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Visual Memory Unit-White
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  • It's cute, but can be better.
    OK, I know the amount of blocks or mems is the main problem, but it's good enough for fighting games like Marvel vs. capcom and Soul Calibur. When you playing Soul Calibur with this mem card, you can actually see the cheapy cartoon characters that you are controlling! Well, it's not much, but something fun to look at. I like the design and it works pretty good for me. What's bothering me is that it doesn't have a plastic cap to close/protect the bottom panel when it's not being used. This is important for people switch mem cards very often, because you don't want the connection slots to collect dust!...more info
  • Great Memory Card, Nice if it had more storage.
    The Sega Visual Memory unit is a great memory card! The LCD screen is awesome! It shows neat little graphics when you are playing a game, and there are mini-games you can download onto your VMU! The VMU might be the most advanced memory card on any gaming system out there right now! The only thing I don't like about the Sega VMU is that it only holds 200 blocks of memory. That's only enough to store one 2K2 sports game. But otherwise, this is a perfect memory card....more info
  • Good vmu
    my vmu has kept up with all my new games and saves almoset anything, but the only prob is i cant get it to turn on anymore...more info
  • They are alright but just dont have enough space on them.
    The VMU has some cute features like mini games and it can be your watch so you know what time it is. It has other cool features. But i dont reccomend it because all it holds is 200 blocks of memory. Get the 4 slot 200 block each slot memory cards. It worked great for me. I just forgot what brand it was made by so youll have to look for it closely if you want it. The VMU is just kinda a waste of money. ONLY GET ONE OF EM DONT EVEN THINK OF GETTING 2!...more info
  • Sega VMU is the most advanced memory card for any system
    The Sega VMU is simply amazing. It is not just a memory card, but it also shows the last time you used your game, a clock and games that you can download of Sega Net. It also has a great LCD screen which you can use to choose your plays in football games so your friends don't cheat. The only problem is the battery power is weak and it the VMU only holds 200 blocks which is just enough to save one Sega Sports 2K2. The Sega VMU is still a great deal......more info
  • Sega Visual Memory Unit
    The Sega Viual Memory unit is an extra ordinary accesory for the Sega Dreamcast. You can Do your own play calling on a small screen right on your controller so your opponent doesnt see which play your doing! Not only does it have a mini screen to help you while you are playing but it is also a memory card to save you games with. It is a little complicated to save and load minigames but once you do you can actually play games on the VMU. It is an all around ideal accesory to make the Dreamcast gaming just little more enjoyable....more info
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah
    I'm gonna make this short and sweet for you.

    You got a Dreamcast?...GET THIS! It will "obvioulsy" save some of the biggest and baddest DC games around. Too far In Soul Calibur? Had enough skatin' and doin' some nice Graffiti in Jet Grind Radio?




    Lates...more info
  • No Problems
    I don't really use the screen. I have a performance memory card that I use more. This one may be worth while for kids and for some games. I prefer more memory....more info
  • a must have for a true dreamcaster
    they've done it again this a great thing but for sonic adventure the chao aventure take mare than half of it up!!!!!...more info
  • Despite it's flaws, it's still the best memory card yet
    Considering past memory cards for past systems may not have had all the memory one could have hoped for, Sega decided to change things up when they released the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit) is a step ahead in designing home system memory cards. Included is a small LCD screen with working buttons to play mini-games along with other features (for example raising Chaos in Sonic Adventure or playing a Pac-Man type game with Namco Museum). You can take the top off the VMU and transfer files into another VMU or link it up to play mini-games together. The VMU can hold up to 200 blocks of memory, and while this may seem like a lot, most of Sega's 2K2 sports titles take just about 200 blocks of memory just to save options let alone a team season. Not to mention that after a while the battery life of the VMU LCD screen will die, and that happens quicker than expected, but the LCD screen isn't necessarily needed if your just using the VMU as a memory card and nothing more. All in all, I would recommend at least 3 or 4 VMU's for Dreamcast owners; they're cheap and affordable and you can still find them at game retailers....more info
  • If you like it rough, this VMU is the best!
    This memory unit has a slightly bumpy texture, and a removable cap to protect the connectors. There is a common myth that there are only 4 buttons, but as any sega afficinado knows, the d-pad is considered a button in itself, raising the total to 5 buttons. The screen is made of a transparent plastic material to protect the sensitive flat-screen lcd monitor....more info
  • Whats to say? DREAMCAST RULES!
    And if you still have the console, you need the VMU. This one is great.

