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Embark if you dare on a quest to destroy the Lord of All Evil.....

Diablo is a fantasy role-playing game that captures the spirit of original face-to-face games like Dungeons and Dragons. With a straightforward story line based on fulfilling quests assigned by nonplayer characters, you equip yourself, venture into a dungeon, and slaughter legions of hideous foes. Along the way, you unearth magical treasure, discover mighty spells, and earn experience that can be used to increase your combat abilities.

Almost all of your time with Diablo is spent underground, exploring and conquering ever-deeper levels of the gloomy dungeon. Combat is fast, brutal, and constant. Whether your weapon of choice is a sword, axe, bow, or spell, all forms of combat employ a simple two-click system, which is elegant without being simplistic.

Replayability and customizability are Diablo's strong points; the incredible number of options and possibilities--and the fun that can be had experimenting with different strategies--keeps players coming back for more. All the dungeon levels are generated anew each time you draw up a new character, and are packed with an entirely different set of textures, features, items, traps, creatures, and quests. While one game may stock the fifth subterranean level with an army of skeleton warriors, the next game may pack that level with hordes of winged gargoyles. Multiplayer options exist for two to four players, so you don't have to take on the world by yourself unless you prefer solo play.

Released in 1997, this game is far simpler than newer titles that have expanded on its original concepts; there are only three character classes and a limited number of ways to truly distinguish your character from others. But sometimes there is no beating a classic. Three years old and with a sequel due in mid-2000, the original Diablo has aged remarkably well. Many of its features will seem familiar to seasoned fantasy gamers, just because so many of them have been incorporated into later RPGs.

Players who yearn for uncluttered adventuring and those with older computers will definitely want to check this one out. --Alyx Dellamonica


  • Endless replayability
  • Fun, classic dungeon hack-and-slash game play
  • Cool magic items
  • Cooperative or competitive multiplay
  • Magic items tend to define character
  • Multiplay is lousy with cheaters

As a Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer, you explore a dark, gothic world full of labyrinths, magical treasures, and horrific surprises. The stunning SVGA graphics, lifelike cinematic sequences, and advanced multiplayer capabilities distinguish this game from the rest. (Ages 17 and up)

Customer Reviews:

  • fun
    I have enjoyed this game for years.
    It really takes me into another place in time....more info
  • old but yet still fun
    i got this game when they came out with diablo two and i was disapointed by the spells and some other stuff but i found myself playing it a good amount and if you cant aford diablo 2 wich now probley doesnt cost much this is the right game....more info
  • Pretty good...
    I had bought Diablo 2 and the expansion for it before buying the origional Diablo. I expected it to be even better because I usually think "the origional is better."
    But it turned out the exact opposite. I found myself stuck on the same level for a while. This huge pig with a butcher knife killed me over and over again, and the people that live in the little town thing assign you the mission. I finally killed it but the missions just get boring and you're just going through this big dungeon full of skeletons. I know it may sound whimpy, but the game is too chalenging. Maybe it is because I just played as the Rouge???
    But otherwise, I think it has a good Dungeons and Dragons feel to it, and that is a good thing to me....more info
  • Too maze-like with not enough up-close detail.
    I'm an action fan and I love games like Final Fantasy 7, Duke Nukem 3D, etc., but there just wasn't enough detail with the surroundings in all those dungeons and labyriths.

    Everything was too small on the screen, the charaters, even the biggest monsters. At least in Duke Nukem, the surroundings are more real-life. Yes, it's somewhat exciting with plenty to monsters to slaughter, but it just goes on and on. All those mazes were too intellectual for me to enjoy any excitement. It's dark and you're always trying to find your way out, etc. Also, the music and theme of the whole game in general is dark and depressing. And like I said before, there's not enough detail with the graphics and characters. I like Duken Nukem 3D because it's more close up. Even 'Quake' is more detailed than this game.

