/5
    God Only Knows 5/5
    Good Vibrations 5/5 (one of favorite from them)
    as you see a good little selection for us casual listeners of these guys, as you notice, I didn't put Kokomo on here, well all I have to say about that is when your name is Beach Boys, when you're in your 40's and still trying to sound like teenagers, it's time to hang it up right there, I remember this certain song when it came out and I didn't even like it then. If you like older Beatles compilations or even a little bit, not a lot of bubblegum music, this album will do you find. So anyways, heres my review, I hoped it helped you a little....more info
  • Official Soundtrack of Summer
    I am a casual Beach Boys fan. I enjoy some of their songs, but mainly their hits. When I found this CD, I was thrilled because it's the perfect way to own all the songs I like. And, if there are any major hits not on this CD, I sure don't know what they are.

    This CD, volume 1 of a three disc series, collects all their well known songs. At least the ones I'm familiar with. Right from the start, I get a smile on my face as I head out on a "Surfin' Safari." The group then sings their way through songs about cars ("Little Deuce Coupe," "409," "Fun, Fun, Fun"), school ("Be True to Your School," "Barbara Ann"), and, of course, the beach and surfing and stuff like that ("Catch a Wave," "Surfer Girl," "Surfin' USA," "California Girls"). I was especially happy to find "Kokomo" on here, since I didn't know it was one of their songs.

    Listening to this CD brings pictures to my mind of carefree summer vacations and "Happy Days" era high school life. I plan to keep it on regular rotation this summer and summers to come.

    Anybody looking for their best known songs need look no further then this great collection....more info

  • rocking baby
    I bougth this CD for my six month old grand daughter...she likes motown, classical and now I think the Beach Boys are her fav!!!!!!!!
    It's for the young and old with a rocking heart...more info
  • Brought back memories
    I think this CD was excellent!!!

    It brought back memories from the good ole days!!!...more info

  • The best place to start!
    If you're a new Beach Boys fan (as I was 6 years ago), this is definitely the CD to start out with. Yes, it's true that a supposedly better CD was released this past summer - SOUNDS OF SUMMER - and contains 30 songs, whereas GREATEST HITS, VOL. I: 20 GOOD VIBRATIONS contains only 20. And many people would probably argue that SOUNDS OF SUMMER is a better starter CD than 20 GOOD VIBRATIONS. But the 20 songs on this CD have proven time and again to be the 20 best crowd pleasers. They are the 20 Beach Boys songs most likely to be played by your local oldies radio station. Two of the songs on this CD are not contained on SOUNDS OF SUMMER: "Catch a Wave" and "409."

    There are 12 songs on SOUNDS OF SUMMER which are not contained on 20 GOOD VIBRATIONS, eight of which are on GREATEST HITS, VOL. II: 20 MORE GOOD VIBRATIONS (along with, of course, 12 other songs not contained on SOUNDS OF SUMMER). The 4 other songs can be heard on THE GREATEST HITS, VOL. III: BEST OF THE BROTHER YEARS (and this CD will contain an additional 16 hits not contained on SOUNDS OF SUMMER).

    To make a long story short, this is the ideal Beach Boys CD for someone who is just starting their Beach Boys collection. If you like what you hear (how could you not like what you hear?), I recommend VOLUME II and VOLUME III. In the end, those three CDs will give you a more expansive Beach Boys collection than most people have....more info

  • Great music!
    I haven't heard the Beach Boys very often and I don't own any other of their CDs, but this one was lots of fun to listen to. It was so peppy I didn't even mind listening to all their songs about cars! Some of them, such as Help Me Rhonda, I Get Around, God Only Knows, etc, I've heard on the radio and always enjoyed. Others like Be True To Your School were new to me (I didn't grow up with these songs) but just as enjoyable. Listening to these songs is lots of fun. A great addition to any collection or just a good review of their music!...more info
  • A must have for any Beach Boys fan
    This is definitely the best Beach Boys album possible. I've been a Beach Boys fan since I was a little kid (I'm 19, by the way), and I always enjoy listening to this album. I can honestly think of nothing negative to say about this CD....more info
  • very solid as a single CD--but it's even better with Volume 2 (4 1/2 stars)
    Beach Boys - 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits Volume 1 has a great number of hits by The Beach Boys; and that's terrific. I do agree, however, with other reviewers who write that you really should get Volume 2 of this CD set in order to have a few more of their very best songs from the 1960s, including "In My Room" and "Don't Worry Baby." However, this album isn't that bad as a stand-alone CD if you just want a basic introduction to the magic these men could weave when they made music together. The quality of the sound is nothing short of excellent and I like that artwork, too.

