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Allsop CD Laser-Lens Cleaner
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $3.85

You Save: $11.14 (74%)


Product Description

Insert like a CD and quickly and conveniently clean the laser lens for great sound

  • On-screen instructions in a choice of five languages
  • Multiple-aspect test of audio system
  • Four-step visual check of monitor performance

Customer Reviews:

  • works better than others
    i've used other similar cleaners. they all look alike in that they have several very tiny brushes that dust off the laser lens. so why is this one better? it's because of the length of the cleaning time. this one cleans longer and that does a better job.

    my dvd drive wasn't burning dvd's very well. i tried the memorex lens cleaner, but it didn't come close to cleaning the lens. it only dusts for a short time, maybe thirty seconds. this one cleaned for a long time, and my dvd drvie was very dusty to begin with.

    after one cleaning cycle i took out the disc and saw that there was a residue of dust behind each one of the little brushes. i cleaned the dust off the cd and ran it a second time. this time it came out clean and the dvd drive works again.

    it occurs to me that if you took the memorex cleaner and ran it for enough cycles it would probably clean just as well. if you have the a-b repeat play feature it would be easy to do....more info
  • Saved my MacBook Pro's disc drive
    My MacBook Pro's disc drive was totally on the fritz. It wouldn't burn any DVDs or CDs, and wouldn't even play most movie DVDs properly. I ran this cleaner in my computer for about 3 minutes, and it works perfectly now!...more info
  • Glad I Bought It!
    The CD player in my car went haywire. CD's were skipping and others wouldn't play at all. Thought maybe it may need a "clean up." WOW! Put this in the CD player...ran it twice. That's all it took. And to think, I was ready to pay to have a new one installed. Have to agree with others...don't buy a new CD player before trying this. Besides, the music on the CD isn't so bad either...yes...there's music on the CD cleaner....more info
  • Excellent on car audio cd's
    Worked very well for a car CD player. Recommend several applications for max effect. Over all a good product....more info
  • It did not clean my DVD player
    It says on the package that will clean lenses for both dvd and cd players. After running it three times the dvds on my dvd player still freezing scenes. It may work great for cd's. ...more info
  • Didn't work for me.
    Previous reviews said this works on computer drives so I tried it but no luck. Now the drive doesn't even recognize a DVD, only a CD. I can't say if it's any good because it wasn't good for me but just thought I'd share my experience....more info
  • Give this a try to restore your cd player
    I thought my expensive old Sony CD player was finished - it skipped and sound was not as good. Allsop restored the player to original good quality. I highly recommend this product....more info