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Two high school grads lose their girlfriends and go to all lengths to win them back. Seeking recovery and regeneration within the comforting confines of the mall the two friends elicit the help of their radically delinquent friends leading to a series of memorable misadventures. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 01/27/2009 Starring: Jeremy London Shannen Doherty Run time: 96 minutes Rating: R Director: Kevin Smith

Sophomore jinx hit hard in this second film by Kevin Smith, whose debut Clerks transcended the limits of its setting and budget to become something memorably funny. (Smith followed Mallrats with the wonderful Chasing Amy, so Mallrats definitely had the old curse.) A ramshackle comedy set in a mall, the film follows several story lines involving lovers, enemies, friends, goofballs, and Smith's own "silent" character, who also appeared in Clerks and Chasing Amy. A heavy self-consciousness weighs on everything, as if Smith forgot how to make obscenity funny instead of tedious. Still, it's nice to see some of the director's film family on screen, among them Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Two versions, one clearly better
    Mallrats X.
    I learned in the 11 minute Kevin Smith intro to the "extended" version that the original thaterical release wasn't even his cut. They forced some strange dude to edit the theatrical release for him. The "extended" version, exclusive to this DVD, is his. And it is awesome. It feels like Kevin Smith made it. The story feels more complete.
    I used to wonder why Brandi and TS were already breaking up in the opening scenes before we even got to know them as a couple, but not anymore. I used to wonder why Svenning's stage was so gay and pink, well there's a reason that the theaterical version failed to communicate.
    The only problem I have with the product is the inside of the DVD case, the piece in the middle that clips the DVD, won't let go of the DVD. You can't just press down on it to make the DVD pop out. It almost cracked the first time I pulled it out....more info
  • Mallrats rocks!
    I've only just seen Mallrats,but I've seen a whole bunch of other Jay and Silent Bob movies.I just have to say Mallrats is one of Kevin Smith's best films,beside Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.I especially love the parts portrayed by Jason Lee and Jeremy London.You have to buy this movie!...more info
  • a questionable flop
    the thing about this confuses me, kevin smith claims that this was a box office flop . but most of the kevin smith fans think mallrats is the best (i think different but is the second best)
    im haveing a hard time figureing out why it was sutch a big flop. ...more info
  • "I love the smell of commerce in the morning!"
    I've been a Kevin Smith fan since the fifth grade, when a viewing of "Chasing Amy" changed my life forever. Since then, I've purchased all his films and enjoyed them immensely - with the exception of "Mallrats". For some reason, I just never got around to seeing it. But then I heard that the 10th Anniversary Edition was coming out, so I scurried out to the stores and after a little searching around, I found it. As soon as I got home, I popped the DVD in the player, sat down in a comfy recliner, and finally watched the one Kevin Smith movie I hadn't seen.

    "Mallrats" revolves around T.S. Quint (Jeremy London) and Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee). (Get it? Brodie and Quint? Like in "Jaws"? Yeah.) T.S. is about to take his girlfriend, Brandi (Claire Forlani), to Florida, where he intends to propose to her. But her father's plans get in the way and lead to a heated argument, which ends with Brandi dumping T.S. It just so happens that at the same time, T.S.'s best friend, Brodie, has been dumped by his girlfriend Rene (Shannon Doherty). What are these two friends to do? Why, go to the mall, of course.

    Throughout the rest of the film, T.S. and Brodie try to find a way to patch up their relationships while getting involved in all sorts of trouble at the mall. Everyone's favorite stoners, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith himself), show up. There's all sorts of lovely connections with other events mentioned in the films and some subtle references to other Smith movies - including one at the end of the film, an unintentional foreshadowing of what was to come in the View Askew semi-finale, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".

    The cast is fine. Doherty, Forlani, a young Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, and Stan Lee (yes, the comic book guy) all give good performances. Ethan Suplee is very funny as William Black, who is tormented by the fact that he can't see the sailboat in a "Hidden Image" portrait. The highlight of the film, without a doubt, is Jason Lee. Lee, as always, delivers an outrageous, hilarious, absolutely perfect performance as the wisecracking, rude Brodie Bruce. Priscilla Barnes makes a brief appearance as a fortune teller with ... special attributes.