    The album starts off with "Surfin' Safari." No group could ever do surf/rock music the way The Beach Boys did; it was in their blood to create songs like this! "Surfin' U.S.A." has great harmonizing while the other lyrics are sung perfectly--and that guitar work enhances the positive vibes that shoot out of this number even all these years later. I really like "Surfin' U.S.A.;" and listen for "Surfer Girl." "Surfer Girl" is a splendid rock ballad with a tempo that's perfect for slow dancing late at night all alone with your sweetheart; I remember slow dancing to this with a girlfriend at my high school dances. Cool! "Little Deuce Coupe" has an excellent beat to it; I love this song about a guy's love for his set of wheels. The Beach Boys put this out with all their might.

    "Be True To Your School" is another song that brings back memories; this is another song we all danced to when I was much younger. "Be True To Your School" is one of the most fun songs I ever heard; and it has that Beach Boys sound that is so hard to forget. In addition, "Fun, Fun, Fun" features The Beach Boys singing in their natural element; they never miss a beat! "I Get Around" is another fun tune; and "Do You Wanna Dance?" shines bright.

    "Help Me, Rhonda" is another Beach Boys classic that I could never forget; this tune has a very catchy beat and these young men bat this straight out of the ballpark! "Help Me, Rhonda" is one of the very best songs The Beach Boys ever did--ever. Moreover, "California Girls" remains a fine example of The Beach Boys' artistry; this song lacks nothing. "Barbara Ann" also has a catchy beat that The Beach Boys make even stronger with an energetic delivery. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was especially charming to younger people experiencing "puppy love;" but it was quite appealing to just about anyone who liked the Beach Boys sound.

    "Good Vibrations" is so special it practically deserves to be in its own category; the different portions of this song complement each other well and "Good Vibrations" remains amazingly strong to this day. The CD ends nicely with The Beach Boys performing a somewhat more recent hit entitled "Kokomo;" and this leaves you wanting more.

    While Beach Boys - 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits Volume 1 will satisfy the more casual fan, people who want to delve a little deeper and get more high quality music would do well to get Volume 2 of this CD set. The songs on Volume 2 enhance the retrospective very nicely. I highly recommend this for newcomers to the sound of The Beach Boys; I think that more diehard fans will already have these tunes in their collections.
    ...more info
  • These ARE the 45 versions and they are great!!
    Contrary to a previous reviewer who possibly was listening to the 1995 release of this CD, the newer 1999 version features the 45 versions of Help Me Rhonda and Be True to Your School, as well as the original mono mixes of all the great hits (except of course the 1981 Kokomo which was recorded in stereo). It is virtually impossible to capture all great Beach Boys songs on one CD but if you are only going to buy one this is a phenomenal start, dominated by material from the lads' early years when they were at their freshest and most innovative. Personally I think people are wrong when they put Brian Wilson on a par with the Beatles, he lacks the diversity or lyrical depth and is obviously heavily derivative of Chuck Berry, but that said these songs are great for what they are, fun, catchy, classic rock and roll tunes that are an intergral part of the landscape of the sixties....more info
  • Classic Hits and Great Fun
    Everyone loves the Beach Boys, but not everyone can be a fanatic. For those of us who are casual fans and don't need to own every album, but love to tap our toes and sing along to their big hits, this CD is great!
    Every song on this CD is easily recognizable, you don't have to wade through any filler to get to the classics you really love.
    This album is perfect mood music for driving, working in the yard or the garage on a sunny day, or just having fun celebrating a good mood.
    There's a perfect mix here of happy upbeat songs, and slow beautiful balads....more info