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MIDLAND 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $74.44

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Product Description

Midland is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios, with an extensive line of land mobile radios, CB, GMRS and FRS radios, new (license-free) MURS radios, weather-monitor alert radios, itinerant radios and a line of quality antennas and accessories.

Having a CB radio while traveling can be an invaluable tool for emergencies and for keeping up on road conditions, and the Midland 75-820 40-channel handheld CB is one you should definitely consider. It comes with everything you need to get started in a hurry, including a battery pack for times you want to run the unit on six AA batteries and a cigarette lighter adapter for battery-free operation in your car.

The Midland 75-820's design is ideal, with a push-to-talk button on the side, squelch and volume knobs, and a small LCD screen that displays the current channel, signal strength, and a variety of other useful information. Several buttons on the device can be used for scanning, whether quickly flipping between the emergency channel (9) and the standard highway channel (19) or activating the LCD's backlight. The unit also comes with a short, flexible antenna.

Overall, the 75-820's portability is excellent--comparable to a child's walkie-talkie. Unfortunately, the unit's compactness hampers its usefulness, because the relatively small antenna has a hard time pulling in distant signals. In our tests on local highways and on the interstate, transmissions rarely could be heard from more than half a mile away. However, when we connected the Midland 75-822 to a whip antenna that was several feet long, the range increased considerably. As a result, we recommend investing in a better antenna before using the device in your car, although the radio still works well for communicating with nearby semis when you're trying to find out the source of a traffic jam.

We had better luck using the radio to monitor National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio broadcasts, which we were able to receive from nearly anywhere since Weather Radio stations transmit at much higher power than mobile transmitters. These broadcasts are repeated every few minutes, are updated every few hours, and can help alert travelers to severe weather conditions. It's a nice feature to have on a portable CB and makes the Midland 75-822 a standout choice for travelers who want to be in the know. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Truly portable
  • Car adapter kit included
  • Ability to monitor Weather Radio is a nice touch
  • Short antenna dramatically cuts down on range
  • 40 CB channels, 10 NOAA channels
  • Push-to-talk operation
  • Includes cigarette lighter adapter
  • Backlit LCD displays channel, signal strength, and more
  • Portable, compact design

Customer Reviews:

  • Great unit for a Jeep
    I would highly recommend the 75-822 for a Jeep owner. I recently took mine on a Jeep Jamboree and it worked perfectly. It is very small and light. It can be used as a handheld unit but can quickly be connected to your vehicle CB antenna for better reception and work off the vehicle battery. It is similar to the Cobra 75 WX ST but has the advantage that you can take it with you as a handheld when on foot hiking. Reception and transmission was excellent. In a Jeep with a soft top it is nice because you can quickly disconnect it and lock in the glove compartment....more info
  • A neat little package
    I was pleasantly surprised with the compact size of this radio. It is a versatile little item: full-power 40 channels of CB, 10 NOAA channels (not available with all CB brands, but Midland seemed to recognize the importance of this feature), and an included adapter that turns the unit into a mobile. Be careful when you compare; this adapter isn't always included and could cost $20+. Also note it's range as a portable is limited, but then again, that's the nature of the portable CB beast....more info
  • Midland 75-822
    This CB radio performed as rated.
    It is being used in a mobile with a magnet mount ant.wich gives extended
    I'd recommend it.

