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The measure of a good game, like a good movie or book, is the emotional and, sometimes, physical response it elicits. Syphon Filter will literally make your pulse race. As counterterrorist special agent Gabe Logan, you must eliminate an evil terrorist determined to unleash a deadly virus in our nation's capital. Syphon Filter features the smoothest, slickest motion capture of any PlayStation game. Gabe seems to come alive as he seamlessly connects acrobatics such as running, crouching, rolling, and hanging from pipes. As in a good action film, there's an impressive arsenal of firepower that ranges from stealthy night-vision sniper rifles to high-impact, short-range shotguns.

But this game's landmark contribution is its targeting control, which enables Gabe to lock and hold on to a target while freely moving in any direction, eliminating the hassle of adjusting the viewpoint to face his enemies. There are plenty of surprises, but all the goals are evident, and your partner, Lian Xing, keeps things rolling along with radio messages of changing mission objectives. Everything in this game plays smoothly: the story line fits, the action moves at a steady clip, it just works. --Jeff Young


  • Fluid, stylish animation
  • Useful weaponry and contextual puzzles
  • Excellent level design
  • Occasional slowdown when many enemies are onscreen at the same time
  • No 2-player mode

Customer Reviews:

  • hard to finish
    i have not finished the game stuck on level where you have to fallow the guy to the secret meating don't know what to do aftery you kill the guy in the meating room and get to the room that's all red and get to the door how do you get the security door open hope fully you can help...more info
  • I think the best spy/shooter game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was so fun it is a game that is hard to stop playing,very cool intense parts, and adding it up super good game!!!!!...more info
    I recently bought a Playstation and bought this game as well. With a lot of missions, this game has as much AI anyone could want. It doesn't have difficulty modes and it doesn't have a multiplayer mode either. It has a few scattered cuss words but not that many. The graphics aren't the best, but this game will last you a long time. The controls are smooth and it has a good story line. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. Out of all the games I've played, this is the best. I would advise you to buy it. (for the price, what could you lose?)...more info
  • The best
    Syphon Filter is the best playstation game ever made. It's intense fast paced and has something for almost everyone. I would say it's even better then the second game, I play some levels over and over. If you like shoot'em ups and can stand a little blood this is a must. I rented this game and after returning it, I went back to Tomorrow Never Dies. It was like going back to a Neon after driving a Porch....more info
  • Syphon Filter Franchise -- Best Games on the Playstation
    The Syphon Filter games are by far the best games on the Playstation. Resident Evil and its offspring are slow and confusing to play, because of bad controls and camera angles. They are also boring and rigid. The Metal Gear games are hard, unrealistic, and the characters, dialogue, and story are cheesy. I hate the Metal Gear games with a passion. The graphics are cartoonish too. The Syphon Filter games excel where the aforementioned games fail.

    The Syphon Filter games use real weapons, real settings (not fake places with stupid names like Raccoon City), and believable characters (without cheesy names like Solid Snake, those damn Japanese!) and let you kill as many guys as you want without having to solve gay little puzzles and jump through hoops. The Syphon Filter games are challenging without being impossible, and fun, because everyone enjoys killing terrorists and blowing apart buildings. The controls and aiming are perfect on Syphon, something I can't say for Resident Evil and Metal Gear. The story is actually believable, and the dialogue is realistic and not laughably stupid.

    Syphon Filter, the original, is the hardest of the three games because you're not allowed to save as much, but Syphon 2 is the most fun. Syphon 3 has a terrible story but is stil fun, because you get to kill a lot of people. You stupid video game companies! Don't you get it? We don't want to walk around solving gay little puzzles! We want to shoot guns, use a lot of ammo, and destroy as much as we possibly can. The dual player mode on Syphon 2 and 3 is really fun. I love killing my brothers on it. The graphics on Syphon suck at times, but it doesn't detract from the gameplay. Best games on the Playstation. Trust me....more info
  • Stop reading this and click on ORDER!
    I'll say it simply, Syphon Filter ROCKS! I have heaps of playstation games, and this is easily one of the greatest. After I got it, I played it non-stop until the end and I still love it.

    Many people compare Syphon Filter to Metal Gear Solid, but they must have been playing a different version than I was. I have both games, and I think they are completely different. Sure, in both games your a covert special operations guy, but that's where the similarities end. Metal Gear Solid is based around sneaking, and to get the best rating in the game, you need to do it without killing many people. Syphon Filter is the opposite! While there is still some sneaking, the idea of it is to go crazy and kill everything!

