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Texas Instruments TI36X Solar Scientific Calculator
List Price: $28.95

Our Price: $18.47

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Product Description

Solar-powered calculator for science and math Base conversion and calculations (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, Octal) 15 Parentheses levels 3 memories 8 Physical constants Up to 4 pending operations Includes A76 battery (pre-installed), case and instructions

Ideal for students at every level, from junior high school algebra to college calculus, the Texas Instruments TI36 packs a lot of punch in a small, inexpensive unit. This solar-powered calculator combines features for statistical analysis, Boolean logic operations, and unit conversions in one sleek package.

Math students will appreciate TI36X's ability to perform fractional equations and calculate angle units (radians, grads, degrees) when performing trigonometric functions. Everyone will find the calculator's English/metric conversions helpful.

The TI36Xs single-line LCD is a little difficult to read when the unit is lying on a desk, and users in need of graphing functions will have to look elsewhere. Overall, however, for a calculator in this price range, the TI36X provides enough power for most high-level math and science needs.

  • Numerator/denominator fraction format
  • Performs trigonometric functions
  • Polar/rectangular conversion
  • One-variable statistics
  • Slide case included

Customer Reviews:

  • A modern marvel
    When I started high school I received one of these little calculators as a gift, and during four years it accompanied me through many classes. For four years I did not have a single problem with it even though it was put to the test in many occasions. Very sturdy is the perfect description I can give, and the fact that it does not require a battery is a major plus.

    Now in college I use a TI-89 Titanium, but in my pocket I always carry my TI-36. ...more info
  • Excellent basic+ calculator
    Purchased for my sixth grader. Has all the functions required for the next couple years math. Great display and no need for batteries....more info
  • Great Basic Scientific Calculator
    I've had this little gem for about 10 years. I got it at work and have used it off and on quite a bit over the last 10 years. It just started having an issue, but so much good times, I can forgive it.

    I'll be getting another one soon. It's the perfect basic scientific calculator when you want good solid scientific capability, but not the overhead of a big fancy graphing calculator....more info
  • Best budget scientific calculator
    I recently bought this to replace my 12-year old TI-35X scientific calculator. This model has the same 40-button layout and performs every function that I need. The buttons are clearly labeled and do not stick unlike some other inexpensive calculators. The `2nd' and `3rd' functions are easily distinguishable from the other keys. Unfortunately, the flimsy case awkwardly snaps onto the unit unlike the bulkier TI-35X sliding hard case. Amazon shows a hard case above, so perhaps I have a slightly different version of the TI-36X. Most people don't need an elaborate graphing calculator so consider this budget unit instead of spending significantly more for a fancier model. ...more info
  • Cheap and Does What it Promises
    Everything about this calculator screams cheap plastic, but it does everything it promises. I find that packing it in my briefcase results in its buttons being pushed while I walk around, so I am sometimes surprised to find that the calculator is figuring in base 8 for no reason. But once you learn how to detect that sort of problem and get the thing working the way you want it to it does exactly what it promises. It's a very powerful calculator for the price....more info
  • TI-36X Calculator Review
    The TI-36 series is my all-time favorite calculator. Powerful, easy to use, and an outstanding value. I have the older TI-36X (black, with a slide-on-off cover). This is my complaint, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". The older TI was distinctly better. This is what happens when the Styling Guys get a hold of a great design and mess it up. Yes, it's still a fabulous calculator buy, but the new cover is a clumsy snap on-off design that's hard to use, the keys have poorer legibility, the sides are shaped so that it's slippery and easy to drop (I did four or five times). The solar-cell has always been a little anemic (not working in subdued but usable light), and the new model is worse in this regard. This is still the best calculator value out there in my opinion, but the original design was superior and in every respect. Not a good trend. I can only hope that TI will return to the older design, with a backup coin-battery for dim lighting and make this the PERFECT calculator. I consider this a still great calculator but I give it's predecessor the full 5-star rating....more info
    Amazon shipped the old model which is great by me. This machine is as close to a postfix calculator as T.I. makes The best scientific [non graphing] calculator made by T.I....more info
  • the worst design
    there is one major flaw in this calculator that I will give it a 2 stars no matter how good or power it is on the other aspects. and that is: all of the 3rd function text on the calculator is purple, which is extremely hard to read on the black case. I am a programmer that use primarily the HEX calculation on it, and every time I use it I have to gaze so hard to find the A-E. Can Texas Instruments not be so dumb? Purple text? what a laugh!...more info
  • You can get much more for this money
    TI36X costs $18 in Wallmart, $22 in Walgreens. For this monies (or less) you can get much more if you buy Sharp 506V or Casio fx-115MS. Here is what these calulators have but TI36X doesn't: true algebraic logic with 2 line display, editing and memory of operations, 6 memories, complex numbers, several types of regression, nonlinear equation solver (Casio only), integrals and differentials, polynomial solver (Casio only), linear equation solver, formula memory (Sharp has 2 permanent memories, Casio 1 volatile), repetitive calculations. Both calculators have the same basic functionality as TI36X ...more info
  • Built to last
    I have a much older form factor of the TI-36X Solar (manufacture date: March 28, 1994). Despite years of backpack travel through high school and university, it looks and functions like new--thanks in large part to the plastic sleeve Texas Instruments provides. Several years later, my girlfriend used the same TI-36X for statistical calculations in her undergraduate studies. I still own the calculator, and it looks and works as well as ever.

