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Twisted Metal 2 (PS1)
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Product Description

Can you survive the insanity of Sonys TWISTED METAL 2? In this sequel to the highly acclaimed TWISTED METAL, you choose from a variety of heavily armed racers and see if you can survive the combat-on-wheels that follows. Select from a deadly array of weapons like flamethrowers, machine guns, and homing missiles as you slip behind the wheel of bizarre vehicles like a devilish ice cream truck, police car, motorcycle, and many more. Fight in Single-Player missions or go head-to-head against a friend in Two-Player networked competition. TWISTED METAL 2 is a fast and frantic, car-zapping hellride that will leave you spinning.

Twisted Metal 2 is a game fueled by pure testosterone. The basic idea is to use your car and its onboard weapons to destroy all of the other cars in the race, cruising around such backdrops as Los Angeles, Paris, and Antarctica. Think of Spy Hunter meets demolition derby. You can race or choose to fight in tournament mode, where you don't advance until everyone else is destroyed. There are many cars and drivers to choose from, including some favorites like Mr. Grimm, Warthog, and malevolent ice cream clown Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal 1. All have an outrageous arsenal of weapons. This is a must-play for anyone who has experienced road rage and wants to get even--virtually. --Allen Stewart


  • Wild cars, such as an ice cream truck, motorcycle, bulldozer, Indy car--even a tank
  • Diverse weapons such as missiles, napalm, and ricochet bombs
  • 2-player game adds the joy of trash-talking
  • No real storyline beyond driving around and blowing things up
  • Complex controls
  • Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) video game
  • Tested & Guaranteed to work!
  • Return within 30 days if you are not satisfied!
  • This item is genuine & authentic (not a copy or bootleg)!

Customer Reviews:

  • Twisted Metal 2
    Twisted Metal 2 is definately the best TM game. 1 and 4 were good, but not 3. What's great about TM2 is that it has many drivers to choose from, lots of great weapons and attacks, and there are secret levels, characters and weapons. The levels are great. I like them because the backgrounds are great, the graphics are great, and in some levels you can also jump the fence and go to the outside. And whats best about it, is that the gameplay is fairly hard. I recommend this game to anybody who likes action games, and blowing up cars and buildings....more info
  • try to beat minion
    minion rules
    warthog's okay
    hammerhead sucks
    axel is good
    sweettoth is annoying
    twister is retarted
    grasshopper is weird
    shadow is dumb

    the best level is fire pit.
    the worst level is STOP TALKING AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE!
    ...more info
    Twisted Metal 2 is one of the best video games ever made. But sadly, no one relly plays it anymore. Mainly, i would toltoly recomend this game! Especially if you are a big fan of things that include hellish monsters explodeing and dieing on a huge trail of molten rock in South Amarica!!! But anyway, I highley recomend this awsome PS1 game (also compatable for PS2 and probly the upcoming PS3)!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Metal has a new TWIST!
    Twisted Metal 2 is one of the greatest in my oppinon it is number 2 on my top2 right under Metal Gear Solid man I like games with metal in the title. Anyways it is great with lots of cool guy to pick from with cool ending plus it has a awesome 2 player feature it the best of the 4 with 2 being the only one worth playing but hey it is GREATTT!...more info
  • The best I've ever play
    I got this game like 8 months ago. It was the first Twisted Metal game I've play. It's the real thing alright. I will not be a Twisted Metal fan if I haven't play this game first. Like if I got Twisted Metal 3 first I will never be a fan of Twisted Metal. Now I own Twisted Metal 2, 3, 4, Small Brawl, and Black. I'm going to buy Twisted Metal when I go to Gamestop no matter what the price to complete the collection. I'm only 13 and a die hard Twisted Metal. I like #2 better than Black. Cyburbia, Paris, and Hong Kong are the best levels in the game and New York. The controls are easy in the game. The cars will move exactly way that you want them to move unlike Twisted Metal 3, 4, and Small Brawl. If you like Jet Moto games than you should buy Twisted Metal 2 because you can play cars from Twisted Metal 2 on one of the levels from Jet Moto....more info
  • one of the best games on earth
    Twisted Metal 2 is the best shooter/action game there is without a doubt and in my opinion, it's the best Playstation game I've played. It is A LOT better than all of the other Twisted Metal games. It has a lot of drivers to choose from, and TONS of secrets. There are secret moves, secret drivers, and even a few secret levels to keep the replay value up to the ceiling. Everything about the game is awesome, especially the control and fun factor. The only drawback might be that the graphics aren't the best in the world, but don't get me wrong, they're not bad either. But after playing a game this awesome, i don't see who could pay that much attention to the graphics.

