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Living Yoga - Abs Yoga for Beginners [VHS]
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Product Description

Rodney Yee leads Abs Yoga for Beginners from the serene Death Valley. The gentle sands of the desert lend to the calming mood of Yee's supple movements, which are designed to firm and strengthen your abs while providing a soothing respite from your hectic lifestyle. Beginning with 4 minutes of conscious breathing, moving into 13 minutes of abs yoga workout, and ending with 3 minutes of deep relaxation, the tape is an introduction to yoga for those who would like the added benefit of targeting their abdominal regions. The poses are, for the most part, simple to follow, although the beginner may need to ease into some of the positions; lowering straight legs to the ground is challenging, but of course, as in all of Living Arts yoga tapes, you are encouraged to move at your own speed. A blanket to sit on is required. --Jenny Brown

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent ab workout
    I'm a 44 year old guy and really enjoyed using this tape. It's quick, easy positions but hard work and feels so good overall when you are done. It is amazing how you start thinking of your stomach muscles and how important they are to you overall well being....more info
  • Rodney Yee's abs
    This is a good tape. Rodney does a greatjob of instructing.The positions were relaxing and still worked the abs. However, my back felt a little strained with the constant leg lifts. I wouldn't recommend this tape to people with back problems....more info
  • Was not pleased
    I bought this tape with hopes of it being easy to follow and for beginners. it's easy to follow as far as pace, however the instructor (Rodney Yee) does not explain how to get into the positions very well. The scenery is very beautiful and that was the only thing that kept me watching. I watched it once and haven't since....more info
  • Good workout in my opinion
    I like the Rodney Yee workout tapes. This one focuses on the abdominals. I find that the hardest part for me is laying down while lowering and raising straight legs. This is done several times during this video. I find his tapes flow well and very user friendly. This is designed for beginners. ...more info
  • ABSolutely A Good Workout
    I was a little hesitant to try this videotape. As we all know yoga is intended to be exercise for the mind and body. I am always looking for a good ab workout but was not looking for an "Oprah-remember-my-spirit" type program (though ironically I became aware of Rodney Yee's tape on the "Queen Midas'" daytime talk show). Much to my surprise, this is quite a good and quick workout. Having done the tape several times a week, I already feel and see improvements in that pesky region of the body. What I found different (and liked!) about this workout was that I did not have to do seemingly endless and boring repititions of crunches or feel the proverbial "burn." But no need to worry, if you are anything like me, your ab muscles will definitely tell you that they are being worked out. I feel a good muscle tension afterwards (and okay sometimes even some mild soreness the next day).

    A word of caution for other yoga "newbies." It will take some time to get up to speed moving between and doing the series of poses. After a dozen times or so, I think I have got it down -- but admittedly still have a mental block with keeping up with Yee's breathing inhalation/exhalation instructions. As others have noted, skip the annoying ads in the beginning of the tape. I simply have queued the tape to the start of the workout and rewind it back to that point each time.

    I will probably not be a "spiritual" yoga convert (my abs don't feel like the "deep soft belly of the dunes" that Yee soothingly tells me each time) but so far I am a fan of this challenging, yet relaxing, program. I still find myself surprised that the workout is over so quickly (approximately 20 minutes)-- that is something I have certainly never experienced with an ab workout....more info

  • Good beginner poses to strengthen abs
    The poses were accessible for a beginner and over time build strength in ab region. The instructor is easy to accompany and moves at a pace that a beginner can follow....more info
  • Good even for a semi-fit 53 year old new to yoga
    I just wasn't sure about this, but it is a wonderful tape. I'm not interested in building rock solid abs - just in flattening the stomach somewhat. I have worked through this using bent legs rather than straight and now am using straight legs - seemingly with very little effort. What i really like best, is that it makes my back feel really good. Rodney Yee is relaxing and motivating....more info
  • the calmness of the presentation belies its effectiveness
    This video is one of my favorites. At first use, I thought it merely a pleasant change from crunches,etc. Was it a surprise to "feel" results the next day! The combination of deep breathing and poses is a winner. The only negative is the amount of advertising in the beginning, so I fast forward regularly....more info
  • Love It
    I think this video is great. Rodney gently and calmly guides you through each pose. It all seems pretty easy but I can tell a difference after only a week. If you relax and listen to him you will not strain yourself and you will enjoy it. It almost seems too short....more info
  • Ouch! My back!
    I do and love yoga because it is a gentle yet effective workout.

