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Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway: I'm Telling You for the Last Time
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Product Description

This marks an historic occasion in the annals of comic history. Following the finale of his top-rated primetime comedy tv series jerry seinfeld embarked on an international tour of the classic stand-up material that made his name and a closing performance where it will be performed for the very last time. Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 09/14/2004 Starring: Jerry Seinfeld Run time: 75 minutes Rating: Nr

When Seinfeld wrapped up its ninth and final season in the spring of 1998, the popular show's namesake and cocreator decided to offer a symbolic gesture to his fans. Taped for HBO in August 1998, on the final date of Jerry Seinfeld's tour appearances at New York City's Broadhurst Theater, I'm Telling You for the Last Time presents the standup comedian's so-called "final" standup, or at least his final tour with the standup material that made him famous. The video opens with a great prologue in which Seinfeld's old material is literally laid to rest, with many of Seinfeld's comedy colleagues in attendance at the "funeral." (Jay Leno is there, but David Letterman is conspicuously absent, and while it's a bit self-congratulatory to show Seinfeld's fellow comedians fighting like vultures over his abandoned jokes, it's worth it just to see Garry Shandling pilfering from the catering table like a homeless intruder.)

Whether he's talking about airline flights, cab drivers, or memories of Halloween and an ill-fitting Superman costume, Seinfeld's observational humor is as timeless and sharp as the day he first performed it. Even the most familiar routines (such as the one about pharmacists with a superiority complex) are like old friends who still haven't overstayed their welcome. Seinfeld's delivery is polished to a shine--he's a consummate professional--and an impromptu Q&A with his appreciative audience demonstrates that he's equally adept with a fast and witty comeback. This performance certainly wouldn't be the last we'd see of Jerry Seinfeld, but from the perspective of phenomenal fame and fortune, it's a fitting farewell to the classic "bits" that took him to the top. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic!
    This is a really good DVD, I don't care what anybody says. There are some jokes which are not as great as the others, but these are few and very far between. It's not an impassioned performance by any means, but that is just not Jerry's style. He has a dryish sense of humour and is seldom animated. One thing for sure though is that Jerry is wickedly funny. His sarcastic style is somewhat innocent but excrutiatingly funny. It is almost socratic the manner in which Jerry pleads ignorance before poking fun at most human behaviours that we take no notice of. My favourite jokes are the ones on supermarkets and expiry dates on milk. The one about seedless watermelon is a classic. How about the knife that can cut through a shoe?!!!
    Jerry's delivery is always smooth and perfectly timed. His facial expression (and lack thereof sometimes) adds to the depth of the joke. The material speaks for itself. He handles his material very well. His transitions are smooth and not forced. He speaks clearly and is easy to understand. There is no x-rated material and no profanity. It is easy for all and sundry to relate to the jokes, thus Jerry has cross-over appeal. This is the perfect entree into standup for the uninitiated.
    ...more info
  • The Funniest Movie Ever!
    This is the funniest stand up comedy Ive seen in a long time. I have this DVD and Jerry Seinfeld's "Stand Up Confidential" but this one is much better. I watched it several times and I still laughed even the third and fourth time around. You should definetely get this on DVD or video!...more info
  • Not Really what I expected
    The reason I purchased the DVD was to hear "more" of Jerry Seinfeld's comedy. However, the majority of what I actually saw was not more than "repeated jokes" that Jerry either said in his comedy series or in his book "seinlanguage". I don't deny that some are new but most are repeated. If you have watched the series or read the book, you are not really missing much! ...more info
  • Seinfeld at his standup best
    You've heard most of it before (which is, I suppose, why he's retiring the material). It's definately the best of Seinfeld in standup mode, though I don't think Seinfeld rates as one of the best standups (he shines in other formats though!).

    Many a chuckle, though you won't be laughing till it hurts....more info

  • We took the longest possilbe route!
    Jerry Seinfeld is simply amazing on stage. The jokes he tells and the way he tells them are a credit to his talent. The non-existent profanity shows that he doesnt have to swear to get a joke over like many comedians do. After watching the DVD I had to go back and watch the horse chapter at least 4 times. This is definitely the funniest part of the DVD.

    If you liked Seinfeld youll definitely like this.
    If you didnt like Seinfeld youll still probably like this.

    I recommend it to everyone....more info

  • Seinfeld is finally funny to me
    Disclaimer - I hate the Seinfeld show. That being said...

    I bought this as an aspiring comic as a study. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it was. I never realized how much physicality went into his performances. His set up is brilliant. And he just keeps it moving. I've watched it dozens of times and I am blown away every time.

