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MechWarrior 3
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  • One Giant Leap
    Some people can find fault in anything if they look hard enough. This game is a HUGE step above what MechWarrior fans have had to deal with up until now. The graphics are no less than incredible, from mountain ranges that "fade in" as you approach and skies that roll across the screen, to buildings and underground warrens that pull you into the simulation with every detail and shadow. Our sim has finally brought us to the level of detail and more that Air Combat sims have enjoyed for several years already.
    The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is truly amazing. Yes the computer pilots make mistakes, and need to be coaxed in the right direction from time to time. But if you think about it, so do real soldiers and pilots. Personally, while some see this as poor game design, I think it adds yet another level of realism. An unintentional bonus if you will.
    The damage model is more realistic also. Missiles can and do miss if you're not careful. They do not turn on a dime (as with MechWarrior II). The Particle Projection Cannon is a flowing stream of electronically produced artificial lightning, no longer just a blue fuzzy ball of fluff. Lasers burn afterimages in their wake. Mechs fall and never get up again if a leg is shot out from under them, where they used to become a stationary weapons turret turning on the one remaining leg (not very realistic at all, wouldn't you agree?) The Mechs will slow and start to limp if enough damage to the leg is achieved without actually blowing it to ferrofiberous dust and myomer shoelaces.
    All of this has been done without sacrificing game speed or flow. The maps and gaming area of each mission are detailed to the last hill and storage container, yet "skips and stalls" are so rare and quickly corrected you wont even notice them unless your one of those who actually watches for that sort of thing. The Makers of MechWarrior3 have made an unusually precise effort to program to the minimum hardware requirements listed on the packaging. Even someone working on a machine with the bare minimums can enjoy this game, unlike many other games where the bare minimum just barely works without crashing.
    The online multiplayer mode is every bit as good as the in system game modes. While the missions in multiplayer mode lack a defined goal, with a little imagination games like capture the flag and king of the hill can easily be agreed to and set up by the players. Played on any of the many maps available for multiplayer game mode, variations of these two basic games can be modified to produce innumerable possibilities for loads of fun and entertainment.
    Of course there are things that I would like to see added to future versions of this game, but I will save those for the suggestion box at MicroProse. The people who worked so hard to put this game together for us deserve our thanks and support. They have done what used to be considered impossible and I'm sure they will continue to improve the game. I can't wait to see how MechWarrior4 turns out!...more info
  • Awesome
    I love this game. I had it a long time ago. I lost it. Glad to have a nother copy in my grasp!!. The game took a lil longer than i was hoping to have delivered to me. Sorta disappointed there....When it got here I was happy with the condition of the cd. Game runs great no probs....more info
  • Outstanding Game
    Mechwarrior 3 is a visually impressive, engrossing and mostimportantly fun game, especially if you are a fan of Battletech. Itshould not be missed....more info
  • Good game
    MechWarrior 3 is a great game. The graphics are a little outdated but it is a few years old. the SFX are great too, they are very true to weapon and are not of poor quality. On my pc (p4 2.0GHz, 512mb ddr333, Geforce mx440, 10,000rpm SCSI HD and Windows XP) it runs without any skipping or latency. The Campaigns are the best of any game I've played but some times I am at a loss as my copy did not come with a manual. This is by far the best mechwarrior game in existence (MW4 not so much because of the fact you do not have much freedom with creating new 'Mechs)....more info
  • Mech 3 not an XP or vista game