    Thank you....more info

  • I'm a non-gamer and I LOVE IT!!
    I had a co-worker back in 97 that had this game. I almost had to threaten his life to get him to do any work for playing this game. Now almost 8 years later, I finally picked it up just to see what the big deal was.

    This game is like software crack. I haven't had it two weeks yet and I've spent some crazy hours playing this game. I started with a rogue and got up to the 10th level of the dungeon with her before I hit a dead-end. Go down the steps to the next level and DIE! She was surrounded immediately and suffered a severe beat-down EVERY time.

    I then started a second game with a warrior. I got him all the way to Archbishop Lazarus where I had a similar situation. Death at every turn and no way out to fix it. Then I found the beauty of Diablo. Just click New Game. You flush the old game but NOT the character. Yes, you're starting back at the first level of the dungeon but you've still got your 23rd level warrior who now laughs at the pithy little creatures of those lower levels.

    The Butcher, who made both my rogue and warrior suffer mightily on the first trip down, died after only three hits from my warrior and 10 arrows from my rogue downed him without her suffering even a broken nail.

    Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion set are waiting in the wings, but this game still has a few miles left in it before I move on. I still have to bring a wizard up - which stands to be much more challenging. I am looking forward to it.

    This game is incredible - I probably won't be able to handle the sequel....more info
  • Diablo 1
    I enjoy the game a lot and have for several years. It is getting harder and harder to find a copy of Diablo 1
    The more I play it the more I get out of the game. The added levels are great also. I feel this is a great game for kids as well as adults. Kids 12 and older maybe....more info
  • Worthy of such praise?
    I must admit, the first two to five hours of playing this game I was addicted, but afterwards, when the quests were almost non-existant, when the environment ceased to change, when the game left a bland taste in my mouth, I found it to be a fruitless journey. The game got really old really fast. Aside from this, however, there was an abundance of items to be found, and I liked the music. However, these seemed to be the only two good things in this game....more info
  • Classic awesomeness
    This is really the first RPG that I've really gotten into; I've always been more of a straight-up action gamer, but the farther I got into the game the more addictive it became, until I concurred that it's just awesome as...awesome! You have a choice of playing a Warrior (strongest with weaponry), Rogue (strongest with bow), or a Sorcerer (strongest in magic) and as such you must clear out a 16-floor dungeon of an army of demons, skeleton soldiers, and ultimately Diablo himself! The game is typical hack and slash gameplay in the tradition of old DOS games like 'Rogue' and the shareware game 'Vampyr', though with the (for its time) stellar graphics and an amazing soundtrack it elevates the genre to a whole new level.

    Speaking of the soundtrack, it merits mention of its own. It is amazing. Matt Uelmen (composer) outdid himself with the main map theme: the "Tristram" theme that you hear in the main village is so good I had to get an MP3 of it for my IPod. It sounds like Opeth or Agalloch doing music for Age of Empires, and makes me feel like I'm walking through the dark forests of the Tristram village that you see while the music plays. The music during the dungeon parts is more subtle and ambient-ish and is also great. Around Floor 5 a new track plays that features creepy voice samples that give me the creeps every time. This is definitely a game to listen to with headphones if for no other reason than for the music and the ambience.

    There are also some humorous moments, mainly from funny dialogue and voice acting like Thief and Far Cry. One thing that always makes me laugh is the way the Warrior yells "I DON'T HAVE A SPELL READY!" belligerently if you try to cast a spell with nothing selected. Good stuff.

    In short, phenomenal and recommended. Get the 'Tristram' music somehow, it's amazing....more info
  • Gold and Gloryhounds
    Diablo is the best game I have ever played. There is no silly role playing and impossible mazes. It incorporates an excellent atmosphere with exciting gameplay. You have to be careful playing it alone because it can get quite scarey. I know a certain bloke who we will call "Liam" who actually got so scared he had to take a few days off work and eventually wound up selling his house on acount of a dark corner in the basement that reminded him of the catacombs level.