    Get it. ...more info
    I simply love Seinfeld, and I had to have this DVD.
    arrived quick and easy too....more info
  • Good enough if you listen to the audio.
    Seinfeld's jokes are all old, he's got no new material, but this is not what he promised anyway. He is burying old material.

    The thing is, you can just listen to the audio, for his skill lies in his intonations. Or perhaps we got used to his limited range of expressions in his tv series.

    But if you're not a serious fan whoi has seen most of his work, get the DVD, you won't regret it. He's funny enough.

    Nothing much inthe way of extras in the DVD except for a short Q&A which shows him handling a crowd. Not too bad....more info

  • Jerry Seinfeld - Live on Broadway - Funny Stuff.
    Jerry Seinfeld is good at being funny. This DVD doesn't let you down! He sees everyday things that we all notice and finds a way to make them funny. You'll often find yourself thinking "That is so true!" Another plus is the fact that Jerry doesn't swear at all which is always a difference when talking about stand up comdedians.
    The only minus i can think of is you can watch it once and then remember most of the jokes, which makes the next time you watch it not quite as funny. It's also missing the classic writing of Larry David and 3 other actors to make it as hilarious as the usual 'Seinfeld'.
    Good fun for a rainy weekend. ...more info
  • Great DVD!
    If you are a Seinfeld Fan, is a must have item. It's a collection of all his best stand-up shows....more info
  • Divertidisimo
    Realmente unico el poder ver en escena a Jerry Seinfeld, cierto que algunas de estas bromas las vimos como parte de su show de tv, pero el ver todo su espectaculo es genial. Lo unico malo es que no incluya subtitulos en espa?ol....more info
  • Outstanding stand up
    Jerry Seinfeld shows the skills that make him one of the world's greatest stand ups. The only negative is that regular viewers of Seinfeld will already have heard many of the best routines.
    Worth getting for the intro alone!...more info
  • Seinfeld at his best
    Seinfeld live on Broadway is a "no regrets" DVD. Its a great looking performance that puts you in the best seat of the audience. Jerry dishes out over an hour of his best material delivered "for the last time" and it is hilarious even after repeat viewings. You can read some of the jokes on the back of the DVD, but it's Seinfeld's delivery that brings them to life and keeps the jokes fresh and funny. One of the great additions on this DVD that isn't on the tape is an impromptu audience Q & A with Jerry. The audience fires off a variety of what I thought were some pretty dull questions. "How's your new apartment?" "Say, Hello Newman." Jerry answers every one with responses that are as funny as the show material. The disc is not rated but it is funny and great for the whole family. My mom at 60 and my niece who is just eight love watching the VHS of this show again and again. The DVD is even better....more info
  • Jerry Seinfeld - in genious
    To sum the carrier of Jerry Seinfeld in a few simple words; "I'm telling you for the last time" doesn't only mark the end of this great artist's line up of shows, series and whatnots. It sets _the_ mark of stand-up comedy, and easily ends up as - well, why not - the greatest stand-up comedy shows in time. Jerry Seinfeld and his infamous comedy style has forever changed the genre and this very show, aired on HBO as live on Broadway, really shows why we all love Seinfeld's comedy style.

    If cheap laughs, undesired "it's funny 'cuz it's true"-remarks and everyday comedy ever was the symptoms, "I'm Telling You For The Last Time" turns out as the cure. Even without sideeffects....more info
  • The Master Of The Standup Domain
    I am admittedly a big fan of the "Seinfeld" television show, but had never seen Jerry do standup except in small excerpts on talk shows. This is a brilliant look into why Seinfeld became so phenomenally popular in the first place: he is the true master of wry observations about everyday life. Seinfeld more than any other comedian has the knack to observe real-world events that are common knowledge to virtually everyone (cab rides, airport security, pharmacists, etc.) and find the darkly funny side of the scenario that we can all relate to. I am an airline employee, and his observations about the sad state of our industry are right on the mark; that's the beauty of Jerry's comedy, though: everyone can laugh, even at themselves.

    This particular performance is utterly brilliant. Fans of the television show will note that several of his routines became major plot points in the series. Seinfeld delivers classic observations that are as funny the tenth time as they are the first.

    The introduction is well done with well known comedians present at a funeral to bury Jerry's jokes ("I'm telling you for the last time!") The cameos by people like Robert Klein, Ed McMahon, and Jay Leno are great, but watching Garry Shandling try to steal Jerry's cast-off jokes is a true delight.

