Push Around Buggy (Red)
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Product Description

Perfect for walks around the neighborhood or park, the Push Around Buggy is a colorful, comfortable ride-on for your little one. Parents control this cute coupe with a sturdy handle that can be removed and conveniently stored underneath the buggy. Beginner drivers "start" this buggy with a pretend click-start ignition key. Store additional supplies or goodies in a special compartment under the front hood. Includes a seat belt for extra security and a steering wheel with honking horn. Measures approximately 43.5" x 18.5" x 34.5". Minimal adult assembly required.

When it's time to go outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise, the Push Around Buggy from Step2 is ready to roll. Just slip baby in the generous molded seat, hook up the seat belt, grab the handle, and go! While you actually steer, baby can pretend to drive (and can even start the fun with a nifty ignition key). When there's an obstacle in the way or a friend passing by, baby can honk the horn. The buggy rolls smoothly and surely on four oversize poly wheels. A small trunk in the front can hold a few travel items. Both durable and fun, this sweet red and blue Push Around Buggy is a winner. The extra-long handle is removable and can be stored underneath the buggy. --N. Mered

  • Steering wheel with honking horn
  • Storage space under the hood
  • Seat belt holds children in place
  • Removable handle allows for easy transport

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun but bumpy
    My daughter loves this car but if only it wasn't so bumpy and noisy on pavement. That is my only complaint. But a good toy for the $....more info
  • This Is An Awsome Toy-long lasting-Takes a Beating!
    We bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday. From the time we seat-belted her in and her teenage brother took her '4 wheeling' thru the bumpy grassy lawn, around the concrete of our pool she was hooked. I have taken it to the mall several times, in lieu of a stroller. She doesn't get as bored or fussy in it. She is now 4, barely fits in it, and STILL loves to be pushed in it. It has sat in the sunshiney summer sun, been covered in 3d foam stickers with her name all over it, ran up and down the asphalt street, left out in the snow and rain. It is one sturdy little toy car! Best toy of her childhood I would have to say for the money. Better than the cozy coup, or any of the other push ride on toys. I do wish they'd make some sort of accessory attachment for a drink holder or hook for bags at the mall. Because it is much more fun than a stroller. It's a blast at the park. Great toy!...more info
  • 10-month-old loves it
    We bought this on a whim for our 10 month baby and he fits perfectly. He seems to enjoy it better than his strollers during walks because he has a better view of everything around him. The buggy is all plastic, has no steering, and isn't the easiest to navigate corners with...but my only real complaint is that it's pretty noisy and we live in an apartment complex so we're more aware of the sound of air-filled plastic tires clunking and grinding along the sidewalk. Still, I love this product because my son does. He's always calmed and content in his little car. I feel he's in there securely with his seat belt and he doesn't want to leave it anyway....more info
  • Fun little ride!
    My b/g twins love their little cars. I realize I'm pushing two kids at the same time but the plastic wheels are a little loud on pavement.