    One word of advice though, if you do get this game DON'T CHEAT! Seriously, this game is so much better when you don't cheat. You start to run out of ammo, and are forced to use your skills and get headshots, rather than just spraying your ammo everywhere. It is a much better experience!...more info

  • Syphon Filter
    A really good game with lots of levels an weapons. The only downsides are that everybody runs like they have a hammer up their... and some of the levels may be too hard....more info
  • Terrorist are threating the world wiht a new virus...
    And you're the chosen one for this
    Missions are very fun to play
    Nice aresonal of weapons(K3G4 will rip through those flak jackets)
    Very adictive gameplay
    Pretty good music
    This game will last for a while
    Superb sound effects
    Bosses put up a pretty good fight
    altho I don't like to cheat, it's a easy way to get all the levels and guns(with infinite ammo)
    put it on hard to push your skills to the limit
    at 19 bux, go grab a classic
    Not so good graphics(Faces are flat in FMVs)
    I hate some stealth missions
    Voice acting is pretty bad
    Some missions are repetitve
    Why does gabe run like he gotta crap his pants

    This game was definitly overshadowed by the imfamus Metal Gear Solid. But that don't mean the game didn't sell, it reached the over the two million mark, and after playing it through, I see why. If you love Metal Gear Solid, go check this out.

    Final Words:This game was great, no doubt, but Syphon Filter 2 was a bit worse, and it missed out on the Combat shotgun(Don't get me wrong, it's still a good game, not as good as the first. Now I dunno why they put out Syphon Filter 3, that game stinks. Now the're putting the climax of the series on the PS2, Syphon Filter, omega strain online. Let's just hope omega strain can be as fun as this classic.

    Peace...more info

  • Logan. . . Gabe Logan. BOOM!
    My all-time favorite. You get the coolest arsenal of weapons, and one of the most realistic shooters (the fact that it doesn't take 4 head-shots to kill someone). This game is the merge between Goldeneye, and Metal Gear Solid. I love both games, but not as much as Syphon Filter. Syphon Filter includes the first ever target-lock. In shorter terms, point your gun at a target no matter what you're doing, rolling, climbing, strafing, or other awesome moves Logan can do. Then comes manual aiming and sniper modes. You can get some pretty cool head shots and have awesome sniper rifles. There are also some cool situations like CBDC hostages in Washington Park as you disarm Syphon Filter viral bombs. Some people believe that this is a MGS ripoff. Well, they were made at the same time and SF is a lot smarter when it comes to stealth. Lets brainstorm here, in MGS the guards can't see three feet from them, nobody has eyes in their head, and vibrating your head in an annoying matter is considered talking? Syphon Filter is one of the only games on Playstation where their lips move when an FMV is going. Unfortunately, their mouths are small and sometimes it is hard to see. The FMVs are one of the coolest around. Your weaponary goes from Gabes trusty 9mm and a .45 mag, to 3 pistol machine guns, 3 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 sniper rifles, the tazer, and the M-79 grenade launcher. Need I say more? Do what the voices in you head tell you to do and buy this awesome game NOW! Or look out for Gabe's tazer if you try to buy some other game....more info
  • Good graphics but too frustratingly difficult.
    This game have great graphics, good game play, and a great concept. I wish there is a way to make it easier. It is too frustrating some times to constantly die so fast....more info
  • Awesome
    The best game i've ever played, andi've played about 100,000! If you want a shoot'em up rush of adrinaline game buy this game right now....more info
  • best spy game series ever
    ever since the first time i played this game i was hooked it makes you feel like you're in the game i give it a million stars...more info
  • around 10 to 15 bucks what do u have to loose
    this is one of the game that u will remember for the rest of your life,the game is really fun the tutorial guide really helps the auto targetting is good but not perfect and this game is actually lot easier than its other parts.
    GRAPHICS 7/10 the characters look kind of flat and enviroment could have been a little more polished
    SOUND 8/10 the background music to the bullets really cool
    controls 9/10 good but kind of twitchy in tight spots
    OVERALL this game is just fun to play the story and the gamelay is awesome...more info
  • Best Damn PS Game Period.
    This game is the coolest game I have ever played. It is awsome when you get to kill all those guys and blow up the subway. Then in the levels when you get to blow up the leaders it is even funner. When you get to the last level be careful, it is the hardest level in the game. In the level called Romers Base inside the shed there is a thing of gas gernades....more info
    Syphon Filter is a very cool game! Who needs cheat codes? i beat most of the game; it was hard; it was challenging; it was awesome! oh, man! The guns were cool, the enemies were realistic, and best of all, there's no 'lives remaining'! you can restart as many times as you want! my favorite gun is the shotgun. it looks and sounds real. most games have unrealistic weapon sounds, but not Syphon Filter! and the trains in the subway are so real! they scared me the first time i played! well, have you had enough "! " yet? okay, bye bye now.

