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The Writing's on the Wall
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Not even Dionne Warwick and her mind-reading friends could have predicted that, over the course of two CDs, Destiny's Child would become one of the most successful girl groups on the planet. But successful this Houston trio is, and their sophomore CD shows why. Yes, the lineup changes as often as lead singer Beyonc¨¦'s hairstyle, but fun, disposable pop/R&B needn't be rooted in permanence, and DC is mad fun and mad catchy to boot. With the assistance of hitmakers Shek'spere and Kandi Burruss, Destiny's Child trade in effervescent, hip-shaking, finger-wagging, 'you-go-girl, kick-him-to-the-curb' anthems. The Writing's on the Wall is loaded with tracks like "Bills, Bills, Bills," which are suitable both for dancing and as topics on the Ricki Lake Show. The percolating "Bug A Boo" is irresistible, as is the sassy "So Good." To their credit, the girls can slow the pace down, and on the sultry "Temptation" they get to work their considerable chops to nice effect. But as sales and chart figures have shown, Destiny's Child are at their best when they are laying down the law to some trifling man, and/or working their own groove thang. Work it they do on this somewhat formulaic but ultimately irresistible effort. --Amy Linden

Customer Reviews:

  • It takes two to tango.
    As a concept cd, this is not bad. I like how it starts out with a spoken word prologue, with the discussion of Destiny's Child's "commandments of relationships", and then jumps right in to the music. I have to say though that this cd has uneven and contradictiory themes. First they are bashing men and telling them to pay their bills and then they are singing about how they'll cheat on them, then go back to the bashing, and then sing about how if they only had one more chance they would give things another chance, then it's back to the bashing. All these contradictions make it hard to take these ladies seriously. Girls, it takes two to tango, and i'm frankly tired of black women whining in songs about how badly that man is treating them and blaming the man for everything wrong. It takes two to tango, and remember that YOU picked these so-called jerks you sing about. You want to start dating some guy who won't pay his bills and is using you, then don't whine to us about how miserable and angry you are in one song and then in the very next song start singing about your confessions and how you cheated on some guy, and then in the next song sing about some guy who you call a "Bugaboo" because you think he's stalking you. Who makes up words like Bugaboo anyway, and why is it that blacks....excuse me, African Americans... are usually the ones to invent these silly words that are supposed to be cool or funny or cute? Bugaboo is the stupidest word i've heard in years to describe someone. Sounds like something a 6-year-old would come up with, not an adult woman.I also found this cd to be hit and miss as far was what is listenable. Some of the tracks are catchy and fun, others are boring, a few are just plain skipable. I enjoyed Say My Name, but found it a better song to listen to than as a dance song. The beat continuity is off, and there are parts where the beats are sped up and then slowed down, and it would make it hard to know if you want to slow dance to it or what. My big beef with Destiny's Child is that they are more a marketing product now than anything, especially with the absolutely horrible third cd Survivor in the stores now. I fully expect some kind of trade mark symbol to be eventually used next to their name in the future. I'm not even gonna go into the fights and the ego trips and the girls who have been kicked out and replaced, but this groups seems to be all about Beyonce. Beyonce seems to be the dominant vocals on most of the songs and you can hardly hear the other female voices, other than just as background vocals or harmonies. Beyonce's voice is good, though her vocal range is limited, and she covers up alot of this through vocal gymnastics and having her voice go all over the map like some feline in heat. If Beyonce's father wasn't the financial backer of the group and wasn't their manager they wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as they are now. It's easy to tell that their appeal is only for-the-moment. They are popular now because radio and videos are wearing out and over-playing the songs and videos. I predict a Destiny's Child backlash sometime after the release of their fourth cd, when the public just comes to its senses and gets sick of them. Thank god they all did solo projects so we can hear the other girls sing for a change....more info
  • Nice Album
    So Good--I love this song. I love these girls. Really neat guitar. Although it does get kinda repatitious after a while.

    Bills, Bills, Bills--you all heard this so you decide

    Confessions--at first I didn't like this song too much but it's the kinda song that grows on ya.

