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Calling all engineers--Hewlett-Packard's HP32SII Scientific Calculator is the calculator for you. With 384 bytes of memory, 26 variable keys, more than 100 built-in scientific and mathematical functions, and RPN data entry, you'll find everything you need for efficient and fast calculating in this compact unit.

We like Hewlett-Packard's HP Solve feature, which lets you solve for any variable without having to rewrite your equation. And, like most scientific calculators, the HP32SII can perform decimal/hour/minute/second conversions, polar/rectangular/angle conversions, unit conversions, base conversions, and arithmetic.

The LCD can display one line with 12 characters and is bright enough for most environments. The calculator runs on three LR44 batteries, which come with the unit.

  • More than 100 built-in math and science functions
  • Powerful built-in program library
  • Essential trig and math functions
  • Base conversions and arithmetic
  • Data entry using reverse Polish notation

Customer Reviews:

  • !!! BUY IT !!!
    I have tried a lot of calculators, and in my opinions HP RPN calculators are the best, and its HP 32s is the best calculator of the world!

    I have used:
    HP 10c
    HP 32s
    HP 20s
    HP 22s
    HP 27s
    HP 28c/s
    HP 42s
    HP 48s
    HP 32s II

    I love HP 48, HP42 and HP 32, but the HP 48 is too big, too complex, and too heavy, too "theoretical", but really good for students, and HP 42 is now not available. I have finished my studies, thus I have given my HP 48 to a friend and I have came back a HP 32 s II and I do not regret my choice!

    RPN is really powerfull, and you make never mistakes with it.
    But with algebric calculators, all the time you do not know the order of the execution of the different terms of your calculation, and you have no intermediate calculations (except for the HP 27s)

    !!! BUY IT !!!...more info

  • My tireless HPS32II calculator
    I was reading all your reviews here, and i agree with the positive reviews.
    I brought this calculator in 1993 in the USA !! i am french and leave in France. I have never bought another calculator since 1993 !!!!!
    I had bought the HP32SII in a mall, just to have one in USA, and never though it will be there with me 15 years after.
    It had never broke down, i just replace the batteries some times (not often), that all, and i use it everyday, always in my bag when i teach.
    This is an oustanding product, i agree !!! I have the original manual and the protection cover since 1993....more info
  • Greatness put to death
    Over the 5 years I used a HP 32SII and found that the RPN is more efficent when doing simple or complex problems. It is a shame that they have discontinued this amazing product. I am on a High School math team and without this calc. we would not be able to compete at such a high stanard. If I was you I would buy the HP 32SII because this has been a wonderful calc. for me and all my team mates....more info
  • a model of product design
    I have used the 32SII for a few years now. I agree with the other reviewers about RPN.

    This calculator is not only the finest calculator ever, from the standpoint of power and value, but I think it ranks near the top of the finest product designs ever, for any product. There is nothing about it that can be improved. The form factor is just right. All functions are where they belong. Every key clicks the same, and clicks right. Batteries last forever. This product should be in a museum of outstanding product design.

    Having said that, I will editorialize a bit. I am severely disappointed that HP discontinued this product. I think it speaks volumes that the new HP cannot recognize its own product excellence, and apparently fails to value the things that brought it customer loyalty....more info

  • an absolute essential!
    I've been using an HP32Sii for almost ten years now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Intermittently, I've used other HP models (11C, 48SX), but I always come back to this one. I'm not a believer in graphing calculators; I prefer to plot graphs using a computer, or (best yet) by hand. Therefore you should keep my prejudice against the 48 series (using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut) in mind. I have never wanted a calculator to do anything that the 32Sii couldn't handle elegantly, and I've used it in a LOT of science and engineering classes and research at Caltech. The 32Sii has been around for a long time (the back of my calculator says copyright 1987, but I'm not sure about the significance of that date), and I can't imagine it ever becoming obsolete. Some things, like the meaning of the term sine or the fastest algorithm to evaluate an expression, will never change. Its processor speed is one of the fastest on the market. I heard "the fastest" back in 1993, but I'm not sure what its current rank is. In general the quality of HP calculators is (in my opinion) COMPLETELY SUPERIOR to any other make on the market. For those not yet converted to the religion of RPN, give it a try for a couple of months, and you'll NEVER go back....more info
  • Power presented simply
    First the history: I purchased an HP32 back in 1988, after owning HP25 and HP29C. Lost it on a plane in the 90s and went out to buy another as soon as I realised the loss could not be recovered. Over ten years on I lost the next one two weeks ago and bought an HP35S to replace it. The 35S is really nice but today I found the HP32Sii in an obscure place. Was I disappointed? Hell no!

