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Toddlerz Push Toy - Corn Popper
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Product Description

This is probably the first toy that (no pun intended) pops into your mind when you hear the name Fisher-Price. Maybe this will jar your memory: the Push Toy Corn Popper has a long, blue handle (well, "long" if you're 3 years old), and rolls along on two brightly colored red/orange wheels while making great popping sounds as it bounces brightly colored balls inside a clear plastic bubble that's mounted above the wheels. So much for the technical specifications. There must be some unwritten law that every toddler has to have one of these. And with good reason. They're still fun! --Chris Livesay

Since 1957, kids haven't been able to resist the popping action of this push toy!

  • Push Toys: Balls strike plastic dome and create Poppity-Pop sound and action.
  • Balls strike the inside of the plastic dome when Corn Popper is pushed along
  • Preschool Classics Corn Popper
  • Part of Push Toys Assortment
  • Age Range 1 to 5 Years

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic toddler toy
    Our three children loved their "corn popper" push toy forty years ago -- and our 18 month old granddaughter does, too! Fads come and go, but this is a classic toy that continues to entertain children: Durable, safe, fun....more info
  • Occupies his time
    My 17 month old son received this from Grandma and Grandpa at Christmas and loves it! This toy will keep him happily occupied for a good 30 minutes. Minimum of parts to break, no batteries required. The value of this toy far outweighs the popping noise factor....more info
  • Not a favorite in our household.
    For the most part, this toy just sits in the corner of my kids play room collecting dust. My daughter received this as a gift for her first birthday. She is now three. She has played with it maybe a dozen times in all that time....more info
  • My Son is not leaving it anytime
    When my husband gave him this toy in the shop, he was not ready to give him back. Since then it is been his favourite toy. He loves its music, try to immitate the numbers, so very good for educational point of view plus good for exercise also as he walks a lot with it....more info
  • Must Have
    Every child needs one of these. All three of my kids loved it!...more info
  • Pop, pop, pop - this toy is the top!
    We had such fond memories of this toy from our childhoods that we purchased it for our eldest child, Thor, about ten years ago. He loved it so much we could always find him by following the gentle popping sound. Ten years and miles of happy play later, we bought a new one for our youngest, Qwerty. She loves it as much as her big brother did!...more info
  • great toy for the money
    my daughter received this toy on her 1st b-day, she plays with it for a few minutes every day, she received the one that counts to 10 and enjoys the popping sounds and bright colors that light up when she walks with it, I also think it will help her to count. my girlfriend's daughter has this one,and she loves it!!...more info
  • An oldie but Goody!
    I purchased this toy because I remember having one as a child and can see why these things are still around.

    It took my new walker a few days to learn how to push it but in the meantime she pulled it around. She loves when I run really fast around the house with it and will also push it herself, often aiming at the poor dog.