    So is "Mallrats" Smith's best film? Heck, no. People who had just seen "Clerks." were very disappointed, and I can see why. Critics bashed the film and it flopped at the box office. But on video, it became a huge smash, and this I can understand as well. While "Mallrats" is arguably Smith's worst film, it's funny as hell. The film is full of absolutely hilarious moments. If you're looking for a film to entertain you and leave you out of breath from laughter, this is the movie for you.

    Personally, I loved "Mallrats". It's easy to see why so many loyal Kevin Smith fans have embraced the film. Laughs-a-plenty and Jason Lee. What more could you ask for?


    DVD: The 10th Anniversary DVD contains a load of nifty special features, including a two-hour plus extended cut of the film (which I look forward to watching), as well as a Q&A session and numerous interviews. There's also outtakes and some neat easter eggs. Fans of the film, or of Kevin Smith in general, won't want to pass this baby up....more info
  • New and semi improved 10th Anniversary Edition
    Although I am a big fan of Mallrats I disliked the new edition for reason that I will exslain, but I did like the new special features that were on this new cut.

    For the bad part first, I very much disagreed with the new extended edition because it didn't have anything to do with the incident of Julie Dwyers death which had lots to do in the clerks movie as well. But the movie still has the original on it as well so no worries.

    The good news is the special features have been upgraded to include A Q&A with Kevin Smith. Which I found quit hilarious.

    So sit Back and relax and enjoy the beauty of Mallrats!...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    One of Kevin Smith's lesser works, Mallrats sometimes suffers from poor acting (though admittedly it's hard to make Smith's hyper-cool dialogue sound spontaneous) and isn't terribly well plotted, but it's a reasonably entertaining film....more info
  • cult-tastic
    this movie reminds me of being thirteen and searching the local video store for hidden gems on a summer night. this was the begining of my love of kevin smith movies. buy this movie....more info
  • Classic Kevin Smith
    Any fan of Kevin Smith knows that all his movies link or reference each other in some form. This is a quintessential piece to the collection. My boyfriend would probably give this 5 stars. I am being a tad reserved, only because I am a bigger fan of other Kevin Smith movies more. First of all being Clerks...the best! Also love Dogma, Chasing Amy...actually, I love all of them! ...more info
  • "I love the smell of commerce in the morning."
    I must say that it's suprising to me that this movie bombed. It seems that the immature humor and basic "dick and fart jokes" would have the puerile minds of the regular patrons of the cinema rolling in the aisles. Now don't get the wrong idea I am NOT bashing this movie...I loved it, I think Kevin Smith is a comedic genius and his verbose dialogue a modern marvel, his facial expressions alone are enough to make milk come out of my nose. This is definitely a good buy and one of my favorite movies because of the simple fact that I don't have to be in the mood to watch it. I can pop it in at any time and be completely amused for the next 94 minutes. Although I am of the belief that Chasing Amy is one of the best movies I've ever viewed though not for the same reason, this one is definitely worth a look as are all other Kevin Smith movies (yes, even Jersey Girl)....more info
    The movie is great. The extendend edition explains a little better the final cut. Watch both!...more info
  • "That Kid Is Back On The Escalator!"
    Well, folks, it's been ten years since the would-be cult classic "Mallrats" bombed both critically and at the box office. To celebrate such failure, director Kevin Smith and company have erected a brand new double-dip...errr...I mean special edition DVD. Aside from the usual distractions (i.e. featurettes, commentary), the main attraction is an all new extended-cut of the flick, done by Kevin Smith himself. This new cut (don't fret, the original remains intact on the opposite side of the disc) integrates deleted footage and alternate takes into what ends up being a sprawling two hour and three minute epic. Think James Cameron re-editing "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." Ok, maybe not that big of a deal, but it's still cool, nevertheless. The "Extended Version" is (as Smith describes it in his introduction) basically the script put to screen. The "new" film is just as funny, and actually, better. I never had a problem with the original "Mallrats," but for some reason, this version feels more complete -- or incomplete? Watch the introduction...