    Anyhow two player action is excellent and I recomend conning your sucker friends to playing the warrior character while you pick the Rogue character. The warrior has to get in close to do any damage to enemies. The Rogue character is best at bow and arrows so you can kill plenty enemies without fear of taking damage. If you follow my advice you let your sucker friends engage enemies first then you can either pepper the melee with arrrows or run around picking up gold and items. The only drawback can be if your friend is like my friend Liam who has eyes that literally light up at the sight of gold or sweet looking swords and other items. I suspect he has a large case of gloryhoundism. He swoops in and grabs the good stuff doublequickspeed leaving you with nothing. All you can do is try to abandon him in a melee fight then when he gets good and dead you slip in a rifle his smelly corpse for loot. Liam gets quite upset at this but fair is fair. Plus I think he is just greedy when it comes to the gold on account of he just got told by his real life wife he's only allowed to spend sweet cash on essentials like clothes, food and stuff for the kids. Jokes on him though, wifey outsmarted him and grandfathered the clothes catagory into the rules so she can spend loads on shoes and clamdiggers with no fear of breaking her own rules.

    This one time Liam made me so mad that I slammed the bathroom door when I went for a wizz, this silly little clay lizard he got from Mexico fell of the wall thanks to his shoddy nailing job. Anyhow my reflexes were hyped up from a killer diablo session plus I was angry about being cheated out of my rightful share of the gold. Anyway, as soon as the lizard moved I thought it was actually alive, I was a little boozed too, and I'm a littl ashamed to admit that when I'm on the booze I like to beat stuff up. Well I layed a beating on the lizard quicksnap. I think I broke it's leg off or something. Liam was plenty sore but it's his own fault for getting me so riled up and not monitoring my boozin'.

    I made it up to him by turning him on to this awesome band known as the Streets. They are his favorite now and he would still be listening to Def Leppard and their crappy one armed drummer if it wasn't for me....more info
  • this game doesn't seem old
    The story of Diablo is based on premise of a war between Heaven and Hell. The town of Tristram is under attack by demons, and the player must save the town. As the player delves into the underworld, he discovers more about the demon Diablo, through large tomes that are read aloud by the character. Eventually, the player reaches the lair of Diablo and must kill him....more info
  • Still playing after all of these years
    I bought Diablo when it was first released back in 1997 and to this day I still find myself playing it. I have solved it numerous times but I never tire of it. I just create a new character and start from scratch. Whether it be a warrior, rogue or sorcerer, it is fun playing as each character and finding the strengths and weaknesses for each character. Even though Diablo 2 has since been released the original Diablo is still fun. The graphics may not hold a candle to the games on the market today, but in the end all that matters is fun and Diablo is just that FUN! If you are looking for a game to play while passing the time between blockbuster releases, then pick up a copy of Diablo if you don't already have it....more info
  • An action classic
    This game was and still is a fun adventure. While the game mechanics are fairly repetitive, click to hack and slash, it does offer random maps, a large assortment of items, and strategy in the form of monster resistances/immunities.

    By today's standards this sounds weak, yet in reality it has the simple style that makes it easy to learn and hard to put down. Quickly, you get sucked into doing just one more level since you flew through the last one so quickly, only to spend an hour or more carefully picking your way through, so as not to be overwhelmed.

    Easily accessible and playable again and again by yourself or with a group of friends, keeps Diablo a worthwhile value....more info
  • Boring times 5
    Don't let this game fool you with all the awards its won because i think the judges might of ben on .... This game is boring and it has the same old stuff over and over and it seems like it never stops and its a waste of time, money, and headaches.

    Kids do not buy this game uuumk...more info

  • True gem that holds up well today
    Diablo is a game from a simpler time, where single player ruled the day and online multiplayer was a niche market. It's clear Blizzard expected players to start a character, play straight through (without careful stat min-maxing), beat the game and call it quits. There are monsters that permanently knock your maximum HP down, shrines that screw up character stats at random, items that disappear forever when durability is lost, and no option for increased difficulty in playing single player. Diablo doesn't even drop an item when killed. Multiplayer seems to be almost an afterthought: you gain some by being able to play with friends and at higher difficulty, but you lose out on quests, several items, and some of the mechanics change considerably.