    Bug A Boo--you all heard this song so you decide.

    Temptation--This is a really nice song. It's the kind of song that gets stuck in your head but you really don't mind.

    Now That She's Gone--this is one of my favorite songs on the album. Really nice beat.

    Where'd You Go--has a nice beginning and gets even better as the song goes on.

    Hey Ladies--really nice beat to this song but not one of my personal favories.

    If You Leave--i LOVE this song. I'm not much of a ballad person but I love this song.

    Jumpin, Jumpin--you've all heard this so you decide.

    Say My Name--you all heard this song so you decide.

    She Can't Love You--mmmkay. This really isn't my favorite song on the album but it's not all toooooo bad.

    Stay--This is one of those songs that you could relate too.

    Sweet Sixteen--I like this song mainly because of the message that goes along with this.

    Trust me. If you like the singles from this album, you'll really like the entire album. You WON'T regret it.

    ...more info
  • Cool C.D.!
    The majority of the songs on this album are male-bashing songs, with just a few ballads, and a couple of uptempo joints. The intro is a Godfather-like skit. "So Good" is a song dedicated to the haters who said destiny's child wouldn't make it. Obviously you heard the first single off this album, "Bills, Bills, Bills". DC confesses everything they did on "Confessions". "Bug A Boo", a song a lot of teenage girls can relate to. The song "Temtation" is HOT! "Now That She's Gone" is my fav song on this album, even though it's kinda long. "Where'd you go" is alright. "Hey Ladies" is a straight-up male bashing song. It really talks about men cheating on their girls, but their women wanna keep them, even though "he's got to go!" "Jumpin' Jumpin'" is a club song, even the video's "Jumpin' Jumpin'" "Say My Name" is the song that caused the part of the DC conflict. People considered it hot. Kelly shines on "She Can't Love You". I love "Stay", this song once had me crying. I just love this ballad. If you don't know who's singing the first verse of "Sweet Sixteen", it's LaTavia. The outro is an acapella of "Amazing Grace". They sound so good on this song. ...more info
  • WOW-an amazing album!
    i love every song on this album! Some of these songs--like jumpin,jumpin and say my name--are overplayed, but i still never get tired of listening to them. my fave song on this album is SO GOOD. what i don't like about this album is that beyonce sings about 98% of every song on this album....more info
  • INTERESTING CD.....BUT...........
    After much speculation whether to or not listen to this cd, I finally purchased it....I was not really a Destiny's Child fan but since all the talk up personnel changes, lawsuits, egos, and problems with managemnet, I HAD to see what the hoopla was all about. The original quartlet, comprised of Beyonce, Kelly, Letoya and Latavia gave all the efforts in the cd, but the album seems only to promote Knowles over the other 4...


    "Confessions" Produced by Missy elliot, I like the beat, Beyonce's lead vocals are extremely TIGHT and on target....Missy Elliot does ab libs as well..The chorus is cool and background harmonies tight..I was curius why this track wasnt promoted as a single...One of the best highlights..

    "Bugaboo" One of the tracks written by kandi Buruss, the beat is tight...the song is halirius, but well there displeasure about bothersome guys is so funny..Group member Latavia Roberson's vocals stand out in the background.

    "Say Ladies" tight jeep track, Beyonce vocals are in overdrive towards the end....

    "Stay" Beautiful ballad.....

    "Sweet Sixteen" Track 16 towards the end, amazing song with a powerful message...Latavia Roberson, who has that deep Texas alto, croons verse one...The song is so powerful, telling the tell of a 16 girl who moved to fast and found herself pregant....

    Tracks like "bills.." and "so good" tasteless and irrating ...
    "jumpin jumpin" and "say my name" - no variation at all
    "If u leave" though the corus sounds cool, the duest with next seems uncalled for....
    "stay" eventhough i liked the song, I feld anotherpolished group or singer (Coko/swv or 702) could have been a better job of it than beyonce....

