Canon BC-21e 4-Color Ink Cartridge (0899A003)
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Product Description

The BC-21e color BJ cartridge contains cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink. It is a reusable print head system for use with BCI-21 black and BCI-21 color BJ tanks.

This high-quality replacement cartridge is compatible with the following models: Canon Bubble Jet Color BJC4000, Canon Bubble Jet Color BJC4100, Canon Bubble Jet Color BJC5000, Canon C 3500, Canon MultiPass Color MPC2500, Canon MultiPass Color MPC3000, Canon MultiPass Color MPC3500, Canon MultiPass Color MPC5500.

  • For Canon Bubble Jet Color BJC2000/2100 series, BJC4000, BJC4100, BJC4200/4300/4400 series BJC4550, BJC5000 and BJC5100
  • For Canon MultiPass Color MPC2500, MPC3000, MPC3500, MPC5000, and MPC5500 printers
  • Prints up to 4,000 pages at 15% coverage
  • 1 black ink tank
  • 1 cyan, magenta, and yellow ink tank

Customer Reviews:

  • Ink Cartridges
    This was an original Color Cartridge, not an after market, with a great price. I would advise purchase at this company, as the product is good and the price is extraordinary....more info
  • Disposable society loves Canon printers and inks
    I have a Canon model BJC 3000 and a model BJC 4200. Both are very functional and on their way to the trash. The replacement ink cartridge carrier in both cases failed and each costs more to replace than TWO new Lexmark printers (Lexmark model Z600 is $24.99 *including inks* at WalMart). There's something terribly wrong with this. It was irresponsible of Canon to engineer a frail circuit (subject to corrosion from ink) into its print cartridge carriers. I hate sending all this plastic to the dump.
    ...more info
  • Thanks for Negative Reviews!
    Before I read the reviews here, I was beginning to think it was just me who was having a streak of bad luck with this dog of a product. All of your gripes are right on the mark, including the comment that the exorbitant replacement cost makes this a total scam. Thank you all very much -- you've done a good public service deed! Now I'll be dumping my crappy Canon all-in-one and buying another brand.

    I have another sad story about an expensive Canon digital camera with a defect that was too expensive to repair -- but I'll save that for another time and place....more info
  • Shipment not Recieved
    More than 20 days out from shipment date and had to contact seller that I had not received my product. His comment at that time was reasonable, that he had to contact shipping and see what the status was. Two days later I received an email that they would refund my money. I suggest that they track their shipments closer. I really suspect that it was not even shipped at all. I would give them another chance but I would monitor them closer than I did....more info
  • Good price on the cartridge
    Good buy from Amazon on the cartridge.

    However, Canon has a cash cow here. The cartridge lasts for maybe 5 tank changes before it must be replaced. Add the cost of the cartridge to the cost of the tanks and soon, it's time to start thinking about replacing the Canon printer with one that isn't as expensive to maintain. ...more info
  • Printerhead failures
    I read some of the other reviews. I've had my printer for several years. I hardly use it. I am surprised that so many users have problems with the printhead. By God, I am having problems too. Low use and after less than 3 tanks the head is dead. I think I paid $30 for it in a drugstore with a mail-in rebate. It's hard for me to shell-out $50 for a new head when the whole damn thing cost less than that. Guess I wont. Thanks guys.... Oh, anyone want to buy it? (...). Like new....more info
  • This ...
    I've have this cartridge for over 2 years now and have changed the ink tanks about 4 or 5 times. Then, all of a sudden, tha damn thing doesn't print any blue. I tried everything I could think of to try to save it, and nothing works. Now I'm forced to spend almost another $... to buy a new cartridge just for the ink head. That .... Canon better get their stuff together and start making products that last. Or else they're gonna lose even more customers....more info
  • Cool
    The refilling of the ink cart can save lots of money, but once it breaks.......more info
  • Does Not Last
    Canon claims this cartridge last for 20 tanks of ink. It does not ! More like 5 tanks. Other Canon users have complained about this product also....more info
  • Nothing but trouble
    I have owned a Cannon BJC-4100 printer and now have a BJC-5000. Low price was the main reason I purchased them but for the troubles I am having with the print cartridges I am going to purchase anything but a Cannon printer.
    First of all, when ever the ink tanks run out you either install a new one right away or end up with a line across every picture you print. This is actually the best you can expect be cause the other thing that can happen is the print head gets gummed up with ink that drags across the paper making a big mess.
    Secondly, any long periods of inactivity causes one or all of the colors to stop printing even with full tanks leaving to other choice but to replace the entire print head assembly.
    Lastly, no matter how much cheaper the color and black ink cartridges are than the print head, after two or three cartridge changes the print head is shot costing ... if you have a BJC-5000.
    Maybe other Cannon print catridges are better, but I can't afford to find out....more info
  • Best Value
    These are getting harder to find, but I didn't have to pay the "scarcity premium" buying here!...more info
  • Canon Ink 4 color cartridge
    I was very pleased with my purchase of this item. I liked the quality, the sufficient delivery time, and, best of all, the price. I will always be a customer of ...more info
  • It has worked well for me
    I have been using this product on a Canon BJC 4200 for several years now and have not had any problems with it. I have replaced the ink tanks (both tricolor and black) many times and have continued using the same base. I don't know if I've replaced the ink tanks 20 times, but certainly more than 4 or 5.