    The TI-36X is compact, lightweight, and multifunctional enough to serve excellently for most any operation that doesn't require the power of a graphing calculator, a personal computer, or Richard Feynman. Although some anecdotal accounts describe some quasi-obscure logical errors in this model, I never knowingly encountered any such miscalculations....more info
  • Great for applied science and algebra through calc.
    I LOVE this calculator. I bought this when I returned to college about 3 years ago, and it's STILL going. If you can purchase this model of the 36x it's BETTER than the update. It works well in low light (in a living room with one lamp) and is still able to be read.

    This also has a couple of memory buttons to input your own constants or equations.

    What I really love about this calculator is all of the chemistry constants available on it. It has Avagadro's number, the speed of light, and more. The updated version also has these functions, and it is a little easier to use ergonomically. ...more info
  • A GREAT buy in an engineering calculator!!!
    This is a very easy calculator to use. At around $20, it performs some very useful functions, such as linear regression, S.D., English/SI conversions, fraction/decimal conversions, etc. Everything an engineer needs. I bought one of these on a last-minute deal and was quite surprised at how easy it was to learn how to QUICKLY make complex calculations with minimal effort.

    Some talk has been made in other reviews of the 3rd function's purple text. Yes, it IS a little difficult to read, but TI has recently released a newer version of this calculator that has addressed this (I had a chance to play with a new one today while I was picking up some photos at a discount store). The current version (not pictured here) is very easy to read.

    About the only things I would like to see changed would be the addition of a 2-line display and dual power (sorry, the solar power is a little slow sometimes in dim light). Are you listening TI?

    All in all, at $20, I consider this a best buy and will probably purchase more for work, home, school, and any other calculator need I have....more info

  • I love this calculator
    I'm going back to college to change careers - a switch from the arts to pre-med. While all the eighteen-year-olds have hundred dollar TI graphing calculators, I bought this little beauty, and its been my trusty mate through Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Statistics and the like. It is simple and no-nonsense, and has everything you need. And I never have to worry about battery power.

    The only down side? I misplaced it for the first time the other day, and I have to get a new one. I actually am so used to my old one, I dislike the new redesign and I'm going to search for the model with the purple lettering that people complain about. Its really not a big deal, folks. ...more info
  • Did not like this one at all...
    I have traditionally been a fan of TI, but this one was very disappointing to me. First of all, I thought that solar powered calculators normally have a battery back-up, but this one does not. If you use it in a setting with low light, it will be slow to turn on, and sometimes you will be lucky to get it to turn on at all. I also hate the fact that so many key punches are required to convert between rectangular and polar coordinates. Additionally the case is very difficult to deal with. I had initially purchased this to take the PE exam, as this is one of the few that is on the list of approved calculators, but this is a timed test, and I can see this calculator slowing me down substantially. Therefore, I will be purchasing a Casio, and will just use this one as a back-up. I have an older Casio at home, which is very user friendly, but unfortunately is not approved for the exam. Thus, I recommend that people interested in making a scientific calculator purchase to look into other alternatives besides this one....more info
  • Great especially for chemistry students
    This is a great update to the black 36x with it's ergonomic design. It has the same features as the 36x with chemistry constants and lots of various math functions.

    The downfall to this is that it turns off in low light, unlike the black 36x.

    The keys are spaced wide enough for fast input. Has some memory functions. Easy to use. I highly suggest this to anyone who is a science major in college....more info
  • Nice Layout But Has Flaws
    In terms of price and features, this is a nice scientific calculator. The layout of the functions is quite apt. I like the case design and the cover. It has only a one-line display but I can live with that. The purple text used to label the functions activated by the "3rd" key is admittedly a little hard to read.

    However, consider this calculation and its result:

    (262144 * 4096) - (2^18 * 2^12) = -0.01

    The correct answer, obviously, is 0. That may be a silly calculation to perform, but I actually did this once as a check.

    TI's support - via email - suggests that this is a normal rounding error. I am not sure that this is acceptable in a calculator of this class. The size of the operands doesn't seem unreasonably large.

    If it were not for that, I would give the calculator 4 stars. It's really too bad because I like the layout of this calculator MUCH better than that of the Casio. But I worry about getting other errors that won't be immediately obvious to me.

    I can't prove one or the other how likely this rounding error is to happen in "typical" calculations....more info

  • Solar only?!
    I bought the 36X to replace an older 35 or 36 model (not sure which one) that I had in high school and misplaced. It has all the functions I want, and I'm so used to it I remember where they all are. I love the stored scientific constants, and the functions are exactly what I need to quickly calculate answers for my Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus classes (much quicker than most of my students struggling with their graphing calculator.)

    My one gripe is a big one: On the old model, values that you stored in memory would be saved even if the calculator was turned off. They didn't get deleted unless you actually intentionally deleted them. In this model, they've mergedf the ON and the ALL CLEAR buttons, so that any clearing erases all your stored data. Yes, there's a CE button to just erase what's currently on the screen, but it's really been hard to re-train myself to think this way.

    Since I have another TI (or maybe it's the old one) that is dual powered -- solar and battery -- that didn't have this problem, I know it's fixable. Just another symptom of TI cutting corners or ignoring the scientific calculator market to focus on their graphing calculators?...more info