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Animorphs - The Invasion Series, Part 1: The Invasion Begins [VHS]
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For those not familiar with the popular Nickelodeon TV series and the phenomenally successful Scholastic book series by K.A. Applegate, Animorphs centers on the adventures of five teens who can morph into animals and bugs. They battle the Yeerks, a frightful mercenary alien race (slimy, sluglike, gray-green, and the size of a rat) who want to control humans by entering their ears and taking over human minds. Don't dismiss Animorphs as a sci-fi Saved by the Bell. The acting is surprisingly topnotch and the stories are fun and thrilling. Animorphs: The Invasion Series, Part 1--The Invasion Begins introduces friends and morphers Jake (Shawn Ashmore), Rachel (Brooke Nevin), Marco (Boris Cabrera), Cassie (Nadia Nascimento), and Tobias (Christopher Ralph). Three episodes from the TV series, "My Name Is Jake," parts 1 and 2, and "The Underground," reveal how the Animorphs learn to use their gift and uncover the Yeerk plan. Part of the nasty alien plot is to acquire as many human controllers (those possessed by Yeerks) as possible. And despite the darkness of story, there's a sense of humor, too: one of the human controllers is the high school principal. For ages 6 and up. --N.F. Mendoza

Customer Reviews:

  • It's entertaining but read the books
    I'll start with the bad then go to the good...

    BAD:the andalites are really cheap-looking.The producers shoulden't have tried to stick a whole book in 30min.They also should have stayed in order following the books(1,2,3so-on not 1,2,3,16) GOOD:the morphing was really cool and the suspence was awsome. The plot sort-of followed the books and the computer animation was great IN A NUT SHELL:the books where definatly better but the movie/series was okay and the grapics/com. animation was great....more info