    This performance is a 75 minute joy to watch. I love watching Jerry on television, but his standup is even better. I highly recommend this DVD.

    ...more info
  • All of Seinfeld's stuff in one DVD
    Good intro. He is in good form. If you like Jerry, you'll like this, even though you probably have heard all the jokes by now....more info
  • More down to earth than I thought
    Jerry Seinfeld is as comfortable on stage as any comic I've seen. He comes out casually and just starts into his routine and he's got quite a lot of fresh material for this show.
    What struck me the most was how humble the guy appears, despite his success with his show. He seems genuinely touched when the audience gives him a standing ovation both at the beginning of his set and at the end.
    The DVD itself is really great. You get a very nicely-shot show and on top of this you get a q&a with Jerry that happened post-show. Jerry is quick with witty comments as the audience asks him to do "Hello Newman" and offers other various comments. Jerry Seinfeld is definitely one of the best comedians out there, both on TV and on the stage.
    Definitely worth the asking price....more info
  • Listen, but don't watch!
    I had been listening to "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" on my iPod and enjoyed it a lot. I loved his TV show as well. I have all nine seasons of Seinfeld on DVD. I bought this on the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" bargain. I was a little disappointed by the visual.

    The man's hilarious. It just looked as if his time was being wasted on the stage.

    I edited my review and want to change my rating to 4-stars but can't....more info
  • one of the best
    jerry is one of the best out there, and this is one of his best performances. period....more info
  • Hilarious
    Everyone will find something hilarious about this stand up routine. Just buy it....more info
  • I'm Telling You for the Last Time
    I was completely satisfied with the dvd, it captures Jerry at his best. I was laughing from start to finish its a must have for any true fan of Jerry Seinfeld. A few of the bits in the show are recogonizeable from the intros in his sitcom ,Seinfeld, along with plenty more that reflect his career up untill '98. If your a fan of Seinfeld you must add this to your collection....more info
  • Great for a doctor's (or anyone's) waiting room!
    We keep this tape going in the waiting room.
    It's G rated, and you can watch it for short periods of time because it has about 100 short "bits" (unlike a Seinfeld sitcom show.)
    Most, if not all, patients have never seen it or even know it exists. and its very very funny! We always get lots of positive feedback from anxious patients waiting to be seen. It makes their wait amusingly tolerable
    bhc...more info
  • Jerry Seinfeld At His Best
    I absolutely loved this DVD. Seinfeld's dry, "observational humor" is nothing short of brilliant. I highly recommend this presentation!...more info
  • Ultimate Seinfeld
    If you are looking for Jerry Seinfeld at his best on DVD, this is it. There is no other DVD that features Jerry like this. The only thing closer to seeing Seinfeld's routine is actually going to a show. It makes me laugh every time I watch it, and I've watched it multiple times now. For any Seinfeld fan this is a MUST-HAVE, and believe me, you do not want to miss out on it!...more info
  • Great video
    I urge everyone to see this video. I have't laughed this much in a long time. It is so great. You won't be diappointed....more info
  • King... on stage.
    Jerry Seinfeld has alot of talent and charisma. If you liked the show Seinfeld then you will love this DVD. You wont be dissapointed. You want something to make you think and laugh out loud, then this is for you:)...more info
  • I absolutely loved this DVD
    I never started watching his TV show until the last season, silly me. His comedy is brilliant. I find myself viewing this performance every 4-6 months and it always delivers....more info
  • The most unique stand up in the world
    I've only seen this once, but it was enough to leave an imprint on my mind. I have got it on cassette and that is also brilliant....more info
  • Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway: I'm Telling You for the Last Time
    A masterpiece and a classic...more info
  • Get ready to LOL!
    Jerry Seinfeld. Enough said. If you're in need of a laugh, it just doesn't get any better than this. ...more info
  • Jerry Seinfeld at his best!
    This DVD was really funny! As a fan of the Seinfeld show and stand-up comedy in general, it was great to see Jerry return to his roots, where it all began and prove that he is still a master at stand-up comedy. Some of the jokes were expanded versions of his best material from the stand-up portion of the early TV shows and others were totally new. All were hilarious!

    I saw "Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian" a while back and was actually quite disappointed but this DVD "Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway: I'm Telling You For the Last Time" was outstanding!...more info
  • If you are a comedy lover you should get this
    Everyone knows or at least watched some episodes of the famouse show Jerry Seinfeld will be happy and stisfied getting this stand-up comedy show....more info