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Oz - The Complete Second Season
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All that glitters is not Emerald City. Following the bloodbath that ended the prison riot, life is returning to far from normal for those who survived....
Running Time: 451 min.


If the title of HBO's brutal prison drama suggests a fairy tale, be warned that this Oz lies on the other side of the rainbow. This gritty portrait of men behind bars is a testosterone-driven soap opera packed with murder, suicide, sadism, and savage battles for dominance in the concrete jungle.

Season 2 opens in the wake of a prison riot that shut down the experimental cell block known as "Emerald City" among the inmates, but it doesn't take long to build a whole new head of steam after prison reformer Tim McManus (Terry Kinney) reopens the unit. The drug wars pit the Italians against the blacks, the Aryan Brotherhood re-establish their campaign of intimidation, and Alvarez is pushed to desperate measures when he's ousted by the new Latino leader (Luiz Guzm¨˘n). Even more volatile than the physical brutality (this season offers up a bloody blinding and a crucifixion) is the soul-crushing psychodrama played out between vicious Aryan leader Schillinger (J.K. Simmons) and Beecher (Lee Tergeson), the meek lawyer transformed into a drug-addicted wild man by prison's predatory world and seduced by cold-blooded killer Chris Keller (Law and Order: SVU's Christopher Meloni).

Some the stories get lost in the thrilling runaway pacing, but at its best Oz's searing stories of men penned in and pushing back goes straight for the jugular and invariably draws blood.

In addition to HBO's four-minute promotional short is an interesting featurette in which the creators and select actors discuss the show. The three-disc set also features cast and crew bios, an episode index, and episodic previews.--Sean Axmaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Not the best this series has to offer.
    I love "Oz", and I think it's one of the best things television has ever done, but I am not a fan of its second season. Creator and writer Tom Fontana described each episode as a series of short stories. In season two, the short stories just aren't very good. It doesn't have the grit of the first season. Instead of inmates struggling to stay alive in a hostile enviromnent, we have inmates falling in love, battling cancer, and engaging in boring legal proceedings. It just isn't very compelling. I actually wondered if I was watching the WB during the episode where inmates got their GED diplomas. Not that the series has to be relentlessly grim, but there was just too much positivity this season. And certain things that happened just weren't believable. Realism took a backseat to convenience, and it felt like Fontana was clutching at straws when he devised the character arcs. The season isn't all bad, though. The Beecher/Schillinger feud takes some interesting turns, and Christopher Meloni is a terrific addition to the cast. But I only recommend the second season to people who feel the need to own the whole series....more info
  • Somewhere Over the Barb Wire Way Up High
    Season 2. Wow. After the riots its safe that Oz really didn't work. The state retries the concept anyway and more mayhem assumes. More brutal, more rapes, more assaults, and more redemption visit OZ. Again, like the first season, I watched the entire season in one setting. I couldn't wait. I was hooked. The stories will carry you away! The action is addictive. Why do they have to end? I can't wait for more. Yes, more! I MUST have more!!!!...more info
  • wow
    Unlike some reviews I read I still felt OZ was a good show. I found my self some times hoping along with some of guys you would call good guys that happen to do one bad thing that they would get out. Some of the actors in this show made the switch to other shows after this show was done. And most went to law and order special Victims unit show on NBC. I find it hard to watch that show some times since I seen most the actors naked doing things they are tring to put bad guys a way for now lol.
    But OZ was a eye opener for sure and again another must see show from HBO...more info
  • Soap Opera At Its Best
    OZ - THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is every bit as good, if not better than the first season. It begins with the staff and prisoners of Oz trying to get back as close to normal as possible after the riot, the cliff-hanger that ended Season 1. Several prisoners and guards died in the riot, a good way to get rid of characters who are going on to other things, a standard device of soaps.

    The drugs, rapes, murders, and unrest continue; but new characters are introduced, and many of those returning grow and change. McManus becomes more cynical; and both O'Rielly and Schillinger show glimpses of humanity although I won't rest until someone snuffs out that Aryan Nazi. Said becomes an even more sympathetic individual this season (he figures prominently in the season finale); Beecher stands up to Schillinger, a priest child molester enters Oz as well as a woman who drove her car into a lake drowning her child, reminiscent of the murder in South Carolina a few years ago.

    This season is more bloody and violent than the first season if that's possible and definitely not for the faint of heart. ...more info
  • Shocking Scary, Well Written, Acted and Directed
    It is so real as to leave you with thoughts and dreams after you have seen it. Shocking and scary in it's presentation....and frightening in it's stark reality. Actors bring you to the edge, while the direction keeps you on track with reality.
    ...more info
  • as good as the 1st
    While I was watching the episodes, I was very disturbed. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all of the moments. The author must have been twisted but he did a good job in explaining the psychology of the good, the bad and the ugly people in OZ. a lot of time you get disgusted with what you see, but this can be reality.
    I liked this DVD because I enjoyed the extras a lot. It made my understanding of the movie much deeper when I heard the cast talk about it.
    I will always recommend this DVD.
    ...more info
  • GREAT SERIES!!!!!!!
  • Oh you still thought you were in Kansas?
    You are not in the Land of Oz you are used to. You won't find a cowardly lion, or a tin man here. However, you will find plenty of folks with no heart!!!