    The HP35 is functionally superior and is cheaper. The HP32 is a shade narrower, thinner, shorter and thus neater to hold, nicer to press, and has most of the functions of the 35. I recommend the 32 as a great calculator, enormously reliable, fits in your shirt pocket more neatly than the 35 or later models and is functionally capable. However, if you need more power then the 35 is superior, no doubt about it. In fact, I am about to sell my HP49G because the 35 makes its important functions more accessible while the 49's more powerful functions are better done on a computer.

    For the record, I also own an HP17Bii financial, having the same form factor as the H32 and also a real favourite....more info
  • Like the Man said, THE ROLLS ROYCE of calculators
    I have a 33s, and it is a piece of trash compared to this one. It is cluttered with stupid keys like the % key, and the upper keys. It does have more memory, but it's usually # of variables and registers that limit programming, so the extra memory never comes into play. Also, some idiot decided to put the keys in a V shape. In addition to this, the 33s has a cheap apprearence and feel.

    Then there is the 35s with painted key functions, and the stupid "i" key. You don't need this for complex numbers or an identifier. There is no sum key either. It is also too bulky, but does have the standard nice feed back feeling on the keys. But it also has the 4 stupid shift keys. It also lacks an e key which is essential.

    The 32sii is the ABSOLUTE ROLLS ROYCE. It has a well made appearence and feel. It is easy to program and has as many variables and registers as the others. It also has well thought out keys and positions. It is not cluttered with stupid keys of the others. It does have a sum key which is very useful. It also has a large number screen without the stupid clutter of two lines and baby numbers. There is just no comparison. The 32sii is the best one ever made....more info
  • ROLLS ROYCE of calculators
    I purchased my first calculator about 30 years ago - the HP35 for US$400. I have used Hewlett Packard calculators ever since. My second purchase was the HP 12C, a beautifully designed financial calculator that is still on the market some 15 or 20 years later and which I still use from time to time.

    I have used the HP32SII since 1993 under the extreme conditions of classroom use as a math teacher in a secondary school. Chalk dust is ever present and I couldn't count the number of times it has fallen from my desk to the floor. I recommend this calculator to my senior math students but they shy away from it because of the price. This is false economics. None of the other brands have the durability to last, making them in the long run expensive calculators. I know this from the experience of my students who purchase cheaper competing brands.

    The features that attract me to the HP 32SII are the Reverse Polish Notation, which is the superior way of doing arithmetic and the ease with which intermediate calculations can be stored.

    Hewlett Packard makes up for its poor manuals with superb service and getting it right the first time. How many other calculators stay on the market for so many years after they are first introduced.

    I purchased my daughter an HP 48GX when she entered Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto 6 years ago. At first she "swore" at it because of the RPN but quickly came to swear by it. Most of her classmates used the same HP as well.

