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In the tradition of great 3-D action jumping games, Crash Bandicoot is probably the PlayStation equivalent of the groundbreaking Nintendo 64 title Super Mario 64. Now repackaged as one of PlayStation's Greatest Hits, this top-selling game takes you away on a tropical island adventure that is filled with precarious enemies and challenging levels. Our spiky-haired hero Crash needs no weapons to survive the harsh jungle. Instead, he jumps, jogs, and spins his way through numerous lush and downright fun environments.

With 26 levels spanned across three tropical islands, Crash Bandicoot is sure to amuse old gamers as well as new. Crash must rescue his girlfriend, Tawna, from the evil clutches of Dr. Cortex. Along the way, he can gather fruit for extra lives, smash boxes for random prizes, and gather tokens that can be used for bonus rounds. Numerous big bosses block your path, which also includes more than a few risky jumps that require split-second timing. Crash Bandicoot's impressive graphics and strong gameplay have already won over many hard-core and casual gamers. While this PlayStation classic has already spawned two successful sequels, the original version remains a worthy purchase--particularly at the sub-$20 price. --Kasty Thomas


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Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, like other Crash Games...
    I recently obtained Crash 1. I already had Crash 2, Crash Team Racing(CTR), Crash Bash, and Wrath of Cortex (PS2). I began playing the game, and noticed only one negative thing. You cannot save the game unless you are in one of the special bonus levels (which you can get to only if you collect three of the little cards with the bear on them- I do not know what those are called.). Other than that, the game is challenging and fun. Most gamers should enjoy it, whether they are hard-core gamers or not....more info
  • Best PS1 Game Ever
    This video game is just great in every way. I am a huge Crash Bandicoot, and none of the Crash game I played beats the original. This game introduced a whole new way of video games and has great graphics for a PSone game. I would recommend this game to anyone old, or young, as anyone can just pick up this game and play it....more info
  • Great product!!
    Great product with fast shipping! Thanks so much for this hassle-free purchase!...more info
  • great game that deserved all the hype
    I remember telling my mom and my little brother that this game looked stupid and that I didn't wanna play it when they first got a Playstation and this game. I finally gave in and played it however. After playing it for the first time, I got hooked and it was AWESOME. It has some of the best graphics I had seen at the time and most of the levels are fun. It got me hooked so bad, that my family couldn't get me away from it. I told them that I was going to beat the game first and that it was their fault that I got addicted to the game and wanted to beat it in my first few sittings because they had begged me to play it and now I couldn't quit playing it.

    What I liked best about it was the great graphics and that unlike a lot of video games I've played, it has a good challenge to it. Some of the levels are almost impossibly hard, but most of them are well balanced to give you a good challenge while not being overly difficult or easy. It also has good replay value. I've beat this game about 5 times. Every now and then it's fun to just take Crash Bandicoot for a spin if you want to play a fun game. I recommend this title to anyone....more info

  • Great but too difficult in some places
    This is a classic game that I come back to every now and again. The graphics are great and the content is really satisfying. But I do have a complaint of the actual difficulty of the game.

    1st island - The easiest to beat if you have all of the different coloured gems. The hardest level here is Native Fortress.

    2nd island - Slightly harder but still fun. The hardest level here is Sunset Vista.

    3rd island - The most frustrating. I spent half an hour to beat Generator Room with Perfect and another half an hour with Toxic Waste. The hardest level here is Slippery Climb.

    I don't get why a kid's game can get difficult to beat. I mean, I own mature games like Jak 2 and Oblivion and they are a whole lot easier by comparison. If you are looking for a challenging game, this is your cup of tea. But if you want a kid's game that you can just glide through, I recommend Spyro....more info
  • Solid Platformer With Some Flaws
    I remember when I first got this game with a Playstation console in early 1998. It was a great phenomenon then, because the Crash Bandicoot series was able to bring some new life to the platforming genre of gaming with its 2D and 3D interchangeable levels.