    It's not without other flaws. The game is crazy unbalanced: I played a sorcerer who didn't manage to learn the super-vital Fireball or Stone Curse until 95% through the game, and still had a far easier time than the hack-and-slash warrior I tried briefly. A series of bugs still remain unpatched for years. is a hacker-infested heckhole, but is also the only way to play the game TCP/IP multiplayer. The game is too light on story (though I realize this is not a fair criticism as it's primarily action-oriented anyway).

    But all of that is forgivable because Diablo is just a Darn Good Game(tm). It completely captures the essence of hack-and-slash action RPG gameplay. It pushes all the right buttons: monsters die in satisfying explosions, new spells are a visual treat, changing equipment alters your character's appearance, etc. Most importantly the loot system is intact and excellent. Somehow hearing that "ding" of a falling Ring makes the last hour of clicking monsters completely worthwhile. Blizzard took and refined all this gameplay gravy to produce D2, one of the most addictive games I've ever played. The original still holds most of that charm.

    If you own Diablo but haven't given it a chance, you owe it to yourself to do so. For Diablo II players it is immediately familiar - it plays like a cut down version of D2: only three character classes (with significant overlap), far fewer items/prefixes/suffixes, a handful of randomly generated quests. The total length is about that of one or two D2 Acts. It makes a good change of pace from the more recent release.

    On the other hand, if you don't own Diablo: get the Battle Chest instead, since it includes Diablo, Diablo II and its expansion. Once you play Diablo you'll be looking for more, and the sequel brings it in style....more info
  • A Great Classic...
    Although by now, Diablo is beginning to show it's age in the gaming industry, it remains one of my favorite games of all times. The combat system is very well done in which you choose your armor, weapons, magic rings/amulets, and spells in a menu and can change these based on what you go into combat with. The countless possibilities of combinations are numberless, and there is a slight variation in quests each time you play.

    The theme is basically a medieval one in which you venture deep into an underground labyrinth to battle monsters and such that you've heard about, and you end up having to face monsters of mammoth proportions (The Butcher), Magical Skill (Lazarus), and a combination (Diablo). The game really shouldn't be intended for kids that are at an age where gore and such could sicken one, as there are themes of death, sacrifice, and unholiness in the game.

    I found the game very enjoyable however, and at the moment it's at a bargain price. If you have played Diablo II already, you'd probably like the first Diablo, although Diablo II is much better. I'd still suggest playing the first one before taking on Diablo II. There are numerous spells and such that you can learn to aid you on your quest, and items appear randomly after battling Monster bosses (regular monsters with special powers...i.e. one with magic resistances). The game implores you to learn the lay out of the dungeon, and you begin to press deeper into the valleys of heck.
    The degree of difficulty is not too bad, where after you get used to the game, you realize that all you really need is time to beat it, and plenty of saves. The usefulness of the shops and magic items also turns the tides against darkness in your favor. I'd recommend this game to anyone who's out of elementary school and doesn't mind the gore and violence to reach a game with great gameplay and a relatively detailed storyline, with interesting quests....more info

  • Great
    Are you looking for a challenging game? Are you looking for a game that has a good storyline? Then this game is the one for you! This game gets harder and harder for every level you go to. At first its a small change but once you get to the final levels of the game the difficulty becomes apparent. A must play!...more info
  • One of the best games i ever played
    Diablo is an awesome game.The graphics are awesome,and the bosses are really hard.Also i like the special things like a town portal that allows you to go back and forth from the town to the dungeon.The characters are good and they all have special abilities.Also the game is very good to play on the computer.Now at the price amazon is selling it for buy this awesome game....more info
  • Diablo
    If you like diablo 2 then you'll like diablo one or vice versa. Fun game a little gory at the end ...more info
  • watch your back
    This game is a lot of fun. It is even more fun (and less scary) if you play it with a friend. If your friend is Joe the "Duke of Winona" you best be watching your back though. Joe like to play the rogue and Joe isn't fussy about who he shoots his arrows at. I can't count the number of times my character lay dead beside chest, back full of arrows while Joe jumped up and down beside me yelling "Yahoo! More Loot!" He wasn't careful about drinks on my new sofa either.