    The film, whichever version you choose, is classic Kevin Smith. As a follow-up to "Clerks," it suffers, but if you want to be entertained and want to laugh, this is the right place to come. The story is centered on two slackers, who are both dumped at the same time and come to the mall to cope. Along the way, they run into friends, enemies, crooked security guards, nerdy comic book fans, Stan Lee, and the infamous Jay And Silent Bob. Dick and fart jokes ensue. Not only is it Smith's first "colored" flick, but it is also his first time working under a studio, and his first time working with View Askew regulars Ben Affleck and Jason Lee (who play enemies in this movie). These two findings were pure gold. Ben Affleck would go on to give Smith his finest performances in "Chasing Amy" and "Jersey Girl," while Lee establishes himself as being outright hilarious and natural, right off the bat in this movie. The film itself is not without it's flaws, but the old saying goes "Time heals all wounds." When this movie first came out, it tanked, and it tanked hard. Now, ten years later, it has it's own cult audience, and surely, Kevin Smith has recovered from the initial disappointment. Hell, at the very least, it's good enough to warrant a revisiting on DVD.

    If you owned the original DVD, you can give it up soundly when you by this DVD. Aside from a few minor things (i.e. the multi-angle commentary), most of the special features are intact with this new release. While not as extensive as last years "Clerks X" release, it still offers a bounty of supplemental material. The highlight being the "Mallrats Reunion Q & A" where the cast and crew get together for one big interview. Also, as mentioned before, the "Extended Version" of this film is also worth checking out if you are a diehard Kevin Smith fan. However, I have to warn, if you already own the first DVD and are just a mild Kevin Smith fan, you will probably be safe leaving this re-release alone. For me, and other people who just have to hear everything that comes out of his mouth, however, it is worth buying into the evil double dip....more info
  • The Sleeper hit of the 90s
    Being a very hard critic of comedy films, I hope that people take that into concideration when I call this film a great comedy with memorable Characters, excellent dialogue, and a stellar cast.
    The film is built around the premise of two friends who lose their girlfriends the same day and spend the rest of the film trying to get them back. This is all played out with the local mall as the the backdrop. As I said before, the characters are memorable. Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith whose also the director)are scene steelers. I defy anyone not to memorize the phrase "Snootchie Bootchie Nootchies". As for the rest of the cast Ben Afleck is a credible villan. Shannon Doherty is in prime form. Jeremy London(TS) is hilarious and Jason Lee as Brodie puts in a legendary performance. Its rude, Its crude, but its also a comedy gem....more info
  • Kevin Smith's best
    Mallrats is by far and away Kevin Smith's best and funniest movie. Jason Lee steals this movie as the loud mouthed, comic book collecting Brodie. The fact that this movie survived and was even enhanced by mediocre actors such as Jeremy London, Claire Forlani, and Joey Lauren Adams says a lot about the script and Smith casting these people in the perfect role.

    TS (London) and Brodie get dumped by there girls on the same morning and decide to heal at the mall. Brodie's antics and his almost fight outside the comic book store are pure gold. They both end up on Brandi's (Forlani) dad's game show that's being broadcast from the mall. Comedy ensues.

    If you watch only one Kevin Smith movie, watch this one (actually, this is the only one really worth watching and it's all encompassingly worth it)....more info
  • Somebody tell me!
    "Mallrats" is absolutely the finest feature film I was ever in (as a matter of fact, it's the ONLY feature film I was ever in, outside of singing, anonymously, on a few soundtracks). What I wanna know is, am I in this edition? Those of you who have the original DVD will have noticed (in the "deleted scenes" section) the two network execs trying to crawl into the basement window with contract offers for "Mr. Quint" - This scene was deleted because of script alterations. If you've seen the new edit, please report: Has this "basement scene" been re-instated in the film "proper"? or does it still just exist as a "deleted" scene? This is important to me: I'm the first executive in the window! If I'm in the new edit, I'm buying this here DVD!! - For those of you who are interested in such things, I should tell you that I briefly met Jason Lee, just prior to shooting the scene, and he seemed to be a very nice guy. Happy to see he's become such a success on TV....more info