    MIDLAND 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio...more info
  • Cellular phones aren't enough
    My wife recently went on a long US east coast driving trip by herself. The handheld CB gave her that extra comfort level she needed when Cingular's cellular service nationwide service dropped out (quite often). I highly recommend this unit for women (or men) travelling alone (or not!). For the price, even if it's NEVER used, it's a good deal. I'd put it with your emergency road-side kit. Every vehicle should have one of these!...more info
  • Best CB Ever
    This is the best radio you will ever own. It is a great hand held and moble radio. The functions are easy to use, and the radio veary derable. I recomend that you buy an external antenna if you plan to use this radio in your car. If you don't get the external antenna for your car, then you will be very diappointed. Get a K40 or radio shack brand antenna they are the best. You can get over 15 miles with the K40 and this midland radio, if you tune the antenna. You will not be disappointed with this radio. ...more info
  • MIDLAND 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio
    Not what I was hoping for. Hooked it up to a whip antenna and took it on a trip to Tennessee following some friends. I know that tuning the antenna helps, but we had it working for about 3 city blocks with that antenna before we left and 0 blocks with the antenna that came on the CB. By the time I got out of town, I could haedly pick up my friends from 100 ft. Really disappointed in this as a Midland product. Would not recommend it to anyone serious about having good communications. ...more info
  • Very nice radio, if only it were waterproof...
    This is the second radio of this model that I've owned, both adapted to and mounted on a motorcycle for Bike-to-Bike communication. When matched to a quality antenna, the range is better than I expected, perhaps as much as several miles. This is quite adequate for my needs. The ability to adapt the unit to the motorcycle's intercom system was a critical factor in my selection and this radio is easily adapted using the headset ports. The first radio got soaked in a rainstorm and quit working until I opened it up and dried it out, then all was well again and the radio still works fine. I just have to put a bag over it for protection from the weather I guess. The second radio is mounted on my new bike and I expect similar performance. I like the ability to convert it to a handheld as well but haven't had the opportunity to really use that feature much....more info
  • Small and easy to use
    CB is an enjoyable alternative to Mobile CB's where room in your car is at a premium. The mobile adapter combined with an external ant makes this radio a must for the car. Range is the same as with the bigger units. The flexable ant gives you a very short range....more info
  • CB Radio
    I bought this for my dad. He loves it and uses it on his Harley motorcycle while riding. He did get a longer antenna though, because the short one does not pick up a lot. With this and a longer antenna you should be good to go. He also tested it in the car, so it is good for all types of vehicles. If you ride with other motorcycle guys who have CB Radios, this is a great investment....more info
  • Decent unit for the price
    Unit is compact and easily portable. Fit and finish is good. I recommend you find the button to activate the backlight at a point in time when you HAVE light to see in. It's hard to find in the dark for the first time if you don't know where it is, but once located it is fine. Unit seems to work about as well when plugged in as when on battery power. I've not tested how long the batteries last. I can verify they work for at least twenty minutes with no noticeable loss of performance, but they may well go days. I do recommend an additional external antennae. The range is useable but limited with only the unit's antennae. If you were to be using this in a convoy and only wanted occasional weather updates as you went through populated areas you'd have no trouble, but chatting with traffic going the other way must be done within short time frames as they will pass out of range somewhat quickly, and the weather radio signal can't be received too far from town. Again, the external antennae isn't absolutely necessary, but it is an upgrade in both performance and convenience. All in all, I am very happy with my unit. ...more info
  • Midland 75-820
    Nice radios. I bought two. Be aware that the transmit range is VERY short using the antenna provided....more info
  • Motorcycle Use
    This CB, the 18-2983 magnet base antenna, and a helmet headset I purchased from Sound Radio Products are by far the most economical way of putting a CB on a motorcycle ($160). The Midland CB is small and already comes with the lighter plug adapter and external antenna connector. The Midland base antenna is just enough for better reception. If your riding in a group its perfect. I have a 1998 Electra Glide. I will mount the CB to the inside of the fairing. The CB is light enough and small enough not to be in the way. The antenna cable can be hidden along the frame and under the gas tank to the rear fender. The magenetic base is a tad large, smaller would be better. But fabricate a flat metal surface for it to mount to is easily done. The antenna cable is long enough, with a little excess to bundle up under the seat. Nothing has to be permanent with this set up. Put it on when you want, take it off when you want. The only thing I have not figured out is waterproofing the CB. You will need a helmet headset, the volume level is far too low to hear over an engine, air, and outside noises....more info
  • Nice package and features
    This is a nice package.
    Alkaline and rechargeable battery packs are included, along with the charger. Rechargeable batteries are NOT included.
    The radio has a lot of features (scan, weather, dual watch ...).
    As a walkie talkie with the included rubber duckie antenna, range is pretty limited (as expected). If you buy a Cobra HA-TA Hand-Held CB Antenna, it will almost double the range.
    I have not used the radio with the car adaptor yet. I expect the radio will perform a lot better with a mobile antenna.
    My only real complaint is that the modulation (transmitted audio) is low and a bit muffled.
    The weather radio works well.
    The radio can be easily (although illegally) modified for 120 channels AM, 80 channels with an AM / FM mix or some kind of UK mod that wasn't described. Info is available by searching the web. I don't know who is using these frequencies but I would avoid interfering with the 10M Ham band.
    There is supposed to be an audio mod but I was not able to find it. This would probably make a big difference.
    ...more info
  • static, missing part
    Overall this product was ok. There was alot of static and I had to turn the Squelch up so much I missed conversation. Also, the rechargeable battery pack had a piece missing. The controls on the reciever were ok, they could have been backlit for night time driving. And the lcd screen should have the option to stay lit all of the time....more info
  • Do not use this in case of an emergency!
    Most disappointing. Works, but does not work well. Coverage is minimal and frequencies are hardly used any more by anyone. I bought this for a specific use so it's OK for me, but don't use it on the basis of " safety ". Use your cellular instead....more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    For $80+ dollars this radio is outstanding.