    BuY SyPhOn FiLtEr......more info

    I tried to like this game, I really did, but the controls are horrible and some of the worst I've experienced when trying to shoot something. When playing I also wondered why it took developers so long to utilize the second analog stick and why it took so long for them to learn how to develop for the Playstation platform. While the story is well-done, it was hard to appreciate under the terrible gameplay. So I'll understand if Syphon Filter fans hate me because of this review, but seriously the gameplay is terrible....more info
  • Syphon Filter
    Ah, the PS1 era, where we didn't notice the crpaulent 3D graphics and actually thought that they looked... good. Well, the game has aged poorly from a graphical standpoint, but as a game, still as fun as it was the first time around. Although i fist passed it off as a poor man's Metal Gear, the game is actually quite different, interplaying both stealth and gunplay quite well. I reccomend very much....more info
  • What started it all...
    This game is indeed what started it all. The graphics were great, considering its an early PSOne release. The storyline is a bit farfetched and predictable, but likeable (and face it, you've seen worse). The controls are extremely easy to work with, the missions are satisfactory, and you get to shoot ppl. What more do you want?...more info
  • It's pretty cool, but it's no Metal Gear.
    After Metal Gear Solid (and toying with VR Missions), I was looking for another good tactical shooter to try. I had heard Syphon Filter was good so I ended up getting it for my birthday. This game is really cool, but there are still some things Metal Gear has that Syphon Filter doesn't. For one, Syphon Filter is short, a lot shorter then Gear. It also doesn't have a training section like Gear. All that and the aiming system, although praised, is a little flawed in it's recognition logic. Sometimes it picks targets that strategically aren't practical.

    With that said, once you figure out how to cheat or operate the aiming system, this game really explodes. With a lot more firepower then it's competition, and a heck of a lot more puzzles and thrills, this game stands on it's own. It's actually not as annoying as Gear with the "sneak around like a tough guy but if you are spotted you stink" concept. Sure in a couple of spots if you get spotted your toast, but it can be avoided with more ease. There is also not as much of a "sexual" theme as with Metal Gear, where Snake was hitting on everything that moved (and I do mean everything, even his brother). In Syphon Filter, Gabe has a talented female operative as a partner, but that is as far as it goes. Which means more time for gameplay, not needless plot situations.

    All in all I would honestly recommend Syphon Filter. Now I just need to try 2....more info

  • Best game I've every Played
    I went to the store wanting to pick up a game but not sure what I should get. The clerk suggested this one. I had never heard of it but I got it anyway. Great choice!! I know many say this is nothing more than a well done clone of Metal Gear Solid, but this is not true. They play completely Differently. SF is so much more fun to play. There really is no comparision. I would rate MGS a 31/2 stars compared to SF's 5 across the board....more info
  • I hope the sequel was better than this
    I went in to Syphon Filter with high hopes and was somewhat dissapointed. While the levels are large and fairly well designed, the quite average graphics caused problems when you get close to surfaces. The games controls also suffer from problems, mostly in terms of the targeting function, which is useful for quick aiming in tight spaces, or when an enemy is moving fast, yet will often aim for enemies you can't hit, when you are being shot at by ones you can, or even aim behind you, throwing the camera into wild spinning and throwing your character out of control. Fortunately auto-aiming removes the necessity of using targeting in most circumstances. In some places, infinately respawning enemies will cause a great deal of frustration (just to be fair, I did set off an alarm, but still...). Some puzzles are good without being [dumb] and contrived, but some were just plain stupid, especially one early in the game where some explosives you just happen to need are hidden in a box in a dark corner of the level. Some triggered events (especially spawning) are odd, for example, on one level, if you haven't completed a certain objective, you will die without much explaination.[...]

    While these flaws greatly detracted from my playing experience, The story is fairly good, certain levels are very fun, and the game hardly ever throws anything so hard that it's agrivating at you. One battle with a helicopter is a little bit overwhelming, although the hardest part comes at the end of the battle when you have to remember to take off your targeting to hit some enemies.