    Also I felt on certain tracks the arrangement could have been changed so u wouldnt have to her Beyonce out vocalizing everyone else on the cd.....we know she can sing but [wow]!...more info

  • The Writing's On the Wall
    All i have to say is this album is So Good, So Good, So Good!!! I like the Intro it's very funny.The 2nd song,So good reminds me of these haters out here that may want to put you down when you want to be successful in life and they tell you that you won't make it.The 3rd is Bills,Bills.I hate it when people sits here and act like they don't know what the song is all about.If you really understand the lyrics its really about them trifling no good brothas and some sistas.Not about some girl wanting a guy to pay all her bills, if you messed up someone's credit then you should be responsible for payin the bill.Bug a boo is the bomb.You know how some of these males could be so protective over you, trust me I know.Sometimes if could get out of hand.For those brothas who are doing that please lay off just a lil'.Confession and Temptations is some lovely (...) songs.I think I'll make my baby of that song :] Now that she's gone is really good,I enjoy the harmonies from the girls.Hey Ladies,oh my god,when I first heard this track that made me wanna str8 up replay it ova and ova again.I'm not to fond of If you leave her.The song was ok but could've been better.Jumpin'Jumpin' was a banger.Nice job ladies.Say my name is such a classic to me.That song really got the attention of some haters despite all the group's lineup :[ Stay was nice but I wasn't in to it.I love Sweet Sixteen.Makes you wanna cry and tell all these underage moms that even tho you may have a big responsibility to take on you could still enjoy life.Song numba 13 was aiight just wasn't feeling it.And most of all the Amazing Grace, that was so perfect ended the mood just right,beautiful harmonies.This album was an A+(...)....more info
  • The Group's Best Album to Date!
    I'm writing this review after the release of 2001's "Survivor" and only 2 days shy of "Destiny Fulfilled". So, if it's their best album to date, it goes to show that MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SINGING GROUP hasn't recorded music like this in the past few years and that "Destiny Fulfilled" better beat 1999's "The Writings On The Wall".

    This album is wonderful for a number of reasons. #1: "Say My Name" instantly and recognizably became a hit R&B classic. #2: songs like "If You Leave" prove that these girls were showing some sho'nuff vocal skills (along with Next). #3: production on songs like "So Good", "Bug-A-Boo", and "Jumpin', Jumpin'" are sure to keep the party hype. And that's not even all the reasons why this album is so wonderful.

    Overlook that the girls do seem to be "man-bashing" and you'll enjoy this record to the fullest. I'm gonna shutup right now and just rate the tracks because I could go on all day on how great this group is, how terrific this album is, and how much I LOVE DESTINY'S CHILD to the end.


    "So Good" - 5/5

    "Bills, Bills, Bills" - 3/5

    "Confessions" - 4/5

    "Bug-A-Boo" - 3/5

    "Temptation" - 5/5

    "Now That She's Gone" - 5/5

    "Where'd You Go" - 5/5

    "Hey Ladies" - 4/5

    "If You Leave" - 5/5! (my favorite song on the entire album!)

    "Jumpin', Jumpin'" - 5/5

    "Say My Name" - 5/5 (my 2nd favorite on the entire album!)

