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Roger Moore's last outing as James Bond is evidence enough that it was time to pass the torch to another actor. Beset by crummy action (an out-of-control fire engine?) and featuring a fading Moore still trying to prop up his mannered idea of style, the film is largely interesting for Christopher Walken's quirky performance as a sort-of supervillain who wants to take out California's Silicon Valley. Grace Jones has a spookily interesting presence as a lethal associate of Walken's (and who, in the best Bond tradition, has sex with 007 before trying to kill him later), and Patrick Macnee (Steed!) has a warm if brief bit. Even directed by John Glen, who brought some crackle to the Moore years in the Bond franchise, this is a very slight effort. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Underrated
    Roger Moore's last Bond film, "A View to a Kill", is considered by many to be one of the worst films in the series. In my opinion it's underrated. Yes, Roger Moore was getting a bit too old for the part but he still does a good job. My main complaint is Tanya Roberts's character, Stacey Sutton. She's not a very good Bond girl, but it is somewhat redeemed by Grace Jones's May Day character, one of the more colorful (no pun intended) Bond girls. Christopher Walken is a good villain and Bond gets help from Patrick Macnee who also does a good job.

    The story is something of a rework of "Goldfinger", but it' still fun and has added some nice twists and been updated to fit the 1980s. The movie offers lots of fun action and in my opinon delivers what I expect from a Bond movie. ...more info
  • AVTAK needs to be re-evaluated
    Recently I upgraded from VHS to these new 2-Disc ultimate edition DVDs and i couldn't be more pleased. The films look and sound great, and the special features are intriguing.

    I've always considered A View to a Kill as one of the worst, alongside The Man With the Golden Gun and Diamonds Are Forever.

    Upon re-watching AVTAK i was amazed to discover that i really, REALLY liked it.

    Here are some of the reasons why:

    1. Great pre-title sequence with Bond in Iceland. First ever use of a snowboard in the movies! However, I still think using "California Girls" is inappropriate, but thats only a minor quibble. The chase ends in classic Bond fashion with an Iceberg Submarine waving the Union Jack flag.

    2. Great theme song by Duran Duran.

    3. Roger Moore looks old, but not unbelievable in the role. His age is a testament to his popularity as 007. I'm glad he came back for one more after Octopussy.

    4. Christopher Walken and Grace Jones and some of the best villians EVER!

    5. Amazing scene where Mayday basejumps from the Eiffel Tower, which is followed by one of my favorite car chases ever. Bond keeps driving despite his vehicle taking heavy amounts of damage.

    6. Badguys getting back up after Bond used a shotgun loaded with rock

    7. Bond using the air from car tires to avoid drowning.

    8. Exciting climax on the Golden Gate Bridge

    I could go on and on....basically this 007 film is a great adventure from start to finish.

    Roger Moore had a string of highbudget, high entertainment films starting with the Spy Who Loved me and ending with A View to a Kill.

    Give this one another chance...this is classic 007....more info
  • License to Bore
    People who rave about this movie, it makes me wonder .. have you ever seen a Bond before (Particularly the early ones with Sean Connery and the Moore films LALD, TPWLM, FYEO & OP). This is a bad film no ifs ands or buts. Period. The plot is warmed over GOLDFINGER with Christopher Walken over the top as an East German superman experiment out of control as Max Zorin. Grace Jones bizaare as May Day, Tanya Roberts totally unbelievable as Stacy Sutton, geologist. The opening has Bond in the artic retrieving a micro-chip off a dead agent. This sparks a wild chase by Russian soldiers on skies. Bond starts on a captured snowmobile which gets blown up and the front fender becomes a snowboard, with Moore shooting down the snowy slopes to the Beach Boys "California Girls" !!! Lois Maxwell -- having participated in the aging process with gusto -- looks like Roger Moore's mother! The one -- and I do mean one -- bright spot is Patrick MacNee as Sir Godfrey Tibbet. John Barry's next to last Bond score and a title song by Duran Duran -- the title shortened FROM A VIEW TO A KILL to make it easier to come up with the lyrics....more info
  • I Hate Roger Moore, But This Movie Is Great Fun
    Well as many people were glad to hear this is the last Bond movie starring Roger Moore, and it was deffinitly time for this relic to throw in the towel. That being said I think this movie is great fun, even though it does have a lot of stupid things in it. The highlights for me were of course The God, Christopher Walken, playing the insane Zorin. He is probably my favorite out of any Bond villian in the series because he just seemed to have a fun time with his job. The girl who now plays Midge in that seventies show, was a lot more funny then sexy, but I had great gun watching her, because her performance was much to comical to take at all seriously. Well that's about all for this movie. Check it out.