    Overall, Syphon Filter is a great game executed poorly, but I have high hopes for the sequal. I hope I'm not let down again....more info
  • Good game, but it needs a make over.
    The game is excellent. The plot is good. I mean, what can be better than a deadly poison killing people? But the graphics could have been infinitly better. The faces are flat, and have hardly any detail, and that is in the movie scenes! The graphics are esspecially bad in gameplay. The guns, well let me just say it leaves more to be desired. Blood is extremly fake looking, but there is tons of it! But the actual play itself is very fun.

    Now for the sound. Music is okay. Gun fire sounds are awesome. But the one thing that could have been changed are the voice overs. As soon as one is finished speaking, the other one cuts in right away. Not a very big deal, but it wears on after awhile.

    Graphics 3/10

    Sound 7/10

    Gameplay 10/10

    Blood Content 9/10

    Overall 7/10...more info

  • Syphon Filter
    A really good game with lots of levels an weapons. The only downsides are that everybody runs like they have a hammer up their ... and some of the levels may be too hard....more info
    This is the best game i've ever played in my life.The graphics are awsome for a regular plastation game.I love the guns.I played this game so much and got so good at it i beat it in thirty-five minutes!! It is just awsome if you haven't played it where have you been. You have to play it atlessed once. Once you play it you won't want to stop. It's just awsome....more info
  • It's Simply the Best! Better Than all the Rest!
    This game is awesome. The storyline is so intense that you will want to play agian and again. The weapons are terrible fun. This is like James Bond only with Gabe Logan. If you want seriously intense game, buy this. You won't regret it. I recommend this game for ages 11-Adult. You get to kill people but it isn't too graphic. The controls make sense. It is easy to learn. This game gets terrible difficult also. The last 7 missions are hard. It would take a great gamer to not skip any levels. Anyway buy this game and ite predecessor, Syphon Filter 2. Great games and I cant praise it enough. Totaly RAd!...more info
  • My only wish is that Resident Evil had this game's handling.
    I discovered Syphon Filter on a demo disk at my friend's home. I liked the demo so much, I bought a Playstation just to play that game. It was worth it. I have beaten it 3 times and it is just as fun every time. You can be the psycho you know you are and for once it's real. Unlike games such as Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, the handling is wonderful! It is one of the reasons this is my favorite game. Your perspective is just behind and above Gabe Logan (no relation to wolverine he he), unless you are aiming your weapon, which places the POV directly in the gun's sights! When you go for a head shot, you get that shot. I only wish that there was a game that combined Syphon Filter type handling with Resident Evil's monsters. I would pay through the nose for a horror/action game with good handling. Oh well, guess I'll just have to start my own company and make my own. Who's with me?...more info
  • Syphon Filter Is Worth Buying
    I played Syphon Filter and I was amazed. I liked the graphics and the backrounds of the game. Another thing I liked was the weapons in the game. They seemed high tech and up to date with todays technology. My favorite one was the grenade launcher. I liked the levels of the game very much because they were very realalistic and basicly anything you shoot can be destroyed. I would recommend this game to everyone to play. Its storyline is very interesting and basicly when playing anything can happen. There is also a lot of blood in the game. When enemies get shot blood drips out of them. It also sometimes forms a pool of blood on the ground. BUY THIS GAME!...more info
  • Awesome, addicting
    During one of my many ventures to my local game store a year and a half ago, I came across a game called "Syphon Filter". Intrigued, I went ahead and bought it, popped it in my Psone, and to this day, it is one of the best games I have ever played. I have beat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and am on my second "pass" through the series. I will then give the "Omega Strain" a go on my PS2 once I am finished with SF3. While I have read no so favorable reviews on OS, I think it would be fair to at least give it a try.

    You are "Gabe" Logan, a special operative for a super secret government orginization aptly named "The Agency". Your mission is to find a dangerous chemical stolen by terrorists from a lab and stop them before they destroy the world. You are remotely partnered with Lian Xing, another agent who guides you through your missions and later on in the game is in action on the ground.

    You are gradually given an arsenal of weapons as each level moves forward. Among them are: There is the Silenced 9mm handgun, the .45 handgun, the G-18 Pistol-machine Gun, , the HK-5 Pistol Machine Gun, the Shotgun, the Combat Shotgun, the PK-102 Assault Rifle, the M-16 Assault Rifle, and the K3G4 Assault Rifle just to name a few.

    In each mission based level, you must accomplish a variety of objectives, and eliminate a tough boss at different intervals. You will use stealth at times, or just face enemies head on. The interesting part about this game is that it really draws you in, and takes some interesting twists and turns as it progresses.