    Crash must go through 25 levels and 6 bosses in this game, but unlike the later games in the series, Crash must tackle the levels chronologically by progressively going through 3 islands.

    While the gameplay is fun and interesting, the game has its flaws as well. First off, you can only save when you either complete a bonus round (which can only be access one time in each level) or when you collect a gem for destroying every crate in the level. This gets frustrating, because in order to get each gem, you must complete the level and break the boxes without losing a life, plus the fact that colored gems are required to complete certain levels. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about the box gems just yet and just try to find the bonus in the newer level you are at if you want to call it a day. You may have to do the newer level again, which tends to be a flaw.

    Despite this, I highly recommend this for fans of previous platforming games like Donkey Kong Country and Sonic the Hedgehog. While the series would improve, this is not a bad start. ...more info
  • David J. Glaser, Sand Point Alaska
    I like this game very much because it has cool music and sound.
    I got this game when I was little.(I don't know how old I was)
    If you have a PS or PS2, I think you must get this game. There
    was this boss I cannot beat and I Beat him. His name is Dr Bito (I don't know how to spell his name) The game has three islands
    with levels and bosses and more. I have this game. Crash has spin
    attacks and you can jump on some enemys. And get all the boxes and you can a gem. there is passwords you will get and a super
    password and it will allow you to have all the gems and there's
    keys to unlock two levels. it's about Dr Neo Cortex makeing
    Mammels and there's one Cortex said "Crash should be a leader.
    until one day Crash ecaped from Cortexs lab to N.sandy beach
    where this is the place you start....more info
  • now sonic clones bandicoot.
    when famous sonic was out now enter bandicoot. this story tell about myster that can be destoryed a dr neo cortex was a mad scitent which ordered nitus brio to create a animals but now cortex have created the bandicoot which can be there leader.
    all animals where out of control only crash survies konwing that cortex was a bad guy now he most jonury throrugh places to get back to cortex fortess....more info
  • disapointment
    this game is pretty bad first off all you can do is run strait the only good thing about is its pretty long the other bad thing is its to hard and it gets boring i wouldnt buy this game if you want a crash bandicoot game get either 2,3,4....more info
  • Can't go wrong
    Out of all the video games my 7 year old has, this one gets the most play time. It's got cool characters and enough levels to keep them busy for hours. Get prepared for a new vocabulary word or two. My favorite is "hootibigah". It's not only fun, it's funny....more info
  • Fantastic
    This game is great. There is nothing wrong about this game. There are different variety of levels. That is what makes this game good....more info
  • good game, not the greatest
    I agree with the person who says that its difficult to save a game in progress, frustrating my kids to no end. You can only save at certain points. Otherwise the game play is fun and suitable for all ages....more info
  • Crash Is the best!
    I love this game! It's the best game ever! I have the 1st and the 2nd one. I want to get all of his games! I hope they still make crash bandicoot games for playstation 1!...more info
  • A Greatest Hit
    This is definitely one of the best games you can find. Crash, a bandicoot as his name applies, is out to rescue his girlfriend Tawna from his arch nemesis, the evil Dr. Cortex. There are about 30 levels in the whole game to go through, in which range from extremely easy to almost impossible. The game is probably the hardest of all the Crash games, so anybody who wants a challenge is in for a treat. The graphics range. In some, the graphics will have you staring, and in some, you just plain will not be impressed, but I'm not saying anything about that. This game has a high amount of replay value as well, and for some levels you will need strategy. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because of the horrible save system. You can only save if you get to Tawna bonus rounds, (common) and complete them, (not too difficult), or collect a Gem, (medium difficulty to almost impossible.) If you can overlook the save system, then you've got yourself a great game....more info
  • The one that started it all! It's easy to tell.
    Seeing as how this is the first Crash game, it pains me to have to give this game a 3. The only thing that makes this game not quite as good as the others is it's lack of a very big story(and not to mention a horrible ending). Otherwise, this game isn't so bad. I give this game a 3 and a half. The graphics, gameplay, and music are fairly good. This game got me into the whole Crash Bandicoot Trilogy; and the games just get better along the way!...more info
  • Crash!
    Ok...This game was awesome when it first came out. Now it's getting old. Just rent it. You could beat this game in two days....more info
  • crash bandicoot is awsome
    the first crash bandicoot game was one of the best games i have ever played in the series. it has 32 levels and it has 6 bosses and the levels that were hard for me is the high road, slippery climb, cortex power, and sunset vista. the graphics are perfect and the gems are hard to get and i think this is a game you should buy...more info
  • Crash Bandicoot
    If you like video games you should love Crash! Interesting, challenging (for me) and great entertainment....more info
  • PS2 Video Game
    This item was purchased as a gift for my Grandson, it was requested by him and his mother, they both love the game. It has worked flawless since they received it....more info
  • oldie but a goodie
    I played this game years ago and loved it. It was one of the first games I ever finished. I liked it because it was fun. It wasn't complicated with multiple buttons to mash just run, jump, smack a fiew things here and there, and collect fruit, beat a few bosses, just fun. Don't get me wrong I like the new stuff, but it's still fun playing the classics....more info
  • Crash Bandicoot, a Game or a Torture Device?
    I'm semi serious about this. This game is tough. It's an excellent platformer, one of the all time best for that matter, but some of the levels are rage inducing.