    uncareful + new loot = spilly joe

    One time he even broke some wooden lizard I brought back from Mexico. It was hanging on the wall and he was a bit dizzy on account of too many beers and it being way past the time he usually retires for the night and he bumped into it and it fell.

    Another thing Joe does is hang back a lot. I'd call him "old hang-back joe" because he'd wait for you to clear out a room and when you're standing there trying to catch your breath, in he'd sweep and collect all the loot....more info
  • An Addictive game that you can easily get into.
    Diablo is a game that can easily entertain you for months on end. It's incredibly addictive, and you'll probably find yourself playing through it many, many, many times. You'll spend a lot of your time working the statistics of your character, seeing which items will help you the most, or what armor will help you take down a certain enemy. All in all, this is an amazing game anybody can get into, almost everyone will love, and it's one of the most addicting game of all time....more info
  • Worthy of such praise?
    I must admit, the first two to five hours of playing this game I was addicted, but afterwards, when the quests were almost non-existant, when the environment ceased to change, when the game left a bland taste in my mouth, I found it to be a fruitless journey. The game got really old really fast. Aside from this, however, there was an abundance of items to be found, and I liked the music. However, these seemed to be the only two good things in this game....more info
  • Best RPG of its time (which is 1996)
    Amazing work! Till now I play this game and it still sends shivers down my spine. I don't know, but there is an eeriness that Blizzard was unable to replicate in part II and if they go through with part III the way they showed it in the preview, then it'll stray further from its roots. Try it out, but don't expect much from its graphics, though when it was first released, the graphics was considered to be amazing as well.
    Enjoy!!...more info
  • A classic!
    What a wonderful game. As my first experience in the gaming world, I will admit this game is always going to be close to my big ol' gaming heart. Though I have now moved on to other games, this one will still be an old fav. How can you not battling bad guys named "The Butcher"? :)...more info
  • Classic
    This game has totally infinite replay value, and is easily in my top 10 of all time with Marathon, Thief, Alice, and others. I got it at least 5 years ago (more I think) and I'm playing it again right now. I don't think I'll ever totally stop playing it. The sequel is fantastic too, but I like the feel of this one more. Too bad Blizzard just rehashes themselves these days (although the games are still decent). This game has been cloned so many times... just look at Dungeon Siege....more info
  • An above average attempt at a RPG
    After the success of Blizzard's RTS games, Warcraft and Warcraft II, it was just a matter of time before they would evolve to different genres. The RPG was (and is) one of the most popular types of games out there. It seemed fitting to make a game like this, but does it play well? Is it worth it?

    The game has a simple premise, to journey to the depths of a labyrinth and kill the King of Terror, Diablo. Diablo has escaped from the confines of hell and is running amuck through the city of Tristram (sadly, the only city you can explore in the game). Not so surprisingly, it is your job to get rid of him and bring peace to the land. To accomplish this, the game gives you a choice of three classes of characters to choose from: the Warrior, Rouge, or Sorcerer. The storyline is linear, yet remarkably, its premise is actually quite good and has a nice twist at the end. The manual that comes with the game offers a great deal of background to the game's story, and truly shows that a great deal of time was taken into the plot.

    Graphics are good, considering that the game was released in 1996. The music is tolerable but can get repetitive at times, and of course you can turn it off if you really don't like it. Control is simple, really too simple; moving your character, attacking with your character, and using spells requires the use of only the mouse. The keyboard is rarely used, turning the game into somewhat of a click-fest.