    It does not compare to the $500 ham HT I also own, but then it would
    be foolish to expect it to.

    ...more info
  • MIDLAND 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio
    This radio is tops. It provides the convenience of use as a walkie or use as a mobile unit....more info
  • Midland 75-822 CB
    Works well if you can see the person or truck your talking with. The car adapter makes a lound screaching sound that the person you are talking to only can here, so it sucks! In my opinion I would try the Cobra before this one...more info
  • Full Feature, great price
    All the complaints I've read about this scanner are pretty pointless. This is the best Hand Held scanner I've ever owned. Go to Sears or Best Buy, see what HH CB's they have in, Probably just one, the Cobra 37 ST. Does that have channel scan, 5 memories, memory scan, freq. display, REAL mobile adpater not just a car power cord, NOPE. How much do they want? $40 in Best buy, and get this, $79.99 in sears, check their website.

    The problems with range come with any handheld. I dont see the problem, take any hand held in a car and its range will go way down, But midland is only company that provides you with an external antenna hookup/power cord combined and make your radio the size of most mic's, you cant go wrong. The best you'll get from others is a DC power cable, but no way to connect an external car antenna to it. and they will still be full length.

    You could also MOD this unit to pick up 120 channels CB (all you need to do is solder one connection...) if your more experienced, you can mod it to pick up 400 channels (dont believe me, try a search engine and type "Midland CB Mod"...

    This scanner is the BEST on the market, and I cant belive the price. Would be nice if it has USB/LSB but hey, you cant get everything. It covers all the bases....more info

  • Good to find a CB 40 channel handheld with this many features that doesn't feel like a brick.
    Nice radio with many features. This CB has OK performance as a handheld, (as most handheld CBs do) but is much better when used with an external antenna. I reccommend the portable magnetic mount type. It can be moved between vehicles with ease. I know GMRS / FRS handhelds have more range, but CB has made life easier on the road when I can get the attention of a semi to let me squeeze into a slow/busy onramp. Also great for traffic updates on the spot. If you do alot of road trips or family travel, this radio along with a good radar detector makes long trips much easier. MG....more info
  • Compact, reliable, great battery life
    I couldn't be much happier with this unit. Where it really shines is in battery life. I've used this in various 4x4 competitions and my teammates use some much larger, clunky handhelds that require 10 batteries and eat them up quick (several sets in a weekend). I use 6 nicads in my midland unit and they last and last.

    Its a pretty decent mobile unit too with the adapter. With an external antenna the range is tremendously improved. My only real complaint is that I wish that there was a way to lock the backlighting on when using the car adapter - this would make it easier to use at night....more info