    Season 2 finds the smoke clearing from the aftermath of the prison riots that ended Season 1. Tension is high, but what else can you expect from Oz? Oz is trying to recover from the riots, and Oz is being threatened with being shut down. 2 officers are killed, 6 prisoners are dead and 34 wounded. Governor Devlin gets Alvah Case (Charles S. Dutton) to investigate what happened to lead to the riot. Of course when it's all said and done, he will find no one is to blame. The Governor is not happy about that one bit. He is not happy unless he can make heads roll. Inmates are suffering from drug withdrawals. The mole will try to dig his way out of Oz. Wangler can't read, and he thrives on being ignorant. He hides his shame of his illiteracy by being tough. The drug war between the blacks and Italians reach a fever pitch, while the Arians attempt to regain their dominance in Oz. Beecher is introduced to his new cell mate Chris Keller (Christopher Meloni) in a love hate relationship that will leave your head spinning. Ryan O'Reilly's finds himself caring and protecting for his mentally ill brother Cyril.

    McManus is hoping to make some changes to make Em City function better. He creates 10 groups residing in Oz: the Muslims, the gangsters, the Latinos, the Italians, the Irish, the Aryans, the Bikers, the Christians, the Gay, and Others. 4 members from each group will live in Oz, and one member of the 4 will represent it's respective group win weekly meetings so they can talk about what's going on in Oz.

    Oz continues with intricate story lines that will shock and keep you riveted to the screen. Ryan O'Rielly finds out he has breast cancer. As manipulative as he is, you find yourself feeling sorry for him, then he does something that will make you upset for feeling sorry for him. Glynn's daughter is raped, and someone in Oz knows who committed the crime. Glynn is determined to find out who did it. There was one line that narrator Hill says that is funny. Hill has a cell mate his having major flatulence issues and he says "Smelly farts are a sign of something seriously wrong on the inside."

    Said is trying to help Hill get out of prison. Poet Arnold Jackson gets his poetry published, and it can be his key to freedom. Ryan hits on Gloria mistaking her care for his health for affection. This will continue a story line of obsession that is very creepy. Shabetta and Adebesie can't stand one another. Judge Grace Lima wanted to see Beecher, felt she gave him a bad sentence. Keller is working with Schillinger being a spy, but he is developing real feelings for Beecher. Female inmate Shirly Bellinger is an interesting character. She is the only female inmate on death row at Oz. She was sentenced to die for killing her daughter. Arnold Jackson is granted parole, and vows he will not return to Oz. He promises to make the most of his second chance. It's later found out that Ryan had Cyril kill Gloria's husband, all in the name of love. I felt the weakest Prisoner story line was Prisoner Jiggy Walker (LL Cool J). Jiggy Walker links drugs to Governer Dublin, turns out he was lying. His story line was a strange one being he only appeared on the show once.

    Some guy gets into Adebesi's head. Ribido has a grandson who has leukemia and his grandson wishes to go to Disney World. The inmates come through and help Ribido to raise the funds for the trip. Alvarez cuts out the eyes of a CO in a horrid and shocking scene. Poet returns to Oz disappointing [black muslem guy]. Some of CO's in the prison are as criminal as the inmates, even more so. Ryan is always being manipulative. Something he does best. He will only donate blood if his brother is released from solitary. If you disliked Adebesi in season 1 you will really find yourself disliking him more in season 2!!! His role is a lot more prominent. Luis Guzman is Prisoner Raul Hernandez. When Hernandez arrives Alverez finds himself on the outside looking in. He is willing to do whatever it takes to impress Hernandez so he can belong. Peter Schibetta enters Oz and his main mission is to find out who murdered his father Nino. Needless to say, Peter and Adebesi will be at odds with each other.

    One of the best performances to me is Beecher. In season 1 he is a new prisoner, the lawyer who was sent to Oz for killing a young girl while under the influence of alcohol. Season 2 you find Beecher much harder after having to deal with Vernon Schillinger. He is sick and tired of being the victim and decides it's time to be the tormentor and sets about getting revenge against Schillinger anyway he can. His wife dies, commits suicide leaving his children to be raised by his parents. He is so despondent over her death, he starts drinking again.

    The Characters I like: Hill, Beecher, Said (love him!!!!), McManus, Rebadow, Sister Pete, Dr. Nathan, Poet, Arif to name a few, Alvarez (you end up feeling sorry for him).

    The Characters you will love to hate: Schillinger, Adebisi, O'Reilly, Schibetta, Glynn (okay I'm on the fence, sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him)

    New Characters: Jiggy Walker, Nappa, Keller, Hoyt, Cyril, Busmalis, El Cid, Shirley Bellinger, Guerra, Pancamo, Kirk, Coushaine.

    I'm a fan of the show, so I enjoyed season 2 immensely. If you own season 1, then season 2 is worth having. To play the Deleted Scenes extras a play all feature would have been really nice. I also like how you get a quick recap of the previous show before watching the new episode. This is an awesome drama. ...more info
  • Awesome!!!! Ingenius!!!! I love this show!!!
    So, I never watched OZ on HBO but one day at my brothers he made me watch 1 episode and, I was hooked!!! This show is awesome. I bought season 1 and my husband and I sat and watcned all 8 hours in 2 days! Its definately not anything the kids should see though. Not even teens! I immediately ordered season 2 and watched it in 3 days. We had to watch around the kids but we were stuck to the TV. I was so anxious to get season 3 I joined Prime so I can get all my stuff in 2 days for free!!! HA! Now we have watched 5 of 8 episodes on season 3 and will finish this weekend. I am sure by this time next week I will already have season 4!!! ...more info
  • not my cup of tea but ok
    d item was not fo me but d bits and pieces ive seen of d show r really gud and if ur n 2 d hole prison ting den dis is a gud 1 2 go fo....more info
  • OZ-------Enough to Scare You Straight
    This show is not for the faint-of-heart. It depicts the conditions in a maximum security prison without any politeness. The writing is smart, and moves quickly, the acting is superb. The plots are interesting, and make you think about our criminal justice system, and what could be done to improve it.

    As a middle-aged female, I find it hard to fathom that there truly are men (and women), who are so evil, and cruel to fellow human beings. I sure am glad they are behind bars!...more info