  • Probably My Least Favorite Bond
    First of all, I'll mention the things I liked:
    It was fun to see Patrick MacNee, who was dapper Agent John Steed from THE AVENGERS, although seeing him so heavy was a downer.
    Christopher Walken wakes up the movie when he enters a scene but, unfortunately, he's only given recycled lines from GOLDFINGER most of the time. (As I think Roger Ebert pointed out in his review back in '85, Silicon Valley, the point of attack for Operation Grand Slam--oops, sorry--Main Strike, is only a distribution center for computer chips, not the source of them).

    Otherwise, this is probably the lamest 007 entry.
    I thought Roger Moore looked too old to play Bond six years before in MOONRAKER, now it's just creepy to see a man pushing sixty scoring so often. People complained that Tanya Roberts was a poor choice as a Bond girl, but they couldn't go too young without really making the age thing obvious.
    Horse stables and San Francisco hardly qualify as the kind of exotic location we've come to expect from James Bond. (I know, Kentucky doesn't either but GOLDFINGER had everything VIEW didn't--go look for yourselves).
    Playing a Beach Boys song during the pre-title sequence for laughs had me rolling my eyes. The rest had me closing them.

    I keep mentioning what I think is Roger Moore's best quote when it comes to his Bond films:
    When asked which was his favorite Bond film of his own, he said, "That's easy, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME."
    Which was his least favorite: "The other six." ...more info
  • Moore's final may be his best!
    I have all the bonds movies on DVD, but every time I see one on tv I catch myself watching them. Yes, some are better than others, but all and all it's still Bond and A View to a Kill
    is no expection. I enjoyed it start to finish just like every Bond. Roger Moore was never to old to play Bond in my book. I would give this movie ten stars if I could!...more info
  • Moore's Last Bond
    Roger Moore's last Bond seems endless. History has been kinder to Roger Moore after mumbling swashbuckler Timothy Dalton and 110-pound weakling Pierce Brosnan proved he wasn't really that bad, but this is still a very weak film.

    What's the common theme that make post-Connery Bonds so aweful: Director John Glen. With Glen behind the camera, Bond becomes a very workman like production with textbook framing and establishing shots. It's painful to watch, so formulaic.

    Christopher Walken and Grace Slick were ripe with potential as villians, but ultimately a total waste of talent in this outing. Instead, incompetent Tanya Roberts is given the lion's share of screen time after Moore, and she sets a news standard for weak leading ladies in Bond films. Patrick Macnee from the Avengers appears, and actually serves well as Bond's sidekick in the first half of the film.

    At 131 minutes, don't look for too many outakes on the DVD. When an action set involves Bond driving a firetruck, the fire is already out....more info
  • A View To A Kill
    This is my favorite Bond movie. I've loved this movie ever since it came out in 1985.

    Frankly,I'm a bit surprised at the bad reviews.They say that it's the worst Bond movie, with unbelievable premises and action and with bad acting. Considering that most,if not all of the Bond movies are "campy" to say the least,I think this is one of the better ones.

    The 007 genre is SUPPOSED to be campy and entertaining.It's what gives it it's uniqueness.I don't think that these movies were originally made to be serious thought pervoking flicks.You have to take these movies for what they are:over-the-top,campy,sometimes rediculous entertainment.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Roger Moore Goes Out with a Bang
    "A View to a Kill" was Roger Moore's last Bond film. This film was also Lois Maxwell's (Moneypenny) last Bond film. I believe that "A View to a Kill" was an excellent finish for Moore, and was good way to finish his tenure as Bond.

    The principal villain this time is Max Zorin, excellently played as a psychotic by Christopher Walken. Max is out for money and power, aided by a host of very smart people. Grace Jones, who also supported Conan in "Conan the Destroyer," plays Max's sidekick May Day. Dr. Karl Mortner (Willoughby Gray) is Max's father, as well as a kind of mad scientist. All the crazies hang out together. Max has an interesting scheme to cause Silicon Valley to flood and leave Max and his cohorts in possession of the bulk of the world supply of electronic chips. Of course James Bond is unaware of this scheme and spends much of the movie trying to understand what Max's game may be.

    The movie begins in the Soviet Union (remembering that this movie was released in 1985), and Bond has found a dead agent with a chip in a locket. After an exciting chase Bond gets to escape in a unique boat. Back in England we learn that Max Zorin has been under investigation, and Bond goes to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to meet an investigator who may have information about Zorin. Unfortunately the investigator ends up hooked on the story, and Bond chases a mysterious woman from the scene of the crime. Bond probably would have caught up with her, but she takes a leap of faith, and even after chasing her in a stolen cab that takes several clever short cuts, is unable to catch up.

