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Right off the top of your head name a restaurant, fruit, toy, Halloween costume, and weaponand make sure your answers all begin with the same initial letter. There are 144 different categories to challenge your mind. It is for 2 to 6 players. The Package contents: six folders, 36 category cards, two answer pads, six pencils, 20-sided die, six plastic clip strips, timer and die-rolling and rules board. Color of parts may vary.

Scattergories is a fast-paced word game that's a real crowd pleaser. Each player takes a category list with 12 categories--such as vegetable, state, president, things you throw away--and must write down the name of one item that fits into each category. Sounds easy enough, but each item has to begin with a specific letter that is determined when the 20-sided die is rolled. For instance, you roll the letter "R." Your answer list for the above categories might look something like this: rutabaga, Rhode Island, Roosevelt, rubbish, etc. You have to think fast, because a round lasts only 3 minutes! Players score points for each unique answer. --Alison Golder

  • The classic fast-thinking categories game
  • Match categories using words that start with the same letter
  • Now with more categories for extended play
  • Includes 6 folders, 48 category cards, 1 answer pad, 6 pencils, 10-sided die, 6 plastic clip strips, timer, die-rolling board, and instructions
  • For 2 to 6 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game
    This is such a fun game, I have loved it ever since I was nine when I first found it. You have to match the catergories to the previously chosen letter, and you have to be quick because you only have 3 minutes. You also have to be creative because you want to get different answers than the other people playing. This game is great, especially for people who don't like traditional, Monopoly-type board games (I don't). It's a good game to play with a group when things start to get boring, I bet you'll be far from bored after a few rounds of Scattergories....more info
  • Word Play!
    This is a great game for anyone who likes word games, like Boggle or Scrabble. In this game, however, istead of finding or creating words, you recall them and write them down. A letter is selected by rolling a goofy-shaped die which bears a letter on each of its many sides (not all letters in the alphabet are included). The group or leader of the game chooses a card with categories. For instace, one may include items such as: Superhero; Food; City; School Subject; and so on. For each of these, you jot down a word or phrase beginning with the letter shown face-up on the die. Let's say the letter is: M. You can put Mighty Mouse as a Superhero (and if memory serves me right, you get two points since Mighty and Mouse BOTH begin with the selected letter 'M'), Meatloaf for food, Milwaukee for city, and Mathematics for school subject. You get the idea, I'm sure. If you are playing with kids, you may want to make your own cards with categories that suit their interests and learning level (superhero, lunch meat, toy/game, color, food, animal, etc...). There are now young Scattergories games too.

    This is a fun group game that can go rather quickly....more info
  • Fun, but gets repetitive
    Great game, especially if you only have 2 people! Can get repetitive after awhile but overall worthwhile :) ...more info
  • Fun
    This gameis realy fun! You woill like this game....more info
  • Scattergories- fun for the whole family
    Whe picked up this game after playing it at a cousin's house during a family party. The younger children were on teams with the adults so everyone could play. We had a blast! It was so much fun to play and the best part was arguing why your answer is correct or why someone else's answer is incorrect. This game is best for ages 10 and up, but younger children can always be on teams. Three year olds can also feel included in the game by let them roll the dice. After buying the game, we play it at our family gatherings or birthday parties. We even played it on New Year's Eve while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Scattergories is a must-buy! ...more info
  • This game is so much fun!
    Even though it's been at our house for a while, my kids still ask to play this! It really challenges the brain to think under pressure! Great fun! ...more info
  • looking for the junior version
    We have loved this game for years. My second grader has just started playing the junior version in her classroom. I have hunted all over our area for this game with no luck in finding it. ......more info
  • One of the funnest party games that I've played!
    This game is one of FUNnest games that I've played. The concept of the game is pretty simple and makes it easy for any beginner to get going from game one. You need to be really witty and creative to come up with non-duplicate items. And boy the 3 minutes does go by pretty fast. The game comes with a timer and the influence of the timer is probably under rated. The ticking sound that the timer makes adds to the excitement of the game (especially when ticking goes faster and faster towards the end). If you like to play games and have a nice set of friends, please pick this up. Great game! ...more info
  • This is the most fun game
    I love this game. Our family plays it often, so ours is very worn out. It is the original. But it is so much fun, we made our own lists, and it is cool. Get it....more info
  • Even people who don't like to play games like this one!
    There are a few people in our extended family who simply don't enjoy playing board games or even party games of any type. However, these same people have loved playing Scattergories. It is simple in concept but challenging to the intellect. Also, it just ends up being hilarious to hear the answers that people come up with. This is the game our family has enjoyed playing more than any other game.