    "She Can't Love You" - 5/5

    "Stay" - 4/5

    "Sweet Sixteen" - 4/5

    "Amazing Grace" - 5/5 ...more info
  • Stardom For Beyonce Was Born
    What can I say about this CD is that the album is excellent. There really isn't anything bad I can say about this is that I wish Beyonce could've shared the mic a little more with the other members, and maybe slow down on the male-bashing. In all honesty, they do need it at times if the show trifling behavior. The standout tracks would be "Say My Name", "Hey Ladies", "Temptations", "Now That Your Gone", and "Bills, Bills, Bills". This will forever be a classic and DC's best album. "Survivor was a horrible follow-up. ...more info
  • best destiny child album ever
    this is my favorite destiny child cd ever i love the whole album so much my favorite songs are
    now that she's gone
    sweet sixteen
    where'd you go
    hey ladies
    the album is just the bomb like i said the best destiny child album to me out....more info
  • Best CD from DC in my opinion
    This is a nice R&B/Pop CD. My favorite songs on it are Temptations, Now that she's gone, If you leave, Stay, and So Good....more info
  • Destiny's Child's finest ; really good album!!
    The reason why I say that is because this CD has a nice balance of up beat and slow songs. There's not to much or to little of one thing on this CD. Songs like "So Good" and "Hey Ladies" have really nice beats. And a song like "Jumpin' Jumpin'" will make you wanna get the party started. One of the best songs is "If You Leave" feat. Next. This collabaration was a great add to this album.The melody and harmony is really good. Two other really good songs that really made me think were "Sweet 16" and "Gospel Melody". I highly recommand this album if you would like a nice r&b album that has a good balance of up beat and slow songs....more info
  • DC is the best girl group
    ...or should I say was? Well I certanly hope that they will come together again because they have very good voices and the looks aren`t bad either. In my opinion Survivor is better, but this album is good too because it contains some very good r`n`b songs. My favourites are Say My Name, Bills, Bills, Bills and Jumpin`Jumpin`. I believe that once you hear this CD, you have no doubts what`s the name of the best girl group in the world!...more info
  • not able to put it on my MP3 because of securtiy code
    not able to put it on my MP3 because of securtiy code...more info
  • They May Be Bashing Males--But They're Doing It With Style
    Destiny's Child became famous in the latter half of the 90s, a time when male-bashing songs were everywhere. Not many people have heard of their self-titled debut, which came out in 1998. Instead, most people consider their 1999 sophomore album, "The Writing's On The Wall" to be their debut. The four original members of the group, Beyonce Knowles, her cousin Kelendria (Kelly) Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, created a sophomore album filled with sweet ballads and great upbeat songs, with male-bashing themes fairly constant throughout. The girls, mainly Beyonce and Kelly, had a hand in writing many of the songs. As well, they enlisted the help of songwriter/producers Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs and Kandi Burruss (of the group Xscape as well as a skilled songwriter in her own right), Missy Elliot and Rodney Jerkins, all of who provided excellent material.

    The album starts off a short skit, in which the girls imitate the Godfather, and discuss the commandments that should be followed. This sets up for the rest of the album, where after each song one of the commandments (for example, "Thou shalt not hate") is said. "So Good" starts off, and while everyone initially loved it, I could not stand it. However now, five years later, it's grown on me and does not seem quite as irritating except for Beyonce's part in the middle. ("I'm doing so, so, so, so, so...I'm doing so, so, so, so, so good, good, good...etc."). That part is nothing short of grating. After this is "Bills, Bills, Bills", a catchy (but not upbeat) song about a boy who makes the girls pay for everything they do. Though the concept seems a little bland, the girls pull it off because of their delivery. "Confessions" shows the other side to the girls, as they are confessing to their men that they cheated. This mid-tempo song takes a while to grow on you, as it seems more spoken then sung which makes it sound a bit off. However, the chorus really picks things up.

    "Bug-a-Boo" talks about a boy who calls/e-mails/etc. constantly and will not leave his girl alone. As catchy as this song is, it does get irritating after a few listens. The verses are not bad, but the chorus is repeated far too many times. "Temptation"'s chorus has a familiar tune but I am not sure where I heard it before. This is a stellar mid-tempo about the girls resisting the temptation of another man because they are already with someone. "Now That She's Gone" is about a guy who wants someone back after the girl he left her for breaks up with him. In this song, the girls are telling this guy that it's too late to get them back because of how he treated them. The girls sound great together and put quite a bit of feeling into the song. There is also some impeccable (but short) harmonizing in the bridge, which really adds to the quality. "Where'd You Go" is just slightly above average. It would have been quite bland had it not been for the delivery. The chorus in particular has excellent harmonies though not as much emotion behind the lyrics as I would have liked.