  • I think the movie was gggggggrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaattttt.
    I think the movie was gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt. Hey K.A. I'M YOUR #1 fan I have almost read all of your Animoprh Books. Your #1 FAN MICHAEL TSCHIRLEY...more info
  • Good start, bad after taste
    I love the books but the Jake and Marco meet Tobias When his head is getting stuffed down a toilet! Not by sheer guidence by Jake's dog Homer. And were are the Taxxons!?!? Other than that it was good. I only have this one so. ...more info
    IT was COOL. I Cant wait for all 4 parts to come ou...more info
    I don't mean to insult those who think the movie is okay--well that's your choice. Sure movies don't always NEED to fit the book exactly, but come on, at least they should still MAKE SENSE. In the part after the Animorphs have found Ax, as they run away from Visser Three and the controllers, they run into a room with an open ceiling and lock the door. Visser Three uses his tail blade to break the door open (and in the meantime, the Animorphs are aquiring butterflies, to get away) After Visser Three managed to get the door open all the way, he morphs to human before going in and saying "Nooo!" as he sees the butterflies fly away. Now WHY WHY WHY would Visser Three morph to human??? He only uses his human morph when he's among real humans, to hide his real form. There were no real humans here, only controllers. And after all, he thought that he was dealing with Andalite warriors here, right? SO why would he morph into a human that has no natural weapons at all???
    There's a lot more pointless stuff than that. Like when Rachel morphs to cat to go spying on Chapman's house. Why doesn't she stay in the dining room to spy on Melissa and Chapman??? Why does she go down into the basement? In the book, the reason why she went there was cause she was following Chapman there, but here it makes no sense at all. And then, get this, once she reaches the basement, she DEMORPHs, which is really dangerous. And then she starts searching through a desk that's there, muttering "come on, come on". ERM, what exactly is she looking for? In the movie she went into this house to check wether or not Melissa is a controller. So what exactly does she expect to find on a DESK? Maybe a document, some piece of paper, that says "Melissa Chapman is a controller" ?? It just seems really stupid, how she's hastily searching through this desk, muttering "Come on, come on.." when she's really searching for NOTHING if you think about it, lol. Like someone else said: If you wanna save money, don't buy this junk. On the other hand, I would also recomend you to buy it, if you feel like it :D , just so that you can laugh your butt off at all the cheapness. (Jake always grins so stupidly when he's supposed to be serious, the furr on Ax's head looks like a punk, and in the part where Elfangor tells the Animorphs to run away from the aproaching yeerks, he's like "Go! Goooo! Gooo!" ugh. He might as well say "Gooo, my little Animorphs, gooo! Mwhahahaha!" ;) )...more info
    You guys who ask where's this & that and the other thing really need to know the diffrence between real life and books. I really thought this video was great and I reccomend it....more info
  • The Morphs and the message is awesome!
    It is AWESOME. It is cool when you get to see the kandrona. I can't wait till part two comes out!...more info
  • An insult to the books.
    Animorphs is my favorite book series. I was excited that there would be a TV show. This show [is bad]. It never shows an antire antalite at once. Visser Three and Ax are always in human morph. Not a single episode has a single Animorph vs Hork Bajar battle. All the Hork Bajar do is stand there. The acting is also terrible. Gone is the intellegent dialoge of the book replaced by the worst garbage I have ever heard. I wanted to throw something at the screen. Whoever made this probably didn't even read the books. Animorphs had so much potencial so much....more info
  • they totaly messed up!!!!!!!
    They totaly and completly messed up on the morphs. I've read the books and then saw the movie and I realized that they got all the morphs wrong! I thought Rachel was supposed to morph an elephant and the tiger Jake morphs isn't white. Also the hawks that they use aren't Red tailes. They should have read the books first!!!!!!!...more info
  • How long?
    Althoght the movies are pretty good you do not say how long the vedio is !...more info
  • Buy the Book
    Animorphs the T.V. show and movie of book #1 of the Invasion by K.A. Applegat is a big dissipointment compared to the book. The book should be read before wathching any Animorphs T.V. show or movie.The actors are great , but the show/movie is a little misleading. The fact that Jake morphs into a dog at the construction site is not true in the book. Many other details I have picked up , but they are too small to say. And one more thing the dracon beams used by the yeerks in the movie is totally not what K.A, described in the book/s . If you have read all Animorph books you would be able to tell the major differances too....more info
  • ummmm
    I only saw like two shows, but theese are nothing compared to the awsome books! I wish they copied the books axactly and got better acters, then i'd be worth it!...more info
  • Yuck
    I haven't ever watched an entire show, I'm too scared to, but I've seen clips, and listened to friends rant, so I have a pretty good idea. It's just all wrong. First of all, they shouldn't have tried to squeeze 150 pages into 22 minutes, plus theme song. And since they did anyway, they should have tried to make it moderately realistic. Oh wait, that means they would have to read the books. Darn. I think that an Animorphs movie might have worked out better. A 2 hour full-length movie. And don't start from the beginning with Elfangor and all. Start in the middle. If anybody here has ever seen the BSC movie(it was way better than the books), they know what I mean. And get K.A. involved. It is, after all, her series. And spend a little money. Make it good. It could be. We'll see....more info
  • The Books are Better
    I agree with Mikenna from New York. the produsers sould have read the books, and then made the movie. I mean, the animorphs are suposed to be in middle scool, not hi scool! (I know, I spelled it wrong). Other than that (and a few other things) It was GREAT!!!!...more info
  • You'll love 'em!
    If you like the books, you've got to see the videos...more info
  • ARG
    They NEED to put this on DVD, already! I used to watch this on Nick and I would like to see it again. They need to do that to 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, also! ...more info
  • Great Moive!
    i wish it could be a little more in tuned with the books, but over all really great moive!...more info
  • Okay, but could have been much better...
    This is the first TV episode of the "Animorphs" series that is airing on Nickelodeon. It is based on a series of the same name by K.A. Applegate. The special effects and acting in this episode (and all the other episodes) was not Oscar-winning stuff, but it works. If you would like to see this episode, I would recommend reading the book "The Invasion" first. Animorphs purists will probably not want to watch this show at all....more info
  • It's SOOOOOOOOOOO Good That Everybody should see it!
    It's the greatest movie ever!It's even better than the books!I should know, Because I am the Biggest ANIMORPHS book fan ever. I even got some friends to read it.So I highly recommand [I may have spelled that wrong] it!...more info
  • HEY!!!
    GARRETT COLVIN...I AM A BIGGER FAN THEN you ARE, and YOU SPELLED "recommend" wrong!!!!!but, anyways, the movie IS good!...more info
  • Pretty good!
    It was pretty good but the Jake and Marco characters look nothing like the covers of ANIMORPHS shows them. The yeerks do mater but so does casting!...more info
  • Animorphs, The Invasion Series
    The movie (or small episodes on one video) was quite disappointing. I am a HUGE fan of the book series, Animorphs, by K.A. Applegate so I decided to check out the movie in the library. The movie was a horrible. The actors were much older than the characters in the book. The actors did not portray the characters they were playing very well. The Andalites were completely fake looking and the movie strayed more from the basic book plot than I would have liked. I thought maybe the people who made the movie might have put the episdes in order instead of skipping around. There were some switched roles and completely messed up personalities. All in all, I wouldn't recommend buying the movie if you want to save money. Try renting or borrowing it....more info
  • The books and the videos are GREAT!!!!!!!!
    It's about 5 kids who get the power to morph from and Andilite, Elfangor. They get in all these battles with the Yeerks, these slugs that enter your ear from the ear cannal and take control over your body. The T.V. show is great. So if you haven't seen it then you just don't know what your missing. Let me tell you one thing thought. The books are 10 zillion times better! So read and watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -If your not hooked, maybe your not human....more info
  • Animorphs video
    I really liked all the episodes that were on this video and as the first book is one of my favourites,I thought getting to see the Animorphs from the very beginning was one of the best things about it. The first two episodes are actually mostly taken from the books, unlike many episodes in the Animorphs T.V series. A good video if you like Animorphs....more info
  • Not as good as the books, but it's still good.
    This three episode vhs contains some of the best episodes of the t.v show. "The first three." The show is no where near as good as the books. I only wished that they had made a CGI animorphs show or something. The lack of fighting is the only thing lacking in this. Other than that the caracters are portrayed farly well and the differences from the book are tollerated. I own every one of the books and have read them all. I've seen all of the episodes in the series as well. And I own all four of the VHS tapes. I've also taped nearly every episode in ther series,but I am missing 3. I wish they would realese the full season one and season two onto DVD. I would buy it the day it came out. With all of the other DVD sets coming out I'm hoping that this one will be released soon.
  • great
    it rockedddddddd...more info
  • Animorphs The Invasion Series pt. 1, The Incasion Begins!
    I am a really big Animorphs fan, and to tell you the truth, this show sucked compared to the book series. A lot of the books' story's were meshed into one, making an akward episode. Also they left us at a cliffhanger point!

    !They practically made this show right out of a stupid dream!...more info