    The scene then moves to a beautiful estate where Max Zorin is preparing to hold a horse auction. This portion of the movie expands the character of May Day, and provides more information to intrigue Bond as to Zorin's intentions. Patrick Macnee is undercover with Bond as Tibbett, his manservant, though in actuality he is Sir Godfrey. Macnee and Moore have known each other for decades. In the 60s Macnee was in one studio working on "The Avengers" while Moore was nearby working on "The Saint." In this movie Moore deliberately created lines that put down Macnee in a friendly way. Unfortunately Macnee is all washed up in this part of the movie and Moore moves on to San Francisco without him.

    Bond goes to San Francisco to follow Stacey Sutton (the stunningly beautiful Tanya Roberts), who he saw at Zorin's estate in France. Bond soon discovers multiple mysteries centered on San Francisco. He also learns that Stacey has nothing to do with Zorin and is just as chagrined with him as Bond is.

    The action intensifies as Zorin tries to kill Bond and Stacey, and the pair really feels the heat. After a scenic drive through San Francisco, chased by the local constabulary, Bond and Stacey arrive at the Main Strike Mine where Zorin's plan at last becomes explosively clear.

    The final portion of this movie was well scripted and involves the Golden Gate Bridge and a blimp. The special effects and miniatures used to create this portion of the movie are excellent and I often found it difficult to know when I was seeing a miniature and when the real thing was used.

    Duran Duran performed the title song for this movie. In an interview in one of the DVD extras, it is explained that "A View to a Kill" was the last song the group wrote together before it broke up. The DVD also includes the Duran Duran video of the song. The video is dated with relatively weak special effects and a cheesy story. However, this theme song was the first to go to #1 in the music charts.

    One of the other interesting aspects of this movie is its use of technology. Zorin uses a computer to identify Bond, and computers are used in several other scenes. Welcome to the information age Mr. Bond. This Bond movie also capitalized on product placement to a greater extent than previous Bond movies.

    I believe this movie contains other unusual features, such as the first use of a snow board in any movie, and the first Academy Award winner in a villain role. I think this movie is also the first time Bond has any real interest or interaction with horses.

    DVD extras, all worth watching, include the "Music of James Bond," a making of documentary, and an audio commentary, which contains a number of interesting tidbits. Several places mention that Maud Adams appears in a crowd scene in San Francisco. I tried to see her and missed her even though I did slow motion my way through most of the San Francisco scenes. She is supposed to be a bystander in a streetcar. I am going to have to try to watch those scenes again. This DVD also contains a deleted scene, the first time a James Bond DVD included a deleted scene.

