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Dungeon Keeper 2
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Product Description

There are many games that let you tear through dungeons with a group of adventurers as you loot, kill monsters, and build up your strength for the final showdown with the evil beast that runs the place. Dungeon Keeper 2 reverses these traditional roles by letting you run the dungeon. You get to stock your custom-made deathtrap with creatures, set traps, and generally make life as miserable (and short) as possible for the heroes foolish enough to invade your lair.

Games such as the old Wizardry 4 and the original Dungeon Keeper have operated under this concept, but no game has done it this well. Starting with a little hole in the ground, you command your minions to start digging tunnels, mining veins of gold, and clearing out rooms to house the nasty creatures you'll eventually generate and recruit. Everything is rendered in colorful 3-D, and the special effects are especially satisfying.

Beware: This isn't a game for the kiddies. Characters like the Mistress, who is rewarded by being tortured, are strictly for adults. That "Mature" ESRB rating is there for a reason. If you like building games like SimCity and can appreciate Dungeon Keeper 2's dark sense of humor, it's hard to beat for wicked fun. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Terrific 3-D graphics and overall production values
  • Twisted sense of humor
  • Lets us play a fantasy game from the bad guy's perspective
  • Definitely an adult game: don't let the kiddies anywhere near it
  • A little too easy to master

The Heroes have returned, determined to thwart your plans of reaching their sunlit world. Can a pact with the mighty Horned Reaper finally enable you to realize those dreams of desecration? Only by satisfying the cruel need of your dungeon minions, while striving to crush the foolish adventurers who are plundering your domain, will you prove yourself a worthy keeper.

Dungeon Keeper 2 introduces deliciously wicked new traps and original rooms, inhabited by a bestiary of creatures with unique talents and devastating spells.

Be the Dungeon Keeper, ultimate ruler of your dark creepy networld. Build a Dungeon. Monstrous warfare. Wicked perspective. Mulitplayer warfare. Downloadable updates.

Customer Reviews:

  • game will not work
    shipping was fast but the game wont work. i tryed the game in more than one computer, and i did everything i could to get it to work. i am very upset!...more info
  • Game is Fun but Glitchy
    Dungeon Keeper 2 is a great game. The plot is that you build a dungeon to attract creatures to fight heroes to get portal gems to give to the Horned Reaper who collects them to get to go to the Overworld [our world]. Sadly this never happens because number 3 was canceled but the game is a hidden jewel.

    You can build all of the normal dungeon-esque rooms, eg. prisons, gladiator pits, and torture chambers. You can recruit many creatures from the usual demons and undead to the odd imps and goblins. The reason I rated the game 4 overall is because of the incompatibility between DK2 and XP. The game works on my XP for about an hour then it crashes or freezes. The patches also won't work because some goon deleted patch 1.0 to 1.3 which is what you need to get the rest all the way to 1.7. [Confusing, eh?] If you think you can have fun for an hour or get it to work then I strongly suggest you try the game. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • The Best Older Game:
    The graphics are decent, the objectives are challenging, and you get to play the villain...what could go wrong? True, it doesn't always work on all computers and crashes a lot but if you keep up with saves its not really that big of a deal. I do warn you that this game is pretty addictive once you get it running smoothly though....more info
  • One of the best games I've ever played
    I have to preface this review by saying that I am very, very picky when it comes to computer games. I usually find even the most highly-acclaimed titles dull and uninspiring. That being said, what a breath of fresh (er, dank and moldy?) air Dungeon Keeper II is.

    I bought this game on a whim. Like most games more than a couple years old, it was dirt cheap, so I decided to take a chance. And how happy I am that I did! Dungeon Keeper 2 is absolutely one of the most fun and addiciting games I've played in 20+ years of gaming. The gameplay is so simple, yet so compelling that I was hooked within 10 minutes. The music and sound effects are great (love those moaning evil mistresses and the groans of the prisoners being tortured). The voiceover work is absolutely the BEST that I have ever heard in a computer game. Whoever the narrator is, he's a voiceover god. Also, the humor in this game is actually funny -- very funny. Unlike most games that fail pitifully in the humor department whenever they attempt it, Bullfrog really pulled it off. And in terms of the graphics, even though they're considered very old at this point, they still look good to me.

    Anyhow, I look forward to my next session of Dungeon Keeper 2. My last one went until 2AM (I just couldn't stop). I'd advise anyone who's going to play this game not to start too late, unless you're a night owl. But do yourself a favor and GET THIS GAME. You won't regret it....more info
  • Probably the best game I have ever played!
    Absolutely great! Great graphics, (not perfect by todays standards!)super fun, and you can download lots of maps and even an editor!! I have half life, halo, doom 3, UT2004, all Need for Speeds,and more; yet I play this MORE!...more info
  • Amazing RTS, small problems
    This is one of the most fun RTS I have ever played. You get to slap around your minions, torture the good guys, and pretty much have a blast being evil. The bile demons are great, and the dark mistresses laughs are creepy. This has a very good sense of dark humor, and I would not recommend it to anyone under 13, or anyone who didn't like dark humor.

    We got Evil Genius because we heard it was made by the same people. Evil Genius does NOT hold a candle to this. I still play it a hell of a lot, and I still have fun with it.

    The only problems I have is the fact that it tends to have problems with the videos on my computer, pretty much not playing them. And the fact you cannot get multiplayer to work. If the multiplayer worked, there would be no question about giving this game 5 stars....more info
  • Doesn't work under XP
    Great game, when it works. It needs to be run in compatibility mode and the 1.7 patch available for the game does not run under this CD. It needs an original CD, not the re-release from EA. Paid 44 bucks for a game that crashes every few minutes....more info