Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Sodor Engine Wash
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Product Description

Part of the Thomas Wooden Railway System by Learning Curve Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner. The always-popular Sodor Engine Wash is now better than ever! With its refreshed artwork, it's in "tip-top" shape to keep the engines looking wel

When Thomas the Tank Engine and friends get dirty after a long day's work, they can head straight for the Sodor Engine Wash. This 6-inch-tall wooden building snaps directly into your Thomas the Tank Engine railway system. Just drive the engines up to the building, turn the large red knob on the roof, and the blue foam grips will pull the engines through the wash in either direction. The Sodor Engine Wash has a smooth black roof with a silver water tank perched on top and brick facades with fancy archways on either side. This handsome and durable structure will add lots of interest to your Thomas the Tank Engine railway system. --Elisabeth Fredrickson

  • Made of real wood
  • Realistic details
  • Recommended Age Range 3 to 5 Years

Customer Reviews:

  • Great addition to the Thomas tracks
    Great little toy! Very durable, doesn't take up too much room on the train table. My 3 years old loves carwashes and this just makes the Thomas series even more fun! Easy to push trains through the "brushes."...more info
  • Fun Addition
    This was bought as part of my son's Thomas railroad system for Christmas. He loves pretending to wash his engines complete with his own washing sound effects! A great addition to any Thomas collection....more info
  • Wash time fun
    For the Thomas fan this engine wash is a lot of fun. The only down side is you have to build it off the main track if you have the battery operated engines as they can not just drive through it. Requires the child to turn the knob ontop to get the engines through. Still as long as you have extra track its lots of fun and my son enjoys "washing" all his engines....more info
  • Preston's Mommy and #1 Play Pal
    My son loves to play with the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden track and vehicles-he is 2 1/2 and makes believe that Percy gets all dirty (like in the video) and drives him through the engine wash. He is very creative when playing with his Thomas toys and keeps him busy for hours. The colors are bright and with the numbers on the engines, he is very eager to count and they have also helped with learning his colors!...more info
  • 4 Year old Thomas Enthuseust
    I purchased this Engine Wash for my son a couple of years ago for Christmas, (age 3 1/2). This is a great accesory for any Thomas track. When putting the engines through the wash you hear "crick, crick" from turning the side wheel. As the engines go through your little conductor will make the "whooshing" sounds himself. Connecting all the trains as they go through is lots of fun. "Any" added accesory to your track makes it that much more of an adventure and lasting fun for your little one. The childs imagination is limitless with a little help. My son is 6 and looks forward to Christmas becasue he knows that Santa is sure to have another accesory for his track....more info
  • My 3yr old didn't like the noisy crank!
    My son has always loved car washes so when he saw this train wash he was overjoyed! We took it home and he ran about two cars through it, unhooked it from the track and said, "I don't want this anymore". It was hard for him to crank and it was very noisy and he said it scared him. He loves all things Thomas so I was surprised, but when I tried it, I could see how hard it was to do and would take a lot of elbow grease to get those cars through. Not so much fun when you have to work so hard! We took it back and got something else....more info
  • Sure it LOOKS fun, if you're into carpal tunnel......
    My boys (5 and 4 thought this was awesome when they got it as a gift ... that is, until they used it. If you only have one engine or car on the track, that's fine, but if, like my guys, you have a long train set up, holy toledo, it's a pain in the you-know-what. They'll be cranking those dials until they collect social security. And it didn't seem like all the cars really FIT through there, either. Very tough to turn, sometimes. After just a use or two, my boys seemed to avoid putting using it anytime they built a track, or if they used it, it was always placed on some out-skirt bit of track, so that they didn't have to travel through it! What a waste. Asthetically and in principle, very cute idea, but in practice.... not good....more info
  • my 3 1/2 year old loves it
    My 3.5 year old son discovered the Thomas Engine Wash in the play area of a toy store, and he stayed there playing with it practially the whole time we were there! His uncle got it for him for Christmas, and he loves it and can operate it all by himself. He plays with it every day. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Cute but not the greatest
    This is a cute idea. Kids can wash there thomas trains. Well it can prove frusterating. See not all the trains and cars can fit through the train wash. Some get stuck or just won't go through. THis is nice but may be to difficult for younger children. My son screams in frustertaion when he tries to do a train and it won't go through....more info
  • Not All Engines Can Get Clean!
    My 2.5 year old AND I have a problem turning the knob to push the engines through. So frustating for all of us. Also, all heck broke loose when Toby couldn't get cleaned. Only one roundish engine can go through at a time. Connected trains will get stuck (yes, I know it is for one engine at a time, but explain that to a toddler). I also don't think it can hold the attention of a 2 - 3 year old for very long. Not the smartest or greatest design. The paint on the roof and along the corner brick walls can chip easily too. Sometimes I wonder if I could make this myself for half the cost??? This item is going back. :(...more info