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Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon
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Product Description

Wagons don't get much tougher than this one. Sporting fat pneumatic tires and rugged, stainless steel construction, this jumbo Radio Flyer wagon can haul topsoil as easily as toddlers, ably handling any kind of terrain with its 3-inch-wide, 11-inch-high rubber wheels. With a 16-by-34-inch bed, the wagon provides ample room for five or six grocery bags--or a couple of kids (maybe even one more if they're small). Six-inch-high, removable wooden side rails give the 4-inch-deep bed even more hauling power, and a nearly 3-foot-long steel handle with a plastic grip provides the pulling power. --Paul Hughes

It's a full-sized stake-side wagon with natural finished select wood sides and inflatable pneumatic tires for smooth travel over rugged terrain. The original Little Red Wagon design makes this wagon a classic. The high wooden stakes and big brawny air tires allow it able to handle on or off road adventures. Features full-sized all-steel seamless body with no scratch edges, extra long handle for easy pulling, no-pinch ball joint to keep fingers safe, fold-under handle for easy storage and controlled turning radius to prevent tipping.

  • A smooth, seamless steel body and sides crafted of natural wood, no-pinch ball joint, and controlled turning radius to prevent tipping, make this wagon safe and comfortable for children to ride in
  • The handle folds under the wagon for easy storage
  • Rubber tires that can be filled with air make for a smooth and quite ride
  • This wagon won the National Parenting Publications Award and Early Childhood News Director's Choice Award
  • This product is made by Radio Flyer, innovating play and creating memories since 1917

Customer Reviews:

  • Overjoyed with purchase!!
    I have to say first off that I am so impressed with Amazon. I ordered this wagon late Wednesday night and selected the Free Shipping option. I am happy to say that it is Friday, the wagon is assembled and has already been taken for a neighborhood spin. My kids love it! To me, it seems much bigger in person than in the online picture. The slats and floor are very sturdy. It has a 'safety ball' that keeps the handle in position, whether upright or at an angle to prevent little noses or foreheads from getting bashed if the handle is let go of. Nice!! The slats are high enough to keep my 19 month old from toppling out from a sudden change in direction. The tires make for a smooth ride. Also, 'off roading' on grass or dirt is a piece of cake! Even with a long-legged 4 year old and a 19 month old, there is still plenty of room for a diaper bag, blanket, etc. Awesome wagon!!...more info
  • High quality, cute, stylish, functional, durable--and I don't even have kids.
    My wife is 100lbs, so she really needs something for hauling heavy items that doesn't make her look like a bag lady as she trucks things around in our New York City neighborhood, and with this item she does it with style.

    I could have gotten her one of those carts that nearly everyone here uses for laundry and grocery shopping, but as an avid cyclist I just couldn't accept the poor quality and durability of them. I almost designed and built my own option, but the Radio Flyer ATW really fit the bill, and sold for cheaper than whatever I might have created otherwise.

    Best features:
    Beautifully designed and made.
    Great paint job.
    Easy to assemble.
    Virtually maintainence free.
    The big tires and solid construction allow you to haul your moderately heavy loads over rough pavement, dirt and rocks, snow and ice.

    It even looks nice in our living room--where I would never keep one of those crappy folding carts.

    If you never even polish it--for which I recommend Pedro's Bike Polish--it would eventually look mottled (as I've seen old ones that were left in basements or outdoors without any maintainence) but will still look great, and for years to come. The quality paint will prevent corrosion for all but the heavy-duty user (such as those using it for a garden cart for instance).

    Despite having no children, we actually enjoy our Radio Flyer very much....more info
  • Great for beaches!
    Who doesn't love a Radio Flyer! This one works well to haul all the baby stuff to the beach and back. We walk with it a lot in the neighborhood....more info
  • too heavy
    I really really wanted to like this wagon. I was so excited about the great reviews and ordered it for our two year old who hates the stroller, so I thought this would be great for longer walks. Well, it does the job, he loves sitting in it, although prefers walking, so I keep pushing an empty wagon a lot. What I don't like about it is how heavy it is. I get quite a work out pushing it uphill on our driveway with one 24 lb kid in it and it took me a while to figure out a way of slowing it downhill that doesn't feel like I am going to lose control over it. It is so big, doesn't fit in my sedan, too tall for my trunk, so I can only use it around the house. And I couldn't pick it up and put in my car without a hassle anyway. It is so heavy and I consider myself in shape. The sides are very tall, my little two year old can't climb in and out by himself, the sides are bolted in. Overall, I really really don't like the wagon for pushing my kid in it. I used it for gardening once and I must say, it works better than a wheelbarrow. So, hopefully I'll get some use out of it after all. And the tires smelled SO bad when they arrived. It wouldn't be that difficult to air them out before they pack and ship. Too much to ask I guess. Box smelled so bad, we had to keep it in the garage, then assembled wagon smelled so bad, we kept it in the garage for over a month before giving it to our son. ...more info
  • All-terrain Wagon Review
    my son enjoys being pulled around in this wagon, offers a smooth ride. I recommend also purchasing the wagon cushion for the little ones. The metal surface of the wagon is hard on a one year old....more info
  • Love our wagon!
    So far, we love our wagon! I wish it came with a seatbelt like some of the other Radio Flyer Wagons. Trying to get a 12-month old to sit still is kinda hard (he wants to hang over the rails). But I fixed that problem, someone had suggested buying a booster seat with seat belts. That idea worked. The booster seat kept sliding around so I took the "pool tubes" (the ones kids use to float in pool with), cut serveral pieces and placed a piece on each side of the booster seat. Now it doesn't move!