    I'm glad I bought them!...more info
  • Great Little Car
    I did a lot of research on toddler push cars and decided to let the amazon reviews guide me on this purchase. I'm glad I did. The reviews are quite accurate. My 12 month old loves this car and so do the other neighborhood kids. All the little ones want their turn. I love the seat belt - keeps him safe. The handle is great too. I'm tall (5' 8") and I worried that I would have to bend down to use the handle. Not at all - it is the perfect height - even for moms tall as me. So why 4 stars...I agree with others this little ride is quite loud on the sidewalk and driveway. In and of itself not so bad - but we often find ourselves in a caravan or wagon train with lots of other moms and kids and I can't hear anybody when I'm pushing this car. I have to strain to hear, ask people to repeat themselves and finally I just stop so that I can hear. Not a reason not to buy the car...just know this going in and you can make the best of an overall awesome little ride....more info
  • Excellent
    Every parent should own one of these. This thing is great! It is made by step two and I think all their items are even made in America! Wow the concept. But I am not sure at the moment. Dont quote me. ...more info
  • Fun for your little guy or gal!
    We got this for my son for walks around the neighborhood as a change from his stroller. He really likes riding in it and "steering" the car. The hood is great for taking snacks/toys with us and it is very sturdy. As other reviewers have mentioned though, it is very loud on the pavement. Not really a problem during the day, but it has ruled out our night walks. The decals and everything look brand new and we have had this for over a year now. The handle seems a little flimsy, but definetly does the job. We thought we were going to be able to take the handle off and he would be able to push himself around when he got bigger, but the siderails keep him from touching the ground (this is a good thing when going for a walk, but bad for him using it on it's own.) Great deal for the price, but you may also want to consider the the Little Tykes cozy convertible is you are looking for something they can use on their own (The floorboards are removable.) Hope this helps!...more info
  • A very happy grand-daughter!!
    This push around buggy was a HUGE hit! We used it the day after Christmas, and if one person asked, 50 asked. "Where did you get that, it is so cute and convenient." It's very durable, and the colors are brilliant. I highly recommend this product. My little grand-daughter loves it! ...more info
  • HIGHLY Recommend this Buggy for your Little Princess
    I bought this for my 10 month old baby and it is really cute. She got on and did not want to get off. The only burden I saw was the seat belt it is very difficult to assemble. You have to screw the seat belt on to the buggy. It has 2 big screws one for each side of the seat belt. And you need to use a small screwdriver because it is difficult to get a screwdriver in straight to begin screwing on the screws. I think Step 2 should just have those screwed on already. This is the only flaw I seen but other than that it is pure joy for your baby and you. ...more info
  • What a find!
    I purchased this car for my (now 14-month old) son when he was 10 months old and had been walking for a month. After 4 months he still absolutely loves it, and the parents of 4 of his friends bought the same car when they saw how much their sons loved it as well. Everytime we take the car to the park children of all ages coming racing up and want to ride in it and push one another around. It is sturdy, light enough to carry up stairs if needed, and has a cute little storage compartment under the hood that my son loves storing balls and sand toys in. I am starting to see this car more and more around our neighborhood (I think they all saw ours and went for it!) and every time I see a toddler in it they are beaming and happy. The steering wheel turns and the horn makes a (soft and cure) "beep" when it is pressed. This is one of the best toys we ever bought for our son and I recommend it highly....more info
  • great toy!we love it!
    I bought this toy for my 10 months old son.the minute I put him in it he loves it!So easy to push,it has a seat belt so it makes the baby feeling secure and mommy too!love it!just the only thing that it is pretty loud because the wheel are plastic but it doesnt metter that much.overall we will recommend it to everybody....more info
  • Baby Pleaser
    I purchased this for my daughter's first birthday and she loves it. We use it to walk to the park and she feels like she is a big kid like her brother and sister. She likes to put stuff in the trunk as well. Downfalls is that my husband is too tall to use the handle he has to scruntch over. I'm 5'2" and it is perfect for me and there is no other stage for it. Meaning you the child can't make it go herself without being in a very uncomfortable position. If you think of it as another stroller you and your baby will enjoy it....more info
  • item was received incomplete
    would have loved the item except that amazon shipped the item missing the handle, the seat belt, and the decals - therefore, we ended up having to ship the item back to amazon at a cost of almost as much as the item was worth! So far we have not received a credit for the item OR the shipping so we are REALLY dissatisfied customers!...more info
  • So much fun for my daughter
    This toy is a lifesaver for me. We got it for our 1 year old daughter. I think it has become her very favorite toy. Construction is excellent on this; the chubby wheels are solid and roll easily in the street (but they are so loud, that everybody hear the buggy) or around the house, even on thick carpeting. The long handle makes it a cinch for mom and dad to push and the little storage compartment in front is perfect for a little bottle, your keys if you're just taking a quick stroll, or even a quick diaper change. The seat is just the right width to keep tiny tushies secure, and the adjustable seatbelt fits pefectly. Colors are very appealing too, and the removable handle makes storage convenient. I would recommend this to any parent who loves to spend time outdoors without a stroller. ...more info