    if you have an older computer, a windows 98 or NT then this software might still work properly. If you have an XP machine I had difficulty running it and even keeping it going on my machine. I did not even try my vista machine. the graphic generators in the program maybe too slow to properly initialize this game. I really don't know. I do know that it has crashed a lot on my XP machine. It also needs to be run through DOS. This game would be excellent if updated for use in the more modern windows programs but the original company that put this out is gone and with no updates this is a shame....more info
  • Fun,Fun great game!
    Mech Warriors 3 is a game that no doubt has revolutionized the graphics industry. There is no other way to put it, the graphics are really great, surprising for an older game! The game is so fun, and I like the way you can customize the way your bot looks, moves, and fires. My friend did something that was so cool, I do it too. He took one of the heavyweights, and put on almost 100 LRM's and two gause rifles(Probably the best weapon),one on each hand. He then battled several of those tiny robots-whos name escapes me-and took em out, indian style. It was cruel, but totally awesome. I use that tactic almost every time on battle mode.
    If you go to options, you can turn off the heat sensors(I hate them) and put on invincibility, which is also cool.
    For kids who's parents don't like them getting violent games, probably dont want this because of how discusting it is to kill one of the people running on the ground. It reminds me of Half-life.
    I think this game is worth it new or used, and recommend it to bot-lovin kids....more info
  • Best ... mechwarrior game there is --period.
    Though a bit old, MW3 is STILL the best. The Campaign is fun, great overall mood and atmosphere, combined with two tracks from a little known music group known as 'Twisted Tenderness', 'Haze' and 'Make it happen'. -The music is limited, but darn good.
    The REAL fun of MW3 is online gameply, where you must outplay, outgun, and most importantly, outdesign your opponents. The mechlab, where you go to customize your multi-ton 'mech', is admitadly unrealistic, allowing the player to place multi weapons on a mech chasis obviously not made to have certain weapons in certain places, but it's also one of the most enjoyable aspects; with it you can place insane amounts of misilles or the dreaded Ultra autocannon 20 on each arm or torso side.
    It takes a bit of ingenuity to outwit the many other oline players when it comes to design, for design is ultimately what kills or gets you killed. -to do so you must balance weapons, armor, armor type, chasis type, engine and equipement to devise the most lethal mech you can...and hope it's better than your opponents.
    The unfortunate aspect of online gaming is, of course, the lag factor. Often you must shoot several mech lengths ahead of your opponent to actually hit them, which can be very annoying. But if you can suppress your ego long enough to master this irritatiing quirk, suffer many defeats, and learn what it takes to survive the online world of MW3, it is awesome. The array of different weapons and equipment at your disposal, the stunningly beautiful mech chasis in your arsenal....I've owned Mechwarrior three for over two years now, and I know I will always come back to it for more.
    To summarize: The campaign is more than enough to justify buying this incredible game, especially at its current price tag ... , and the online gaming rooms makes it worth twice the price. Currently, Mechwarrior three is only played on two gaming services that I know of, Gamespy, and the more popular MSN gaming zone. -And to further compliment the online experience, there are maps, called 'icemaps', which reduce your weapons heat to nearly nothing, readily available from different websites. They add a very fun aspect of insane destruction to you gameplay, helping you to obliterate your enemies in a few well placed shots.
    In short, Mechwarrior 3 ROCKS and always will.
    On a related note: Sadly, this game is hard to find, and even harder to find is it's expansion pack, 'Pirate's Moon', which gets a rating every bit as good as MW3 from this Mechwarrior.
    Now, man your mechs and prepare to dominate the battlefield..........more info
  • Okay.
    Okay, as the title explains, this game is not the best, but not the worst.
    Here is a quick list of pros and cons:

    1. the variety of weapons is very interesting.

    2. the move ment of the mechs is fluid and very realistic.

    3. the training mode is really awesome.

    4. the controls are well placed.


    1. this game takes quite alot of memory for windows 95/98

    2. the graphics are not great (but hey, it's a couple years old.)


    4. doesn't work on windows ME/2000/ or even XP editions....more info

  • Old Soldier, New Mech
    I haven't been following the Battle Tech series very closely, and have lost track of its history. But I am told, and have read that Mech Warrior stems from it.
    Believe it or not, I found the Battle Tech series when I was a Private on the rise in the U.S. Army. That was over 20 years ago, and I've heard that BattleTech is over 15 years in history. Go figure! Anyway, about 7 years ago, I read about Mech Warrior and was stunned. Wow! What a toy to have! (GAME for PC) I grabbed a few pictures, and did a little reading. Then I acquired, MechWarrior - Hawks Revenge. I still have it around here somewhere - I think in storage. It was a fun game to play. Who wouldn't like dancing around in a 40 to 100 ton Battle tank with legs? Now Last year, I downloaded MechWarrior 3 (No CD, no disks, nothing! Just a download) and I have been in love ever since. Again - who wouldn't love dancing around in a 40 to 100-ton Mech? The guns, the power, the speed! My God, the speed! I have a pentium 4 running Windows XP. And man, the speed and fluidity of the program is awesome. I'm a graphic artist and I love eye-candy. This game gives me a high that you won't believe. My family gets upset because when I feel like making noise and blowing things up, it's Mechwarrior 3 on the PC! They like to play too (and my family is my girlfriend and my niece - both whom I call "Lady MechWarriors" - They play that well). However, sometimes, the program does drop out on its own. Yet it is not enough to annoy me or cause alarm. I just hit go, and I'm back in the business of shredding mech metal. It is, however, a good idea to shut down any non-essential programs that may be running in the background, in order to keep it from becoming a headache. That is, unless those programs are essential to keep the computer up and running. Usually, I shut down ICQ, and any other programs that may enable a pop up advertising window, or system message window. For a little while, I can live without them. And the PC doesn't mind either. From then on, it is BANG-BANG-BOOM! Good-bye Smoke Jaguar!
    So, if you are new to the Mech Warrior Universe, read the books (any that you can find), play the games. Immerse yourself and have fun. If you are an old soldier like me (1st Cavalry, Co. C 2/7th Cav - '80 - '83), then put it on, it will look good on you! I haven't stopped (After a hard days work, it's always a trip into fantasyland and a visit with my fellow Infantrymen from days gone by), and I have completed the game several times. Now my new love is "Mech Assault"....
    But that is another love story to be written....more info
  • At last -- a mech game that works! :)
    I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to play mech/giant robot games without having a $3,000 computer with fancy video cards. I can play it on an HP Pavilion 6683 straight out of the box, with a lousy 1 MB SGVA Intel 810 chipset. It offers the option to play with a 'software render,' which doesn't need a 3D video card at all. If you can play Majesty on your computer, you can play this game. It doesn't continually freeze and crash, like MW2 or MW4 do even when their system requirements are met.
    On the non-technical front, the game itself is quite exciting and looks excellent. The weapon special effects aren't quite as spectacular as the MW4 renderings, but they are still good. The landscape looks BETTER than that hazy, vague, bland thing they have in MW4, and you can actually crater it with your missiles. The mechs look fine, move quickly, and offer both an external and internal view.
    In short, if you're looking for bug-free, fine-looking, exciting giant robot action, don't pass this game by! It'll probably work on your system, too, if it was made in the last couple of years and has one of the right Windows programs. Check out Majesty and Diablo II while you're at it -- another couple of spectacular, fascinating games with low system requirements! :) Have fun, Mechwarrior!!!!!!!...more info
  • HA!!! Believe it or not but this IS PERFECT!better than MW4!
    One day i thought i would like to have a game that involved the future so when i picked up MW2 and saw it said the year is 3064 and blah blah blah i played the preview on the screen at Wal-Mart and thought cool.So i bought it and loved it.Then i bought MW4 and hehe i have 3 computers instead of 1 cause of trying to get a computer that had what MW4 required.

    I thought it was da bomb and then i saw the previews talkin trash about it and saying Mech Warrior 3 was better so i bought it praying that i didnt waste my [price] bucks and i did not!I WASTED [price] BUCKS ON MW4!!!