    Rodney's video is beautifully produced and he is a good instructor. Many of the poses are challenging and work the abs effectively.

    However, a lot of poses in this video are potentially straining on the back and neck. Beware! They should only be attempted by someone who already has strong abs and knows how to do an ab workout without stressing the back and neck.

    Rodney gives no instruction on how to modify the difficult poses. If you have basic yoga knowledge you will be able to do this yourself but this video lies when it says it is for beginners.

    I am of an intermediate fitness level and am ditching this video because it strains my shoulders and neck too much. Ouch!...more info

  • Terrific measure of your ab strength
    Rodney Yee presents these series of ab exercises while out in the desert. At first I thought this was a strange setting but somehow it seemed fitting as the intensity of the feelings I had in my abdomen kept increasing. Rodney leads you through a series of poses that flow into one another until at some point you realize you are attempting to do something quite difficult and you are not quite sure exactly how that happened. I had two surgeries in the past where my abdominal muscle had to be cut. As a result I have very weak muscles. I don't use this tape a lot, about once a week, just as a gauge to see how I am coming along. I have to admit I am using other yoga tapes which naturally incorporate abdominal exerises. But what is nice about this is being able to gauge how I am doing. It's also good for a quick workout after work. He gets right down to business once you get past all the advertisement from whoever produces these videos. So take heart and just let Rodney lead you through it....more info
  • Good workout for beginners or in-shape persons
    This is a great video for working out your mid section. Whether you are relatively new to fitness, or whether you are a fairly in shape person like myself, this workout will get you results, at whatever pace you can handle.

    It is a pain because there is so much information at the beginning of the tape (advertising too) that every morning when I want to do my workout, when you rewind the tape you have to fast forward through all of it to get to the start of the workout. It would be nice if they could put all the ads at the end of the tape so that you could just rewind it every time to the start of the workout....more info

  • Invigorating, fun, fast and it works!
    I love Rodney Yee and find all the videos of his in my collection to be easy to follow, which is most important in a video. I like this one because it's relatively short yet provides a complete ab workout. When you're finished, you know you've worked your abs. I have fibromyalgia and am not the most flexible person in the world. But with the help of consistant exercise, I'm finding I'm beginning to get more flexible. This video is beautifully done and very easy to follow. So it's good for beginners. At the same time, it's challenging enough for those who have exercised and even done yoga for some time. Why do more than necessary to get to your goals? I am not crazy about the advertisements that preceed the program. I think if you pay for a video you should just get what you pay for and not have to sit through ads. But, of course, one can simply fast forward, which is what I do. I highly recommend this video. And for those who have a bad back, I recommend Rodney's yoga for the back, also a short twenty minute program. Easy to follow and fast. Both videos really work....more info
  • Beware of this video
    While I enjoyed the workout, I was very disappointed in the instructional value of this video - particularly since it is marketed to beginners. The moves he demonstrates are VERY hazardous for those with lower back issues, and not only doesn't he show modifications, he doesn't even caution you to be careful. I probably will not purchase any other Rodney Ye tapes - there are other instructors out there with much better products....more info
  • Funny yet good
    Ok so we did this workout video in PE one day, and I thought it was SUPER strange. First of all the guy is half naked in the middle of the desert, and then you got these wierd movements that he does, and then this wierd sounding narrator that says 'exhale' like he's retarded.

    But here's how the video goes:
    In the VERY beginning of the video you just kinda lay there watching 500 precautions go across the screen. Then after listening to people say all these wierd yoga words for 10 minutes, the workout begins.
    In the beginning you just kinda sit there and the half-naked yoga guy says all this wierd stuff that relaxes you.
    Then you move onto the actual workout portion, which isnt long, like 10-15 minutes. The workout part was actually pretty good for toning my abs.
    After that you lay on the ground for 3 minutes positioned as if you fell off a building.

    Overall I would suggest buying this video, because its short, and perfect for a busy schedule.

    ...more info