    Crash is the perfect mascot/icon for Sony and they let him go. At the time when Sony needed one, Crash was there and sold systems. He was the face of Playstation and it's baffling why they didn't hang on to him. Just ask Nintendo or Sega what the advantages of a mascot are. Nintendo is dead without Mario and after many failed attempts, Sega is still trying to resurrect Sonic. Crash was perfect for Sony. He's funny, has attitude, likable and recognizable and the games we're the first, really good 3D platformers for the next generation. He also provided a stable franchise for the younger audience, which every company knows they want and need. What happened here? Man, I remember the commercials when a guy in a Crash outfit went to Nintendo headquarters and stood outside with a bullhorn and was taunting Mario, daring him to come out. Classic. That was Crash. Sony really dropped the ball here.

    Crash has never been the same since Naughty Dog let him get away. Other developers have made some very uninspired sequels with him, changing his looks, alliances and even voice. I know you can't do the same thing forever but none have come close to the success of Naughty Dog, when they held the reins of this franchise. Today, Crash sits in a woeful state, being made to participate in very un-Crash-like games.

    This game started it all though. This changed the platformer forever. While Mario and Sonic we're still going left to right in their side scrolling adventures, Crash took us into his world with glorious 3D. It said something about the future of games and consoles at the same time and it was only on Playstation. Even today, this is a very challenging platformer. Amidst the Ratchet's, Jak's, Sly's and 3D Mario's and Sonic's, the original Crash is about as tough as there is. But it's also compelling enough to want to keep going. You never don't know how your going to get through the level (they're linear afterall), it's getting the right timing and touch to do what needs to be done. There are some truly insane levels here that will test all your patience and nerve. But you'll just want to keep trying, at least till you get to your next save point so you know you don't have to do the level again that you just did. Fortunately, there's plenty of fruit and extra lives, but your gonna need them all.

    The audio, video, and play mechanics in the original Crash trilogy are spot on. These games still look, sound and play great today. They're a very few of the only original PSone games I can bare to look at, let alone play anymore. The look is perfect with bright colors and varied enviornments and the music and sounds are catchy and perfect for each stage. These games have aged extremely well and are a real tribute to the developers at Naughty Dog.

