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A Woman of Substance (Boxed Set) [VHS]
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Determined to ruin the upper-class Fairley family who wronged her, Emma Harte (Jenny Seagrove) aims to become one of the richest women in the world. Although anachronistic for a woman born around 1890, it is exhilarating to watch her think and act like a contemporary woman with the benefits of late-20th-century feminism. In just over five hours, this Emmy-nominated version of Barbara Taylor Bradford's bestselling novel A Woman of Substance traces Emma's life from overworked Yorkshire maid to the triumphant 79-year-old matriarch (Deborah Kerr) of a vast business empire.

Married twice, but only truly loving a man she could never marry, Emma devotes herself to building her business empire. Surrounded by a loyal few, including Irishman Blackie O'Neill (Liam Neeson), Emma lives her life as a strong, uncompromising protagonist similar to Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara in a social environment reminiscent of Upstairs, Downstairs. Her life is a sort of feminist retrospective on the social issues of 1890s-to-1930s England--poverty, illegitimate children, illness, anti-Semitism, World War I, whether to marry for security or passion, the role of women in the workplace, and such--making A Woman of Substance a historical and inspiring film to watch. --Tara Chace

Customer Reviews:

  • A Woman Of Substance
    I loved the series when I first saw it in 1984 and it still retains its magic 24 years on. A wonderful series to indulge in....more info
  • Woman of Substance
    This rendering of an early work by Barbara Taylor Bradford is set in Yorkshire, lent authenticity by the regional dialect used by Jenny Seagrove and cast. This book was unquestionably Bradford's finest hour, later pieces degenerating into works long on sentimentality, short on literary substance (no pun intended). Casting Deborah Kerr in the role of the middle aged heroine seems distracting, incredible, but this segment lasts only a few minutes, so no harm done. Still the cinematic version of the story is compelling and definitely a worthwhile addition to this writer's film library. ...more info
  • Films main character is an excellent role model for women
    Wonderful film which demonstrates how an intelligent goal focused person can fufill their dreams in a male dominated world. I have waited 5 years for the re-release....more info
  • Excellent Movie
    This Movie is very moving in all aspects. It encourages you to work hard in order to reach your dreams but it also shows the valueble things you can loose in life if all your efforts are concentrated in it, which is family. It makes you ask yourself , Is it worth it? Although I was thrill that she made it to the top, I was also sad for what it made the kids to be bitter. Their attitude towards her was her own fault. You can not expect love and loyalty from your kids if you have not teach them how, if you were not an example. Overall it was beautiful....more info
  • Drama at it's best! Breath taking!
    A truly heartfelt drama that you can't get enough of! Emma Harte shows passion and endurance thru many unexpected tragedies. Emma Harte shows what "A Woman of Substance" truly means. From poverty to power, Emma rises. Even thru the deception by her own children. There has never been a friendship more real than that of Emma and Blackie (Liam Neeson). See this movie! Buy this movie! You'll want to see it over and over again!...more info
  • Good Movie and great service
    Great movie...Kind of a low budget made for TV...but a great story. Shipping was prompt and product wa sin great shape....more info
  • Perseverance turns sour grapes into great wine
    I saw this movie for the first time in the 1980's. It is a prime example of how hardships and unjust treatment can help give a person strength and determination to do what must be done to succeed and pick yourself up out of poverty and no longer become the victim of circumstances....more info
  • very uplifting and powerful
    the video is one that can be seen over and over again to get inspired. All three videos are worth owning....more info