    Mech warrior 3 is like 1000 times better than 2 and 4. And even my 6 year old 1st computer could handle this game and i thought it would not do well and id have to use my other computer but it went fast on my old PC and the action is so real controls rock for key board even and it has better veiws and better details and for once a laser can actually kill a mech and i almost dropped dead seeing how good it was cause the LRM missle will lock on ur target and will Heat Seak the target and kill unlike a bomb dropping in MW4 that u can avoid easily and even its graphics are good and its pulse lasers dont seem like in this though but this game still rocks and jump jets are more real and in this one u have a decent cross hair and decent zoom i must admit i cant decide if the vulture or Mad Cat is my favorite Mech but i think its Mad Cat...

    This game has a better story line and in this u do not need to be a pro on Multiplayer or Single player to win cause my first time on multiplayer wich was my 2 time even starting MW3 up i was able to destroy 7 mechs in a 5 min game so dont get worried if u have not played yet and u will play like a dead snail.

    Always try to aim for the legs of a Mech and u will do good.

    This game is worth $500 and im not kidden!!!

    If u dont have a PC u should buy one just for this game.

    MW4 will make some good Plastic to melt in the winter!

    4 words THE BE$T GAME EVER!!!...more info

  • Blows away the competition ( literally )
    When you look at all the games that have been out concerning Battletech and Mechwarrior you have to admit that this one far surpasses any other, not only that it blows away any other game in this genre. Besides the incredible graphics and game play (which I will get to in a second) This game also closely parallels the Novels and the RPG story lines. By doing this it gives the novel fans a bit of a thrill and makes the game more fun.

    Now on to the graphics and Game play (see I told you I'd get to it.) The Graphics are incredible, both in their realism and in their mesmerizing detail. This game is just loaded with "eye candy" no more do we have the blocky hexagonal mechs tromping around slowly on incredibly poor scenery. Now we have accurate death machines stealthily moving through incredibly detailed scenery to lay waste to the enemy that you are determined to blow away. The reality of the weapons is incredible, it really makes you think like you were actually in the mech. Certain tactics and maneuvers that would have prevented you from getting hit in Mechwarrior 2 and Mech: Mercenaries, will now just leave the Smoke Jaguars smiling and saying " You are one dead Stravag". You are now forced to keep adapting new tactics and fighting styles according to the Mech you are piloting. While the enemies AI is impressive they do have certain weaknesses. This can be used to your advantage, but you also will experience disadvantages due to the games AI system. One...The enemies will sometimes learn from your previous actions. Two.. your lance members will not always act intelligently. Picture this. You're being swarmed by elementals, and they are really tearing into a lance mate, well your lance mate is just sitting there letting them hit him, you have to order him to defend him self. This did not happen all the time, but it did happen enough to be an annoyance.

    The missions that you are sent on are both challenging and original. The Salvage factor is one aspect that I love, shoot out the legs of your enemies and looky looky get more salvage than when you blow them sky high. Again the realism is at its best. I can not wait for the next game to come out. I can only imagine that it will be better, How? I don't know...but the designers have not disappointed me yet. I just hope that the next game is from the clans point of view. I root for the Inner Sphere, but I'm a real Clanner at heart. A great Idea for the next game might be that you are in Kahn Phelan Kell's Wolf Clan...that would be great. But until the next game, Mechwarrior 3 is undoubtedly the best of its type out there....more info

  • Last of the real Mech games
    This was the last of the series to really use the rules and ideas of the original. The newer games work more like Quake than Mechwarrior. The graphics are dated compared to the newer games, but the game play is better, and it requires more strategy. For instance, LRM's have a minimum range. If you're closer than that minimum range when you fire them, they have no real effect on the enemy. The effect of this rule on the game is that you have a certain way to handle fire support mechs. You use cover to close on them as fast as possible so you can get in close under their missles and pound them. In the newer games, you can ram the enemy and fire them point blank. Kinda dumbs it down a bit....more info
  • Good, easy fun
    I've loved all of the Mechwarrior games, they are always so easy: stand and pick other Mechs off at extreme long range. Besides graphics changes the two big changes are a nice zooming rectile, to make those long-range shots easier and a "Mobile Field Base" that will fix you up in the middle of a mission. All of this makes the campaign short, just 10 hours or so.

