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Roller Coaster Tycoon
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Product Description

Want to build an empire without all the usual bloodshed? Try RollerCoaster Tycoon, which puts you in total control of a theme park, managing every detail from ride development to rescuing lost guests.

A simulator in the style of SimCity, this game has a simple enough concept: build a park attractive enough to draw in hoards of tourists and then separate them from their hard-earned money. This is accomplished by researching and building rides, along with amenities, gardens and decorations. Once you have your infrastructure, and the staff to maintain it, it's time to sit back and watch the funds roll in...all in hopes of building an even bigger rollercoaster somewhere else!

The big draws in a theme park, the coasters are expensive and flashy. They lure in thrill-seeking guests prepared to pay top dollar for a wild ride. RollerCoaster Tycoon even allows you to design the coasters yourself, a finicky but ultimately rewarding operation.

Despite a clunky interface and the usual simulator drawbacks--such as long waits while you acquire funds for the next ride--RollerCoaster Tycoon is an utter gem of a game. Its soundtrack, a mix of calliope music and ride machinery, is mixed with the sound of guests squealing with delight and terror as the coasters hurl them around. The sound mix is joyfully evocative, and you can almost smell the cotton candy and the popcorn.

Best of all, you can play in this theme park for hours without once losing your children or friends, getting sore feet or experiencing motion sickness. --Alyx Dellamonica

Design your own roller coaster. Start with a tract of land, a few bucks in the bank, and the single-minded ambition of Donald Trump. Along the way you'll encounter all of the pratfalls of the typical real estate tycoon.

Experience the challenges and pulse-pounding excitement of creating and running the ultimate amusement park. Start with an undeveloped tract of land, a modest bank account and your wildest dreams. Accurate motion dynamics/physics produce thrilling rides - or the ultimate disaster Excitement/Nausea ratings let you design attractions for guests of all stomach strengths Track your financial performance For Windows 95/98+

  • The rest is up to you
  • Construct, demolish, design, test and tinker
  • Along the way, you'll encounter bad weather that keeps attendance down, roller coasters that prove to be menaces to society, and guests that get lost or complain because you haven't put in enough restaurants or rest rooms
  • Running an amusement park isn't all fun and games, but when you get it right - it's sweet success
  • Features 14 fantastic roller coaster styles which can be constructed in unlimited configurations

Customer Reviews:

  • So much fun!!!!!!
    If you're looking for a game where you can create your own theme park, this is the one for you! SimCoaster is okay, but this is THE rollercoaster game of the century. In Rollercoaster Tycoon, you can build your own theme park in different scenarios. There are tons of rollercoaster styles that are fun to build. Plus there are lots and lots of other awesome rides to put in your theme park. This game is not very difficult, it's just a fun game. Hire policemen, handymen, mechanics, and entertainers to keep your park together & upbeat. Watch visitors ride the exciting and wild rides. Plus more. This is a very fun & addictive game that I reccomend to anyone of any age. Get this today!...more info
  • too addictive!!!
    this game is WAY too addictive i could probably play this game for days nonstop if it wasn't for chores and bedtime and other stuff to do!!!
    it's almost hard too get yourself away from it!!! i think i'm almost halfway but the computer freaks out over playing all day long after about an hour or two it says "this has performed an illegal program and must be shut down." anyway it's great i forgot how many parks you have to do but it's a perfect game nothing too bad with "violence" just people get on rides that are too fast or they drown or on occasion they'll get under a ride that your putting up and they get squashed!! but no bloodshed or bodyparts except on occasion there is a chair flying off a ride that's all red and there's red smoke around the ride but that's pretty much it!!!!!...more info
  • Great Game
    Roller Coaster Tycoon would be my favorite game, right next to The Sims. You wouldn't believe how much fun it is designing your own amusement park. You wouldn't believe how much fun it is to make your guests happy and reach objectives. This game is tons of fun, and is extremely addicting....more info
  • RCT #1 Buy it and Enjoy it !
    Very fun game , many parks and rides. Some of them are easy , some are hard and its all pretty great. You hire people to take care of your park but they don't always do it. The hired help are Sec. Officers (you will eventually need them) , Handymen (you will deffinately need them), Mechanics (You will so need them) , and Entertainers (get them if you want them). The roller coasters are great , loops , twists , boosters , on-ride photos(extra cash! YEAH!) and drops. It's all awesome! The in-between rides are::: gentel rides like merry-go-rounds , slides , dodgem cars and simple car rides. Thrill Rides like Scramled Eggs , Swinging ships , Launced Freefalls , and Go Karts. Water Rides such as water slides and boat rides. Traveling Rides like monorails , trains and chair lifts. Then you have Shop Stalls like french fries, sodas , cotton candy , souviner stalls , restrooms , info kiosks and restrooms. You should have a pretty entertaining time playin the game. ENJOY!...more info
  • Oh my God!!![.]
    This is such a great game. I am totaly addicted. You can play the scerinios that are great also you can just start your own theme park. There are lots of different rides, shops, scenery, and roller coasters. It is a wonderfulllll[!!] game....more info
  • The Various Features and ease of use
    This game is a good game for those who are into the Sim games such as Sim Mania, Sim Golf, etc. It has a wide variety of features to make the game more realistic. These features include a selection of various scenarios to play, researching rides and attractions, design and build your own ride, ride break downs, vandalism, litter, and financial graphs and information. One thing that I do not like about the game is the fact that you are unable to ride the rides you create like you are able to do in Sim Theme Park. This game does not take up many system resources and comes with all the required software that is needed to play. Overall, I gave Roller Coaster Tycoon four out of five stars....more info
  • Addicting
    This game is fantastic. I had it for the first time when I was about 15, so about 5 years ago. Played it a lot. Once you burn through about 8 parks, it does lose it's pow! All my friends have asked to play at least once though....more info
  • One of the best games ever!
    One of the best and most addictive games ever! My son learned to play videogames with this one about 7 years ago and we are still loving it....more info
  • Way too Addictive!!
    Rollercoaster Tycoon takes in the path of all simulation games but adds more to it. First of all this game is highly addictive. I played for 5 hours straight without noticing the time. Next, It is hard to beat some levels but, that shouldn't be a problem. Last, I reccomend the 2nd one more than this. Thanks for reading!...more info
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon
    This game is awesome! It's so fun to create different parks. It really sparks your imagination! It also teaches skills on keeping a budget and not spending too much money at once. I would recommend it to kids 8 and older....more info
  • fun coaster
    i want this because i want to have fun then buy it but i want to test it frist then tell all my friends and the school how fun this game is to me...more info
  • Worth the Ride
    Pros: Very create the whole theme park from scratch and its very easy to learn how. You can hear what EACH of your customers are thinking (and you can have over 500 customers in your park at one time!!) and so can reinvent your park as many times as you like to please your customers. Because this game is a simulation game, you can save the game as many times as you wish and start it up again whenever you have time. And it starts from YEAR 1 and continues on forever....
    Cons: All your customers have the same face and stature (just different clothes). They also all appear to be male. Very little differenciations when it comes to people....more info
  • The Best Game Ever!
    The reason I like this game so much is because I love buiding.
    Do you like building? Then you might love this game as much as I do....more info
  • One of the best games to play!
    I really love this game because either if you want to totally destroy your rides or make the coolest park, both will work. I also like it cause it runs really smooth on the computers. Though the graphics aren't the best cause every person is a little guy with brown hair, the rides can always be different! I love making amusment parks and any game that you have to get money, and this one is easy, so I would definitely reccomend it!...more info
  • I don't know what to say!
    This could be the best game I have ever played.
    It IS the best game for PC that I have played. Ya' like roller coasters? Ya' like thrill rides? THAN BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!! (At least I think you won't.)
    You have 21 different parks to choose from. (you have to unlock most of them.) And if you complete them all, you unlock the mega park. I haven't done that myself yet, but I've heard that the mega park is a huge flat block of land with no objectives and all the rides. This game is undoubtably an A+....more info
  • too addictive!!!
    this game is WAY too addictive i could probably play this game for days nonstop if it wasn't for chores and bedtime and other stuff to do!!!
    it's almost hard too get yourself away from it!!! i think i'm almost halfway but the computer freaks out over playing all day long after about an hour or two it says "this has performed an illegal program and must be shut down." anyway it's great i forgot how many parks you have to do but it's a perfect game nothing too bad with "violence" just people get on rides that are too fast or they drown or on occasion they'll get under a ride that your putting up and they get squashed!! but no bloodshed or bodyparts except on occasion there is a chair flying off a ride that's all red and there's red smoke around the ride but that's pretty much it!!!!!...more info
  • Oh, nothing...only THE COOLEST GAME EVER!
    I remember way back when I was 9 or 10 years old, playing this game until the point where I wouldn't need to press the button to change my disk. This game is a totally fun, addicting game that will have you playing with your eyes glued to the computer screen for hours instead of doing your math homework! This game: is TOTALLY worth your money.
    Here are some of the types of rides:

    Water Rides
    Roller Coasters (wooden or steel)
    Thrill Rides
    Calm Rides
    (Not only are there rides, but stalls for bathrooms and food+drinks too. There are also additions like trees, fountains and flowers to add to the scenery)

    Of course, the object to this game is to beat the objectives, which are set up in the game, and if you defeat them, you get some more scenarios, until you achieved them all, and finish the game! To do this, you must obtain a certain amount of guests, get a good rating for your park, within a couple of years (don't worry; this isn't really 2 years, a year goes by if you're playing it steadily), and you get another scenario! You can also receive trophies for good scenery, good roller coasters, ect. and loan money when you run out of it.
    Here are the ratings I have for the CD's content:

    Roller Coasters, new scenarios? At least it's not the normal plot where you have to run all over the place and save the Princess/King/Easterbunny!

    Nice, and well-fitted together, but doesn't seem too realistic. How can you `stop' the ride to work on it and the guests suddenly disappear off of it? But, that's OK, that makes it interesting!