    I find that its cheaper in the long run than on other printers which require a whole new cartridge. Also, I don't have to worry about the black running out before the colors or vice-versa because the ink tanks are separate....more info

  • BC-21e cartridge expensive, junk
    My condolonces if you own any Canon printer that uses this cartridge. It is so unreliable. I've seen 2 BC-21e cartridges (not to be confused with the ink tanks that go in it) fail, after very light use - after just a few replacements of the ink tanks. There's no excuse for a $50 "non-disposable" part to fail so readily, after barely any use. The Multipass C-530 printer only cost $, so we won't be throwing good money after bad. NO MORE Canon printers! Next time it's an HP or Epson. (Had an Epson Stylus Color for 5+ years before I gave it away, still working good as new.) If you only print occassionally, inkjets in general are not the way to go. Laser printers are much more dependable, and can sit around longer and still work when you need them....more info
  • Colour is everything
    A good Canon product that has been around for over 10 years, and has still kept pace with current technology....more info
  • This is just pure garbage
    Canon makes things that look good in the store, seem reasonable on the price, but when you take them home, they fall apart. Such is the case with the BC-21e cartridge. This thing cost as much as the printer itself, and mine FAILED after only 3 replacements. I don't abuse my equipment. I use it for normal tasks. Canon's product was just not ready for regular use.

    It would be nice if most people are as fortunate as the last reviewer, who has been able to use this past 5 ink-cartridge changes. Unfortunately, from my experience, I think that's more the exception to the rule.

    Stay away from Canon. It's a roll of the dice that you are probably going to end up losing....more info

  • Don't Waste Your $$ On this cartridge!!!
    I have 2 BJC 2000 printers, one I bought new several years ago, & the other at the thrift shop for two bucks. I can't say enough about how good the actual printers have been for me, but I could cough up enough profanity to make a biker blush about the BC-21e printhead cartridge! Not a very reliable product at all!
    The small capacity of the colour cartridge is terrible. The black is okay. I hadn't had more than 3 sets of refills before the printhead quit.
    The price of the replacement BC-21e was as much or more than the price of another printer.
    Canon makes the Apple Stylewriter printers 2400 & 2500, which look just like a BJC 2000.
    I eventually replaced the whole thing with a BC-20 Black only integral printhead cartridge, made for the Apple printers... a whole lot cheaper & they work great, refill easily, but no colour.

    They probably won't print this, but don't waste your hard earned cash on these overpriced, overrated cartridges. Next colour printer I buy will probably not be a Canon......more info
  • Disappointing Cartridge
    I maintain and use 5 printers that use the Canon BC-21e cartridge. These cartridges sometimes fail before the replaceable ink tanks are empty to a maximum of 5 tank changes (using genuine Canon BCI-21 ink tanks). The longest life that I have seen is by refilling the tanks before they run out(between 3 and 10 refills).I have been using Canon bubble jets since the BJ10ex and have had few problems apart from the short life of the BC-21e cartridge. I don't know what actually fails in the print heads but they generally fail with the printer unable to detect the cartridge type and refusing to operate until a replacement is fitted....more info
  • Canon BC-21e is a SHAM
    ... The BC-21e does not last for 20 tanks, more like 3 or 4. Canon cartridges have become too expensive for me to use. I'm buying an HP....more info
  • Do Not Support Planned Obsolecence
    I bought the Canon MultiPass c530 multifunction copier/printer/fax because I sometimes need to fax. I have used it only a few times, many months apart. Now, even though I bought brand new ink cartridges, it still says there's no ink. Contacting Canon, they say I need to buy this, a replacement ink with ink head. They claim that they're supposed to last many ink tanks, but they do not. It's like the ink heads just expire after a certain amount of time. Why would I pay $50 for this when who knows how long from now I'll need to buy another one. On the same aisle at the store that they have these, I can buy an entire brand new multifunction printer/copier/fax for just $30 more. Tell me, Canon, how does that make sense? Forget this piece of junk. I'm going to throw away my c530 and buy from some other brand from now on. Canon, you can't just make something that is this poorly made and expensive to maintain and expect to keep customers. I don't care if your management changes or if you start making better stuff. If you ever release something this terrible, you can lose a customer for life, and you just have....more info