Oregon Trail 4th Edition
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A BIG HIT IN THE SCHOOLS! This award-winning program is a thrilling, trailblazing adventure that builds real-life skills where you're the leader of your own wagon party. learn how to read maps, how to handle a budget, decision making and more!

This trailblazing adventure builds real-life skills, such as decision making and problem solving. As the leader of a wagon party, you can choose your team and supplies, read maps, plan your route, and guide your team through the unknown wilderness. Tough choices lie ahead, but with the help of your wagon party and people you meet along the way, you'll conquer this challenging journey and arrive in a new land. You'll need to build a team with the skills you think are important for survival on the rugged trail to Oregon. To find the best route, you'll rely not only on maps and guidebooks but also advice from fellow travelers and your gut instinct. On the trail, you'll face all the trials and tribulations of the first pioneers: raging rivers, buffalo stampedes, sickness, and gunshot wounds. Your adventure comes to life with 3-D travel, 360-degree panoramic views and full-motion video.

Customer Reviews:

  • Flawed but Fun
    Disclaimer: I am a fourteen-year-old girl. You are probably thinking "Isn't that a bit old for The Learning Company?" But let me set you straight:


    I just recently rediscovered it while going through some old things, and I installed it on my Windows Millenium without a problem. Yes, I did have to download QuickTime 3 (I was expecting horribly graphics when I learned this) but it was ready to play in four minutes.


    The plot is simple: Guide your wagon party from Independence, MO, to Oregon City while fufilling goals in the progress. More on this later. The characters are real actors implanted in a computerized background (this can look tacky and cheap at times, but it's nothing big). The actors are costumed well and look the part, but the dialouge is horrible and many of them speak in abhorrent, over-the-top accents (a prime example is the actress for "Caroline Crabbe."). I solved this problem by simply turning off the volume and using the subtitles. The acting itself is also horrible, but you must remember this is a game intended for young children.


    I have had no problems with this game, except for infrequent occurences where the game shut off and glitchy sound. The loading times were extremely short. The QuickTime 3 has not affected any other games on my computer.


    If you have children, I would definately suggest buying them Oregon Trail 4. It would make a great gift. Granted, I have not played OT 5, so you may want to check that out.
    ...more info
  • oregon trail
    it is a fun game for all ages for people who just want to have fun. it is also a good learning experience for all students learning about the oregon trail. it gives true accounts of how hard a journey the trail was. i give this game five stars....more info
    This game is fun and adventerous. It sucks you in comepletely but leaves something to be desired as it is not as great a challenge as I'd hoped. Nevertheless, it is a great way to pass the time and to exercise problem-solving skills....more info
  • Not so good.
    I got this as a gift, because I loved playing Oregon Trail in grade school. This version, though having much prettier graphics, isn't nearly as fun. Half the fun of playing it was naming all the people after your family, and reading the dirty limericks people wrote on the gravestones. Save your money, don't buy this....more info
  • Frustrating Beyond Belief
    This game was extremely frustrating. As one reviewer pointed out, you must switch between Quick Time 4 and 3 to be able to begin to use the game. Furthermore, even after doing that, I had additional problems with DirectX. After hours of communication with The Learning Company to resolve these problems (unless everything is set up perfectly, there is no way to find companions to start the game), TLC simply refered me to the manufacturer of my computer. Extraordinarily poor design and follow-through. My computer is a relatively new HP 4445 that far exceeds the recommended needs to run this game, yet nothing works.

    Simply put, do not buy this game unless your idea of family fun and education consists of repeated and futile exchanges with the consumer service division of The Learning Company....more info

  • frustrating to use
    I like some of the changes made between this one and edition number 3 but I agree with the other reviews in terms of technical problems. It took a while to figure out how to get it to work. Only when I changed my monitor to show high color vs. true color could I get it to work and then I only happened to try this based on the system requirements listed on the box not based on instructions for set-up. Even so I still keep coming up with technical glitches that I didn't have with the earlier edition....more info
  • Quick Time Blues
    We purchased this product for our child based on a review in Consumer Reports Magazine. The program requires Quick Time 3, and will not run if you have Quick Time 4 installed on your computer. Some of our other children's software includes Quick Time 4 as part of the installation procedure. As a result we must uninstall Quick Time 4 , and reinstall Oregon Trail 4th Edition each time we use the program....more info
  • Too buggy
    The bugs with this program make it too frustrating to use. Besides the QuickTime problem, the program hangs after playing for 30 minutes. Very annoying....more info
  • Can't find any people to be a companion!
    I bought this for my 13 year old son for Christmas. He tried for hours to find a companion in the game to take with him on the trail, and no people appear (except the ones that work in the shops). I tried it to, and I can't find anyone, so we can't even get started on playing the game! It's frustrating for both of us....more info
  • Well...
    It worked at first, no errors or anything and I enjoyed it. But, when it came time to reboot my computer, the game completely failed! I got as far as the town, and then all the people disappeared. I couldnt form a wagon or even join one, and it was frustrating! Same thing happened with number three! ...more info
  • Watch out!
    My daughter is seven and was extremely disturbed by this software. She stopped eating (thought she was going to catch Cholera) and is still having trouble with her food.

    Please be careful!...more info

  • A Classroom Favorite
    My third graders study the Oregon Trail every year and enjoy playing this game. It is educational and exciting! Kids take a small party on a covered wagon trip from Independence, Missouri to Oregon. First, they buy everything they need, from oxen to bullets. They must provide their own food along the way (by hunting, trading, or buying at a fort) and are often faced with illness and even death. If someone does die, you can write their tombstone, and maybe see it on your next trip!

    This game turns textbook learning into reality. It is hard to make it all the way to Oregon (Hint: it goes faster if you have a lot of oxen). But along the way, you will learn to take care of your party and to appreciate things like good water and good weather. I happily recommend this game to kids age 8-10....more info