    Sound doesn't matter much on this game. All you really hear is guests laughing, and having a good time! You also can hear the music on the merry-go-`round, and roller coasters swinging around on their tracks.

    Can you say `addictive'? You'll be playing this game for hours! Buy it, you won't be disappointed!...more info


    I've been usually game maniac before I become Internet one, and I used to play Roller Coaster more than 5 years ago. Just recently the fever came back and I downloaded the demo...that was not enough for me. THE GAME IS FABULOUS! I LOVE IT! AND I BELIEVE MY BRO (I'M 20) WHO IS 10 WILL LOVE IT TOO.
    I tried this game at a friends house and it is so much fun!!! You have to try it! Trust me....more info
  • COOL
    Very easy game to play. Build your own rides or use the ones available....more info
  • Great game!
    I have never played such an addicting game! The scenarios are different and fun, but the variety lacks. You get the same rides to choose from over and over again, and when you create your own roller coaster, your park guests become wimps and ignore it. The handymen are a pain to control since they never do their job and if you tell them to mow grass, it's all they do. Excellent for a game that came out before the year 2000....more info
  • Fun and addictive
    This game is very addictive. From the first time I played it at a friends house, I knew I had to own it. It mixes the real life challenges of operating a theme park with the creativity of your imagination. You can literally be control of everything, especially when you buy the expansion pack. This is truly a classic game (such as the Sim City Series) that everyone must own....more info
  • Nice game... but maybe TOO realistic!
    "Roller Coaster Tycoon" is a really fun game where kids can design their own amusement park complete with rides, food stalls, souvenier stands, and much more! You start off by choosing where you want your park to be. Some choices include Bumbly Beach, Forest Frontiers, Diamond Heights, Dynamite Dunes, and many more. (at the beginning you start off woth five choices for your amusement park setting) Each setting has a goal. For example, you may have to have 650 guests in your park by October, year 3, with a park rating of at least 600. You can name your park, charge admission fees, pick rides (as you progress more choices are available), put footpaths and sidewalks, hire staff, and put food stalls and rest rooms. But beware- you only start off with ten thousand dollars! To earn more money you need to depend on guests and profits from the food and rides! The more successful your park is, the more new rides and attractions are available for you! After you meet your goal, new scenery is available for your park. My only problem with the game is that it's WAY too realistic. One time one of my roller coasters actually crashed, causing deaths of everyone who was on the ride! Another time I built a ride over the water and forgot to put a path leading from the exit, so guests actually drowned! (stupid me!) Plus, your staff dosn't always listen to you. (Not to mention you need to pay them every month!) I once spent nearly an hour trying to get one of my mechanics to fix a ferris wheel! Overall, Roller Coaster Tycoon is a wonderful game, and very fun to play, but the realism is a little too real!...more info
  • I play hours on end.....
    This is one of my favorite games. I enjoy the realistic features. The rides/stalls, such as:

    Food Stalls
    Roller Coasters (of course!)
    Merry Go Rounds
    Ferris Wheels
    Ballon Stalls
    Information Booths (that sell umbrellas and maps)
    Water Rides

    Just to name a few.

    You get different weather as the year goes on, and the umbrellas make lots of money when it rains. Rain is a little bit of a downside, because then people don't want to go on certain rides when it rains.

    Also you have 4 kinds of workers:
    Handymen-who clean up when people throw up (yes, people throw up after going on intense rides), clean up litter, water flower beds, empty trash cans, and mow grass.
    Mechanics-who fix rides (rides do break down),and inspect rides to make sure they don't break down or explode because that is dangerous to guests, who die if your rides explode.
    Security guards-who watch for vandalizim
    Entertainers-who make your guests want to stay and keep them happy. They can be panda bears, tigers, or elephants.

    Also, my younger sister's teacher kept this game in their class room at school, because it taught them how to spend money on important things, loans, etc.

    It's a wonderful game and if I could have a SimsCity game or this game I would choose this one....more info

    I thought this was the best PC game ever, until I got Loopy Landscapes and Corkscrew Follies. Then I thought it was twice as good as the first. Everything is a pro, except it is so addicting. I played like 12 hours straight. Great for almost anyone!!! Build coasters, thrill rides, water rides, food stands and a lot more. The expansion packs are basicaly the same,just more rides, scenery, and tons of new levels. I reccomend getting RCT Deluxe, it also has three "Real" Parks, which are awesome prebuilt super parks. And it has the bonus park called Fort Arachnism. Overall, a fantastic game....more info
  • still no coaster cam
    Its fun and all but STILL NO COASTER CAM!!!! i wonder why? but the game is still fun. I like the gameplay and i like the fact that it is NOT HARD!!! and the game is not boring. Graphics are goooood and not blockey if you are a roller coaster tycoon fan ther is a web site calld roller coaster tycoon . com and you can look at stuff for the game. And i like the way you make rides the game makes makeing roller coasters fun and makeing your park fun . So by thes fun and NOT hard game now you will love it!!!....more info