    I thought Roger Moore looked worn out in "Octopussy." In this movie he seems on his game, and looks comfortable in his role. After watching this movie I could have seen him return in yet another Bond film, but likely it was time for Moore to retire. The movie was considered weak commercially compared to other Bonds, earning less than the movie that came before and less than the movie that came after; unfortunate, because I like this movie. This Bond movie is in the middle of the pack, less than the best, but better than the worst. It remains one of my favorites, but, then again, I am not objective about Bond movies.
    ...more info
  • Over the top and hardly "Goldfinger"
    Although Bond fans may notice that the plot is lifted from Goldfinger almost verbatim. The one thing that saves this film from being an utter parody of itself is Christopher Walken as Zorin (much as Christopher Lee saved The Man With the Golden Gun from a similar fate). Like Golden Gun, this film boasts a horribly annoying Bond girl in the form of Tanya Roberts...her screeching of "James!" never fails to irritate me and her presence is largely superfluous to the plot. When she tries to speak like a geologist she sounds like a Playboy model reading from an idiot card. She looks good but is very annoying.
    I don't think this film is a worthy swansong for Roger Moore. Granted, it is a fun romp, but that is not altogether a good thing for a Bond is almost a parody of Bond. Moore is far too old here to be believable even as Bond (he was 58, older than Tanya Roberts' mother), and though he is taking it seriously the film does not. But as I said, Walken does a fine job as Zorin, probably the best Bond villain since Scaramanga.
    Not comparable to From Russia With Love, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, or For Your Eyes Only, but if you're interested in just having a good time with Bond rather than looking for any serious spy action, this is a fine film to watch. I will admit that I enjoy watching the movie for the most part (though I mute it when Roberts is screaming for help, which is seemingly every other scene after her character becomes a regular presence), though I would not recommend buying it....more info
  • a view to fun
    I don't know why some hated this bond movie, it's pretty cool;
    it has action, a great villain (play by Walken)a terrific henchwoman (Grace Jones)and the best actor to play Bond Roger Moore,the only bad things (that's the reason I only gave it 3 star) are: Macknee's character of Tibett was to short, Tanya Roberts is the worst Bond girl since Mary Goodnight (the man with the golden gun)and where was Felix Leither? when Bond came to America his CIA counterpart always whas there to help. But still View is fun to watch, so buy the dvd and enjoy....more info
  • Horrible exit for Roger Moore
    I thought this was supposed to be bond but I thought wrong this flim is boring,silly and weird because the characters suck and they don't fight so stay away from this flim and get gold finger instead. Didn't you know that this is a remake of gold finger and plus the bond girl in here is stupid and all she does in there is just screaming and crying too plus she's not tough. This flim barely even has a plot and there's no good action and villains and come on it even has no gadgets and the places are not even exotic. If you want bond movies with action,adventure,gadgets and exotic places get the living daylights,goldfinger,octopussy and the man with the golden gun because this flim isn't good....more info
  • Could only give it 3 stars
    At this point in 1985, Moore was pushing 58 at the time. He looked so old that he could be Tanya Roberts father or grandfather at this point. Moore was not as whitty as he usually is in his earlier films. Even Lois Maxwell just looked to old to play Moneypenny. She looked good during the Connery years, but she sould have quit in the mid 70s after The Man With the Golden Gun. The action is pretty good and all of the locations were ok. I think when they try to make a Bond Film in the US, it just doesn't have the right touch. Goldfinger was the best film done in the US, it had taste and style. The villians however was excellent with Grace Jones and Christopher Walken. I am glad the Moore decided to quit and did not continue on. Moreover, still lacked that Ian Fleming touch!!...more info
  • Perfectly good action movie
    Out of all the later Bond movies "A View to a Kill" the most affective one. That being said, the movie is not without its faults. First of all is the character of Stacie Sutton (played by Tanya Roberts) the character is simply too weak and not the least believable as a "Bond Woman". Secondly is; Roger Moore, he's simply too old to strut his stuff as the Agent 007. He often lacks that certain flair that his previous Bond roles had going for them, and most of the Bond stunts are simply not believable - as Roger Moore supposedly doing them.

    This was Roger Moore's last outing as the Agent 007 and he got a fair farewell (so did Lois Maxwell) whose being playing Miss Money Penny for over 15 years. Other than the obvious faults "A View to a Kill" works perfectly well as great action movie; the story is well thought out and the rest of the cast gets it going - even with Tanya Roberts and Roger Moore's less then swell performances. Academy award winning actor Christopher Walken is great as the vicious psychotic "Zorin" and Grace Jones literally steals the movie as the predatory May Day. Speaking of the devil; Grace Jones is ferocious as the evil henchwoman May Day (she really manages to bring the character to life, mainly because her physical appearance is so strong. The locations in "A View to a Kill" are stunning; from the beautiful French countryside to the high wire stunts on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - the movie looks absolutely magnificent.

    Another highlight of "A View to a Kill" is the musical score (which in my opinion is one of the finest scores ever to grace the silver screen) the main title performed by the pop band Duran, Duran. The title "A View to a Kill" reached the number #1 spot in the pop charts (as the only Bond song to ever do so). The extra material on the DVD is more than satisfying; with a commentary of the movie, several of TV Spots, Trailers and two special programs - makes for a DVD definitely worth of purchase. So if you're a Bond fan or just like great action "A View to a Kill" is definitely a must see (if not only to witness Grace Jones in the role of her career). Definitely recommended.
    ...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Long-in-the-tooth Roger Moore stars in an uninspired Bond entry that lifts large portions of its plot directly from its (better) predecessors; A View to a Kill has little to offer aside from a catchy theme and an interesting Bond girl in Grace Jones' Mayday...more info
  • Worst Ever?
    This is in strong competition for the worst Bond movie ever. Certainly "Never Say Never Again" is the worst, but it's questionable whether that one is even a real Bond movie.

    But "A View To A Kill" is so tired and cliche, and downright boring, it's a shame. Tanya Roberts is one of the worst actresses ever, and ruins the whole film. Christopher Walken was a pretty good villian, but Grace Jones... Well, she's had her 15 minutes now -- Grace, don't let the door hit your bum on the way out to obscurity, dear.