    There are a couple of downsides though. These games are really tough, maybe too tough for the average gamer or especially child. Some of this is intentional design and some I feel maybe the fact that 3D platforming was in it's infancy at this time. Some of the angles on jumps, just seem a little off. The perspective can make it really tricky. Another problem is that the save points can be a little far between. Not the check points during the levels, they are plentiful and life saving, but the save points. Sometimes, I just wanted to finish a level I'd been on for a while, save and quit. But then I'd find that I had to go through another whole level and a half, just to get the bonus round/save point. And even the bonus round was tricky sometimes as it's set up as a mini level requiring you to get from one side to the other but if you fell along the way, you'd have to restart the level to get back to it. Again, more challenge and patience testing. My final complaint is that sometimes you'd have a nice number of lives you've accumulated from previous levels, say 20 or so, you save, come back and you only start with 4!!! I want my lives, I earned them!!! On a final note, I downloaded Crash on my PS3 but cant save as it wont, even though PS2 games do, so I have to use passwords. It's a little annoying but if they didn't provide them, then I'd really never be able to save.

    For anyone new to Crash, looking to try it out, don't let any of this put you off. These (the first 3) are fantastic games overall. They're among the tip top in the platforming genre and are some of the most challenging but rewarding at the same time. Crash is truly a gaming icon and I hope some way, somehow, that his original developers can one day give him and us another grand adventure worthy of the name Crash Bandicoot. ...more info
  • Ingenius and fun
    This was the first video game I ever bought for my PSX and by far the more lasting fun.This game gives us the same fun we used to get back in the good old days with "Mario Bros.",only way better.It takes us to different and colorful worlds that will keep us playing for hours and hours.The sound as well as the graphics are all pretty well made.It gets harder each time as your exitement gets higher.This game is a perfect example of what PSX is all about.This game brought something different to the genre we know as "Adventure".You'll get famirilized with each level because you'll have to develop your techniques and skills if you want to survive.If you want to experience pure fun just buy Crash and all its sequels(I recommend 2,3 and Team Racing)and have fun playing as you never did!...more info
  • EveryOne's Playing It
    For Christmas This Year I got Crash Bandicoot. The first time I played It, It hooked me in. Then It got my parents.Relitives Came over, Same again. It is so realistic. It's 3D, great soundafects,good grafics. It's got everything. I would would Recomend It for Your Household!...more info
  • Game for Daughter
    Daddy liked the price and daughter likes the game and condition of. Thanks! DF...more info
  • This game is definitely no Mario 64.
    Where's the 3-D quality? After playing superior games like Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64,the game is just too linear and doesn't present much in the way of graphics. Throughout the game I felt hindered by the outdated 2-D feel. You can only move Crash forward or backward. Also, why in the world is this lackluster game so difficult yet incredibly boring? The only virtue of Crash is that once you acquire the code that opens up all the levels; the game can be manipulated to a small degree of satisfaction. If you want a true platform experience, stick with N64, otherwise this title is virtually worthless....more info
  • Review Number 3 to Crash Bandicoot Number 1
    Not exactly the greatest game in all history, but not all entirely that bad either. Naughty Dog kind of goofed up on the game like, you can only save your game at certain points (Tawna bonus rounds- if completed successfully! How many times does that come up?!). Some more disadvantages, well, let's see...

    1.Bosses (bad guys) are way, way too easy if you're looking for a challenge.
    2.Levels starting from Island 2 are extremely challenging.
    3.Crash (your playing character) is too slow at the parts where ya gotta get stuff done!
    4.Keys and colored gems are again, extremely hard to get.
    5.Not too many power moves just plain old jump and spin.

    There are probably more if I actually got a chance to sit down at the computer and think about for a while, but here's the good stuff you really want to see:

    1.Realistic graphics.
    2.Cool scenarios.
    3.4 different islands.
    4.Cute clips.
    5.Now going for cheaper than what it was when it first came out.

