Motorola 53725 SLK Headset with Swivel Boom Mic (Black)
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Product Description

Be even more mobile. Motorola has brought together accessories that make its products more wearable, more powerful, more rugged, and more your style. They're designed to enhance the way wireless works for you.This Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone allows you to transmit by pressing the Push-to-Talk button on radio or use VOX (voice operated transmission) option for hands-free operation. It is perfect for fishing and caravanning. The headset is compatible with Talkabout 270, 280, T289, T6300 Series and Spirit GT+. The fr50 and fr60 radios are not VOX/handsfree capable, therefore, headset is manual PTT only.

  • Compatible with Spirit GT Series and TalkAbout FR50/60; TA280/289; T5000 and T6000 series radios.
  • Headset is ideal for noisy areas or to avoid disturbing bystanders and is hands-free (VOX) compatible.
  • Voice activated or PTT option.
  • Incredibly lightweight and comfortable!
  • It allows for confidential communication and gives you the freedom to communicate while performing other tasks.

Customer Reviews:

  • horrible and didnt work as advertised
    the end plug on the device, didnt work on any of my phones and the coknnection was horrible at best
    if i had not thrown out the packagiung, it would have been sent back alnmost immediately
    would not recommend this to ANYONE...more info
  • No PTT
    Not a bad item, but there is no push-to-talk button on it, forcing you to use that horrible VOX. Heavy breathing, talking to other people (not intending on talking on the radio), any anything else loud in the area will trigger it.

    If you like VOX, it's okay. Otherwise, there are other options on the market....more info
  • Did not fit my needs.
    This product did not fit my needs for use with motorola walkie talkie....more info
  • Great Match
    These Motorola Branded headphones matched the TalkAbout radios I had and seem to hold up physically well for the price. This is the second batch I bought....more info
  • A Good Accessory To Have
    Although this is a good accessory to have i wouldn't recommend it over the Ear Bud/Mic for skiing, especially if you wish to conceal it. I used one for half a day under my ski hat and goggles. While comforatable with just the hat as soon as the goggles are placed over it the strap squezes the ear piece against the ear which became increadably painfull after a while. Another draw back with this is that if another person is talking and you talk/laugh or breath heavily against the boom it cuts out the other person. Which can be very anoying. It also takes a while to cut in when you talk so you have to repeat yourself or say something prior to the message you actually wan't to give. One reason this accessory would be good to have is if you needed to use your radio while both your hands were being used (like riding / Manual Labour/Climbing) as with the earbud you need to be able to press the PTT button....more info
  • Limited
    The headset is useful and seems a good deal compared to the price of the earbud with microphone, but the bulkiness somewhat defeats the purpose of the compact radio. The highest sensitivity setting on the VOX is too low for quiet environments; it's better to use the PTT mode at those times. The PTT works better either way, because there's a slight delay before the VOX circuitry kicks in and begins transmitting. Generally the VOX is handiest in those situations where it's really necessary; i.e. no hands available to hit the button. Note also that if the transmit button is accidentally depressed, it reverts to PTT mode and the radio needs to be powered off and on again to reset to VOX mode. The earbud without microphone is the most cost effective way to use the radio; it allows for private conversation and allows the monitoring of conversations without holding the radio up to the ear, while giving best audio quality by using the built in microphone. Either earbud can be considered a necessity, while the headset is for more limited use applications....more info
  • Little things mean a lot to bicyclists
    Okay, it doesn't use batteries, it doesn't light up, and it doesn't cost a lot. But this headset/boom mic is an essential accessory for the TalkAbouts for this simple reason: TalkAbouts have voice-operated control (VOX) when used with a plugin headset/mic. We have also evaluated the earbud/mic combo for bike riders and found it almost unworkable (it picks up road noise and, to me, the earbud causes excruciating pain after a day of use). The headset is a much better solution. The band actually fits OVER a safety helmet, and the closed-foam-cell rubber pad grips the plastic shell securely. The boom mic rejects most road noise, and soon becomes forgotten in the course of routine use. (It quickly comes back to the foreground when I try to sip from my water bottle!) If you purchase one of the TalkAbouts, consider this as your second accessory purchase -- your first should be a carrying holster or case. Now, if Motorola would only agree on a partnership with JABRA Technologies to produce a JABRA Earset for the TalkAbouts, my happiness would be complete ......more info
  • didn't work
    Didn't have the PTT button I need for it to work with my motorola talkabout radios....more info