    The repetitive gameplay with the mouse, repetitive music, and the fact that there is nothing truly extraordinary with the game may bore some; although RPG enthusiasts will probably enjoy it the most. Beside the before mentioned problems, the game also has some issues with the multiplayer feature. Although multiplayer through Blizzard's free online service,, can be fun, it can also mean a lot of frustration. Due to the game's age, it is no longer supported by Blizzard, meaning that it's a hacker's paradise. From many people altering their character's stats to duping (duplicating) items, the online community for Diablo is in pretty bad shape.

    Despite its problems, the game is still a classic and has set the standard for many games today. Randomly generated Quests and randomly generated dungeons each time you play means a great deal of replay value for those who enjoy this type of game. 4/5...more info

  • Best RPG
    Well if there was an ultimate re-playable game this is it. Diablo revolutionised the gaming indusrty and thought it was completed AGES ago people still play it.

    Basically you're a character (Warrior, Rogue or sorcer) be prepared for fiteen gruelling levels of monsters of a shapes and sizes. With randomly generated monsters, quests and maos this game is replayable.

    and when you've done the quests, ge ready for the final one Diablo the Lord of Destruction.

    and of course you canm play with your friends on the Net. So come on! get it! This game is like only 6MB! and it's connected to battle net.
    buy it and yo won't be dissapointed, until the sequel...more info

    I just read a review that said that they had just gotten to level 5, and said that everything looks the same as it did in level one.... and there absouletly right. But, had they played one more level... he would have entered the catacombs!, a whole new enviroment with different, and harder mosters, better weapons, new spells, and more expierience to gain! And its not those are the only two areas either... ( even I would have thioght it would have been crappy then), theres also the caves, and hell. So please to you diablo naysayers, or any body planing on getting the game, just beet it up to the caves.... I would be very certain you would change your mind about it. Also ive played diablo 2 and must say i was impressed, but I only got to level 3 so... im dont really know enogh to give my two cents about it. And especially for anyone considering buying diablo, consider the following... I own the following games: Age of Empires 2, The Sims Deluxe Edition, Medal of Honor:Allied Assault(and the breakthrough expansion), Age of Mytholigy, Grand Theft Auto 3, just to name a few. I only listed those because there some of my best games. And listen to this, DIABLO BEATS EM' ALL! isnt bad either. In fact, thats how I came about my copy... see, a friend of mine gave me a burnt copy hoping to play multiplayer with me. And we did.... FOR 12 HOURS!!!...more info
  • Between Duke Nuke 3d and Baldurs Gate
    Between Duke Nuke 3d and Baldurs Gate there was Diablo. I rank all of these as the most immersive, pleasureable sinks of time I ever experienced. The game is old by todays standards, the multiplayer experience is riddled by hackers, but for its time it was truley revolutionary. I have seen this game lately on the under [low-price] shelf. I paid much more for it when it was recent and never regretted it. The only reason I do not play it anymore is my version is not compatible with Windows ME and my Windows 95 machine is now retired. Alas, the Blood War is no more!...more info
  • Diablo is a great game to play
    I like this game alot but you have to have good computer skill to enjoy the fruit that comes with the game. I use the trainers that are on the internet to help my careter to stay alive and it helps to....more info
  • The Devil
    How can you kill the Devil?
    A simple game that caused a landslide...
    Did Blizard have any Idea what they started?...more info
  • It's as good as I remembered it!
    I've played Diablo before, when it first came out. It was fun, exciting and learning the tricks to beat the game was great. As with all things - time, moving, etc - I lost my original copy and had several hard drive formats. When I went to order it anew, I found that Blizzard no longer carries/sells the single Diablo (the original game) disc. I found it here on Amazon and ordered it from NothingButSoftware. They sent it in a bubble pack, the disc in a software disc envelope, and the software, per the ad, was new. It arrived in a timely matter according to the Amazon shipping rules (4 days I believe it was) and in good condition. I highly recommend all 3 to anyone who wants Diablo, wants a good merchant, or an overall good company - Amazon....more info
  • ...