    If you get any of the Twisted Metal games, trust me, get this one....more info

  • a classic
    Twisted Metal 2 was a HUGE game back in the day. The graphics were really good for its time, and the play control, while some will probably argue with me, was always accurate and responsive. This is truly a classic game. It had many imitators that hardly anyone remembers these days. Stick with the Twisted Metal series though. You can't go wrong with the amount of destruction this game has to offer....more info
  • Twisted Metal 2 is still one of the best games for the psx!
    First of all, if you think TM3 is better, you must not have played it! If your just starting your collection and is wondering if you should get a new car combat game or an old one. Well first your mind will say that the new games have better graphics, thats not always the case! I am an original owner of the playstation for 6 yrs. and I've played them all! (Believe me) You will never regret it if you pick this one up first!

    out of 5 being the best, heres how I would rate it... Graphics: 4.5 Gameplay: 5 Replay Value: 5 Control: 5

    Plus the cost is cheap! Get this game!...more info

  • bah humbug
    TM 4 is better, seeing as you can access all bosses and play as one of them...more info
  • The Best Twisted Metal Ever
    Twisted Metal is the best Twisted Metal in the seris. You can turn on a dime (You can't in Twisted 3 or 4) and you can blow up some really cool things. It has cool characters (Mr.Slam, Shadow, Mr.Grimm, and Twister being the best) The weapons are amazing are the level design is flawless. Your life isn't complete without Twisted Metal 2!...more info
  • The Great Game I Can Win Easy!?!?!?
    Hello,out of the other Twisted Metals,they are all the same(5 stars).The graphics did'nt matter but as long as I had fun it was great.That's all I have to say....more info
  • blows Twisted Metal 3 away
    This game is great. The graphics are pretty good. Most of all, the vehicles and levels are the best. I got this game without knowing about it and was suprised by how good it was. TM3 is not as good. This game is worth getting....more info
  • The best of the series
    I have all four games and 2 is the best! The controls are not confusing and all secret areas are easily accessible without maps or cheat codes. One of the best games ever written...more info
  • Buy this!
    This is the best game I've ever played. I've tried Twisted Metal 3 and 4 and they just don't live up to the Twisted Metal standard....more info
  • The Best Of Them All
    My favorite. Paris, New York, and Hong Kong are the best levels. Right now I can't think of anything that's a con of this game except there're some small levels. SingleTrac should never stop making Twisted Metal series. 3 words: 989 Studios sucks! They ruined Twisted Metal. Get this game or you missing the fun....more info
  • Totally excellent !
    This is the best play station game. The really good thing about it is that you can never get bored of it like you can when you have finished strategy games. You can play with your friends on it. Get this game right now!...more info
  • Great racing/ battle game for the Playstation.
    This game is one of the best for the playstation. It provides hours of gameplay and action, and will never get boring even AFTER you have beaten it once because there are different endings for any of the dozen characters you can beat it with. If you do, in fact, beat it with all the characters, the two player combat will still keep you entertained for days on end. At an affordable price of only 20 bucks, this game is a MUST HAVE for any Playstation enthusiast....more info
  • Awesome
    First of all, I have played all of the Twisted Metals. That said, I think this one is the best. This game is so fun. The graphics may be somewhat outdated now but if you're not a "graphics" person you will definetly like this game.

    Level design: The levels in TM2 are almost perfect. I played this game for a few days then went to TM3, the first thing I thought was, "These levels are stupid!" The levels in TM2 are big enough not to have everyone crammed together but small enough so that you can always find someone.