    As for gameplay, it is fantastic and addicting. While the levels are challenging and tough at times, they are not overly frustrating or extremely hard. Some levels and missions are easy, and others will take a few times to get through. It will be a bit of a challenge if you play this for the first time, but you won't become overwhelmed as in similar games. As you play it a second and third time,though, you will become familiar with the layout of the levels and more or less breeze through. As an example, I was able to shoot down the chopper on the base tower after 5 tries, as opposed to 30 attempts during my first run through the game over a year ago. You will also attain some "tricks" along the way as well, such as becoming more effective at headshots and so on. I have found that it's the "little" things that get you through this game.

    As for game layout and graphics, excellent, IMO for 1999 PS1. Great voice animations and camera angles as well.

    While there are many new games out, especially in the wake of the XBOX 360 and PSP releases, I still encourage you to give this masterpiece a try. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Dad
    I bought this game along with part III for my son to complete the series for him. He still has a Playstation One along with a Playstation II and III. He loves the Syphon Filter games and plays them non-stop....more info
  • an icon stealth game
    simply awesome. if you havent already played it, get it, youre gauranteed to love it. its the birth of spectacular stealth adventures. and you can buy it for as little as three dollars on amazon and it will play on playstation 2....more info
  • greatest game on playstation!
    great game very bloody so i dont think any kid under 13 should play this game! this should be a must buy game!...more info
  • Possibly the best CT game ever
    I've played a lot of counter-terrorist and covert ops kind of games, and even after all the new ones I still can't help but love this one. To me this game made to spying genre what it is. In the game you play Gabe, a counter-terrorist fighting to stop a biological threat to D.C. There are many plot twits, your partner running into trouble, leads suddenly drying up, and the general conflicts you face in not only tracking down those responsible but stop the Syphon Filter virus. It handles well and its easy targeting/lock on sytem helps you shoot enemies while dodging theirs. The game has a nice degree of realism and the more covert missions are true to form by forceing you to use every sneaky trick in the book just to get your objectives done, let alone get out alive. Your arsenal is most impressive as well, containing everything fromed silent gas grenades to pump action assault shotguns. A great game for PS or PS2 owners....more info
  • A Whole Lotta Game Packed Into One Little Disc
    Syphon Filter is a masterpiece. The graphics, the design, the sound, the voice acting (wow!) and the animated cut-scenes (double wow!) are equal to anything that you will find on PS2. Most importantly, it's FUN!!! I've had the game now for two weeks and I've played it straight-through four or five times and I continue to be amazed. This is not some mindless shoot-em-up, no. This is a game that requires you to think, strategize and be alert--in other words, it redefines everything that you've come to expect from games. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!...more info
  • just avoid it
    WAY too many positive reviews for such a crappy game. That's what I think. Syphon Filter is atrocious. I received this game as a Christmas present (gee, what a crappy gift) back in the late 90's. I thought to myself "well, all the N64 players have Goldeneye, I can compete with them when I receive Syphon Filter for my Playstation!" How wrong I was.

    It's not that the actual game is bad. I mean, walking around shooting people is fun, and it's also fun to avoid being seen and make it to the end of the level without having to fire your weapon once (and having to remain VERY quiet while doing so). The problem is that the difficulty is incredibly high and the storyline is about as interesting as watching the paint your baby brother smeared all over your television set dry.

    Without a certain special code it's REALLY hard to get *anywhere*. The storyline is similar to one you'd see in the TV show Jag. It's just not interesting to me. Walking around shooting people is fun, but that's all the game has going for it. Now imagine if that special code didn't exist where you can kill people in just one or two shots. The difficulty would be out of this world.

    I also hate the game for the bad memories connected to it. The Christmas I got the game, I had a few bad personal things happen. But looking back, Syphon Filter really isn't any good. It's not surprising to me that the game is going for only a couple pennies right now used, and only a couple dollars to buy brand new. It's not even worth THAT much!
    ...more info
  • The #1 PS1 Game of All Time!!!
    This game was fantastic. Once you start playing it, you can't leave it. It keeps you interested from start to fininsh with its great storyline and great characters. Gabe Logan is probably one of the best secret agents next to Solid Snake. The game gives u a fairly large arsenal of weapons such as the M16 and the M79 Grenade Launcher. Its one of those games that starts out extremly easy and then quickly becomes very hard. I think the first level of that game should be a tutorial level beacuse its too easy. I have no idea how they fit all of those levels onto a PS1 disc. Another aspect in which I like about in this game is the fact that your surroundings change frequently, which means you are not in the same level the whole game, which can get very boring. Even though now I have PS2 and I have great games for it, I still find time to play Syphon Filter, Why? You have to play it and find out!...more info