    I highly recommend this game to video game experts (like myself)....more info

  • Matrixs Crash bandicoot 1 Review
    I am the video game xpert. Literally. All my friends come to me for game advice codes and more. I have played all versions of Crash Bandicoot, and as some say " The originals are the best". This game in my opinion is not only the best ps2 game, but Id easly choose this game over any ps2 game other than Grand Theft Auto 3. I would highly reccomend this game to any person at any age. Its a great game! If you can only have one game, choose this one, i can almost gaurentee you will like it! So i give it 5 stars...more info
  • Brother Loves Game
    My brother loves Crash Bandicoot so much that he insisted that I borrow it and play it. I somehow lost the game. As I said, he absolutely loves the games so I had to find it and replace it. He said that Bandicoot II is not as much fun. Thanks to Amazon, I was able to find this game - that my brother so adores!...more info
  • Crash Bandicoot
    I played this game when it first came out on the Playstation. It was Excellent! I stopped using my Playstation for a few years. This year, 2008, I missed "Crash Bandicoot" so I re-purchased the game. I have also purchased "Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3. If you like Platform Games give "Crash Bandicoot" 1, 2 or 3 a try. There was a "Crash Bandicoot" 4 but the loading times were very, very, very, ... long! Crash Bandicoot...more info
    I got this game for my 12 year old when he was 6 years old, now I have a 4 year old and he loves it so, so much. It's a great game for the whole family. You can't go wrong with this game believe me!!!!!...more info
  • Crashbandicoot
    The CD was in great shape when I recieved it and the sellar did a fantastic job shipping out....more info
    That's right. In my opinion, this is my favorite Crash game for several reasons. First, we have the graphics, which are actually smoother then in Crash 2. The bosses are funny (LOL Papu Papu), and there are lots of levels and enough diversity for my taste. But, the only draw-back is that 4 of the levels are WAAY to hard. (Slippery Climb, Sunset Vista, Toxic Waste, Fumbling in the Dark) But, the levels being harder are for the better. I think this makes the game have more lasting appeal, and makes it far more addictive. Plus, the look Crash gives you on the Hog racing levels is Classic.

    PLOT: Crash Bandicoot is a mutated reject and a expirement gone wrong. N.Brio warns Cortex for throwing him out, but he does not budge. So Crash is seperated from his girl friend, Tawna. Meanwhile, a benevolent witch doctor named Aku Aku has scattered his spirit masks and treasures across the island, for Crash to follow and eventually lead his way up to Cortex's Laboratory.

    There are tons of tons of levels, from hopping across creeks, to running from rolling boulders, jumping to and fro from 5 ton stones, to scampering up a gate, to running through haunted temples and much much more.

    Overall, This is a fun, addictive, pretty, cheap, and difficult underrated gem in the vault of PS1 games.

    P.S. In the password screen, type T, T, T, T, X, S, T, T, T, T, S, X, T, S, T, T, T, C, S, T, X, X, X, X. Next, go to Castle Machinery and board the green gem.
    ...more info
  • Non-Stop Action Fun!
    This is probably the best action/adventure platform game I have ever seen and played ever! Try it out, you'll never take you're eyes off the televison screen!...more info
  • HARD!
    Augh! I found the first few levels of Crash 1 harder than the 3rd world levels Crash 2 and 3. It also uses a system of having to pass one level to get to the next. This becomes frustrating because I found myself having to repeat the same level over and over again because I either died or... hell, I don't know. I just had to repeat the level because it wouldn't let me continue.

    Also, there is no giant screen where you can save. You have to find the bonus platform, and make it all the way through the bonus part to save. Happen to fall through the cracks on the bonus? Sorry! You're just going to have to hope you don't die or else you'll have to repeat EVERYTHING. OVER. AGAIN.

    A little kid is going to get frustrated and give up on this game if you get it for him. Be nice to your children. Buy them Crash 2. Or 3. Or games from the Spyro series, that would work too.

    If you really really want to play all the games in the Crash series just rent it.. even though it's dirt cheap to buy.. (haha) Put the money towards something BETTER....more info