    For the price and quality of this toy, it is well worth the money....more info

  • It's a Classic!
    My 19 month old son LOVES to push things around, especially if he can make them crash into furniture, siblings, the poor dog, etc. This toy sure fits the bill! ...more info
  • classic
    This toy was always a favorite of mine. Its a good first push/pull toy. The popping balls is always very entertaining to small children. Its a good toy for eye hand coordination....more info
  • we still have the one we bought in 1997...
    and it's still in excellent, durable condition. My then 12 mos old found it and just decided it was the best toy! For Christmas, his nana bought him one too! SO now he has two and he loves them both! He could play with it for about an hour and he's only 17 mos old. Just toddling it about like a little lawn mower. I do have to say that my other two children were not as interested in the toy. Maybe they were, but my husband and I would put them up because they are VERY loud....more info
  • Just like mine when I was a kid!
    My twin girls each got one of these from my mother for their first birthday. My mom said I had one when I was little and I loved it! (Sorry, but I don't remember mom). Anyway, these were and still are a hit with my girls (now 16mo. old) -glad they each got one because its a hard toy to share. They have a blast chasing each other around the house with their poppers! A word of warning though, it is very noisy, esp. with two of them in the house! It's only a problem if I'm on the phone, other than that I'll take noisy poppers and laughter over crying any day! I expect that I must have loved this product as much as my girls do. After all, if they are still making them after 30 years there must be a reason. Great toy!...more info
  • Classic Entertainment
    I hesitantly picked this toy up for my daughter when she was 10 months old. I was worried that she wouldn't use it at all, since it didn't light up or make noises. I was so wrong! At 15 months, she still plays with this toy. In fact, I've had to hide it several times, just so I could get a little peace and quiet! It's loud, but it's fun too!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    This toy is still a winner after all these years. Our son now 2 still has great fun with it. He pushes it all over the house, up and down the street etc... He spotted it in a baby depot and started pushing it. Needless to say, it left the store with us popping the whole way. I rated the educational value a 4, pretty high, because I thought it taught cause and effect very well. The toy is durable, cheap, and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great toy... ours broke
    My now 20 month old son received this as a gift on his first birthday. He played with it more often than he did with most of his other toys. He had been walking for a few months, so it wasn't much of a helpful tool, but it was fun. Then one day (about 3 months later) his babysitters played a game with him where they chased him around the apartment with it. He had so much fun that from that point on he almost never put it down. Normally I would say that the sounds wouldn't bother me. However, he ran with it so fast and constant that it was enough to trigger a headache, and it drove my husband nuts. It was worth it though. He loved it so much. About four or five months after he received it, however, the spring that made it pop actually popped up into the clear bubble and didn't work anymore. We took it apart to see if we could fix it, but there was a bar inside that had broken in half. It couldn't be fixed. I know he used it all the time and ran fast, but I really thought it was indestructable until that day. He doesn't run around with it now, but he is still attached to it somehow. If he spots it he will take it and push it around, for a few seconds, until he remembers that it doesn't make noise any more. Then he'll set it down, and when we leave the room he'll make sure to take it with him again. (It's kind of sad, actually.) All in all though, I recommend this product. I just hope yours doesn't break! (It sounds like most of them last. We must have been the exception, having one that broke.)

    Case in point:
    Based on my experience, this is a fun, entertaining toy for babies/toddlers who recently learned how to walk. ...Just be prepared for the popping sound (which is very loud if run with but otherwise fine), and hope yours doesn't break.

    ...As far as educational value goes, it can be a teaching tool for words like fast, slow, quiet, loud, go, stop, etc. It's all about how you choose to use it. :)...more info

  • A physically fun toy!
    My daughter would run through the house with this! She's 2 now so not as interested, but it was fun while it lasted. This is not one of those toys that will keep them occupied for hours but all the running they'll do trying to make it make as much noise as possible will definitely help them expend physical energy. Worth the price!...more info
  • So simple yet so much fun (but noisy)
    My toddler LOVES this corn popper. Yes, it is loud but seeing him having so much fun with it, I gladly put up with the noise. He just loves running around the house pushing the corn popper. How simple, yet so much fun. I think this toy is a must. I would not spend the extra money on the electronic version though, we have both and he only goes for this one. Simplier is better in this case. This one has less weight to it, I think that's why he likes it better. No batteries and electronics to push around. You can't hear much anyway when the balls pop. I highly recommend this corn popper....more info
  • Old Toy Never Out of Style
    This is a toy I remember having as a child and now my son is enjoying too. This is still a great toy that will probably never go out of style....more info
  • Great toy!
    I remember having a corn popper when I was little and now my 11 month old has one. He loves to play with it and chase the cat!!! One great toy!!!...more info
  • Poor Quality
    We got the popper that counts to 10, as a gift for our now, 3 year old. She didn't use it that much, but the counting was annoying and then stopped completely (not a bad thing). Sometimes the popper part worked and sometimes it didn't. It was really frustrating, so we put it in the trash.
    I won't be getting one for our second daughter....more info
  • Great Toy!
    My daughter loves this toy. Her grandmother bought it for her as a toy to keep at their house, and it's the first thing she goes for when we get there! Great toy!...more info
  • Wonderful Toy
    Even my 2 year old son thought it was fantastic even though it was intended for my 9 month old daughter. We will get years and years of use out of this fantastic toy....more info