  • Nice change from average stroller, but LOUD
    I bought this car for my 21 month old bc she was tired of riding in her stroller and enjoyed riding in the mall "cars". This car is durable and the cost is good, but be warned that it is very loud. If you don't mind pushing something that sounds like a freight train, it is easy to steer and the handle is nice and tall. My only other negative is that the foot area is not enclosed and my child throws her feet out onto the ground while it is moving when she wants out. ...more info
  • Red Push Buggy
    This item is fantastic. It's just the right size, not too small or too large. The handle is the perfect size for parents to push their child around. The wheels are plastic so it can get loud when you push it over concrete sidewalk, hard surface. Overall, great product....more info
  • My son LOVES this
    My son was getting on other children's push around buggies at the park until I decided to get his own. He LOVES his buggy and we ride it to go to the park. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Push Around Buggy (pink)
    Our grandaughter loves to be able to "drive" as we push her. Buggy is durable and great for toddler age....more info
  • best gift at the 1st bday party
    I bought this for my niece's first birthday and it was a huge hit among her and all of the other kids at the party- they all started fighting over it! I had thought my niece would use it mostly in the summertime outside, but she has been in it nonstop in the house! she loves to be pushed in it and look around at everything....so if you are shopping for a 1-year-old or up I highly recommend it- and it came alot sooner than I thought it would....more info
  • Loved it
    My daughter loved this. She is now 2omths old and can't use it. She got very upset when she saw it and tried to get on it (her feet are too big) so we had to put it up. We got her the car tho that she can get in and go by herself....more info
  • Best present at the party!
    I bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday and it was the best present there. Everyone took a turn taking her for a stroll as she waved with both hands to all of us...she loves it!...more info
  • So Worth It!!
    My daughter got this car for her first birthday, and has been the best thing she has ever gotten. She absolutely loves it. We go for long walks in it and she does not ever get tired of it. When not in use, she likes to put things in the "trunk" and push her dolls around. She is approaching her second birthday now and still loves it just as much as the day she got it. It is somewhat noisy on sidewalks, but she loves it so much it is overlooked. Great Car!!!...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    My daughter loves this little buggy. It is the best investment I have made as far as toys. I took it to her daycare and they turned around and bought one. It's awesome. She loves to ride in it. It's closer to the ground and gives her more to look at than a stroller. I would buy another one in a minute....more info
  • Good Purchase!!!
    I brought this for my son's birthday and he loves it. When I am pushing him and I stop he starts crying until I start pushing him again. He loves it!!! It does make a little noise when you are pushing it on the road but besides that it is a good little buggy. Another thing it comes with a seatbelt and I love that. It takes away my worries from him falling out of it. Highly recommend!!!! ...more info
  • Around the block!
    Hard to get this item- My daughter looks so cute in this little pink car! Driving around my kitchen! LOL...more info
  • Pink car
    My little one year old loves her pink car. She gets in her little car and yells for someone to push her. ...more info
  • Happy, Independent Toddler!
    My 2yr old nephew got this from grandma his first birthday and he still loves it! He not only loves riding in it but now loves pushing it to. He will either push it using the handle or I will easily remove the handle so he can push just the car. He loves to ride everytime he visits grandma (which is 2-3x p/wk). He is small for his age so it still fits him just fine.

    My only concern is that there is no brake on it so when he tries to climb in on his own it will start to roll. The older and more independent he gets the more he tries to climb in on his own. We have put it inside the garage so it is not as easily accessible to him.

    During the summer the buggy is only used in the mornings and evenings because without a sunshade the buggy becomes too hot. The sunshade you can buy to go on the buggy only provides minimal protection.

    Fun, durable toy that continues to provide many hours of entertainment and is a great alternative to a stroller!

    FYI-Watch out for other toddlers at the park who are going to climb in it, all the kids love it....more info
  • She loves it.
    I got this as a means to get my daughter out of the stroller into something different. We took her out around the neighborhood trick or treating this year. So much fun.
    I wish it had some sort of way of locking the wheels so they did not role, but no big deal. Fun toy!!...more info
  • Push Buggy
    We lovvvvvvvvvvve this car! I loved this car with other peoples babies in it before mine. My baby loves it, everyone we pass loves it. I guess its just such a nice change from the stroller all the time. We use it everyday to walk to get big sister from school. We have had it over a year now. My baby is 2 and still has plenty of room! I think we are going to just keep it around for visiting kids or grandkids in the future! Great toy....more info