    If you no longer have the console, then:


    Long Live PANTZER DRAGOON!...more info

  • No Problems
    I don't really use the screen. I have a performance memory card that I use more. This one may be worth while for kids and for some games. I prefer more memory....more info
  • Great Memory Card
    Let me tell you, this thing is cool. Unlike the other Memory cards for other systems, The VMU comes with its own Controls and Screen so you can play Mini-games! My only complaints are that the buttons are too small and the battery runs out way to fast.
    ~The Great Shiro...more info
  • Interesting, Underused Idea, but in the end, it Saves Games.
    Just as the title of my review says: It was a cool and original, sort of innovative idea that went underrated and underused. But at the end of the day, all I needed was a gadget to save my Dreamcast game files, and it does that perfectly....more info
  • Must own for every Dreamcast owner
    Like many other reviewers have stated the battery life on this unit is very short. But other than that this memory card is the best you will find. Have at least one or two of these on hand. Why you ask? Play any of the Sega Sports titles and you will find out. Happy Gaming and Go Sooners!...more info
    With the vmu you can save (duh!) and you can play games with it without the dreamcast. when you boot up that dreamcast web browser and go to the dreamcast home page you can saves games from the internet! but it doesnt have very many now. but you dont always need the internet for vmu downloads some games come wit speacil vmu mini-games. such as sonic adventure you can get a creature and saves you your vmu and take care of it. in sertan gaes you can also see sats of your players like in nba2k it shows there fateque and in ready to rumble you can see how amny hits you done. so realy the vmu is more than a memory card its a (little) game system....more info
  • The best of the best.
    If you have dreamcast you'd better get this memory card! Words pop up on the screen! It can save a LOT of files. Its the best of the best and it very ,very [inexpensive]!...more info
  • VMU is Essential but memory is not enough.
    I desperately needed a Sega VMU, for my games Ready 2 Rumble, Hydro Thunder, and NBA 2K. I wasn't even able to save NBA 2k because after saving two games I had used up all of the 128k. Mini games aside, I would've sacrificed the game and clock for more memory space. Third party company's like Interact produce cheaper but higher memory cards. Other than the Brand name they serve the purpose. Only buy this VMU if you need it for two games, or feel like wasting your money....more info
  • Necessary
    You absolutely NEED to have some sort of memory unit to save any files in any game on the Dreamcast, and this VMU is the best way to do that. GET IT!!!...more info
  • No Problems
    I don't really use the screen. I have a performance memory card that I use more. This one may be worth while for kids and for some games. I prefer more memory....more info
    This is not just a memory card. It is a mini Gameboy! You can trade files, use it as a watch, and download games off of Sega's internet. Get this memory card. It is the best!...more info
  • Been burnt by bad VMU
    The VMU is a great product, in general, but the VMU that I purchased was faulty. The impact: After completing Soul Caliber (days and days of playing), the VMU stopped working and wiped out all of my data. The lesson: Buy two VMUs, and use one as a backup for the other. Otherwise, beware of data loss!...more info
  • VMU dreamcast memory unit
    I bought this mainly to use with Power stone 2, I don't play the games on the card itself, it allows you to save Power stone 2 costumes.

    In the future, it may need a new battery, which you can buy from a store....more info
  • The Brand Name Memory Card For Sega Dreamcast
    I recently purchased the Visual Memory Unit, and I couldn't be happier. The no-name brands are a joke, for qualtiy, go with the Sega's. It holds about 4 or 5 saved games. I have 4 VMU's so thats about 20 games. The battery life is short, but honestly, who's going to be taking that with them anywhere, without a dreamcast nearby anyway. The only use for the battery is to use it without the Dreamcast, so it's not really necessary anyway. So for premium storage capabilties, go with the Sega VMU....more info
  • VMU
    You cant go wrong with having this with the Dreamcast. Just a memory card pretty much with a screen. Good stuff.

    Love live the Dreamcast!...more info
  • VMU is worth the cost
    As most gamers know, the accessories made by the system manufacturers... in this case, Sega... is generally more reliable than the peripherals made by third-party manufacturers. Dreamcast VMUs are no different. I purchased a third-party memory unit... it didn't work... especially when trying to save files from larger games, like NBA 2K. I later found that this was a common complaint with that particular manufacturer. I turned it in for the Sega VMU. No problems since. Only setback... if you play games on the VMU itself (not hooked to the Dreamcast), the batteries run out FAST. However, if you use it strictly as a memory unit, it is better than sufficient....more info