    The assembly of the wagon was a pain. Putting it together was the easy part, it was the prep work that you need to do that took a while. For example: I called the Radio Flyer's Customer Service (they were very nice) about what type of oil to use because in the instructions it says to use oil but did not say what type of oil to use & I also asked what is the best way to take care of the wagon. They suggested to use light-weight machine oil (like sewing machine oil). You would think after paying all that money for a wagon that they could include a tiny tube of oil in the packaging. They also suggested that you use car wax to wax all the metal parts of the wagon & spray the wooden rails with poly-acrylic spray, then put the wagon together. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that I could not take my 12-month old on a wagon ride immediately. I had to wait about 3 days (had to run to the store to buy the supplies needed, wax the wagon, spray the wooden rails & then let it dry). But after all of the little extra work, we love our wagon!...more info
  • More than just a toy!
    Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon
    The nostalgia of younger years came into her eyes when I presented my lady friend with her new "Garden Wagon," the ATW Radio Flyer. Easy to pull, easy to store and with a large capacity for plants, garden tools and even a thermos of lemonade, she now eagerly awaits spring planting. "It's the best gift ever," and that's a quote....more info
  • Awesome Wagon
    This is an awesome wagon. My 9 month old loves to sit and ride. The side rails ensure his security and the all- terrain wheels drive over bumps easily. I am satisfied with the purchase and recommend it to parents....more info
  • Made in China "like everything else"
    I was disapointed that all the Radio Flyer items seem to be made in China.
    We had to send one of the wood wagon sides back because of damage. I don't know how durable it will be. I just hope my Grandkids don't get sick from the materials used.
    The one thing I'm very happy about. Amazon is a great way to buy stuff!...more info
  • High Quality Wagon
    My mother insisted that we have this specific model of the Radio Flyer wagons because of her good experience with the one she owns. She was absolutely right! Not only is it made of high quality materials, but the large all-terrain tires are a must-have! They handle every type of terrain and are great for going up and down street curbs. The wood panels provide extra safety and security for little ones, and when paired with the Radio Flyer pads and side pads (also available on Amazon), it makes for a comfortable and safe ride for your little explorer. My son LOVES going for rides around the cul-de-sac and is learning a lot about cause 'n effect and movement by pushing and pulling the wagon and watching the tires move with him. I highly recommend purchasing this model!...more info
  • red wagon all-terrain
    Bought 2 one for a grandchild and one for a great nephew. They seemed like great quality like the red wagons used to have. The all terrain tires also makes it nice for safety and back roads. ...more info
  • Great Classic toy with a modern edge!
    What a great wagon! Turns on a dime and is big, tough, and durable for our adventurous toddler! Easy enough for his 63 year old grandmother to tote him around and extra high wood sides to prevent falls!
    Love it!...more info
  • Grandbaby's First Wagon
    The product itself is very sturdy looking, with big fat all terrain pneumatic tires. It was purchased as a first wagon for our first grandchild, who is only 1 year old, so he has not been hard on it yet, however the reviews I read previously and from what I have seen, it is going to be his "wagon for life". It arrived a couple of days later than it was supposed to to, but it was very late in Christmas Season. It had a puncture hole in the box, looked like a forklift got it, and it did dent the side slightly, but my husband pounded it out with a soft mallet, and it is fine, (there was no time to return it and still have a gift in time for Christmas). It was a big hit stuffed with Teddy Bears and a box of diapers! ...more info
  • Can't beat a Radio Flyer!
    We bought this wagon for our daughter's 1st birthday. It's GREAT! And something that she will be able to use and play with for MANY years to come! The height of the wooden side rails are nice with a toddler, and easy to remove for later. And you can't beat the big tires. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • The best
    I bought this wagon for my niece... well really almost as much for my brother. They both absolutely love it. She's not even a year old yet, so he piles it up with blankets and snugs her down. They also bought an awning for it. He says people stop him all the time and ask him where he got it. He told me it's extremely well built and is sure it will last a very, very long time. They live in upstate NY so the larger tires are great for hard packed trails and the roads when they have snow on them....more info
  • Grandpop's Christmas present to grandson
    Service was excellent - I couldn't find the wagon at any of the large stores in the area. Amazon came thru with flying colors, the price was right and the delivery was made the day before Christmas (I made the purchase three days before the holiday - shipping was included in the deal).
    Happy Grandpop ...more info
  • excellent wagon!
    We ordered this for our grandaughter and she loves riding around in it! Radio Flyer has always been an excellent brand!...more info
  • Shopping Wagon
    I got this wagon to transport 99 pounds of pet food from work to home. It isn't really a toy, but it is fun. I get a lot of questions because of the food I am trasporting...rat blocks. I bought this wagon because I know radio flyer is durable and the materials it is made out of last AND the bolts have covers on them so I don't get poked. I recommend this to anyone looking for a sturdy wagon....more info
  • long time enjoyment
    Had I known that the Radio Flyer wagons came with wooden sides when my kids were young, we probably would still have the original wagon. All ages can have fun in the wagon now! We had a blast and it was even easy enough for this grandmother to put together all by herself!...more info
  • Great wagon
    Well-made and fun for our toddler. While we have not gone "off-roading" with it does well going over bumpy sidewalks. The high sides are nice for a toddler....and while my son (15 mo) still sits in the wagon nicely, my friend tells me that her son (21 mo) tries to climb out (not too safe). I suppose it depends on the child. I would highly reccommend this wagon....more info
    We ordered this durable wagon via Amazon, who was extrememly helpful to my on-line-shopping challenged husband. He used the on-line customer service call to answer his questions. Amazon was not able to ship this large item to our location in the Caribbean, but they offered us a credit to get it somehwere in the states so that someone could ship it to us.