    A must have for your game collection!...more info
  • We like this game.
    This is a not too difficult family or party game, good for adults and children....more info
  • Family Fun!
    This is a great game for families! Just fill in words that match the subject and letter. Easy words are worth equal points so children can easily play along....more info
    The game is a blast! To play with larger crowds I photo copy the answer sheets and lists, seperate them into bundles, and the extra people get to play along. This works better than teams in my opinion. Also per round I have people circle each "correct" answer then tally up winner for round and give winner a bingo chip. Person with most chips after the 12 lists winds the gaame! No more annoying paper scoring.
    One thing is, you better decide on a system for veto-ing answers. I use a simple hand raise vote. I am a big fan of the "creative" answer but some people just are not. If there is a question of an answer being valid just have all those in favor raise there hands.
    Great game, great fun. Needs expansion packs! ...more info
  • A lot of fun for the whole family
    I played this with my children and we had a lot of fun. I recommand it for the whole family....more info
  • Great fun for mixed age groups
    This game is one that can be played in teams (combine points) or with individuals. It was easy to play this with a mixed group of people, we did it with a group of 8-65 year olds and all had fun.

    It was exceptionally funny to see the different takes the ages would use. On one of the items where we had rolled an L both Mom and Dad had linoleum my nephew was asking what that was. Needless to say M&D were annoyed as they each thought they would have a unique word. But serious fun was had by all.

    If you want a fast paced fun timed game this one is for you....more info
  • Great in Teams!
    I'm always intrigued when I read of folks playing this game as individuals . . . I've only played it with teams (usually of 3 players each).

    I host a potluck dinner and "game night" at my home every couple of months . . . sometimes a mixed group of singles and couples, sometimes friends bring their children, sometimes just a group of women friends . . . after dinner and chat we move on to the game for the evening . . . we have tried several different games, but have settled on Scattergories as one of our favorites --- it is easy to play in teams and the answers are creative and fun (with few blank spots when the timer stops!)

    Each team designates one person to write while all the team comes up with answers . . . some teams have one person start at the bottom of the list while another starts at the top and they meet in the middle . . . we have found that with team play some like to move away from the table for the fill in portion of the game (into the family room, out onto the deck, etc.).

    What's great about this game is that it's fun to play with all ages . . . the kids get to see adults having fun (and not taking themselves too seriously) everyone gets to play and no one is ever made to feel foolish or stupid. Even friends who think that they don't like to play games because they aren't competitive enough have enjoyed this game when played in a team....more info
  • Great Learning Game
    I homeschool my two boys and sometimes we play this game for school. It is fun and very competitive. We set out to play 1 round and we end up playing for hours....more info
  • From the Board Games Editor at
    This game is a modern classic in the world of party games. Players compete to try to fill in a unique answer for 12 different categories per round, all starting with the same letter. It's not as easy as it sounds, but it's loads of fun.

    One of the best things about this game is its portability. Due to the fact that there is no central game board, rather, each player has their own little folio with answer sheets, it can easily be played from every seat in the minivan (except the driver, of course). It can make long hours of driving much less tedious. It can be played on airplanes as well, but don't try to bring the electric timer, even if it gets past security (as ticking things tend NOT to), it's loud and slightly obnoxious to other passengers. Instead, steal an old-fashioned hourglass timer from another game (or an hourglass egg timer from the kitchen) and bring that instead. ...more info
  • Good clean Addictive fun!
    Love it! The object is to be as creative within the time limits with the catergories and letter given. If you get the same answer as another player, your answer is disqualified. Not only is this game a great family/party/anytime game, it really is fun and somewhat educational. Beware though, it's easy to get sidetracked with laughter and life stories at some of the answers your friends and family will come up with. ...more info
  • Scattergories: a game for (almost) all ages
    Scattergories is a word game that you can play with friends and family of any age from sub-teens to octogenarians. The play moves along smartly and scoring your word lists creates a lot of spirited give-and-take among the players. The loud tick-tick-tick of the timer is the only negative we've found--the ticking adds a layer of anxiety that subtracts a bit from the fun. An egg timer might be a better choice. ...more info
  • Perfect family game
    This game is great. It is difficult to find games our kids can play competively with us. This one fits the bill. I will be buying this for our friends and family this year....more info