    Gameplay: This and level design is where this game really shines. The driving is not realistic, but it doesn't frustrate you in the least bit. It is impossible to flip over in this game. It's never happened to me. Also there are little things like freeze and land mines that never get old.

    Graphics: Somewhat pixelated, but once you get over them you will find that there is absolutely no slowdown.

    Replay: I got this game a week ago and still haven't beat it with one person yet. And the 2 player battle is still one of the best parts of the game.

    Bottom line: This is one of the best car combat games I've ever played. For the price, it's definitly worth it....more info

  • Best of the series
    Ok i have Twisted metal 1,2,3,and 4.Twisted Metal 2 is the best the levels are really creative,I like it even more because every here and there,there is a sercret.My favorite is probably Paris.Another good aspect of the game is that it is actually a challange to beat....more info
  • One of my Favorite Playstation games
    When i bought my playstation i had now clue of any twisted metal games until I played this one. I never was able to get my hands on the first one but this one is amazing.

    The Game:
    Twisted metal is a car compitition almost like demolition derby except with crazy characters and weapons. Many games have tried to copy this gameplay but none could ever create one like this. The competition is held by Calypso and he gets people in search of help to join his competition and if they win through the 8 levels of demolition they get one wish from him. Calypso is all in this for entertainment while the characters are in it for something important.

    The Good:
    This game is one of a kind and has many good points. First of all is the gameplay. It is replayable and you can chose from any vehicle/character and take him through the end of the game and see his ending story. All of the characters are unique in an individual way and they each have their own special to terminate enemies. There are plenty of weapons to pick up and fire at opponents like the homing missile and fire missile and napalm. The levels are well designed and there are eight of them to battle through. The co-op mode makes the game especially fun but takes away the story aspect at the end. Also each vehicle makes their own sound when using there special.

    The Bad:
    The graphics can be a little bit choppy at times and many of the obsticals are flat. Some of the story lines are not worth playing through the whole game, you just have to be careful who you pick.

    Overall the game is excellent and is a must buy even if our deciding to buy it now and you have a ps2. ...more info
  • Not as good as I hoped, but I DON'T CARE!
    Being an owner of TM1, TM2, + TM3, This game has kinda weak graphics. Well sure TM1 did have that much of a story, this game tells more of a story and has some cool news charectors. TM3 has GREAT Graphics, good charectors, and a BAD BOSS AT THE END! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET TM4!...more info
  • Super Fun Game
    Now this one was way more fun than TM-1. What was fun was the endings etc where it would show the little video clips. Liked seein them they were crazy. This game was fun though for sure to play with friends and all. ...more info
  • The Best of the TM Series
    I first played this game when my friend brought it over. I thought it would be one of those stupid car fighting games, but it turned out to be excellent. The graphics are very good considering that it was made a while ago. The controls are good, but it's sort of hard to back up and turn. The levels are really awesome and they are challenging enough to keep you playing. The other great part of the game is how you can team up or go against one of your friends. There is a wide variety of characters to choose from to fit your style. The weapons are really cool too. There are missiles, napalm, etc. And every character has a unique special ability. The music and sound effects are also pretty neat, ex. when you run over people you hear there bones crunch. The replay value of this game is great and so is the fun factor. I just couldn't put this game down. I went out and bought it right after my friend left. This is a must have if you're a fan of the series of even if you haven't played it before. I consider this the best in the TM series. Hope you buy and enjoy this game....more info
  • Fun Fun Fun
    This is possibly one of the best games i got when i had a playstation.First off the levels are all just bomb,second the multiplayer is super fun ,me and my friends played this game none stop for a summer, if you have never tried i twisted metal i would get this one first and then if you like it get the first one. this game is nothing but fun, the best level has to be the rooftops just jumping through all those glass windows is fun enough just to play the level and uses ricochets to knock people off the roof tops is so fun, if you want the best car combat game for playstation this is it then rouge trip vacation 2012 is pretty good to and its developed by the same people...more info
  • Great game from a great company.
    Twisted Metal 2 is one of Playstation's greatest games yet! When I first heard about this game I had to try it, and I was hooked for sure. I mean once you play it you almost can't put it down.

