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The Guess Who - Greatest Hits
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Customer Reviews:

  • The Guess Who, I guess
    This album enlightened me as to the magnitude of success that the Guess Who enjoyed. I only knew them for 'American Woman' and 'Those Eyes' before I bought this cd. There's a lot more here for anyone that is a fan of 60's music and anyone that listens to Classic Rock will find a lot more hits that they might not have been aware of before. Being only a casual fan of 'The Guess Who' I cannot attest to the completeness of this collection, but I was pleasatly surprised to find that about 70% of the songs are excellent. The remastering is a tremendous improvement to the sound. The only negative comment I would offer is that to someone that is not a huge fan of this era of music, this collection might sound dated, but still, anyone that likes blues-based rock will like the music on this cd very much....more info
  • A++++
    These Eyes was the worst single the Guess Who ever released. A far better but unknown choice would have been I Found Her In A Star, also from Wheatfield Soul. Along with Laughing, these two early releases cemented the GW in the minds of most rockers as a band not to be taken seriously. What all those Uriah Heep and Deep Purple fans missed out on is chronicled through-out the remainder of this fine release, which undoubtedly has the best sound quality of any GW digital issue. This is otherwise a wonderful primer for the uninitiated on the eclectic jazz/pop/rock brilliance that was The Guess Who. If you think you had the Guess Who 'pegged' as a middling Top 40 band from the Woodstock era, you have not yet earned your degree in Classic Rockolgy. This disc is a fine place to start, but you could be left wanting more--...more info
  • What a fabulous album!
    I bought this CD and brought it to work. Everybody in the office borrowed it and most of us recalled the good times that hearing these songs evoked.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Never Tire of These Songs
    I will never tire of listening to the hits from the Guess Who. I can still remember my older brother cracking the cellophone on our first album and the hiss of the needle hitting the vinyl. This album holds some of their best tunes. You can't help but picture them in a dingy rec room creating these,and be impressed by how young and exceptionally talented they were....more info
  • Nice package, great song list, but ...
    One of my favorite bands from my youth. Cummings had one of the best voices of the era.

    But... they really needed to find a way somehow to squeeze Pain Train and Running Back to Saskatoon in here.

    Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too
    Runnin' back to Saskatoon
    Red Deer, Terrace and a Medicine Hat
    Sing another prairie tune
    Sing another prairie tune...more info
  • Stop looking - this is the only G.W. CD you need to buy
    A nicely produced CD with all the G.W. songs you would ever want to hear and re-hear. Stop looking - this is the only G.W. CD you need to buy. Then, you're done. Move on....more info
  • pretty good remake///
    i love these great old songs and they sound good...but the intensity varies from song to song. It's nice to hear these again......more info
  • ....NO REALLY.... WHO?
    The only Guess Who album I ever had was the original vinyl Best Of form the early seventies, but it was always a favorite. I still have never heard a proper album from these guys, for one reason or another... one of these days.
    BUT- for a long time, the hits have done me just fine. And with this new(er) release from (must be Rhino- cuz they seem to always get it right these days) the old school version has bit the dust. This disc is loaded with the radio rock classics on which these guys earn their merits...
    NO SUGAR TONIGHT being my favorite (A cleverly peiced two part radio single) and of course AMERICAN WOMAN, included here with the proper blues intro, that you don't always catch on the air, head off the pack, but there are also a slew of other greats. THESE EYES, was probably the bands first big hit. A choice tune. As well as the other early song UNDUN. The early stuff has a bit of a different sound, real sixties pop. NO TIME is when stuff gets a little gritier, great song. The grittier stuff gets better on tracks like ALBERT FLASHER. But the band showcase their abilities to attract a range of styles into a lot of thier stuff. SHARE THE LAND was probably one of the heaviest hippie songs of the era. I mean, it rocked better anyway. Plus a lot of stuff, I had never heard before on the old disc... GUNS GUNS GUNS, CLAP FOR THE WOLFMAN etc. which proves to me that maybe I should look into aquiring. the deeper album slices of you know who.
    5 stars for the coolness.

    ...more info
  • WTF! Where is Bus Rider
    Don't get me wrong here, I'm glad that these songs are still being released in any form. I heard these tunes when they were first released and the Wolfman was still a DJ. But come on, this piecemeal attitude to music collections has got to stop.

    How can you call this collection complete without Bus Rider, which is present on the first collection: Best of the Guess Who? That is one of the best songs on that disc.

    In fact, it looks like there are songs scattered across all collections that are not available on one of the other collections. Some the single version, some the album version. There is nothing on the packaging or website that tells you what version of the song you are you are buying. Whether it's a mono or stereo version, full or chopped, Or the worst, a live version or not! Doesn't this violate some truth in advertising laws? Word!

    I think these companies should be held to the same standards as other product companies. The exact contents of the recording. If there is more than one version of a song, they have to list what version this is.

    The record companies are still up to their old tricks. Make you buy the songs over and over and over again.

    I would not mind it so much if they would at least include the absolute complete full song. In fact, include the full song and the single version too. That would be great!

    Audio quality is the same as the older collections.
    I give this one three stars. I take one away for Bus Rider and one for the chopped version of Clap For The Wolfman.