    "Hey Ladies" is another song that would have been boring if it wasn't for the great vocals. Especially notable is the part that goes "yeah he did me wrong, but I love him so...". The chorus is fairly weak however the vocals in the rest of the song save it. After that is my personal favourite, and by far the best slow song on the album, "If You Leave" featuring Next. Vocally, this song is incredible (not powerful per se, but the vocals fit impeccably with the tone of the song) which more than makes up for the weak spots in the lyrics. Also, the harmonies with Next are great. "Jumpin Jumpin" is a decent dance song but mostly unimpressive. Although it is catchy, and there is nothing particularly bad about it, it gets irritating after a few listens and is not as good as the group's other upbeat songs. "Say My Name" follows and is the complete opposite. There is something about this song keeps it from getting too uninteresting. There is nothing noticeably different about the style as compared to the other upbeat songs, however this one is much more appealing to me.

    "She Can't Love You" is another beautiful song in which the girls tell their man there's no way his new girlfriend's love is as good as hers was. This song also has beautiful harmonies, especially in the chorus. "Stay" also has impeccable harmonies and stunning vocals. This is one of the few songs where you can actually hear all four girls (as opposed to mainly Beyonce and Kelly). Vocally, the two aforementioned songs were two of the best. For that matter, "Sweet Sixteen" falls in to that category as well. It also has beautiful lyrics, sweet vocals and excellent harmonies. Lastly, there is "Amazing Grace", which is dedicated to Andrea Tillman. Of all Gospel songs I've heard on albums, this is not one of the better ones. Though it is sung a capella and showcases incredible vocals by all four girls, it just seems a little off to me.

    Overall Mark: 4/5

    Though there were some parts of this album where it was apparent Beyonce was the forefront of the group, it was much less obvious than other albums of theirs. This album showcased exceptional harmonies and vocals in several places, although it would have been better if LaTavia and LeToya had gotten more leads. The upbeat songs range from decent to great, but most of them get annoying after several listens. On the contrary, a majority of the slower songs (particularly "If You Leave") are almost guaranteed to be repeated because of their beauty. Lyrics could use touch-ups in some places but as a whole, the album was great when it came out and is equally great now. ...more info
  • Good album
    This record is too manufactured by procducers and writers. But it is still a good album. The group produces and writes a lot of there songs, which is apparent in their lyrics. "Bills Bills Bills", is a humorous song about freeloaders spending their money too much! "Bug-a-boo" is another funny song that applies to fanatic boyfriends (or girlfriends). "So good", is the highlight of the whole album.

    Some people just don't like "Destiny's Child" for who they are. ...more info
  • great cd... no letoya or latavia
    I love this LP to death... but beyonce is singing on every single song!!!!!! i dont like beyonce but she is a great song writer (sometimes) and hell of a producer...

    THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL is a overall good cd... i know for a fact that Letoya and Latavia are great singers... i just wish beyonce and kelly did not get all the shyne...

    my favourtie song on the whole CD is "now that she's gone"... the vocals on the song are just estounding...

    the released singles on the LP are classics, 'temptation' has the nursery rhyme "this old man.." which is still great and "so good" is too good.

    this CD sold like a zillion copies... thanks to the controversy!!!!! i cant wait until letoya's solo cd comes out...
    and if you are concerned it does come out early next year....

    WRITINGS...a must have in your CD colletion......more info
  • Real Good.
    Destiny's Child"The writings on the wall"(1999)
    1.Intro.This is a bad start and the person that is talking sounds half evil.

    2.So good.Really Good this should of been song #1 of this Cd than the Intro.

    3.Bills,Bills,Bills.Catchy song,good,a little overplayed.

    4.Confessions.Impressed,good half ballad.

    5.Bug a Boo.I dont listen to this song that much,but I guess Its alright.

    6.Temptation.Beautiful Song.

    7.Now that she is gone.Good.But kinda forgetable.

    8.Whered you go.Not bad.

    9.Hey ladies.Good,could of been better.

    10.If you leave.I luv it!

    11.Jumpin,Jumpin.Nice club song.

    12.Say my name.Best song.Never got tired of it.this song and 3 are relly famous.

    13.She cant love you.Nothing wrong with it.


    15.Sweet Sixteen.Not bad,Not good.

    16.Outro.No comment(Because I dont know who andretta tillman is).

    Good Stuff....more info
  • The Best Album
    Even though Beyonce took a lot of the vocals on this CD, I personally think it's the best DC album yet.