    Because of our location, harsh elements, no sidewalks, etc, we knew we needed something durable and sturdy. This was perfect! Less than an hour to put together. Our 2year old LOVES it. She figured out she can step on the front axel to get in and out on her own. She is totally comfortable in it with serveral dolls, blankies, snack, drink, etc...and with the reputaion Radio Flyer has, I know we will have it a LONG time. Easy to pull, push, love the hard-core inflatable tires and has also come in handy for some of my garden work! We are trying to figure out a way to secure a cup holder for her on the side! Buy this is you are looking for the best of the best!...more info
  • The perfect wagon for a child to grow with!
    The wooden sides of this wagon make it a little safer for the younger children to ride. My 15 month old loves to ride or push the wagon up and down the driveway. He is totally infatuated with wheels and how things work! He loves his radio flyer, but so do I!!!!...more info
  • little red wagon
    My granddaughter loves to ride in the wagon - and it's easier then holding her when her little legs get tired of walking. It's very durable for yard work when she isn't using it....more info
  • Great Sturdy Wagon: Built to last
    This thing will never break down. EASY ASSEMBLING! My mother checked ALL the local stores for a High-quality wagon-- she didn't want cheap-plastic that looked cheesy, so we had to look online.. no stores had what we wanted! Thank you radio-flyer for providing such a large selection of great wagons!
    ps: my son LOVES riding in this thing!--- and he will for years!...more info
  • Wagon from Hell
    My grandson loves his wagon!

    He will pile up toys or snow or other kids and pull them through the house or backyard. The big wheels make this possible as he is only a year and a half old.

    I was told this wagon was made in China ... I am afraid of the paint.

    William C. Goetz, PhD...more info
  • A great wagon for all occasions
    This is a perfect wagon for children, safe and the pneumatic tires make it less bumpy - perfect for hauling garden equipment and plants. We purchased this wagon for our grandchildren, for my gardening and also for hauling supplies down the hill for our sailboat. This is a multi-functional vehicle. ...more info
  • Awesome Modern Radio Flyer Wagon
    Wagon is awesome in that the ride is smooth in comparion to the traditional Radio Flyer Wagon. The wagon is a comfort ride as well as a comfort to the puller. ...more info
  • great wagon for child and dad
    This wagon is so cool......bright red wagon , just like dad remembers having.....except now it has these awesome big wheels, that you can go over everything......Kids love riding in it ......Dad loves pulling it, it has a extra long handle too.......more info
  • The fun is in the building
    Yes I suggest you and your children build this together when it arrives. Dad, and 2 year old an d10 month old son had as much fun building it as riding in it. Goes everywhere and cant get my sons out of it - yes doing laps in the yard is great excercise. Would highly recommend for kids that you take everywhere with you!...more info
  • Very Nice
    Very nice wagon. Purchased for my one year old and he loves it. Built sturdy and easy to maneuver in the street or in the grass. Only slight issues are that the 'comfort pad' set for this wagon is discontinued and there is no 'seat belt' to keep your child in place. Would highly recommend it....more info
  • Best $[...] I've ever spent
    When my husband found out I had dropped $[...] on this wagon, he was NOT pleased - until he put it together for my son's birthday. Not only was it THE hit at the party, it has gained popularity around the house and the neighborhood. Everyday my son asks for a ride - it is SO much better than a stroller and way more fun. It's perfect for when he isn't feeling well and I want to get him out of the house. We took it to an outdoor music festival last weekend and piled him in it with the cooler and the rest of our gear. It is durable, very hard to tip over, and doubles as a "pool". (My son dumped water in it this week and has created his own splash "pool".) Hands down, I would recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • A Christmas joy!
    This traditional red wagon brought a huge smile to our grandaughters face when given as an early Christmas surprise. We completed her wagon with the foam cushion and the red canopy cover. She rolled the streets in style and loved every minute of it!...more info