    The HP32SII is a solid performer at its level of functionality. When I need more I use a software package such as MAPLE V which I am confident will be available someday on a hand held computer....more info

  • A Great HP Calculator
    This is one of the better Calculators that HP has designed. I had mine for 20 years with no problems. Unfortunately, I recently lost it and am now in search of a new (used) one. I recommend this calculator to everyone !!...more info
  • what a shame
    Yes it is a shame that hp put an end at this fantastic calculator and that they left a gap whitout rpn in this category. this policy is ununderstandable from the company who was always the leader and set the mark for the market....more info
  • The best calulator for sci/tech - if you can find one
    Although I knew nothing about RPN when I bought my HP 32 SII, after one hour I wondered how I ever got along without it. Functions routinely used are accessible right from the keypad, which also helps facilitate the surprisingly powerful programming capabilities of this calculator.
    From the arrangement of the keypad itself as well as the 32SII's problem-solving capability, it is evident that more than a little thought was devoted to planning this particular calculator. The keypad's 'comfort' and the 32SII's speed, very popular with users, result in increased productivity.
    I prefer my HP 32SII over the my HP48G, which is definitely
    slower and more cumbersome to use.
    If you are lucky enough to find an HP32 SII fully functional and in good condition, buy it!...more info
  • information to teach students-mr. r. soto



  • Best Calculator Going
    I purchased this calculator 12 years ago and still use almost daily. The keys still have a nice feel and the functions are logically layed out. Although it sits at my desk now it spent several years being transported to and from work in a backpack or briefcase. The only thing I don't use it for are business calculations. I have an HP10B for those. I can't say enough good things about the HP32SII....more info
  • A classic...
    In 1996 I was looking for a programmable calculator and realized I hadn't yet bought an HP. All my friends had raved about them over the years, but I've never been a heavy calcluator user--my needs were pretty well met by my old Sharp scientific. (I thought I'd lost the Sharp in a move, so I needed a new calculator.)

    I was shocked to learn HP had discontinued most of their non-graphical programmables except this one and the venerable financials (12C et al). (Which shows you how often I pay attention to this kind of stuff.) The 32SII was my (only) choice.

    It's their best RPN-based calc. It has many useful extras (equation solver with algebraic notation for equations, fraction mode, unit conversions) and the lack of menus is great. Physically it has held up very well; it spent many years riding around in my backpack along with a lot of other heavy things (bike lock, tools) on a daily basis with nary a problem.

    The only problem is a lack of memory, 384 bytes seriously limits how much of a program you can enter. But it's not horrible, and I''m pretty sure if you need to go over 384 bytes writing a "real program" on a "real computer" is a better alternative. Even a PDA is much faster and easier to program... and new ones cost less than the going prices for a "vintage" HP calc like the 32SII.

    Old HPs are slow compared to the new graphing calcs (a 39G+ runs circles around it) but the HPs are far more portable, have significantly longer battery lifetimes, and are much easier to use. I find the 32SII more useful than a grapher because of its small size and ease of use. I also believe RPN is more convenient when you're not working from pre-written equations.

    The software on most graphing calcs is too "bulky", they require too much effort and lose most of the convenience of a calculator. I usually have access to a laptop but I still keep a calculator handy--they're faster and easier for simple calculations, I even use it for base conversions and such.

    Unfortunately, old HPs are now collectors' items and are no longer affordable. I like and use mine but I wouldn't pay going prices for one. (But I'm never going to sell mine either.) The 33S is not a good alternative, the bizarre keyboard is almost unusable and it's a flimsy device.

    Does this spell the end of the RPN/programmable calculator? I believe so. They'll have their place in history beside the slide rules and the Monroes, but such a design will never be repeated again. They've been made obsolete by the ubiquity of computers, and the modern dogmas of "cheaper is better" and "planned obsolescence". Complex programming tasks can be done faster and more easily on a computer, there just isn't any real need for them anymore....more info
  • Ditto--real engineers use HP calculators like this one
    In a way I'm jealous of some of the folks reviewing HP's calculator line who have tried virtually the whole line of HP calculators. But then in a way I'm not because I found the best one right off the bat. I did have a 22S before my 32SII, and was very happy with it, but when it came time to replace it with this one I soon found that I had made an excellent choice. And now when I'm looking for a new one (just to see what's on the market, mind you) I see that HP still hasn't topped this calculator, judging from the reviews on the new ones. I'll never sell this baby; it'll stay right by my monitor at work, ready to quickly and effortlessly run numbers for me. I particularly like the keys, which are solid and have a good feel to them. This is a quality calculator....more info