    1. Intro..0/5
    2. So Good...2/5
    3. Bills, Bills, Bills...5/5
    4. Confessions...5/5 (I'm loving this song)
    5. Bug A Boo...3/5
    6. Temptation...5/5
    7. Now That She's Gone...5/5 (My favorite)
    8. Where'd You Go...4/5
    9. Hey Ladies...5/5
    10. If You Leave...5/5
    11. Jumpin, Jumpin...4/5
    12. Say My Name...5/5
    13. She Can't Love You...5/5
    14. Stay...5/5
    15. Sweet Sixteen..2/5
    16. Outro (Amazing Grace...Dedicated To Andretta Tillman)...2/5
    ...more info
  • Destination Stardome!
    Few People would have thought that the band with the quite modest debut would be able to make such a great second album and eventually become one of the most succesful girl-groups of all time. "The Writing's on the Wall" would have countless of hits and the album itself would eventually sell 12 million copies and spend 99 consecutive weeks on the Billboard album charts (that's about 2 years). With new producers, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Missy Elliott among others, the sound would also change and they would find their true identity. There would be some ballads, but the hitsingles would be uptempo songs with female attitute, something that contributed to their rise of fame. Unfortunately there would also be changes in the lineup, LeToya and LaTavia who were both childhood friends with Beyonce and Kelly felt they were maltreated by manager Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's Father) and left the band, they appeared on the recording but not in the videos. Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams joined instead, but Franklin's visit would be shortlived also. The album however is very strong, uptempo's like "Bills Bills Bills" "Bug A Boo" "Jumpin' Jumpin" and "Say My Name" were all big hits and with that Destiny's Child both had good critital acclaim and a great fan base. Album songs like uptempo "So Good" and slow pace/ballads "Confession" and "Temptation" are not bad either, towards the end there's a few too many songs though, 12 songs instead of 16 would have been better. The end result is good, Destiny's Child had got superstatus with a own sound and the album was more even the their debut, their upcoming 2 albums would also be good before a split-up was inevitable. 4 stars....more info
  • This is the best Destiny's Child CD
    I don't care what the rest of you guy think or say. This is DC at their best. Destiny's Child "Survivor" does not have anything on this album. Nor does the first CD. It seems like every song on here is hot. I don't know who produced Survivor or written the songs on there, but it is NOT the same person who did the songs on this CD. I have hundreds of CD's and music, and this rank in the top 5. Look past the Beyonce stereotype and give this CD a listen....more info
  • GET THIS C.D.!!!
    Review of the album-
    1.intro-the Writings on the Wall
    2.So Good-4 stars
    3.Bills,Bills,Bills- 5 out of 5 stars
    4.Confessions with Missy Elliot-4 stars
    5.Bug A Boo-5 out of 5 stars
    6.Temptation-4.5 stars
    7.Now That She's Gone-4 stars
    8.Where'd You Go- 4 stars
    9.Hey Ladies- 5 out of 5 stars
    10.If you Leave (featuring Next)-4 stars
    11.Jumpin' Jumpin' - 5 out of 5 stars
    12.Say My Name- 5 out of 5 stars
    13.She Can't Love You- 4 stars
    14.Stay-5 out of 5 stars
    15.Sweet Sixteen-3.9 stars
    16.Outro- amazing grace- 4 stars
    Overall great collection of songs - worth the money...more info
  • Surprisingly solid!
    Yeah, I know. I'm a guy and I'm giving a high rating for a Destiny's Child album. But I bought this album for two reasons: Beyonce can flat-out sing (well, she did back then; now, she's just okay), and she was FINE (which she still is).

    I forced myself to sit through all those male-bashing songs like "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Bug-a-Boo", "Hey Ladies" (and the list goes on and on and on), but the album grew on me and I found myself singing the lyrics to "Now That She's Gone" (replacing the "she" with "he", of course). I sang that song because I was in a painful relationship, and that's another point I'd like to make. These songs by DC aren't necessarily representative of the four girls (all of them were either happily involved with or engaged with a man at the time). They made these songs for those moments where you could sit back and relate to the tunes. If you feel like partying, put on "Jumpin' Jumpin'". If you feel like a man (or woman) is sweating the heck out of you, play "Bug-a-Boo". And so on.