    I had one glaring problem, it wouldn't install or run on Windows 2000. Maybe I could have gotten it to run if I had hunted down and hand-installed all the files. It ran without a single hitch on Windows 98SE....more info

  • Nothing is perfect...
    Mechwarrior 3 is an awesome game. I've seen many reviews written saying how it's better than MW2, but what if you don't own MW2? I'm writing this review as someone who has never played another Mechwarrio game. The reason for a missing fifth star is simply the system requirements. I found that after i installed MW3 several of my programs stopped working; it took some tweaking in the close program window (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) to get things working. Now I will be honest: my system is old and lacks 3D acceleration and a sound card. However, the thing that bugs me is after watching the opening movie (which displays a truly awesome 'mech battle that looks as close to real as possible on high-performance computers) I knew it was capable of producing great graphics. The actual game is a little lacking, but considering when it was made and also the fact the deigners couldn't really put much more of anything in the game since the amount of disk space it takes up is astonishing. The game itself is great. This has to be the most customizable game ever, and here's what I mean: The Mech Lab is a workshop where you decide what to put on your Mech, such as weapons, armor, engine size, heat sinks, and electronic gizmos. There are of course, weight and size restristions, but if there weren't, well, who could beat a 100-ton armored walking tank with 40 lasers and 100,000 missles? The other great option in this game is the customizeable controls. Prefer to have all controls switched so that left = right and up = down? Not recommended, but go ahead: you can do it. The storyline of the game is for once in gaming histroy: exciting! Missions are played over adjoining terrain, and the only boundaries are natural obstacles (However, should you pass a certain line far from the mission area your superiors will assume you are bugging out or heading to McDonalds and call the mission a failure). In most cases, if you travel back far enough you'll end up in your last mission area. More and more technologies become avbailable as you salvage (yes salvage this is war and there is no Super Wal-Mart nearby selling Gauss Riflesl, i checked) Mechs and weapons from the enemy. The final battle is a little shortcoming of what the game deserves (one hint: fire first, fire at the leader, fire fast and if you're on fire please get up from your computer and call the fire department), as it is usaully over in a short amount of time. One thing to remember is I'm sure you'll be much more impressed if you have a faster system and 3D acceleration. If you don't, make ure to go into the options and switch over to the software 3D system. Buy this game if your into it: This is not an instant action blow everything up shooter. This game involves this osolete thing: thinking. Do you want to blow the bad guy apart in a massive explosion? Or go for one of the legs and salvage it, while putting yourself at risk? Do you go into the base the front way? Or try to jet boost over the rear wall? There's also a lot of technology and things to commit to memory: it is impossible to play (or lets say, succede) without reading at least some of the manual. I know i skipped some things, like MFB's and heat mangement, but I'm not writing a manual for people who have the game; I'm writing a review for people who don't. As always, have fun.

    Chris, age 13...more info

  • Superb! A breakthrough in gaming!
    Mechwarrior 3's graphic detail is its finest feature. As crimson lasers fly towards your enemy mech and blow off a leg after a great explosion, you can't help but think: damn, these graphics are aweswome! But they do have some really cool Mechs. There is a really deadly mech I like from the clans called Daishi(Die-eeshee) You can customize your mech with advanced clan weapons, then kick some tail with any of those devastating weapons. My personal favorite being the ER PPC. (Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon) However, my favorite part about being a Mech pilot is to hear your enemy cursing the Inner Sphere as they die! If you like simulation games or robots and artillery in general, you won't regret buying this sure to be classic PC Game!...more info
  • Beter than Mechwarrior 2.
    Killer graphics! Super internet play! This is twice what Mechwarrior2 was Mechwarrior.If you must buy this please get the expanion game also you will not be disappointed.This game jams up my wife's computer and her internet service so much they kick me off.This game makes me wish I had a sdsl modem line.THIS GAME REALLY KICKS........!...more info