    In the unlikely event you're new to the Bond franchise, I can honestly report that this is one movie you can skip completely. You won't be missing a thing....more info
  • 1980's BOND VIDEO
    VIEW TO A KILL should have let Roger Moore bow out with class appropriate and fitting to the 007 mode. Instead, it's a high budget MTV video with all the mid-1980's trappings: Duran Duran, Grace Jones, San Francisco. It appears Roger had alot of fun screaching "stretch" to Tanya Roberts, maybe he was auditioning for his next career as an aeorbics teacher (remember this is 1985). This one gets saved by Christopher Walken's over the top performance and the double Duran theme song that ranks high in their songbook. Why didn't Simon LeBon have a walk on part? ...more info
  • Only Dr. No brings you more boredom!!
    Oops - is dissing the grandaddy of all Bond films a No-No? Oh well - who cares - I have to rank View To A Kill near the bottom of the barrel (along with the aforementioned Dr. No, Octopussy, and Diamonds Are Forever).

    Let's face it - Moore was simply the least Bond-like of the actors. Yes, he brought alot of "fun" to the role - but Bond isn't supposed to be fun - he's supposed to be a cold blooded killer! Connery, Dalton, and even Lazenby had it more dead on than Moore did!

    But even so, Moore managed to have a few good outings - most notably Live and Let Die and For Your Eyes Only. FYEO would have been his best option to end his run on - not only is it his best, but one of Bond's best.

    Some of the "low"lights include a ridiculous chase with a car that was apparently made of legos, the disturbing sex scene between Bond and the androgynous Grace Jones, another silly chase on a run-away fire engine, and the second-most annoying Bond girl (TANYA ROBERTS HAS THE MOST GRATINGLY ANNOYING VOICE OF ANY ACTRESS EVER! But, unlike Barbara Bach of SPY WHO LOVE ME, at least she can act!)

    The only thing I can really say positive about VTAK is that it is better than Octopussy - at least, not as silly and annoying. And as bad as the whole movie is, the last thirty minutes is actually quite good. Moore may have chosen the wrong movie to bow out with, but at least the ending action is decent enough. Better than the "attack of the Carnies" ending that Octopussy gave us! And of course, once again, the opening is really pretty cool - as all of Moore's openings tended to be.

    Also, as everyone else says, Christoper Walken brings some interest as the villain - but he had better performances in Batman Returns and The Rundown. I wouldn't pay more than $6 bucks for this tripe!...more info
  • View for a Fun Movie
    James Bond is back in this solid entry in the series, and is sadly underrated and underappreciated by many, despite all the things going for it. For starters, Roger Moore (in his last Bond role) is charming and engaging here; despite criticisms of his age (58 at the time), he plays the role with aplomb. Tanya Roberts was attacked for a stilted, screeching performance, but I suspect it was also the way the role was written, as a one-dimension damsel in distress (and Tanya does look stunning here). Then there's Grace Jones as villianess May Day; she is by far the highlight of the whole movie. All it takes is an upward turn of her eyes for Jones to show genuine menace; she is flashy, strong, unique, and makes a fabulous villian. In fact, if she was the main villian (and thus allowing more screen time) this would have been a 5-star classic. Unfortunately the main villian duties fall to Christopher Walken, who, while a fine actor, has played this villian role so often one gets the impression he could do it in his sleep. Other complaints include the lengthy running time, but in my opinion the film moves at a quick clip through many exciting set pieces, particularly the well-staged final battle atop the Golden Gate Bridge. Also of note is the addictive theme song from Duran Duran, well executed in the glow-in-the-dark opening credit sequence. With all this going for it, how much more entertainment value could you want? ...more info
  • A Very Good Bond Picture
    I don't understand why so many people are complaining about this bond film. They say it's bad, cheap etc. etc.
    And when I ask the question: "Why?" They don't know what to say.

    This is a good bond movie. Roger Moore played Bond for the last time in this movie at the age of 58. Don't have your opinion ready on that fact, Moore does a excellent job bringing Bond to live for the 7th time.
    Another plus for this movie is for the action. It has a great beginning sequence, with Bond escaping from soldiers on the icecaps.
    Also, the chase through Paris (which is also very funny, watch what happens to the car Bond is driving) and through San Diego (With a fire truck, Bond hanging on the ladder on the truck)are fantastic! This brings the Good old Bond feeling back.
    Christopher Walken plays the great villian Zorin. I love it when he says: "You amuse me mister Bond!" He plays a wicked, crazy, evil villian which you expect in a Bond movie.
    Tanya Roberts also plays a great Bond girl. I agree that she screams a lot, but her acting isn't that bad. She does a good job and looks great.
    Then there is Mayday, the henchman of Zorin. A good adversarry for Bond.
    The movie also ends with a great finally on the GoldenGate bridge. A tense fight between Bond and Zorin.

    Conclusion: A very good and enjoyable Bond film!
    A good exit for Moore, who proves ones again that "Nobody does it better." ...more info