    Okay, that's enough standing up for DC. Because two of these girls have been replaced with two other girls (one of them has been kicked out), and now they are beyond overexposure. (By the way, my favorite song off this album is the Dwayne Wiggins-penned "Sweet Sixteen".)...more info

  • Solid Album
    Destiny Child's second album THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL is pretty good fare for an R&B album. There are some tight harmonies, memorable beats, and memorable songs. Even though at this time there was already trouble brewing in the group, it still shows that they were once a group to be excited about. Sadly this changed with the 2001 release of SURVIVOR. The first single "Bills Bills Bills" is instantly catchy and memorable, definately worthy of its hit status. Shekspeare produced a majority of this album, and the production is tight. "Bugaboo" is a fun song, about a man who wont leave well enough alone. I do fail to see why "Say My Name" and "Jumpin Jumpin" were monster hits, they are marginal at best. There are some real shining moments on this CD, perhaps the greatest injustice was the decision not to release "Stay" as a single, a tender ballad which is so beautiful in its simplicity and its message. "Hey Ladies" is instantly catchy, and should have been a single. Other shining moments include "She Can't Love You", "Confessions", "Now That She's Gone", "So Good", Temptation", and "Where'd You Go". If you want to hear when DC was tight, this is your album. It's got some solid and quality songs!...more info
  • Pop Tofu
    The sophmore follow-up to the self-titled debut cd fares better than its predecessor. Its strengths are the catchy chorus of "Bills, Bills, Bills." The background vocals are more full and warmer than the previous cd or the "Survivor" cd. However, the weaknesses are glaring. Beyonce continues to dominate on every track with her thin two and half octave range voice, and recycled vocal ad libs. Latavia and Latoya are barely present on this cd. If they are, I wouldn't be able to tell since all the harmonising and ad libs are done by Beyonce and to lesser exent, Kelly. Other weaknesses includes sung-rap verses with little or no melody; double chorus that repeat ad nauseum ("Say My Name being a prime example.); and the fact that all the backgrounds are boring (Say My Name) because the other singers aren't allowed to do anything but sing the chorus over and over. Or the songs are overly busy with Beyonce's caterwauling ad libs ("Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills.) And furthermore the songs all sound alike to me, one blending into the other like one big song. And lastly, the overused man-bashing theme is a turn-off. I'm a woman, and I still believe that!
    My conclusion is that this is yet another overhyped piece of pop tofu that is a testiment to mediocrity and doesn't deserve to be purchased by any discerning rhythm and blues lover....more info
  • Good Album!
    II will give my opinion of the songs on the album.
    2. So Good (great)
    3. Bills, Bills, Bills = SINGLE (also good)
    4. Confessions - featuring Missy Elliott - (it's an okay song)
    5. Bug A Boo = SINGLE (I like this song)
    6. Temptation (I love this song)
    7. Now That She's Gone (My favorite song off the album!)
    8. Where'd You Go (Another great song)
    9. Hey Ladies (Another great song)
    10. If You Leave - featuring Next - (Another great song, my second favorite)
    11. Jumpin, Jumpin = SINGLE (The song is somewhat good, a little boring towards the end)
    12. Say My Name = SINGLE (everyone in the world knows this song)
    13. She Can't Love You (unique song)
    14. Stay (Beautiful song)
    15. Sweet Sixteen (inspirational song)