    The games best feature would probably be the two player challenge match. It is really fun going one on one with an other than the CPU.

    Hey man don't get me wrong the one player challenge match is very fun to because you can pick the players you want to bash and beat up!

    And the levels are fun and great. They aren't the best in graphics, but they fun. What is really cool is the little guys you can run over or shoot. And also the things you can blow up like the tower in Paris.

    Another great thing about the game is the weapons. I mean you have to have cool weapons right? Some of the great ones are homing missiles and napalm. Isn't just cool to set cars on fire with napalm? I will answer yes it is very fun.

    Some of the best characters are Specter and Warthog. Specter doesn't have that good of armor, but heck he is in a Grand Sport Corvette and his missile and go thru walls plus other things. And Warthog and awesome armor and his patriot missiles are great. They shoot three missiles in one shot.

    The game is great, and if you have money you should go out and buy it. The only bad thing is that T.M.2 is the only good game out of its four game series. Don't waste your money on other copies like V8 or V8 second offense go out and buy Twisted Metal 2!...more info

  • The Second but still the Best.
    989 did things right when they made Twisted Metal 2, which makes you wonder why they suddenly dropped the title and Single Trac picked it up. Either way, there is something wonderfully addictive about the gameplay, the graphics are cartoony yet enthralling, the storylines are worth fighting to the end to discover (something that was drastically affected in 3) and the various locales you fight in do not seem poorly constructed, but thought out and planned. The game draws you in and makes you feel the thrill of pulling off a freeze/napalm/missle combo with such ease that make all other Twisted Metals seem like the clunky and awkward imitators they really are. Fast, fluid, engaging car combat. This and Vigilante 8 should be on every car-combat enthusiat's list....more info
  • THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    this is by far the best game ever made. although the graphics are a little slopy, the colours are bright and rich, the physics are perfect, and the wepons are creative.

    also, no matter what you taste in cars is, there is a car that you will like. the variety is huge!...more info

  • A great and addicting game
    My son and I play this game over and over. We've only won once so far, but we've come close to it many times since then (usually we have to stop after my wife yells at us for playing so long). We found the way to be able to pick Minion, but can't figure out how to select Sweettooth. Maybe another reviewer can let me know. My son will never stop playing then, but then again, that's okay....more info
    Prepare to go to hell and back with Twisted Metal 2! The evil Calypso Is back and is hosting a second twisted metal tournament this time however the world will be his battileground and he is ready to grant the winner of the tournament the ultimate prize which what ever the survivor wishes for. The fate of the world is at stake in the second Twisted Metal tournament were 1 winner will servive and all others will perish in this do or die tournament were it's all for grabs...more info
  • Sony! If you can top this game--DO IT!
    YEAH,5&5!! And all the carnage minus prison time! This is by far the best game of it's kind Sony birthed yet! My son's friends all laugh at me for still playing it. But guess what? They all sucked! And, are still afraid of failing to beat it on the hardest level without their little "new generation" cheat codes. Oh, and, "the graaaaphics are ohhhld."
    WHAT WIMPS!...more info
    I've played all the PS-One TM Games,but in the end,TM2 is by far the best!The Gameplay is fast,tricky,and action-packed!The soundtracks rules the world!Oh,I'll even state the bos is the best ever...Dark Tooth is huge and and evil...perfection.My opinion on the graphics,however,is poor.This does little to hurt the game however.If you like TM,buy TM2.You MIGHT even agree:It may just be better than BLACK!!!...more info
  • The best PS1 ever
    This game is the first game I have ever played. It got me into video games into the first place. I don't care what people say but the graphics in this game rule! Next to Black, they are the best! TM3 and 4 had nice graphics but they were all dirty. The only flaw in TM2's graphics are simplicity and pop-up but give the game a break, it is 9 years old and it still doesn't look that bad! Plus, the game is really interactive with tons of landmarks. Also, there is a huge complex storyline only uncovered by beating TM1, 2 and Black.
    So fun!
    Two player never gets old!
    14 cars and 11 levels
    complex story
    huge levels
    Outdated but still stands up to most PS1 games....more info