    ...more info
  • Great first half
    The first 8 songs are fantastic, number 9 is OK, then it's way downhill fast. I don't think I'd heard most of these last songs before, and now I know why....more info
  • The Guess Who
    This has all of my favorite songs of the Guess Who! "The Guess Who", the great Canadian rock group that poured psychedelic music around me when I was kid growing up in the 70's this album is groovy and far out man!...more info
  • Great CD
    This was also a gift for my daughter. She loves classic rock, just like me! If you liked the Guess Who, this is a must have CD...more info
  • Not 100% Complete In Terms Of Their Greatest Hits - But Close Enough
    One reviewer bemoans the fact that Bus Rider was not included in this RCA release, but that can be explained by the title of the album which indicates these are their "greatest hits." In other words, those singles of theirs that made it into the Billboard Pop Hot 100 from 1969 to 1974 on RCA Victor. Bus Stop (which I also like very much) was the uncharted B-side to Share The Land, their 9th such hit and a # 10 in late 1970 on RCA Victor 0388.

    I say 9th hit because, actually, the group did have their first back in 1965 with the # 22 Shakin' All Over (b/w Till We Kissed) on Scepter 1295, the label founded in 1959 by Florence Greenberg and the long-time home of Dionne Warwick. Up to that point the group had been known as Chad Allan & The Expressions, and when they submitted the demo tape they attached a note saying "Guess Who?" and it was at that point that their band name was changed. They likely penned that note because their rendition was almost an exact copy of the British hit by one major band over there that never became part of the British Invasion - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.

    But, this being an RCA release, it was unfortunately left out of this volume. Their first for RCA was These Eyes, a # 6 in May 1969 b/w Lightfoot on RCA Victor 0102, followed later that summer by the two-sided smash Laughing (# 10) and Undun (# 15 on the Adult Contemporary charts and # 22 Hot 100) on RCA Victor 0195. They then closed out that year with No Time, which peaked at # 5 in January 1970 b/w Proper Stranger on RCA Victor 0300. Then, that spring, they scored their second two-sided hit and only # 1 when American Woman reached the top spot on RCA Victor 0325 b/w No Sugar Tonight (regarded as a "follow-along" hit in the Billboard scheme of things).

    To this point, the group (lead vocalist Burton Cummings, Chad "Chad Allen" Kobel, vocals and guitar), Jim Kale on bass, and drummer Gary Peterson), also included guitarist Randy Bachman, who left at this stage to form Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Before Cummings joined in 1966, the group also included pianist Bob Ashley. Bachman had two replacements - guitarists Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw.

    Late in the summer of 1970 this new gathering scored with Hand Me Down World, a # 17 Hot 100 on RCA Victor 0367 b/w Runnin' Down The Street, followed in the late fall by the above-mentioned Share The Land/Bus Rider. In late January 1971, Hang On To Your Life began its climb to # 43, their lowest charter to date on RCA Victor 0414 b/w Do You Miss Me Darlin'? Then, in late spring, they had their third two-sided hit when Albert Flasher got to # 29 on RCA Victor 0458 b/w Broken, a # 55 and, for reasons known only to producer Paul Williams, omitted from this compilation.

    Late that summer Rain Dance topped out at # 19 b/w One Divided on RCA Victor 0522, and in December, Sour Suite hit a bit of a sour note as it could only get to # 50 on RCA Victor 0578 b/w Life In The Bloodstream. The struggles continued into 1972 as Heartbroken Bopper could only manage a # 47 on RCA Victor 0659 b/w Arrivederci Girl, Guns, Guns, Guns could get no higher than # 70 in June on RCA Victor 0706 b/w Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday, and that fall Runnin' Back To Saskatoon, recorded "live" in concert, just barely made the Hot 100 at # 96 on RCA Victor 0803 b/w New Mother Nature (the A-side is also left out of this volume).

    Leaving the group in 1972 were Kale and Leskiw, replaced by guitarist Don McDougall and bass player Bill Wallace, but the changes showed only modest improvement in their hits fortunes as Follow Your Daughter Home stalled at # 61 in February b/w Bye Bye Babe on RCA Victor 0880 for their only hit in 1973, the same year that Domenic Troiano, former guitarist with The James Gang, replaced both Winter (who would pass away at age 51 in December 1997) and McDougall.

    That paid dividends of sorts in early 1974 as they returned to the Top 40 for the first time in over a year when Star Baby peaked at # 39 b/w Musicione on RCA Victor 0217 and then, a few months later, Clap For The Wolfman - which included a few bits of dialogue by legendary DJ Wolfman Jack - hit # 6on RCA Victor 0324 b/w Road Food. Their final hit single then came late that year when Dancin' Fool finished at # 28 b/w Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You on RCA Victor 10075.

    The band disbanded in 1975. Much of this is detailed in the 5 pages of liner notes written by Michael Hill, although there is no proper discography of the contents (which is why I gave that extra information in this review).

    With the exception of those two minor hits, this is how a "greatest hits" compilations needs to be done....more info
    This is the best greatest hit's collection so far from the guess who , these songs are pure classics you can't beat'em , A+++++++++++ , highly recommended....more info
  • Call it a definitive Greatest Hits Guess Who collection!
    Not bad! it's what you call a good and okay compilation disc of The Guess Who's own every hitmakers of their best favorite classics they have here songs from the brief mid sixties and seventies tunes like "These Eyes", "American Woman" and "Undun" with many more included!...more info