    ...more info
  • The Writing's on the Wall
    The only reason this album did not receive 5 stars is because there are about two songs I didn't like and because most of the albums lead vocals were done by Beyonce'. Kelly covered a few, but the other girls only sang back-up. I know that was their purpose from the beginning, but why even consider them group members, why not back up singers? This album was inches away from becoming a 5 star.
    "The Writing's on the Wall" is one of the best R&B albums ever created. The songs are nothing short of magnificent. The production is amazing, and the vocals by the girls are fantastic. The albums touches on a lot of relationship issues, both good and bad. "Bills, Bills Bills", the albums first single, talks about a man who runs up a woman's bills and refuses to pay for them. The song has a nice message, and a nice beat. "Bug a Boo" is about a man who bugs a woman who is not interested in him. The lyrics are creative and catchy. "Now That She's Gone" is a very nice ballad that is about a man who wants his ex back now that the woman he left her for has left him. Lots of women relate to this song. Kelly does a wonderful job with the lead vocals. "Sweet Sixteen" is a song about a sixteen year old girl who is growing up too fast and needs to slow down before she regrets it. This song inspired a lot of young girls to clean up their act. "Temptation" samples the Barney song "I Love You." This is definitely one of the albums highlights. It's about a woman tempted to cheat. Beyonce' delivers her vocals wonderfully.
    I love this CD. It's a masterpiece. Destiny's Child proved why they are one of the world's favorite groups....why? Well, THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL

    Mikeish's Top 5
    1 Temptation
    2 Now That She's Gone
    3 Hey Ladies
    4 Say My Name
    5 Sweet Sixteen
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  • I love this C.D.!
    Intro: I actually like how they created that. It blended in really well with the mood and contrast of the cd. It told what the whole basis of the cd was about.

    So Good: It one of those feel good songs. Think (for those who have Survivor) "Happy Face" in a spiteful, in-your-face type of groove.

    Bills, Bills, Bills: Everyone has heard this song at least ONCE. Overall, great beat, lyrics carry out really well, catchy beat.

    Confessions: One of the risque songs on the cd. Basically, the girl in the song get her boyfriend back by telling him that if he can play games, she can play games.

    Bug-A-Boo: One of the more Pop-oriented, but at the same time has an R&B feel to it. In simple terms, this young lady who's new boyfriend is constantly keeping contact 24-7 (stalking or smothering-whatever you prefer to call it)

    Temptation: One of the greatest beats on the song. The beat can mesmorize you before the first verse hits. Nice, jazzy, slow, but sassy. The song is about the temptation a girl has to cheat on her boyfriend.

    Now That She's Gone: This song's beat sounds a lot like another song, but I can't really pin-point it exactly. One of my favorites (but I am a slow-song person, so don't totally go on my word if you're into hyper sounds on this one) The beat is nice. Very R&B. This song is about how a man wants to go back and forth between one girl and another girl.

    Where'd You Go: The girls' vocals are matched wonderfully. This song is about a girl asking where her boyfriend has been.

    Hey Ladies: I'm not even going to beat around the bush on this one. It is just male bashing with a very good beat. That's all.

    If You Leave: The beat had to grow on me. As soon as it did, I appreciated it. Story is-she hates her boyfriend, he hates his girlfriend, what do they do? Do the only logical thing, run away together. (It took me a little while to understand why that solution made sense).

    Jumpin' Jumpin': I have heard this beat from Nokia phones to pagers to everything else. Nice club beat. Kind of beat that makes it very, VERY hard for you not to move a part of your body to the beat. About clubbing.

    Say My Name: This song has Rodney Jerkins all over it. It sounds like one of his signature beats. Liked the use of the strings in the beginning. This song everyone has heard so no need to say.

    She Can't Love You: I love this song. Another one of my favorites. Like the jazz background. It hits everyone of the girls' voices. Kind of makes you feel you are in a jazz lounge while they are singing. This one is about how the girl can do alot better than the ex-boyfriends new girlfriend (think: plot to Mary J. Blige's "I Can Love You")

    Stay: Another favorite. It is a very pretty song. It's not one of those sorry songs, it's quite sweet. The girl is asking the guy to stay with her until she is ready to take their love to the next level. (think: plot to Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile")

    Sweet Sixteen: Honestly, for me, if it wasn't for the vocals, I wouldn't like this song. The beat isn't something I'm too used to, but after a few more listens, I was feeling it. This song is basically telling teens that you aren't grown at 16, so don't trip.

    Amazing Grace: Great way to close out and introduce the groups vocal stability without music in the background. Shows exactly how harmonious the group really is.

    ...more info